Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chafe E-Mail

On 5/3/06, KC Johnson <> wrote:
I'll add that note. As I've argued elsewhere, however, it seems to me that one part of any exploration of campus culture should be why so few members of the Duke faculty seemed willing to defend the due process of their own institution's students. I don't see calling for due process as making a statement one way or the other on the validity of the charges.

I might be hopelessly naive. And I'm under no illusions about the wealth and class status of most members of the lacrosse teams. But I think that professors have an obligation to speak up on behalf of fair procedure, even when it applies to a group that most might not like very much--


On 5/3/06, William H. Chafe < > wrote:

Thanks for sending this. It might have been helpful if you had pointed out that I specifically stated at th ebeginning I was not going to get into the brouhaha about the charges. My concern is with our campus culture, which is precisely what my article addressed. Any futher comment about the criminal charges, before a judicial process occurs, is simply buying into a media circus which I do not wish to do.

Quoting KC Johnson <>:

> Prof. Chafe,
> Since I was critical of aspects of your Chronicle article on the Cliopatria
> blog, I thought it would be proper to pass the link along--
> KC Johnson

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