Monday, November 12, 2007

New Reviews

Cary Clack, in San Antonio Express-News:
There is no longer any mystery about what happened between a stripper and the Duke lacrosse players at a party in Durham, N.C., at a house rented by some of the players. Nothing happened . . . All that's left is a comprehensive investigation and summing up of how this became such a racially charged miscarriage of justice. Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson provide this in superb, exhaustive and disturbing detail in "Until Proven Guilty: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case."
Read the entire review here.

Scott Fontaine in the Tacoma News-Tribune:
How could something like this happen? That’s what “Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustice of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case” set out to explain – and the answer isn’t pretty. The authors, Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson, use painstaking detail to prove that a mentally unstable stripper, an opportunistic district attorney, bitter cops and crusading faculty members used an unquestioning media and a town split by racial and economic divides to destroy the lives of three innocent students.
Read the entire review here.


Debrah said...

A constant stream of UPI praise!

I disagree with the Tacoma reviewer when he says the book was perhaps too hard on the Gang of 88. Only someone who resides 3,000 miles away could venture such a thought.

Does he have James Coleman on speed dial?

Debrah said...

The San Antonio review is stronger, IMO.

Clack does not question that academia and professors might be portrayed as too left-wing.

This would never be a question for those who know the facts of the case.

"Besides revealing Nifong for the petty and self-absorbed hack that he was, Taylor and Johnson also expose the shoddy police work of some detectives and the naiveté (negligence?) of the sexual assault nurse examiner trainee who had never doubted any rape accuser and who contradicted her own medical records."

Where is Levicy now, by the way?

Debrah said...

H-S editorial:

Pursue probe into police allegations

The Herald-Sun
Nov 12, 2007

It's too soon to draw any conclusions, but the allegations are certainly attention-grabbing. A number of Durham Police Department officers -- fewer than 10, we're told -- were suspended while accusations of "possible sexual misconduct" are investigated.

We don't know a lot about the case because the Police Department is being tight-lipped. Some reticence to discuss the matter is understandable. Sources say the accusations involve officers having sex with prostitutes, but the accusations may prove unfounded. Police Chief Jose Lopez said Thursday that three officers who were suspended were allowed to return to work. Sources said they had been exonerated.

By law, governments are allowed to keep many personnel actions private. However, when an action is taken such as dismissal, suspension or change in rank or pay, the action should be public, although the reason behind it may not be.

Since the vast majority of law enforcement officers do a magnificent job under dangerous conditions for too little pay, it's unfortunate that the community has had a spate of officers getting in trouble lately. A former sheriff's deputy is facing a possible 20-year term in federal prison for dealing drugs at a nightclub while off-duty. Former deputy Michael Paul Owens also admitted advising other law enforcement officers working security to look the other way when drug deals went down. Three deputies were fired as a result.

And two Durham police officers were fired last year after getting involved in an off-duty fight in Raleigh.

As distasteful and damaging as those incidents were, they were handled decisively by the DPD and Sheriff's Office. The allegations were investigated and the officers who were found in violation were dismissed or disciplined. That's exactly what should happen in this case, with all due speed.

It's bound to be painful when police investigate one of their own. But those investigations must proceed with the same vigor and transparency as they would if any ordinary citizen was involved.

The Police Department is now under scrutiny for its role in the Duke lacrosse case. Ironically, a bedrock legal principle applies to the officers, just as it should have to the players -- the presumption of innocence.

Anonymous said...

Please put up Stuart Rojstaczer's review from his own blog. DIW regulars may not have seen it yet. I was amazed to learn that the lacrosse players were no angels and that the 88 aren't all that bad.


Anonymous said...

Rojstaczer continues to slime the lacrosse players based on minimal arguments (their GPA average was only 3.2 because Duke grades humanities courses easier and the LAX players he claims don't take science courses) or none at all (they partied hard).

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the Lacrosse players were intellectual pygmaies ( not likely... with admissions standards at Duke) and majored in chess-playing.

All of that junk is just red herrings to distract from the real issues.

We should not fall for it.

Anonymous said...

"The authors’ message that academia is too left-wing gets laid on a bit too heavy throughout the book"

There's going to be a lot of resistance, cognitive dissonance and general psychological anguish out there as liberals find themsemlves forced to admit the horrible truth ... "David Horowitz was right."

