Tuesday, December 11, 2007


With this post, the blog goes on hiatus; if and when Durham ever responds to the civil suit filing, I’ll run a postscript. I’ll also assemble a glossary of posts within the next week.

This concluding post discusses the legacies of the case. The lacrosse case functioned as a kind of funhouse mirror: its events magnified patterns evident, but less clearly visible, elsewhere.

Criminal Justice

1.) Procedure matters. Despite the best efforts of the state NAACP, and journalists such as Bob Ashley and Andrew Cohen—who each downplayed or dismissed the significance of Mike Nifong’s procedural violations—it seems to me this lesson is the case’s most clear-cut.

It is inconceivable at any point in the near future that a prosecutor in a case attracting even a small amount of media attention could routinely flout procedural norms without triggering hard questions as to his or her motives. And Nifong’s fate doubtless has caused other prosecutors to be more rigorous in following procedures in their own work. In this respect, Nifong’s long-term contribution to the U.S. criminal justice system might be a positive one.

2.) Experts can have agendas, too. The advent of groups like the Innocence Project or TV programs like CSI have created great public respect for scientific evidence—as opposed to the potentially unreliable elements of human memory. For the most part, this development is a positive one.

Yet experts can shade the truth as well—as Dr. Brian Meehan and SANE nurse-in-training Tara Levicy so blatantly revealed. Both were, ostensibly, “unbiased” experts. Meehan would testify about highly technical DNA test results. Levicy would provide the findings of a nurse “specially trained” in sexual assault cases.

Instead, both exhibited biases of the worst sort. Levicy, who never encountered a woman who lied about rape, repeatedly changed her story about what Crystal Mangum told her on March 14, 2006; and what Mangum’s exam indicated. Each time, the shift bolstered authorities’ theory of the case. Meehan produced an incomplete report that violated both his own lab’s protocols and North Carolina law, allowing Nifong to keep exculpatory evidence concealed. That Meehan is now out of a job and Levicy is no longer working in North Carolina is small consolation given their dubious conduct.

The Academy

3.) Existence Proof. Anyone following higher education over the past decade would recognize vignettes about the pernicious effects of academic groupthink. The University of Colorado, where research fraud Ward Churchill became a full professor and department chair through touting his “Native American” heritage and publishing extremist essays. Columbia, where Joseph Massad told one of his classes that Israeli agents were responsible for the murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics—and where more than 100 professors, including the former provost, publicly attacked Massad’s critics. Most recently, the University of Delaware, which had enacted a required residence hall program proclaiming that non-whites couldn’t be racist and mandating “treatment” for those whose beliefs challenged the preferred approach.

Are these episodes, as defenders of the academic status quo suggest, out-of-the-ordinary developments? The Duke case involved dozens of professors, revealing tenured faculty with “perpetually forthcoming” books or almost comical race/class/gender-oriented research agendas. The Group of 88 and their crusade attracted equally ill-reasoned support from other quarters of the academy—whether the fifteen African-American Studies professors who defended Houston Baker’s racist April 2006 letter or the April 2007 ruminations of Wesleyan’s Claire Potter on how “the dancers were, it is clear, physically if perhaps not sexually assaulted.” And prominent elite universities (Vanderbilt, Cornell, University of Chicago) hired some of the Group’s key members—with tenure (and, in the case of Cornell) a promotion.

The affair is, to borrow a term from mathematicians, an existence proof. Given the documented, public record at one of the nation’s leading universities, it will be more difficult to claim that future abuses at other institutions that attract public attention are isolated examples to be ignored.

4.) Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Mr. Chips is an outdated caricature, but I suspect most parents nonetheless send their children to college expecting that professors will treat their sons or daughters fairly and with dignity.

The lacrosse case, however, featured dozens of professors who were only too willing to advance their personal, pedagogical, or ideological agendas on the backs of their own students. And they continued to do so long after the case to which they had attached their crusade had imploded. For me, the event’s single most haunting quote came from History professor Susan Thorne, one of the Group of 88’s most moderate members. Thorne e-mailed one of her students—who had once looked upon her as a mentor—to say that she not only had abandoned her plans to apologize for signing the Group statement but had decided to publicly announce that she would not apologize. Otherwise, she declared, “my voice won’t count for much in my world.”

The sad thing: Thorne might have been coldhearted, but she correctly analyzed the effects of an individual professor challenging academic groupthink. David Horowitz and other conservative critics of the academy have accused faculty members of bringing their politics into the classroom. But the Duke case suggested that the real problem in academia has nothing to do with professors’ politics. Instead, the concern is the one-sided, extremist pedagogy that too often dominates humanities and (some) social science departments—a pedagogy whose extremism entered public view after March 2006, when its adherents applied its tenets to a case that the public could easily understand.

The Media

5.) Avoid generalities in interpreting the media’s performance. Blogs received much attention throughout this case. Yet media coverage was not a one-size-fits-all story. The case generated some prize-winning or nominated performances from the traditional media: locally, the Chronicle (start to finish the best combination of reporting, news analysis, op-ed pieces, and editorials, culminating in yesterday’s on-the-money column by Kristin Butler); the N&O (breaking story after story about Nifong’s abuses); Aaron Beard at the AP (a remarkable performance for someone who began the case without key local sources); and nationally, ABC’s Law & Justice Unit, CBS’s 60 Minutes, columnists such as Jason Whitlock and Stuart Taylor.

On the other hand, the weak media performances were stunningly bad: the slanted, error-filled Duff Wilson magnum opus and his consistently poor work both before and after; the see-no-evil/hear-no-evil approach of the Herald-Sun’s Bob Ashley; the arrogant moral pronouncements from the TimesSelena Roberts and Harvey Araton; the milquetoast critiques of “public editor” Bryon Calame; the angry, embarrassing commentary of figures such as John Feinstein.

It is difficult to offer an explanation other than the obvious for the records of figures such as Wilson, Feinstein, or Ashley—namely, that this was a story that some in the intelligentsia so much wanted to be true that they blinded themselves to reality.

Academic Administrators

6.) Appease race/class/gender extremists. I suspect that most academic administrators will view the Duke case as a bookend, paired with Larry Summers’ dismissal at Harvard. Summers confronted the “diversity” extremists in his midst—demanding that high-profile African-American Studies professors produce the same level of scholarship as everyone else; terming the Israel divestment effort “anti-Semitic in effect if not intent”; asking (in highly impolitic terms) whether something other than discrimination could possibly explain the gender differentials in science faculty. For such offenses, the Harvard arts and sciences faculty cast a vote of no confidence in him, and he was eventually forced out of his position. The moral: administrators who fail to pay sufficient tribute to the race/class/gender trinity risk their careers.

At Duke, on the other land, Richard Brodhead bent over backwards to accommodate the extremists in his midst—even when they (a) abused their in-class authority as professors; (b) produced a guilt-presuming statement falsely suggesting formal endorsement from five academic departments; and (c) appeared to violate the Faculty Handbook in their statements and actions about Duke students. Only Brodhead knows whether he did so because he (to borrow Steve Baldwin’s phrase) feared “the wrath of the righteous,” or because he genuinely believed in a one-sided approach to the case. Either way, Brodhead not only survived but received rave reviews from the Trustees’ review committee. The moral: administrators who appease even the worst of the race/class/gender extremists will not risk their employment status by doing so.

The reality, of course, in both cases was more complicated: Summers’ pricklish personality alienated many professors; Brodhead’s obvious intelligence, heartfelt (if belated) apology, and strong support from BOT chairman Bob Steel worked in his favor. Nonetheless, college presidents are like all other ambitious people: they don’t enter their jobs to be fired. Savvy administrators will learn the general lessons from the Harvard and Duke affairs. And so anyone who expects administrators to help promote a less rigid and one-sided U.S. academy will be sorely disappointed.


