Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nifong's Guitar

Tamara Gibbs is reporting that Mike Nifong has filed an appeal against the court order denying his request to get out of the lacrosse players' lawsuit by pleading bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy judge's order, meanwhile, contains the following only-in-Durham item:

3. The Debtor [Nifong] owns, and has claimed as exempt, a Paul Reid Smith guitar, a Fender Deluxe guitar, and a Martin guitar (“the Guitars”).
4. According to two independent appraisals of the Guitars, the higher value of the Guitars is $3,389.00. The Trustee is of the opinion that the value of the Guitars is approximately $3,500.00.
5. The Debtor has agreed to pay the Trustee the full appraised value of the Guitars, $3,389.00, in consideration for the interest of the estate, and a sale of the estate’s interest in the Guitars to the Debtor is more economically feasible than an attempt to market and sell the Guitars to a third party.


Anonymous said...

So, the Fongster has to buy back his own guitars. How sweet!

Anonymous said...

HaHaHaHaHaHa. You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

You are right - only in Durham!

Anonymous said...

where does he get the $ and how is that not part of his assets?

Anonymous said...

I wait for the court to decide where i'm sleeping.
While my guitar gently wee ee eeps.
The boys all from Duke won their case, now they're freaking.
Now my guitar gently weeeeps.

I don't know how
Ms Mangum screwed me
I thought she knew ew me.
I rode herca ase ase
back into office
what happened to oo oo me.

The team dressed in blue's gonna own my possessions
While my guitar gently we ee eeps.
I need all my strings just to start a new profession
Still my guitar gently weeeeeps

I'll play tha su ubways
in Manhattan.
Accounts will fatten, cept mine.
Those boys were in in o cent
I couldn't hide it
there goes my pri ide again.

So now with my case bound to be my undooing
still my guitar gently wee ee eeps.
If only the boy hadda done a little screwing.
My poor guitar wouldn't wee ee eep
My poor guitars wouldn't weep.

W. R. Chambers said...

a sad detail ...

Gary Packwood said...

The judge may wish to exercise caution with respect to those guitars as they may be 'owned' soon by the Duke University Men's lacrosse team and then donated to the Sex Workers Art Show as a statement of 'nuanced commentary' about politically correct sensationalism.

Anonymous said...

Did he pawn them to protect them? I don't think losing one's guitar is the most important problem.

Anonymous said...

7:35 - Very Clever and Very Funny - Thanks!

Debrah said...



I love it!

Such a fun post to come back to........after having been without the Diva computer for two whole days while it was getting a yearly tune-up.

Mikey really needs to hold on to his guitars. How else can he successfully embark upon a new career on the road?


Debrah said...

TO 7:35 AM--

Who wrote the song you are playing off?

George Harrison?

Debrah said...

Bob Vasile might lend Mikey one of his mandolins.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they are very nice guitars and likely undervalued...

Anonymous said...

They will probably show up on ebay for 10k each.

gwallan said...

Does Mikey have a buskers license?

Inman said...

I bid $3600

I can be reached at

Anonymous said...

The song, while my guitar gently weeps, the beatles, white album.

Anonymous said...

Readers of DiW should buy them and present one guitar each to R C & D!