Anonymous said...

Thank Gd, Dr Manly did the physical exam and collected the samples for DNA testing. That little QA done by Nurse Levicy is not a SANE in training proceedure but an RN proceedure. She is living, working as an RN in NH and escaped the rabid mob. Still has her nursing license and was not included in the list of folk being sued by the defendants. Shows what a non event this was out of DUMC. What does "never doubted a rape accusser" mean anyway? Levicy was a "fact" witness - not an expert witness. The exam was a typical rape kit exam and not a SANE at all. As one of her chief accussers Nurse Kathleen wrote on her site -"Wish you well."

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 1.06:

Let's hope that in NH, Nurse Levicy has abandoned her practice of constantly adjusting her recollection of the "facts" to fit the prosecution's latest theories.

As I have noted repeatedly, the initial settlement of the three players covered all Duke employees, perhaps why Levicy "was not included in the list of folk being sued by the defendants."

Anonymous said...

Tara need not fear us "rabid bloggers" rather her upcoming depositions and testimony in court.

mac said...

1:06 is Bigas, as she still can't spell - after all this time - accusers right - ("acussers.")

Unless Bigas has personal knowledge of what Nurse Levity is doing, she ought to give it a rest: Levity was one of Gottlieb's favorite "accussers."

Anonymous said...

KC - I am not arguing with you but what indication do you have that DUMC was part of the settlement. She was not a Duke employee but a DUMC employee. Theya re two seperate corporation and only meet at the top of the organizational chart where the DUMC President reports to Brodhead. DUMC did a great job in helping to clear the defendents. Hope you are having a great time in Israel. Please write an article about your experiences to date.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Rojstaczer has long had it in for student athletes -- see his 1999 book, Gone for Good: Tales of University Life after the Golden Age (chapter 4, "The Sports Machine").

anti-Leftist Liberal

Debrah said...

This is my reply on his webpage to Rojstaczer's bizarre critique:

"I regret that KC even bothered to explain to Rojstsaczer how far off base he is in this long and winding critique.

However, someone creative enough to write a few passable tunes--I should know--is also creative enough to attempt to sanitize Duke's 88, the Bowen-Chambers Report--(one of the most shameful, embarrassing, predictable and harmful efforts from ostensibly "accomplished adults")-- and the overall climate on university campuses today.

The obfuscation is tedious.

Comical self-preening, annoying.

Rojstaczer presents himself as an expert on the Triangle, Duke, and Durham.

Should it surprise anyone that he is a former resident of the famed pitstop-for-potbangers, Trinity Park?

We should wonder excessively why he avoids discussing the particular brand of open racism that exists in plain sight every day in a place like Durham.

Stuart T. and KC do not have to prove anything to you or anyone. The crediblity of many in the academy regarding free speech, civil rights, and morality in general has been shattered.

How predictable and lazy to allude to "right-wing" or "conservatives" a way to criticize the factual reports of the racism and prejudiced practiced by the ill-educated Gang of 88.

Those tired old whipping posts can't be beaten any longer.

The self-conscious philosophizing we see here is sententious to the max.

The enormous effort put forth by Rojstaczer to try to minimize UPI---the definitive account of the current squalor in academia, the justice system, and the erosive effects of supporting generational parasites through the metasticizing cancer of political correctness---is necessary only because the critic is keenly aware of the significance of it.

If UPI is really so insignificant.....why is so much sweat to convince readers?


This has been a stroll down a side street of an academic apologist.

For dullards who might live on the other side of the globe, this book review could hold some weight.

Too bad for Rojstaczer that far too many people have become hip to the problems on our university campuses, and are determined to do something about them.

Evil's arsenal has been upgraded.

KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor illuminate it in bold relief. It must make some very uncomfortable, indeed.

November 12, 2007 11:08 AM"

Michael said...

re: 1:08 PM

I did a lookup for her address and found that she lives in a lightly populated area near the middle of the state - away from the more populated areas in the southeast. Hopefully she spends a lot of time out in the woods and water and away from people these days. Demographics are a big change from where she was down south.

Anonymous said...

KC: Where does Duke stand now that Coach Pressler has reopened his case after his name was AGAIN slandered by whatsizname?