Perhaps, in time, other legacies of the case will emerge. For now, my thanks to everyone who took the time to read the blog.


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Anonymous said...

It isn't just the academic administrators who feel the need to appease the radicals.

Consider the conspicuous absence of the law school faculty, normally so eager to comment on injustice anywhere in world.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hiatus.
Thanks for all the hard work. If truth be told, most of us are selfishly hoping Durham files an answer quickly in order that you can start the blog again. In the mean time, we will miss you but hope that the down time will allow you to be more productive in your real career.

C. Thomas Kunz

Anonymous said...

A fitting and persuasive goodbye. Thank you. For what it's worth, I think you should let this be your last post (regardless of what may turn up in the suit against Durham). Many a hero has tried to rekindle their cause, only to have their former work lessened. Let this wonderful contribution from you stand on its own, here and now.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Phelan:
I couldn't agree with you more. I was suprised and disappointed that no Duke law faculty member other than Coleman commented during the hoax.

C. Thomas Kunz

Debrah said...

Yes, enjoy the hiatus, but come back to us!

wayne fontes said...

I hope in ten years when you look back at this blog you draw a tremendous amount of satisfaction what you achieved.

I personally feel that DIW demonstrates that one person can make a difference.

Best wishes in all of your future endeavors.

Chicago said...

Reading this blog was an eye opening learning experience for me in so many things I was naive to in our society.

Thank you for your time, devotion and pursuit of justicem truth and righteousness.

May God bless you always!


Anonymous said...

Duff Wilson's "slanted, error-filled Duff Wilson magnum opus" - uh, more like "Mangum opus."

Anonymous said...

Dear KC,

A most important legacy you modestly omitted--the impact of the Internet and blogs such as DIW in exposing injustice.

Lee J. Cockrell said...

Thanks for being a long lasting voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo! We will look forward to a reunion in January!

4:26, why seek ye to deprive us?

And re: the law school faculty...inexplicable.


mac said...

There are a lot of no-matters left - (forgive me if I've left so many out):

No matter what he does with the rest of his life, Nifong's name will always be synonymous with the Hoax.

No matter how many times he apologizes, no matter how much he is forgiven, President Brodhead will always be associated with spinelessness, and his unwillingness to meet with the accused and their parents.

No matter how much distance Nancy Grace, Wendy Murphy and others in the pontificating press make themselves from this case, they will always be remembered as enablers - very creepy enablers of a horrible injustice.

No matter how far Nurse Levity runs, she will always be remembered as someone who preferred agenda to truth, and as that little soul testifying in Nifong's disbarrment hearing.

No matter which department some of the principal actors in the Dee Pee Dee flee to - (and no matter how high they are promoted within the Dee Pee Dee) - they will always be remembered for corruption, arrogance, incompetence, (and apparently low intelligence.)

No matter how many Cornells and other schools accept them, and no matter how long their careers last at Duke or elsewhere, the 88 will always be remembered as the Klan of 88.

No matter how much the city changes, grows up and removes it's own ugly stain, the City of Duhh will be remembered for being a place where jenkum was most likely to be huffed during this particular time in history.


No matter how life treats him in the future, Mr. Elmostafa will be remembered as a hero who risked his own freedom to save people he didn't have to care about.

No matter which newspaper he works for, and no matter how high he goes, Joe Neff will always be remembered for his willingness to stand apart from the journalistic cronies (who preferred to promulgate lazy, inacurate lies and distortions.) Mr. Neff will always remain - (in my eye) - a stand-up guy who resisted mob-rule. He sought the truth.

(Same with Kristin Butler.)

No matter how many lawyer jokes are passed around, no matter how many lawyers do things in bad faith, the ones who represented the falsely accused will remain beacons for future law students, examples of what lawyers ought to be paid to do. This, especially, regarding the late Joe Cheshire.

No matter how many uninformed people still think that "something happened," the falsely accused, their teammates and Coach Pressler will stand out as people who told the truth, and who have class, dignity and honor.

And finally, no matter how much part of the academy turned on him, KC Johnson has shown this and future generations what a determined individual with grit and integrity and energy can do when they're called upon in the cause of justice.

I'll miss you, DIW.
I'll miss all of you - (even the trolls, who dashed themselves upon the rock known as DIW.)

Jonas said...

This blog's absence is a loss for all of us. Good luck on your future work, and I hope to see the HBO film in the works soon!



Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough, KC. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, K.C. You have been -- and remain -- amazing.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hiatus.You've earned it and helped save some inocent young men.I want to expand a bit on some of your underlying theme.An academic field that is knowledge light or fluffery is a devalued(or worthless) degree.I have no idea,nor is there any evidence that a degree in,a "studies" field is evidence of any scholarship or even the ability to do UG level work.To the extent it is perceived as a fraud,it devalues the University as a whole.
Isn't it a shame,that someone can have a degree from,say,Harvard,and not have it convet something?
And,one of the reasons there is such fierce cocmpetition for the few academic jobs insuch fields is their grads have no skills or evidence they have the ability ti think constructively.
Best wishes in future endeavors,

Anonymous said...

"Pa's got things for you to do! And Mother wants you! I know she does! Shane! Shane! Come back! Bye Shane..."

"You helped to rid them of Calvera, the way a strong wind helps rid them of locusts. You are like the wind, blowing over the land and passing on. God be with you. Adiós."

Good shooting, KC. Magnificent indeed.

Anonymous said...

K.C. is a courageous man. Here's hoping what you have said, ahem, counts for a whole lot in your world. A refreshingly candid view from inside the Occupied Academy.

Viva la resistance! Hopefully this foolishness of Leftist, Victim-based Academic Group(non)think will soon enter its long overdue death spiral.

I drove by 610 North Buchannon for the first time the other day, as I was in town on business and had a moment for a brief diversion. It occured to me that someone should buy that house, and turn it into the headquarters for a think tank for groups like the Actual Innocence Project.

It would be interesting to go one step further and open a "Institute for Human Betterment." The Institute would essentially serve as a foil to the madhouse over in the Ivory Tower to counterbalance its lunatic fringe. What an ideal place to serve as the the "Embassy for the Thinking and Accountable World in the Belly of the Academic Beast: A Chink in the Armor of the Power Enclave of the Entitled and Self-Perpetuating Academy." It could serve as a place where people could put forth academic scholarship where it is common humanity that is the operating premise, rather than the races of the respective parties. Wouldn't it be nice to tout the "race-blind" nature of this new Institute for Human Betterment, by boldly circulating a "race-blind" job application, with the tagline "The Institute for Human Betterment" is a TRULY equal opportunity Employer!" The Institute for Human Betterment would boldly declare that it has no inherent racial prejudices, and that it does NOT have any tenure or similar requirements. Rather, its scholars are judged, retained and compensated in accordance with their performance (to which they are held accountable---gasp---if their "forthcoming" works never come forth).

The Institute would have a private law program, for wayward law school faculty who sat idly by on their hands while their colleagues lynched their own students in the public square with guilt-presuming libel. Let these defenders of due process and liberty (who are presumably tenured at their respective academies) so that they can take bold stands on behalf of the oppressed and politically undesirable victims of the system in the face of the hegemon of political correctness. The Mantra of the law program at the Institute for Human Betterment would be a Bart Simpsonesque recital of the Institute's catchphrase, repeated over and over again until it displaces the tresspassing groupthink: "Remember, evidence is evidence, but race is just a theory premised on inadmissible prejudice."

