Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cracking Up?

I imagine that seeing his prosecutorial misconduct exposed before the entire country must be emotionally trying for Mike Nifong. But in the last two days, he's demonstrated signs that almost suggest emotional instability.

Yesterday, a New Jersey retiree sent Nifong an email saying that he was considering moving to Durham so he could vote for the Recall Nifong-Vote Cheek option. The writer didn't say where he was from. Nifong responded,

Gee, Bill. Does this mean you are moving down here from NJ just to vote against me? I am flattered. Bad news, though. You'll be stuck with me at least until the end of December.
The emailer sent me a copy of the email to confirm its legitimacy. Nifong, it seems, has time to look up the residence of people who email him and send back sarcastic replies, but not to read the Kirk Osborn motion detailing Reade Seligmann's alibi?

Then, the N&O just noted that Nifong filed a court motion asking the judge to order defense attorneys to testify about their involvement in a poll of Durham County voters, which he claims was designed to influence the jury pool and therefore violated the state bar's code of ethics. I assume Nifong didn't deal with any change of venue motions when he was in traffic court, so perhaps he's unaware that to justify a change of venue, the defense would need to prove that Nifong's inflammatory early statements--which unquestionably did violate the ethics code--poisoned the jury pool.

The odd item about Nifong's motion? His only affidavit about the poll's terms comes from . . . his wife. (Seeing that Nifong previously had his sister write in to defend his integrity, this seems to be part of a pattern for him.) I suppose next up will be an affidavit from his dog.

So, the DA is sending crank emails while his wife is detecting grand conspiracies of defense lawyers to undermine him. Just another week's work for Durham County's "minister of justice."

[Update, 9.15pm: At Liestoppers, the always witty Joan Foster gives her take on Nifong's crack-up.]


Anonymous said...

Was Nifong's email signed Chief DA, as in DumbA$$ in Durham?

Tell DA that UNC-CH called, they want their diploma back.

Anonymous said...


Could you tell me the time of day that Nifong's email to NJ guy was sent?


Anonymous said...

KC: What is it going to take for the US Attorney General and the Justice Department to step in and say "enough"? There is no doubt these young men are innocent. There is insurmountable evidence that Nifong, the DPD, and all of his lackeys have crossed the line to criminal behavior. What does it take, letters to the White House and President Bush to get appropriate branches of government to do their jobs. The entire country is calling out their outrage that this is still going on. The world is watching and the United States, and North Carolina both look bad. If the Constitutional rights of Americans means nothing anymore, everyone is at risk.
To the False Accuser: Your window of opportunity to confess your lie is quickly closing. You may even be considered courageous by the media (NY Times) to stand up and say you made a mistake, you didn't want to be committed so you made the story up. It is apparant Mr. Nifong has used you as a means to his ends. But you will go down with him if you keep quiet. Perjury is punishable and you will serve time. These families and the public who has shown such support will not stop until these young men's names are cleared. If you believe in GOD that is who I would be fearing the most. For eternity you will know in your soul the immense pain you have caused and the innocent people you have harmed. You have an opportunity to correct your wrongs and get on with you life. Do the right thing False accuser, GOD is watching you. GOD knows all. What you have done will haunt your waking hours and your sleep. You will have nightmares about the pain you have caused these young men. This will haunt you to the end and thereafter. KARMA will get take hold. You will never be free of the pain you have caused. Free yourself. Free these young men from the cloud you put over them. Nifong will have to face the Justice Department eventually. The evil from Durham will be flushed out. The public will not allow a tyrant like Nifong to go unpunished. Contact Dan Abrahms, Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson, publically plead for forgiveness. If you tell the truth you will be forgiven and set free. If you continue to lie you will suffer the pain of carrying this around with you forever. GOD is watching you.

kcjohnson9 said...

The Nifong email was sent at 12.49pm on 9-19.

Anonymous said...

Well he is either imbalanced or has a screwed up sense of priorities. Perhaps a check-up with his doctor is in order. We've heard from the sister, wife and dog. What about Mama Nifong?

Anonymous said...

What could the governor or attorney general do to remove Nifong?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this phone survey thing does sound pretty bad. And, Nifong can't help it if his wife was the one who was home when they called. He doesn't know who else they "surveyed", so he needs her statement. I agree Nifong biased the jury pool himself initially, but that's no justification. I just don't understand why the defense would risk doing something like this?
link to N&O story

Anonymous said...

Hey look, Mrs. Nifong is posting on your site now.

Or maybe it's City Manager Patrick Baker lurking again.

kcjohnson9 said...

responding to the 6.14: if the defense plans to file a motion for a change in venue (as it should), it has no choice but to poll to determine the poisonous effects of Nifong's statements.

That the defense informed both Nifong and the judge that it would conduct polling before doing so suggests an above-the-board approach.

Anonymous said...

E-mail received at 12:52 PM on Sept 19.