I'm glad for that initial settlement at Duke. Gave the families some resources to feed their lawyers while they go for the BIGGER guys.

Anonymous said...

Has UPI received an unusally high number of reviews? How many books get this many reviews?

I would think a lot of reviews is a good sign. It seems to me that a "scholarly" work which is also a very interesting story would bring out more reveiws. Is that what's happened?

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 1:06 said...

...The exam was a typical rape kit exam and not a SANE at all. As one of her chief accusers Nurse Kathleen wrote on her site -"Wish you well."
SANE is defined as Sexual Assault Nurse EXAMINER.

The exam you are talking about was a sexual assault exam with a physician and not a nurse as the examiner.

There is NO SANE exam although certain nurses would like for you to think that there is.

That fiction is part of the problem with the Duke Rape Hoax.

Debrah said...

H-S letter:

Our crime problem

Crime in Durham is a major issue. There isn't anyone that can argue with that.

One may not realize how much of an issue it is until you go to tell someone from out of town where you are from. Suddenly you find yourself trying to find some other city nearby so that you don't have to claim Durham because of its well-known crime issues and lack of an effective City Council. Then there is the Duke lacrosse case.

The lacrosse case alone brought to light what many of Durham's residents already knew: our justice system in Durham is a joke. The Police Department is the laughingstock of anyone who knows anything about them, and I'm not so sure if things downtown are any better.

Without the means to end crime in Durham, it's only going to get worse. Where or what will Durham be in 10 years? Twenty years? I'm not sure I'll be around to find out.

Chris Delionbach
November 12, 2007

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 1.38:

"KC - I am not arguing with you but what indication do you have that DUMC was part of the settlement. She was not a Duke employee but a DUMC employee. Theya re two seperate corporation and only meet at the top of the organizational chart where the DUMC President reports to Brodhead."

The terms of the settlement, of course, are confidential. That said, I've never heard of a settlement that allows one party to collect money and still file a suit against the other party. Perhaps the Duke Counsel's office is utterly incompetent, and signed a settlement that gave the defendants such a right. And perhaps I'm next in line to be King of England :)

"DUMC did a great job in helping to clear the defendents."

If that was a "great job" in clearing the defendants, I'd hate to see DUMC trying to frame. It's worth recalling Nifong's early statements--over and over again, he described the case as legitimate because Mangum was examined by a DUMC nurse, specially trained in sexual assault, who concluded that a rape likely occurred. Such a line also appeared in the March 23, 2006 NTO, which kicked off the whole media firestorm.

Of course, we know now that Tara Levicy didn't even conduct the exam--and that, when she ultimately was interviewed, Dr. Julie Manly told the truth. But virtually no one (except, of course, for DUMC employees, who allowed the record to stand uncorrected) knew this in March and April of 2006.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally GP, however, if you remember this nurse was crucified by two nurses for her "exam". Turns out Nurse Levicy did not do the exam. I still maintain that the Doc and Nurse signing their name in the wrong place is a paperwork mistake and not fraud.

Anonymous said...

AG Cooper said the rape kit showed the team and defendents negative for their DNA. That looks good to me.

Anonymous said...

Tara will be absolutely useless to her new state as a RAPE nurse since her credibility is worthless in any court from now on. Any defense attorney would shred her creds on the stand if she were the nurse on duty and anywhere near a rape evidence collection.

Anonymous said...

I did not know Peter Wood retired this year. I do not know this but I suspect the attention he brought to himself during the event lead him to leave Duke and academia asap. Hope he got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

Nifon had an affair, resulting in a pregnancy. CY - what were you thinking? Nifong is repulsive.

Anonymous said...

I just went on the Barack Obama website to learn more about him. I found it interesting that he had a drop down list of "People" that he is evidently targeting (or that he considers important to identify by group). The list is as follows:

"Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
African Americans
Americans Abroad
First Americans
[American Indians -- not Mayflower or Jamestowne Englishmen]
Generation Obama
People of Faith

Evidently white men of northern European descent are not considered an important group in his politics.

The University of Delaware would be proud.

With that said, I continue to be intrigued with him and, in any event, hope that I do not belong to a disenfranchised group -- the by-definition white racists who were born racists and can never recover.