Finally, the Institute of Human Betterment will boldly stake out a leadership position in its admissions department: there will be no such thing as a racial preference. The application will be posted, online for all the world to see, with the phrase "Consistent with this Institute's Mission, this application is entirely race blind. Any application that contains any reference to the race, gender, sexual orientation or creed of the applicant, whether overt or disguised, will be summarily rejected and the applicant will be barred from reapplying for a period of five years."

Anonymous said...


Required reading for all parents of prospective Duke students.

Thank you KC!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

The biggest disappointment, but one which I have expected, is the refusal by USDOJ to undertake an investigation. The truly guilty enablers will likely avoid just punishment, though I believe the civil cases will cause Durham to lose vast sums of money. I intend to steer a wide bert around that hell-hole any time I have to travel through the area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the work, on this case and thanks for "Until Proven Innocent" great work. Have a great hiatis!

Mad Hatter said...

Please come back to visit from time to time, schedule permitting. We will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Professor Johnson,

I have checked in daily at DIW for 19+ months. I'm happy that justice was found for the 3 boys, but the legacy of this case for me is that it shattered the euphoric pride that I felt about Duke, my dear alma mater.

That Holloway, Lubiano, et al, are a minority of the Duke faculty does not assuage my fear that their kind is infiltrating higher education. By their kind, I mean those of worthless scholarship and agendas counter to the search for truth.

The next generation of my family (sons, daughters, nephews, nieces) are off to college in the next few years, and I'll steer them to find real academicians, men and women of good scholarship and honor, professors such as yourself, Professor Johnson.

Best wishes.
Duke Alum 80

Anonymous said...

"...Brodhead’s obvious intelligence, heartfelt (if belated) apology..."

Perhaps it's just me, but I didn't find myself at all struck by the obviousness of Brodhead's intelligence (what did strike me was how ordinary it seemed). Neither was I struck by the heartfelt nature of his apology. What did strike me, however, was how obvious and heartfelt was his ambition.

Anonymous said...

it was fitting today, that an arch liberal aclufollower, the editor of the Chronicle, drove the charriot while broadhead stood like caesar before the University Senate...

and standing in the crowds was the steeleman himself able apparently to turn aside a federal investigation WHERE an admission was made that crimes were committed

the power of the "the duke opera" hasnt ended the show...although the chronicle HAS SHUT DOWN the message boards that unified resistence to the ETHICAL CRIMES committed and covered up against students of the school...

the graham cracker like so many others will gladly follow this story...

Anonymous said...


Thank you. It has been an amazing ride. And thank you to the frequent commenters on this site. I have been constantly amazed (and amused) at the intelligence, wit, controversy and turn of phrase I have been privileged to read on this blog.

What do I do tomorrow morning (or at 3 a.m. when I can't sleep) and there is no more DIW? How do I handle the effects of withdrawal?

Maybe approach events a little differently. No doubt, with a different and more critical viewpoint. More importantly, I can police my own house. I can continue my current (but fairly recent) habit of really talking to my own children (3 college students) about their academic progress. I'll keep encouraging them to e-mail me their papers so we can discuss them and continue talking to them about their experiences in and out of the classroom.

I'm not too worried about the kids (and I'm not speaking of just my own). They seem to have a very good grasp of what they are facing on campus and the agenda of many of ther professors. Well educated, grounded young adults (and future alumni) can and I think will make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tremendous effort. Your legacy will extend well beyond the Duke lacrosse case.

Anonymous said...

But...but...I was looking for your response to the H-S's report that Brodhead's review took place and the resulting deafening silence (IMHO)....and I got a Good Bye.

Well, doesn't this just rain on my parade.

Seriously, you will be missed. I guess I'll re-read the book for awhile, or something. :-(

Focko Smitherman said...

Thanks, professor. I loved your blog.

Anonymous said...


As one of the 3.5 million readers, let me just say THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

I got quite an education from reading this blog

thank you

Anonymous said...

Well done, good and faithful blogger. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

This blog has been an outstanding work. Thank you for your contribution to justice - this was the place to come for reliable information about the case.

Best of fortune to you in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you forthe opportunity to learn so much about the existence of such radical, vicious people as the Gang of 88; the judicial process and how three perfectly innocent men could have spent years in jail because of the political ambition of a unethical DA.
But mostly, I am appalled by the radicalism manifested by so many propagandists of neo-marxism such as the "joyful communist" or the "thug intellectual" and others of the same lot who have not spent a single day in a totalitarian country.
Hamden CT

Anonymous said...


This final post is a masterpiece!

Thank You!

Rich in ILM

Anonymous said...

Good luck KC - Meeham with a PHD from Wiliam and Mary is an expert -Levicy with her RN degree and an 84hour SANE course given at the YWCA for CERTIFICATION is not an expert. But you are after her to the end for reasons known only to you. She excaped the rabid mob.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you have established a genre with this blog. In learning about most events, we get a snippet here, a snapshot there. This blog has been very thorough, the information has been supported by numerous links to primary sources. Thank you for your painstaking work, excellence is in short supply these days.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 4:26 said...

...A fitting and persuasive goodbye. Thank you. For what it's worth, I think you should let this be your last post (regardless of what may turn up in the suit against Durham). Many a hero has tried to rekindle their cause, only to have their former work lessened. Let this wonderful contribution from you stand on its own, here and now.
I can't speak for KC of course, however I never thought about this case being about a cause as such.

It was and is history in the making.

It is the actors that keep rekindling the need to record their contributions to history.

I just never knew that smart people who harm others were so adroit at filing and cross filing their smoking guns.

More to come no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Professor Johnson,

Words cannot fully express my appreciation and gratitude for what you have done with and beyond this case. Thank you!!

I am one of those silent readers of DIW. Even though I have read the posters and comments almost daily since May 2006, this is my first comment left on this site because it is difficult for me to convey my feelings and thoughts in English (English is not my first language). However, I have to let you know that you have done great service to three Duke lacrosse players and to students in general by exposing people like the Group of 88 in academia. History will remember you kindly. May you be blessed with all your future endeavors.

Thanks again,


Ps. Both my husband and I had our postdoctoral training at Duke and our daughter was accepted by Duke in April 2006 (but she didn't go). We loved this university but are very disappointed by actions of the Group 88 and the administrators. But we trust and believe that Duke still has many wonderful professors who care about their students.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Johnson,

Thank you for your efforts.

The Random Rambler said...

Art imitates life.

I urge everyone on this blog to watch a seasnon 6 episode (disc 2 for those who would need to rent it) of the Simpsons. It is an episode entitled Homer: Badman. Homer is accused of sexual harrassment and the media and even his own family go against him. The first few times I saw it, I laughed hard. After the Duke debacle, it is scary because it is true.

Also, listen to "They Both Reached for the Gun" in the Chicago soundtrack. It is scary...

Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

Broadhead has survived for now possibly. But is he damaged?

Summer took on Cornel West in fall 2001. His statement on divestiture was in 2002. He made his comment about women in science in January 2005. He stepped down as Harvard president 30 June 2006.

We shall see if in 2011 Brodhead is still president at Duke. As you know the wheels of the academy grind very slowly.

Anonymous said...

Professor Johnson:

Thank you for reminding me that I must never take our Constitutional rights for granted.

God bless you.

Tina in Maryland

Anonymous said...

Is Ashley a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Professor Johnson, you have changed the way I think about so many things and the way I will forever see the world.

You achieved those things by seeking the truth and being honest.