(Tucker Carlson on MSNBC is reporting on the notion of racism and Obama as I write. Barack Obama's wife stated that blacks are not supporting Obama because he is black. What irony.)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the NY Times reviewed UPI ?

Michael said...

re: 1:06

> She is living, working as
> an RN in NH and escaped
> the rabid mob.

There are many in NH following the Duke Hoax. I for one am glad that she's 86.4 miles from where I live. We only go by that area when we're headed to Montreal or northern Vermont.

How do you know that she's working as an RN? Her location in Central NH would indicate that she's working in NH as it would be a pain to commute to surrounding states.

Dukex4 said...

to 1:38-

DUMC is not a separate legal entity from Duke University. Any settlement with Duke would cover all employees, including those who work at the medical center. That is (IMO) the only reason the three wrongly accused did not name her in any suits. However, there are still 43 others on that team who entered into no such agreement. Time will tell whether Levicy indeed is done with all of this.

Debrah said...

Over the last year, we all have learned much and have been stimulated--in more ways than one--by the clean and concise information inside KC's Wonderland; however, you will never get a better graphic illustration of how the world of academic political correctness works than the documentation I have recorded inside The Diva World.

Stuart Rojstaczer wrote a scathing and muddy critique of UPI. One, without question, he wanted people to read.

Well, there were some responses to his work including mine and one from KC.

As usual, KC was very collegial.

I, as is dictated by Diva essence, gave Roj a bit of his own medicine....which you have already read above.

Take a look at his response to the other comments....because the rest of us will not give out cyber DNA to him.


When you have a blog, you do not inhibit engage them. You do not require all commenters to give you their personal information unless they choose.

I almost never give out my personal e-mail address. Why would I do so in this case? Just to be able to comment?


Shades of the Gritty Duke Gang of 88 conquering......

.......with a well-known brand of cowardice.

Like the Gang of 88, Rojstaczer can dish out fallacious sludge, but cannot take anything but soft responses in return.

Go ahead, Roj. Hide them all!


Scroll down to the bottom of the page:

The Diva tap dances with Rojstaczer's "rules"

Anonymous said...

Them there educated elites and all in Durham was suppose to be better than that. What they did down dare in Durham like what they done was stupid. It was wrong too. You'd a thought them philosophers was, well, that they was centered in all that education and all that they got themselves up against wasn't very centered bangin' pots and all or just bangin' . . . some of em must not a learned very much at all and not had much home trainin' either to do much good in common sense and all. Every time I read this story these people get dumber and dumber.

Anonymous said...

KC said...

And perhaps I'm next in line to be King of England.

You'd do better than that great big poof they're stuck with now.

Anonymous said...

ABC Hope you are still around. I was looking for Meehan's education on the net (rather uninpressive, until the PHD at William and Mary) and came accross your post of 0/14/07 - excellent writing and expression of thoughts. Well done.

One Spook said...

Veteran's Day, and even the next day off for some folks, has come and gone.

John in North Carolina had an excellent post today about Duke, here: President Sanford's Military Service, and the ever-astute Kristin Butler of the Duke Chronicle wrote another excellent column on November 6th: A Few Good Men

I'm returning a salute to both John and Kristin ... thank you.

One Spook

One Spook said...

Here are a couple of more fairly recent UPI reviews:

Until Proven Innocent - A DBR Review

Epinions Review

One Spook

Anonymous said...

Do any of the NC locals know who instigated the investigation into the alleged Durham police "sexual misconduct"? And where their information came from?

Anonymous said...

I found Rojstaczer's review to be one of the more fair and objective ones to date. It's one everyone here should read with as open a mind as they could possibly have at this stage.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Stuart Rojstaczer? He writes as if he knows these boys personally. Either that or he is making wide general accusations based on already proven lies. They were and still are all execellent students, dedicated athletes and wonderful human beings any parent would be proud of. If Stuart does not know these boys personally then he has no basis on his assumptions which are totally incorrect. Sounds like he is someone who has mental issues.. He best get a good therapist.

Anonymous said...

Re: UPI-Goes Global once again



Review: Until Proven Innocent
Political Correctness and the Shameful....