That is all anyone can ask of a true liberal educator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, KC.

Anonymous said...

What you, blog readers, can do: Tell every Republican in a contested primary to make a campaign issue of the rot in the universities--not just Duke Lacrosse, but things at public universities like indoctrination at Delaware, Ward Churchill, etc. Even if only a few candidates do this, it will get the word out to the general public. If the rot becomes a serious election issue, something will get done, at least at public universities.

There is so much more. For some of it, start at FIRE and the NAS. I can provide more.

You don't have to be a Republican to do this. And even if you support one candidate in the primary, write to all of them.

mac said...

A parting note: someone should send Oprah Winfrey "Until Proven Innocent." KC and Stuart would make a great pair of guests!

(Maybe someone should send Obama a copy, too, since KC is a supporter of his candidacry?)

As KC stated in his Q & A: changes in the legal system "would disporportionately benefit minorities, who are disporportionately criminal defendants."

Oprah, you listening?

It's been said that the AA community is the canary in the coal mine, and that whatever affects the black community will eventually come 'round to the white community. In this case, it is likely the opposite. Imagine Nifong, unchallenged; imagine Nifong, running in a mostly white district with a set of black defendants who are similarly falsely accused?

Since Clinton, Edwards and the rest of the lot have ignored the Hoax (or hired people who were critical of the accused, like Marcotte) this is an opportunity.

Oprah, you listening?

I'm not an Obamanite, but I see how he could use this to his advantage, and to demonstrate that justice should be merit-based, based upon facts and evidence, not based on ANY racial equation.

Oprah? You listening?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Prof Johnson - you're an amazing person and instructor.

- jmoo

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late with this, but pondering you "Legacies" post has finally inspired me with a final question to ask you. I don't expect an answer right away, as it's a biggie, but I'd love to hear the consequences of your pondering if you get the chance.

What's up with the Duke BOT? Did you ever get to talk to any of them? By extension, what's up with the BOTs of Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, etc.?

I can understandthe motivations of most of the participants in this fiasco in terms of common human traits - self-interest, passion and resentment, group-think, self-righteous denial, etc. I see how people's financial, social or emotional interests lined up to keep them on board with the lynching. Radical professors get off on thinking they're more enlightened than everyone else and more important than they really are, and on getting to bully others while pretending they're doing it for the sake of righteousness. This is not an uncommon pattern in human history.

But what motivates the members of the BOT to put up with or apparently even approve of it without getting to actively participate? Are they all "trust fund socialists" like Pinch Sulzberger or Teresa Heinz-Kerry or the folks who run the Ford Foundation? Or is there some other interest at stake?

Anonymous said...

Your blog was fantastic....a model for others. I'll miss it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for it all, KC. I know that there are a bunch of professors breathing a big sigh of relief right now. Thanks for shining that bright light on them.
I wish I had more confidence that the people who need to pay attention to that light and what it has revealed would do so.

Anonymous said...

"No matter how many lawyer jokes are passed around, no matter how many lawyers do things in bad faith, the ones who represented the falsely accused will remain beacons for future law students, examples of what lawyers ought to be paid to do. This, especially, regarding the late Joe Cheshire."

I was astounded to think that Joe Cheshire, so prominent in the case, had passed away without the event being noted here or on Liestoppers. Then a Google search of the news failed to turn up news of his passing. Are you sure you don't mean the late Kirk Osborn?

Anonymous said...

Matthew @ 12:32am said...

"Also, listen to "They Both Reached for the Gun" in the Chicago soundtrack. It is scary..."

I just watched Chicago a couple of weeks ago and thought about the hoax a lot but especially during "They Both Reached for the Gun...". It's scary how closely the movie parodies real life in this case.

Anonymous said...

Professor Johnson: thank you for taking the new media to a new level. The truth & intellectual honesty owe you a debt of gratitude. --Brad

Anonymous said...


Always our hero. Best wishes for all that you pursue in life.


Steven Horwitz said...


Your work here has been nothing short of heroic. It's rare that academics, and historians at that, get to make history. You did, and on the side of the angels.

There are three young men whose freedom today is in no small part due to your commitment to the truth and your diligence in following it wherever it took you.

See you at Cliopatria.

Anonymous said...

ralph phelan,

The question about the BOT is one that could hardly be more troubling. Not only did the faculty betray their own students, Duke parents and alums in the form of the BOT betrayed the children of others without apology...and continue to do so. Partly, I think it's because people generally want to support their leaders, and here the BOT seems to be enthusiastic followers. One wonders if a SINGLE member on the Board has had the courage to articulate a point of view other than that of complete support for President Brodhead and Mr. Steel.

As we all know, it is much easier to let go of your own integrity when other seemingly intelligent, thoughtful people are letting go of theirs.


mac said...

Oh, crap.

"It's hard to leave when you can't find the door." (Joe Walsh)

Anonymous said...


When you return to New York, will we see your picture on the subway in a "Look Who's Teaching at CUNY" ad?

brian said...

I am a long time reader of this blog. I am like a lot of people who comment here, a parent of college students.

It concerns me greatly that students could be punished because they disagree with a professor who brings a political agenda to the classroom.

I would like to thank you Professor Johnson for opening my eyes and making a real difference in explaining not only the duke lacrosse hoax but the state of academia on college campuses.

Good luck in all you do
Brian Leyden

Anonymous said...


Outstanding work...I hope you receive all the awards you deserve. You made a difference! Thank you.

As for the legacies....don't forget the corrupt DPD. They contributed greatly to the hoax and it remains to be seen whether or not they will clean up their act and work for the citizens of Durham instead of their own warped agendas. Duke parents and students should not rest easy until they see that the DPD has been held accountable and makes significant and appropriate changes.

Anonymous said...

Jonas said...
This blog's absence is a loss for all of us.

Not so.

It will be a great boon to my productivity at work. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"And prominent elite universities (Vanderbilt, Cornell, University of Chicago) hired some of the Group’s key members—with tenure (and, in the case of Cornell) a promotion."

Reminds me of a pedophile priest who, instead of being dealt with decisively, is moved from one church to the next. Here, you've got the likes of Baker, for example, who, after he does his damage at one elite institution, moves on to the next. I wonder what he has is in store for Vanderbilt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me faith that my daughter who is now in college has a chance of being taught in the humanities by someone who does not teach to an agenda.

Too bad that there is not a way for the humanities departments to be rated according to scholarship of work rather than agenda. I remember when Reade Seligmann chose to go to Brown University wondering as did others if he was just going to another school that had not yet been caught with its pants down as Duke had been.

To know that there are educators out there such as you gives me hope for the future.

Unknown said...

thank you

be well


LarryD said...

"And so anyone who expects administrators to help promote a less rigid and one-sided U.S. academy will be sorely disappointed."

And this is the epitaph of U.S. Academia. The universities are damaged and irreparable. Time to replace them.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Phelan said...
…I know I'm late with this, but pondering your "Legacies" post has finally inspired me with a final question ….What's up with the Duke BOT?
I have a friend that is a NC cradle Methodist. She thinks of Duke, as the Irish do Notre Dame.

She said, “If Brodhead lets ‘ANY’ of this slime stick to the Methodist Church, he’s GONE.”

How many BOT members represent the MC, and was Brodhead successful in keeping their name out of the scandal?

Too late to ponder, but Ralph’s question brought her early statement back to mind.

William Jockusch said...

Unfortunately, the legacy for police and prosecutors is mixed.

Despite all the attention heaped on this case, all of the official actors who worked to frame the Duke 3 have served a combined total of 1 night in jail.

So, although Nifong has lost his job and his profession, and certain police officers are now damaged goods, all of these people will be able, if they are so inclined, to start working in a new career.

The contrast of the fates of liars such as Nifong, Gottlieb, and Wilson, and the fates of people who lie in an attempt to cover up crimes of which they or others are guilty is stunning.

For example, Victor Rita was sentenced to 33 months in prison for his answers to two yes-or-no questions during a Federal firearms investigation. This sentence has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

For another example, Lewis Libby was sentenced to 30 months in prison for lying in relation to Plamegate, and was saved only by a rare Presidential pardon.

Jim in San Diego said...

There is a seventh category of legacies:

(7) An interest group of uncertain but signficant size and influence has been alerted to the existence and dangers of mindless political correctness in our culture. Members of this group include large number of us whose daily lives do not often intersect with issues like the Duke rape hoax.

A watershed moment for us occurred when the mothers of the hoax victims appeared on 60 minutes last Fall. One mother turned to the interviewer and said words to the effect, "Every mother of a son in this country should be very, very afraid" for what could happen to their children because of the culture of mindless bigotry towards white males, especially if they were 'privileged'.

The millions of hits on this blog, and many thousands of posts, show the intense interest and reaction UPI and its authors have created. P.C. warriors have a whole new class of mortal enemies.

We will lose interest in the issues raised here the day we cease to love our children.

Jim Peterson

Debrah said...

The legacy KC leaves is the promise of more from him.

He's too good just to be a participant on other blogs. He has to have his own.

The Diva and all of Wonderland want him back soon!

Anonymous said...


The world is a better place because of you. Can't say the same about Broadhead, Nifong or the Klan of 88.



Anonymous said...

Back in my childhood there was a weekly radio drama called "Mr. District Attorney." The opening had an announcer saying "Mr. District Attorney! Champion of the people! Guardian of our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!" Then, the actor portraying the DA would say "..and it shall be my duty as district attorney not only to prosecute to the limit of the law all persons accused of crimes perpetrated within this county, but to defend with equal vigor the rights and privileges of all its citizens."
Needless to say, Nifong utterly failed to live up to the principles expressed so eloquently in that radio drama. On the other hand, KC and Stuart Taylor took up the challenge to carry out the last part of the DA's oath, and they courageously defended OUR rights and privileges. We should all be thankful that KC and Stuart were willing to enter the lists and do battle with the forces of ignorance and evil. Live long and prosper KC and Stuart!
Tom Filkins
Manns Harbor, NC

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks, Dr. Johnson, for all your well-considered efforts to shine comprehensive light on the behavior of so many 'respectable' folks bearing disrespectable motives. This case, and the book you and Stuart Taylor based on it, will provide future efforts to provide a little truth and justice in the media and the academy with some very strong - and badly needed - ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Some Lights are still shining!

Go to Michelle Malkin’s blog to view the You Tube video of a quiet protest against Sean Penn endorsing Dennis Kucinich at SFSU. The very ‘tolerant’ Penn, throws down his speech notes!
All is not lost.


Anonymous said...

Another college student's mom says thank you so much, KC, for shining the light on what is happening at Duke. Without your careful analysis and step by step tedious dissection of facts and details, it would have been too hard to believe Duke has gone so far from educating our kiddos. It is hard not to love you, KC - I echo Debra's cheers. And to the gang, so many of you write with intelligence and insight - it has been a privelege to be a part of this. (I pulled back from commenting after making one comment that was greeted with some aggression.) I wish you all the best KC, echo Professor H's sentiments. Many of us will follow you where you lead.
Until we meet again, NY mom

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Chips is an outdated caricature..."

So are the members of the Gang of 88 and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

privilege - ooops.

becket03 said...

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. A. Lincoln

A test Nifong failed miserably, while the leader of this influential and powerful blog, KC Johnson, passed with flying colors.

Adios Amigos!


Anonymous said...

Profesor Johnson,

We are indebted to you for the light you have helped to shine on this dark affair.

I have enjoyed your blog and will miss it, although I must agree with ralph phelan that your hiatus "will be a great boon to my productivity at work. ;-)"

Take care,

Ken Duke
Durham, NC

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Johnson" - Hmmm. I like the sound of that (for reasons that would, doubtless, elude the seemingly illiterate "professors of literature" among the 88 - I mean, do any of them ever read any literature, much less do research on it or teach it?). KC, here's to hoping a suitable Boswell can one day be found for you.

Anonymous said...

ralph phelan said...

"What's up with the Duke BOT? Did you ever get to talk to any of them? By extension, what's up with the BOTs of Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, etc.?"


"But what motivates the members of the BOT to put up with or apparently even approve of it without getting to actively participate? Are they all "trust fund socialists" like Pinch Sulzberger or Teresa Heinz-Kerry or the folks who run the Ford Foundation? Or is there some other interest at stake?"

*BINGO* Give the man a cigar.

Ralph, you and I generally agree about K.C.'s posts and much of what has been written at DIW. Most of the members of ANY BOT are in their positions to
1) contribute large dollar amounts, either from their own companies or family foundations 2)see to it that their friends and business associates contribute large sums as well (and maintain development office contacts so that said friends will contribute in direct proportion to their hopes for matriculation by their children/grandchildren) 3)to use membership on a BOT to enhance their social and business prestige 4) to network with other high net worth individuals in order to enhance their social/business/political aspirations.

Occasionally, a BOT member will actually understand something about higher education, but they are not educators and they really only care about the BUSINESS of the institution and the REPUTATION of the institution vis a vis their own reputation.

Ergo, Duke's constant reference to itself as an "ELITE" institution (to me, the mark of a lacerated ego rather than a true sense that the school is, indeed, "elite") is nothing more than an attempt to reassure its BOT and customers that they are getting what they are paying for.

It is the endowment and its clout and the cachet of saying, "I'm a member of the Board of Trustees," that appeals most to those who are asked to serve. That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

KC: As I went about my daily life today, pondering the closing of this blog chapeter and considering what would be the long term consequences of our mutual search for truth and justice, I can only arrive at one conclusion: that is, we are rapidly heading toward a constitutional crisis in this country.

When the duly elected and appointed people in power in this country fail to support the US Constitution... when the legislative branch fails to enact laws that PROTECT THE INNOCENT and PUNISH THE GUILTY... when the judicial branch turns a blind eye and deaf ear to cries of misappropriation of power and violation of rights that are duly spelled out in our constitution... when the electorate are so selfish and self-serving that they choose to return known liars and thieves to office because of the short term promises of personal gain...we are facing a showdown.

We rehearse that our country was founded on the belief that we are "Endowed by a CREATOR" with certain inalienable rights and among them are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit ( not guarantee) of Happiness.

The hate-mongers and imposters in the educational and political fields obviously do not hold to those beliefs and will do everything in their power to deny those privileges to any and all who do not subscribe to their counterfeit doctrines.

UPI and this blog have been a double-edged sword into my heart. I have marveled at the intelligence and persistent dissection of truth from fallacy, both on your part, KC, and that of fellow-bloggers.

But I have been alternately grieved and infuriated by the unmitigated lies, distortions, and conspiracy of cronyism within the LAX hoax. It is alarming to realize that such is not the exception anymore, but is pervasive in media, politics, education and on beyond.

The upcoming, and all elections in the future, takes on a significance that is far reaching, because there is a looming constitutional crisis, IMO, and we desperately need judges who will reaffirm the great foundations upon which our country was founded. Without that, I believe we are less than a generation away from becoming a nation which has lost its moorings in terms of the great guiding principles.

I have expressed my deep personal gratitude to you in the past for the profoundly important work you have done. Please continue.