By Jeffrey Rosen
Published: September 14, 2007

“Taylor and Johnson have made a gripping contribution to the literature of the wrongly accused. They remind us of the importance of constitutional checks on prosecutorial abuse.

And they emphasize the lesson that Duke callously advised its own students to ignore: if you're unjustly suspected of any crime, immediately call the best lawyer you can afford.”

Anonymous said...

BTW: Here is what happened to all those Jena6 donations..
jena-money (by michellemalkin)

Jena episode make me sick. It is as bad as Duke Hoax. Congressional investigation, and hate groups from NAACP to Black Panthers and Congressional Democrats pandering to the hooligans and their enablers. Yes, Jena6 were hooligans, at least some with criminal record. MSM, or course, presented them as good kids with no criminal record. The "white-only-tree" never existed (beyond the lies of MSM and NAACP).
I would like to quote certain politician: "This war is lost". Klan88 won.

Florida Gator said...

Mr. Obfuscation is apparently out of a job! WRAL article, N&O article. DNASI's web site lists Joe Chimera (no pun intended), Ph.D. as the General Manager and Laboratory Director, but makes no comment as to what happened to Dr. Brian Meehan. According to the N&O Meehan was reached at his home in Elon this afternoon, Meehan confirmed that he no longer worked for DNA Security in Burlington. But he declined to elaborate further. “I’ll be able to say more in two days,” Meehan

Anonymous said...

This is a must-read article online at the Herald-Sun involving some of the Gang of 88, including our good friend Karla Holloway:

By John Stevenson

Durham. Professors at Duke University have threatened an all-day protest, hunger strike and picket line in front of the Allen Administration Building on the Duke campus. Their plan is to set up a picket line at dawn this Friday to prevent entry into the building then to protest on the lawn the remainder of the day.

Faculty protest leaders Karla Holloway and Wahneema Lubiano, both professors at the University, stated that approximately "112 other professors, grad and undergraduate students" will join them in what they are calling the "picket line for better treatment."

The event that created this recent furor on campus occurred this weekend to a petite African-American Duke student as she was walking on the quad. Last Saturday at about 4:30 p.m., this young mother of four claims that she felt someone looking at her funny while she was quietly making her way to the library. She didn't actually see anyone looking at her funny, but she kind of had that feeling, and when she turned around quickly, the person alleged to have been looking funny at her, described as a white male aged 18-22, was suspiciously not looking at her at all.

The Herald-Sun has a policy to shield the identity of any female who is a victim of sexual violence or harassment.

"We have a few simple demands," screamed Professor Holloway into the telephone yesterday, "including the right to call people racists, misogynists, witches, rapists or child abusers without fear of repercussion." She went on to shriek that, "nobody should ever have to be looked at funny, or even feel that they have been looked at funny." The last bit rather hurt this reporter's ear even though I had already removed the phone's speaker to what I thought was surely a safe distance from my head.

The protest march, picket line and hunger strike is scheduled to commence at dawn, with a break at 9:00 for a light croissant and fruit snack provided by Duke University President Richard Brodhead. After that, protesters are expected to yell and fast until noon, at which time lunch will be provided by the Durham Socialist Lesbian, Green & Gay Farmer's Market Co-op to include tofu, whole grains and a veggie bag....


Duke University Professor Charles Piot claimed that Lubiano wrote the "Listening ad" because of rampant racism across the Duke campus between the date of the hoaxed lax rape and the actual publication of the advertisement (a period of less than 2 weeks). To ground this claim in solid fact, Piot cited to 2 hearsay complaints.

The first hearsay complaint involved an African-American man who allegedly claimed that he was stopped on the Duke campus during this time causing him to wear a suit and tie to class to avoid further police interference. Piot did not explain why the police were interested in this black man when they were supposedly on the look out for 46 white rapists.

The second hearsay complaint supposedly involved another African-American man who had a white girl scream at him. It was not reported by Piot whether the black man had said "boo" or "Aaaaargggh" to the woman or whether he was carrying a chainsaw at the time of the screaming white female. If Piot believes these hearsay complaints deserve campus-wide advertising in solicitation of a lynching, then surely a female who is looked at funny requires, at a minimum, a fancy catered protest. MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

href=The New York Times
By: Duff Beer
November 13, 2007

Durham. No blacks were raped by whites again today in this North Carolina university town. In other news, there have not been any confirmed instances of slavery in the United States for approximately 143 years.