Doris Leissing
Hendersonville, NC

Debrah said...

KC is going to assemble a glossary.

I wonder if Wonderland will be available to read or will it be taken off blogger?

The entire blog should be printed.

I was also wondering.......(contemplating useful tactics from the past)......

When I was a very little girl (preschooler) and I'd go shopping with my mother, there was a fascinating toy store next to the theatre.

If I saw a doll or some other toy in their display window, I'd strap myself tightly to the parking meter outside the store and wrap my hands around the post, screaming, so that my mother would have to go inside and buy the toy before we could continue down the sidewalk and get on with errands of the day.

I was wondering.......if that might work inside Wonderland.

If the Diva were to strap herself across the Wonderland gates and scream and cry.......would that work and keep KC from leaving?


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for what you have done. You will always be a hero! Knowing you are teaching our young people gives hope for the future. What you have accomplished is just amazing. Best wishes for all future endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing the truth to light and enjoy your hiatus!

Anonymous said...

3)to use membership on a BOT to enhance their social and business prestige 4) to network with other high net worth individuals in order to enhance their social/business/political aspirations.
Ergo, Duke's constant reference to itself as an "ELITE" institution...

That was the assumption I was operating under but I can't make it fit.

The Duke Lacrosse Burning was among other things a major embarrassment. It made Duke the butt of jokes. The above analysis would suggest that all university BOTs should be starting to see tenured radicals as injurious to their interests.

Yet the opposite appears to be the case. They continue to gain in power at Duke, and are actively sought out by other institutions.

Why is it that "high net worth individuals" find that supporting the likes of Lubiano and miriam cooke "enhances their prestige"?

Is it all just "radical chic" gone wild?
Total disconnect of institutional reputation from reality, aided by the likes of USNWR rankings?
An upper-class conspiracy to keep the children of the middle class too muddled and distracted to compete effectively?

We can speculate, but I'd prefer reporting from someone who's actually talked to these people. I was hoping KC had gotten some inside info, but it's quite understandable if he couldn't.

Debrah said...

In the next few days Spook will have a grand surprise for us.

I hope his Wonderland video is really hot!

Jim in San Diego said...

"Mr. Chips is an outdated caricature..."


No, no, not at all.

....Goodbye, "Mr. Chips"!

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

Thank you KC for all your hard work.

It would be nice if the reasons which motivated the creation of this blog, were gone, but sadly, they are not.

Perhaps this blog should remain as a place to publicize wrongful accusations?

Anonymous said...


A first rate job. Thanks for the hard work and the education.

While the Duke case is winding down the broader issues that you exposed will be with us for some time.

Good luck with all your future projects and I will check out some of your other books at Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Ralph, the BOT members are, like all "high net worth" individuals, totally insulated from the middle and upper middle class. Trust me, I know whereof I speak. The lacrosse "issue" was simply a blip on the screen for the BOT and I would assume that Steel and the more politically active individuals have been working their rear ends off to "spin" EVERYTHING that happened-and to make it all go away. Were it not for the blogsphere, it would have worked. Note all of the "move on" talk and today's report that Pressler's suit should be thrown out and arbitrated instead.

If one is a corporate CEO and/or worth $100 million or more, the only thing one wants as a member of the BOT is for "this" to go away. Power is an interesting thing, and the real point of having lots of rubles is to have the power to affect policies to create more rubles. Just take a look at the membership of corporate boards and various "non-political" institutes.

Let's see if HBO really DOES make an accurate movie of UPI and if it's publicized adequately??????

Anonymous said...

KC = Team Scheck has filed an ammendment to the lawsuit stating "Baker and other high raking police and city officals met with Himan and Gottlieb on March 29th. The detectives were ordered to press ahead with the rape claim, in spite of evidence that no rape occurred. Does Levicy lose her place as the person who kept the hoax alive??????

Debrah said...

Thomas Sowell will be giving UPI as Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

Ammender suit by team Scheck includes "Baker who was part of a meeting on March 29th where Durham leaders and police "browbeat" Gottlieb and Himan because of Durham Community mislead by Nifong/s false and inflammatory statesments and DPD statement." Paraphrasing - Are Levicy, Gottlieb and Himan not the inventors and perpetrators of the hoaz????? Like the Big Boys did it??? Looks that way to me. Some CROW eating is in order.

Anonymous said...

KC - Many thanks for all you have done. This blog and the book have been incredible resources and have made a dent in the pc machine that whirs on. Let's hope we can continue to make small dents and eventually disable this hateful machine.


Anonymous said...

Legacy lost?

"A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan."

" An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

There sure are many people around Durham, and especially within Duke and the AAAs Dept., that have ignored the legacy of MLK.

How pitiful...

Anonymous said...

Legacy Lost?

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

" An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."

"A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan."

Many in Durham, and especially Duke and their AAAs Dept., have ignored the legacy of MLK, Jr.


Anonymous said...


re: 3:11pm on BoT's of elite universities.

The WASP elite is a spent force whose primary motivation is denial.
Boston Tea Party not.

Anonymous said...

The lasting legacy of the blog in my mind is the spineless fear that was exhibited by so many Duke Professors. They had a chance to act honorably and disagree respectably. Instead they blocked emails and ran away refusing to even engage in debate. For these academics to refuse to debate KC and defend their actions and positions is cowardly and pathetic.

The only thing I learned from Duke professors in this case was how to run away and hide my positions and actions from scrutiny. Quite a lesson from these great teachers.

Debrah said...


Baker added as defendant in lacrosse lawsuit

BY RAY GRONBERG : The Herald-Sun
Dec 12, 2007

DURHAM -- Attorneys for three former Duke lacrosse players filed new court papers Tuesday to add City Manager Patrick Baker to the list of defendants in the players' federal civil-rights lawsuit against the city.

The amended complaint alleges that Baker was among the city officials who conspired last year to levy false charges of rape against David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann.

Lawyers for the players singled out Baker's participation in two meetings that occurred on March 29, 2006, two days before detectives and former District Attorney Mike Nifong planned an against-policy photo lineup that enabled the players' indictment.

The first of the meetings occurred the morning of March 29 and involved Baker, Mayor Bill Bell, former Police Chief Steve Chalmers, Senior Assistant to the City Manager Reginald Johnson and lacrosse case lead detective Ben Himan.

The follow-up session occurred the afternoon of March 29 and included Baker, Chalmers, Himan, Deputy Police Chief Ron Hodge, supervising detective Mark Gottlieb, police attorney Toni Smith and a group of officials from Duke University.

Lawyers allege that the two meetings gave senior officials an avenue to pressure the detectives to make quick arrests in the case, regardless of evidence that was by then pointing toward the players' innocence.

Quick arrests were supposed "to satisfy a Durham community that had been misled by ... false and inflammatory Nifong statements and Durham police statements into believing that three white Duke lacrosse players had committed a violent and racially motivated gang rape," the amended complaint said.

The complaint lumped Baker in with Chalmers, Hodge and several other Durham Police Department commanders who are alleged to have put pressure on detectives, or to have failed to supervise them properly. The players are suing them not just as city officials, but as individuals who are personally liable for what occurred.

Baker is the city government's chief executive, and unlike most department heads, Durham's police chief answers directly to him rather than to a deputy city manager.

Tuesday's filing occurred as city officials were preparing to announce that Baker would step down as city manager next summer and become Durham's next city attorney.

The decision to target Baker personally could vastly complicate his new job, as he could run afoul of N.C. State Bar ethics rules if he attempts to oversee the city's handling of the case.

At least three of the bar's rules speak to the subject, starting with one that says a lawyer could have a conflict of interest if his representation of clients "may be materially limited by the lawyer's" personal interests.

The bar instructs lawyers who find themselves facing a potential conflict to assess whether they can represent their client anyway. If they believe they can, they're supposed to obtain the client's "informed consent, confirmed in writing."

In addition, the law partners of a lawyer facing a conflict of interest also could find themselves relegated to the sidelines, unless it appears that there's no "significant risk of materially limiting the representation of the client." Again, the client can waive such a disqualification.

Bar rules could also forbid a lawyer in Baker's position from representing the city in a trial because it's likely he would be called as a witness.

City officials named in the lawsuit are likely to claim that they're immune from liability for their actions because they were acting in their official capacities. Their answer -- and the city's -- to the lawsuit is due by Jan. 15.

Bell and Baker have acknowledged that city officials were worried last year, as the initial controversy about the lacrosse case mounted, about the possibility that the incident might trigger racial unrest.

Bell has said that when he met with Himan, Chalmers and Baker on March 29, 2006, he urged police to get to the bottom of the case rapidly.

Baker has said the morning meeting was called to get an "initial read" from police on whether or not the case would be over quickly.

The day's second meeting, the one with Duke University Police Department officials, was called to ensure that campus and city police were cooperating, Baker told The Herald-Sun earlier this year.

Baker has denied that he and Bell put pressure on the detectives.

"That's just not true. It just did not happen," he told City Council members in October. "Not at that meeting and not at any meeting I was part of did I hear anybody direct the Police Department to make an arrest for the sake of making an arrest."

Lawyers for the players didn't add Bell to the list of defendants. Their Tuesday filing was also unusual in that it didn't list as a defendant Police Maj. Steve Mihaich, who had been named in the players' original filing.

Mihaich is still a defendant as far as federal court administrators are concerned, since he hasn't been formally dismissed from the case. But the original listing of him as a defendant was odd because he's not in the chain of command of any officer the players have accused of misconduct.

He runs the department's headquarters-based detective bureau. But the investigators who worked on the case are assigned to a district office and answer to the Uniform Patrol Bureau, headed by Maj. Beverly Council, a defendant in the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

It is not odd at all, it is a deliberate attempt to cover-up, and avoid "outing" the multitude of corrupt officials who want the power structure in Durham to remain the same.

The "FED'S" know everything they need to know, and a whole lot more, and has decided to turn a blind eye to the corruption. Again, I will say the DOJ, Administrative Office Of The Courts, and NUMEROUS governmental agencies in Washington monitor these sites, and knows damn well what is going on, and idly watches.

Leaving us like dogs to chase our own tails. The crimes committed in office far, far exceed the malfeasance of Nifong. It goes from the top all the way down. The wall of silence is deafening.

There is plenty of testimony, evidence, and countless cases of corruption and misconduct in the office of numerous officials.

What happened to the LAX3 is not the only injustice, and scores still exist. My family has waited nearly 3 years for the truth of my brother's death. It took over a year to be sent one single report?

Then, to see what is contained in the report is so shocking, that the world has yet to see just how corrupt and inept Durham is! Imagine your child, or loved one being found dead, executed with BLUE blood trailing from the entrance wound, to NO blood running from the exit wound, which took a one inch chunk from his head, and NO investigation into anything, until AFTER he was already cremated, and only because WE the family inquired? Plus countless other exampes of such horrendous abuses, which will leaves heads spinning in disbelief.

They lied and told us an autopsy was being done, one was not, he was sent to a funeral home from the crime scene for 30 hours before even being sent to the Medical Examiner's Office, and 3 days after being found dead, he was harvested for organs, and burned like an animal, without care or concern even unto this day. Law Enforcement never observed ONE minute element of protocol. Once I am able to make public ALL of the details, a new wave of gasps will pass many people's mouths, which we are praying will force our President, or "somebody" to do something, even if it is for "show."

We will be damned if it is A-OK to get away with what they are guilty of, and I will shout from every roof until the TRUTH is dealt with.

BriAnne Dopart has had the file, including the reports, and multiple copies of correspondence to countless officials, begging for help, only for the county to be blacklist, and laughed at us?! And Saaks is another flunky, put into office to remain status quo. Another sock puppet.

I will fight until there IS accountability, and am not intimidated by the good old boys, but instead know that they may have fooled many, and gotten away with many misdeeds, their time has come, and it is way past time to pay the Piper.

Hold onto your seats kids, it IS going to be a bumpy ride, and SHALL be made public, and I have ultimate faith God will intervene!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

K.C., thank you.

Anonymous said...

Among other things, DIW has had a huge influence on the colleges my children are interested in attending.

Anonymous said...

3 days after being found dead, he was harvested for organs

I admit that I am neither a doctor nor an expert on transplants. But still, something about this claim just doesn't smell right.

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT - Professor Zimmerman has a new post on his blog "KC Johnson: the other Duke Lacrosse prosecutor".
Professor KC Johnson and Tortmaster have both posted replies.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the risks, absorbing the blows, and being the the seeker of and champion for evidence and truth. What you accomplished here at DIW and with Stuart Taylor in UPI has been beyond extraordinary.

Even with the disappointments of the DOJ decision, the Blue Committee report, and the absurd lack of accountability thus far at Duke and in Durham, I cannot help but compare the situation the Seligman, Finnerty, and Evans families faced a year ago (pre-Dec. 15 hearing) to the complete exoneration enjoyed today and find considerable JOY.

Thank you to the superb defense attorneys (who I hope will see this), to Roy Cooper and his team (who I hope will address the accountability issues--at least for Durham), and to everyone here who has so ardently hoped for and sought justice.

Finally, I wish the very best to the families of Kirk Osborn and Ed Bradley, knowing this will be a very different holiday season for them.

Happy holidays all...

Anonymous said...

K.C., at the risk of sounding silly, I was wondering if Brooklyn College or CUNY graduate school participate in Itunes University or one of the other Itunes based instructional resources. (I read about a proprietary one yesterday, the name of which I cannot remember.) Reading DIW and UPI has reminded me of how fulfilling it is to stretch my mind and challenge my critical reading skills, even at my advanced age.

Given the cost of a college education these days, it would seem to me that a new model is in order- and that it will become available via the Internet. Just as the music business is having to adapt to the Internet, colleges/universities would do well to anticipate that there is a much larger market for what they are offering.

In particular, a professor, who is a clear and concise as you are and who is as dedicated to teaching as you are, could offer classes online and on Itunes for download.

Just a thought- for I will greatly miss reading your work! Perhaps, Brooklyn College will find a way to make your work available to all of us once again.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman has a new post at http://reharmonized.an-earful.com/2007/12/other-prosecutor/

KC has responded as well as Tortmaster.

When Zimmerman says: [For me the foundation of the scholarly enterprise, and what I most value in a student, is free-ranging curiosity.], I noted that he doesn't practice this himself. He seems to want to shut off discussion of that which he isn't interested in and he's fairly lax about providing details or doing research. It can be difficult to argue with him as you have to provide him with the details - something that he should be able to research.

One other area of criticism was where he wanted to shut off any discussion on the problems of RAINN as thinks that it is a fine organization and that our conversation wasn't about their problems. He conveniently seems to have forgotten that HE brought up RAINN as an example of an organization that does good work and he assumes this as fact. When I brought up their behaviour around the Duke Lacrosse Case, he begged off not wanting to go there.

It's like an attorney opening up a new line of questioning and then objecting when the opposition does a little questioning in the same area.

Debrah said...

Parker on "race-ness" in America

Jamie said...