A former Duke University professor, Houston Baker, did report an enslavement last week, but it was soon discounted as a misinterpretation of tenure, a mind bogglingly large salary, a Mercedes automobile and the freedom to travel for pleasure or employment as human bondage. In what many are calling the ballsy-est move by a politician ever, North Carolina Governor Michael Easley told the North Carolina NAACP to "just get over it, already."


WARNING: This is also a parody. MOO! Gregory

Debrah said...

Gaynor has responded to KC's previous post.

I have to say that I can agree with this as it pertains to Brodhead. That was one episode I wish I could forget.

How could anyone have made excuses for his woefully anemic leadership?

There is no reason for me to revisit and illuminate my support for KC on these fora. Everyone is well aware of it.

However, I am so damned tired of having to go through an emotional/psychological tap dance to explain away KC's kid glove treatment of some of these harmful people.

It seems that one cannot be in the academy if they want to fully tell the story of what is going on there.....without all the obfuscation and vascillation.

The stupifying Stuart Rojstazcer is a prime example of the dry rot Stuart Taylor talks about.

Most want to live inside a cocoon and do almost nothing. When someone tells them what dry rot they are, they put their crinkly paws over their ears.

Richard Brodhead has been a villain in this saga from day one......and he has remained so.

How anyone could have tried to alter this monumental truth is unusually strange.

Debrah said...

From The Diva World:

Johnsville News has this to report today.

Just like the poor pathetic UPI basher, Stuart Rojstaczer, these people delete anything negative about themselves if possible.

It's truly shameful how desperate they are.


Duke University President Richard Brodhead and his sorry administration have said: 'It's time to move on and forget the ugly past regarding the Duke lacrosse scandal.' The Duke Basketball Report has chosen to follow the slippery slimy Brodhead path and move on. The Duke Basketball Report has also decided to be proactive in forgetting the scandal.

So all of the DBR forum discussions about the Duke lacrosse case have been deleted. The biggest story in Duke University history is now effectively forgotten by DBR. The thousand(s) of comments, observations, and opinions about the case made by hundreds of DBR members have been scrubbed clean.

Why? There is apparently no explanation offered.

Anonymous said...

Hope Meeham's more will be revealed "in two days" statement is true.

Anonymous said...

Goggle Duke University and Duke University Medical Center Organizational chart - You will find that they are seperate entities until the very top, where the DUMC President reports to the President of Duke University.
Well yeah, she is working in NH with a valid - no cloud on license. So, all 187 people who live in NH have their eye on this nurse - WOW - if you break your leg in the wildreness and she arrives - Will you refuse care? I don't think so.

mac said...


Is Bigas a resident of Duhh, or does she just drink T-Bird like one?

Sorry, KC. How many times can Bigas write the same thing and still get through the moderation?
Most of us at least attempt to write something original.

Anonymous said...

I think it is about time that we more acurately assess the situation at Duke in regards to the Lacrosse mess.

First, I think it is likely counterproductive to continue to berate Brodhead. His actions and words stand as they were done and said. History will judge him. He is definitely NOT going to say more about Lacrosse. The Blue committee may decide that he is enough of a liability that they want to gently assist him to move on to "write his memoirs", or make a movie, or travel and do dramatic Shakespearean readings.

The Duke Athletic departments OWE IT to the current athletes to focus on them, their games, and their lives this year. It already takes a lot of guts for these young athletes to face crowds that are peppered pretty liberally with outright hostility. You cannot play a game looking over your shoulder.

Duke professors need to prove ( if they can) that they are worthy of trust and deserve their rank, and their pay. With public scrutiny as it is, I would say that MOST of them ( if they in fact have an academic specialty with any true educational content) would like to get on with it.

Finally, the students have got to make the best of their days and months at Duke and buckle down to the academic rigors that one would expect at Duke.

It does no good to keep beating a dead horse. All you do is raise a stink and spread contamination.

Duke is a dead horse as far as Lacrosse Hoax goes...


The lawsuits discover linkages heretofore unknown that will re-open the case.

However, the focus is now on Durham. And that should now be OUR focus, IMO.

Much will be uncovered. As it is, bloggers will push everything to the wall of authenticity and validation.

KC and Stuart continue to provide an incredibly important service to the world of academia, as well as the Lacrosse Hoax in general.

The pervasice, sneaky, PC agenda in universities is no longer able to go unchallenged because of this blog, and others like it.

Brodhead, Nifong, Meehan, Levicy, Addison, and on and on. They have been exposed. The purpose of this blog is not to "kill" them, even with words. But to expose them.

For some, the consequences of their duplicity will likely end them in deep legal doo doo. For others, they may wriggle themselves out of the net... for now.

But it really is NOT over.

Classes must go on. Games must be played. Students must be educated, even at Duke.

But the Lacrosse case is far from over.

Those two realities have to exist simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Does anyone know if the NY Times reviewed UPI ?

11/12/07 7:34 PM

I seem to remember a generally favorable NYT book review. But keep in mind: this is the Times MO. No way you will see an apology, clarification, correction, or any sense of honesty from the News, Sports, or Editorial sections. Only in the book review section --which is not as widely read and not nearly as influential.

If one had ONLY read the NYT one would be certain these guys got off because of good lawyers.

Most overrated newspaper on the earth. Run by idiots. And the stock continues to drop.

My father made me read the NYT as a teen over 30 yrs ago. Nearly ruined me for life as I only saw how bad it was 3-4 years ago.

Anonymous said...


So Tara Monologues lives in Bumhuck, New Hampshire and nobody bothers her, and she's widely respected? Sounds like exile to Siberia to me, and surely someone as cosmopolitan as that knotty feminist would wish she were somewhere else, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:42

Before she was a SANE in NC she was a wilderness guide in her native ME. It sounds to me like she's returned to a place much more like her home turf.

If she restricts her activities to wilderness guiding and/or nursing and stays away from involvement with the criminal justice system she'll probably end up making a net positive contribution to society.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 11/12: 4:00 PM said...

...I agree totally GP, however, if you remember this nurse was crucified by two nurses for her "exam". Turns out Nurse Levicy did not do the exam. I still maintain that the Doc and Nurse signing their name in the wrong place is a paperwork mistake and not fraud.
Tara's Levicy's statements and not her signature were the significant events of malpractice that unleashed the dogs on Reade, Collin and Dave.

IMHO, Tara Levicy's behavior is God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full Of Crap.

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in a 24 hour town, so Maine, NH or the mountains of NC is not for me. However, the folk who live in these places may love it. I think she is innocent of the criticizm that came her way, but I have no indication she is cosmopolitan at all. Ten years as a Wilderness ENT would indicate she likes the quiet life. Durham is no where,USA.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the entire interview and not just snippets. Statements are not malpractice at all and have yet to be proven in a court of law. Nifong unleashed the dogs = looking to get elected to DA. Only non professional medical folk would believe a staff nurse or any nurse had that kind of power.

Anonymous said...

"I think she is innocent of the criticizm that came her way"

Stating, in early 2007, that she had never met a woman who lied about rape indicates that her judgement in rape cases is suspect to the point of uselessness.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Tara Levicy was still dissembling in January 2007, changing her story (ie suggesting Mangum might not have known how she was violated, etc) shows that her involvement included more than just a sliver of mendacity. She was one of the main engines behind this hoax, but might not have realized that fully because obviously she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Anonymous said...

Ralph - Levicy is only a fact witness. "Did you assist in the collection of material"? "Yes" "Did the client tell you that condoms were not used? "Yes" These are the kind of questions asked and answered at the bar hearing. Neither she or any other degree nurse are expert witnesses. Even Dr Burges, who is light years ahead of most nurses in education and experience, can give her interpretion of events or state her judgement in rape cases. I personally believe woman lie all the time about rape - hopefully, this case will change rape shield laws and minimize false claims of rape.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how interchangeable the media descriptions of the parties to the Duke Hoax are? It's scary.

From the Tacoma News-Tribune review, excerpted above:

The authors... use painstaking detail to prove that a mentally unstable stripper, an opportunistic district attorney, bitter cops and crusading faculty members used an unquestioning media... to destroy the lives of three innocent students.

You can shuffle the descriptions around thusly:

The authors... use painstaking detail to prove that an opportunistic stripper, a mentally unstable district attorney, unquestioning cops and bitter faculty members used a crusading media... to destroy the lives of three innocent students.


The authors... use painstaking detail to prove that a bitter stripper, an unquestioning district attorney, crusading cops and mentally unstable faculty members used an opportunistic media... to destroy the lives of three innocent students.

Try it at home! The only constant is that the students always were and remain innocent.


mac said...


I think you mean "Unintelligent Design." That's the kind of mess you have when hoaxes are perpetuated - and enabled - by strident vaginophiles like Terror Levity.

Her proudest moment? Directing a production of the "Vagina Monologues?" That's about on the same artistic par with "Lair of the White Worm," featuring - (in a moment of suspended lucidity, I'm sure) Hugh Grant. He's had more such moments, as you might recall, with a woman of similar stature as the dipsy Dame de Duhh of this current fiasco.

No, considering what these people call "art," I would suspect that the World According to Terror Levity would qualify as "Unintelligent Design."

Anonymous said...

"I think [Tara Levicy] is innocent of the criticizm [sic] that came her way"

Tara Levicy listened to Mangum say that her purported attackers did not wear condoms. The form for recording responses had spaces for "yes", "no", and "not sure". If Mangum's answer had been "not sure", Levicy should have put down "not sure", but instead her report said that Mangum had stated an answer of "no" three times. When Levicy tried to represent Magnum's answer as "Mangum said 'no' but wasn't really sure" she was twisting the evidence to try and fit her own theories.

When Levicy was asked how the violent gang rape with ejaculation that Mangum described could have occurred and not left any DNA, she said "I wasn't surprised when I heard no DNA was found because rape is not about passion or ejaculation but about power." Whether intentionally or unintentionally or just through ignorance of scientific fact, Levicy gave an answer to a question other than the one that had been asked. Her answer would have been a reasonable answer to "How could some kind of rape have occurred without leaving DNA evidence?" But as a response to "How could the alleged rape that Mangum described have happened without leaving DNA evidence?" it showed either an inability to understand a simple question ... or a deliberate attempt to deceive.

Both are worthy of "criticizm".

Anonymous said...

"Levicy is only a fact witness. "Did you assist in the collection of material"? "Yes" "Did the client tell you that condoms were not used? "Yes" These are the kind of questions asked and answered at the bar hearing."

And as we all know, Levicy tried to twist the answers instead of giving them honestly. "Did the client tell you that condoms weren't used?" "She told me that, three times, but you see, she wasn't actually sure, and I'm telling you this out of my knowledge as a SANE, because how could she be sure, so even though the client said "no" I'm telling you to treat the answer as "not sure"."

Anonymous said...

Actually, what we know is that at the bar hearing, Levicy was asked about the condom issue and she answered that Crystal "denied the use of condoms." This testimony was "under oath" and as Lawyer Williamson noted "other than Nifong, no one in the preceeding had testified under oath prior to the bar hearing." She said, when asked "Not as a SANE but as a Registered Nurse." Directly opposite of whaat you have posted. I fully support Levicy testifying under oath - again. We all want the truth to come out. She did not "pleading the fifth". In any event, she has escaped the mob and sstill has an intact nursing license, which in itself, refutes the charges made against her.

Anonymous said...

"In any event, she has escaped the mob and sstill has an intact nursing license, which in itself, refutes the charges made against her."

I seem to remember Nifong making a similar argument, that obviously he hadn't done wrong in lying to Judge Smith because Judge Smith had not taken any action against him. We saw how well that went for Nifong.

Anonymous said...

"treat the answer as not sure" - where did you get that? That is not part of the offical record but musing from posters.

Anonymous said...

Nifong lost his license and job many months ago. This has not happen to the Nurse. Actually, she got a new license from NH in July. Did not lose her old license. Hoping I get picked for the OJ trial, will keep an open mind and will vote "not quilty."

Anonymous said...

Hoping I get picked for the OJ trial, will keep an open mind and will vote "not quilty."

And without a trace of irony.

Anonymous said...

What does Levicy's license have to do with the fact that she is a liar and has dishonored herself?

Anonymous said...

There is a connection between irony and humour that startles us into laughter.