...almost "comical race/class/gender-oriented research agendas"?

Goodness! How ridiculous must an agenda be to qualify as utterly, profoundly comical?

Anonymous said...

He conveniently seems to have forgotten that HE brought up RAINN as an example of an organization that does good work and he assumes this as fact. When I brought up their behaviour around the Duke Lacrosse Case, he begged off not wanting to go there.

One legacy of this case should be much greater skepticism of organizations that claim to do good. Don't take their word for it as your definition of "good" may differ.

Anonymous said...

Proffessor Johnson,

Thank you for your hard work and thoughtful insights on this case. I shudder at your analysis of the legacy this case will have on college presidents. However I fully agree. It mystifies me as to why consumers who are paying upwards 40K a year aren't demanding more for their money, but I have no hope that conditions at elite universities will get any better.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman's replys to analysis, criticism, etc. seems to be rather childish non-responses.

I think that he would be more useful in doing a few local interviews of the G88s.

KC seems to be able to tear him apart with relatively little effort.

Debrah said...

TO 2:04 PM--

I just went over to Zimmerman's place and skimmed some of the proceedings.

This is just going to get me and some others all upset and we'll have to stage a démarche against this ridiculous attempt to rewrite history.

Since KC is closing Wonderland and none of the rest of you has an ongoing blog to use as a venue to combat this crap, it might be best to ignore people like Zimmerman.

The fact that he was posting this kind of sludge on the puerile Potter's blog is evidence of his academic limitations and his lack of ethics.

It might be best just to ignore these people.

They know KC isn't going to be around and they are now trying feverishly to retell the story using their own pathetic fairy tales.

SWVAguy said...

Thank YOU K. C. This is my first, and last post, but have been here since the beginning. You've performed a great service and deserve the gratitude of many.
Here's hoping you keep blogging in some other capacity. Good luck to you and all. Y'all have a great Holiday.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

……For what it's worth, I think you should let this be your last post..

For what it’s worth, I think your post before this one, should have been your last post!

Debrah said...

I wish KC would start another blog--one less ambitious--and just call it Wonderland.

It would be a venue in which all detractors and harmful, dishonest academics now trying to rewrite the history of Duke's Gang of 88 would be taken to task.

No daily posts would be required from KC.

This would be a place for everyone interested to answer nuts like Zimmerman in a controlled atmosphere.

Controlled by KC.

(BTW, KC rips Zimmerman to shreds.)

Anonymous said...

Prof. Johnson,
Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to civilization.
And congratulations again for the Fullbright.
If I may be so bold as to suggest a subject for your next book.
I'm currently reading Schaefer's new book on Rawls, "Illiberal Justice". If seems to me that your experiences over the past eighteen months uniquely qualifies you to address the inevitable consequences of Rawlsism as it has affected, or maybe "infected" the press, academia, and the federal judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Johnson --

This post was a beauty. Unlike the comments of the G88 defenders we have suffered through for the last few months, it contains, as do all your posts, links to sources that support your positions rather than simply relying on snide comments that have no basis in reality.

I guess that's why you have a best seller and they have "forthcomings."

Though I commented infrequently, I have followed DIW almost since the beginning, and read UPI and Pressler's book back to back in about 3 evenings. Your hiatus will give me time to revisit some other blogs I've neglected since 2006.

Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us informed as this travesty unfolded. The information has convinced this resident of Western NC that there is no reason to plan a trip to Durham (for the last time in this forum -- the Armpit of the Piedmont) in this or any other lifetime.

Be well and enjoy your time in Israel.

GinC said...

KC - Thanks for outstanding work. You simply are amazing.
(PS - Thanks for autographing my copy of UPI)

Parent of Duke student.. a student who stayed away from all the wild parties, alcohol, exotic dancers, and the gang of 88 (except Prof Arlie Petters (Math) - and I am glad that he at least said that he would not sign such an ad again..)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info KC. Sorry to see you go even if you are a left wing wacko liberal!! (Sorry my shiny hat fell off again)

Tom E

Anonymous said...

A comment I left on Prof. Zimmerman's site:

I think everything is susceptible to different interpretations. For instance, I thought, in line with what Prof. Z says, that the line about "KC deserves the turkey award" referred to KC's blog, taken as a whole (including us in the Sunshine Band), and did not refer to KC as an individual. On the other hand, my interpretation of the Cathy Davidson quote about "fair legal proceedings" above supplied her with a far more sinister motive than EITHER Prof. Z's OR KC's interpretations.

Those who are regular readers of the "commentariat" of DiW will know that I have been among the 88ers' harshest critics. However, those who know me also know that I have advocated drawing a pretty bright line between those that we feel betrayed their students (the signers of the ad, plus any who joined any demonstrations against the students) and those who did NOT betray their students. Prof. Z is one of those on THIS side of the line. In addition, in my opinion, he has proven to be the best informed, most logical, the fairest, and most honest of the defenders of -- well, he doesn't like being called a "defender of the 88ers", so shall we say, a proponent of a more benign interpretation of the actions of many of the Duke professors during the Lacrosse Hoax.

Well, I promised the kids we would go out for dinner tonight, so I'll close with the hope that Prof. Z won't be driven away by any bruising treatment he may have received from the Sunshine Band.


Unknown said...

Thanks for all your efforts in this.
I've enjoyed (even when I was pacing mad) your astute observations and insight.
Best of luck in all future endeavors


Anonymous said...


Thanks for all you have done over the last 18 months. You have been a real beacon of light.

Best of luck in your future pursuits!!

Ernie Page
Salt Lake City, Utah

Debrah said...

I left this on Zimmerman's blog.

Since you never know what to expect from some of these people, I wanted to preserve it myself.

I hope he isn't a Claire Potter clone.


Assigning layers of nuance and exploring grey areas are fine when you’re talking up romance or fleshing out new material for a soap opera; however, when serious topics such as the Lacrosse Hoax are the issue, the concise and complete dissection produced like clockwork by KC Johnson is the preferred method of those interested in illumination and the truth.

I’m afraid RRH gives comfort to the Duke 88 and their apologists and enablers when he uses the oleaginous and infantile phrase “Sunshine Band”. The only way one might reasonably allude to this outdated musical group is by highlighting the fact that the lead singer spent a lot of time at Duke on their Rice Diet.

This is the only connection I can find.

Oh wait! Now I understand. This is considered “humor” among KC Johnson’s detractors.

For a time I thought that it might be a new dialect generated among some of the “ultra-pro-academics” ……rendered in the Aesopian mode……morsels of intellect known only to them.

Not very original, I’m afraid. Pedestrian to the max.

It will always be difficult for the average ones in the academy to come to terms with the unadulterated brilliance of someone like KC.

Let me break it down for all the musicians in the house:

In music there are chord progressions. During what was known as the Common Practice Period between 1600 and 1900, those chord progressions were uncomplicated. The 20th century with its blues, rock, jazz, and other popular music brought many more variations and options.

KC’s in-depth and researched-to-perfection work is analogous to a (I-bVI-bIII-bVII) progression in minor……such as Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”.

This is in stark contrast to the basic and most common chord progression in jazz which is the (II-V-I) progression, and which is my analogy applied to the run-of-the mill members of the academy.

Sometimes life isn’t fair.

Lastly, the people who have participated on KC’s blog are the Wonderland crew.

I fear that his detractors as well as the culturally, emotionally, and intellectually-arrested Duke 88 will have to find some roadside dive near Vegas if they’ve developed a fascination for the “Sunshine Band”.

Judging from their particular brand of “scholarship”, they would no doubt be right at home in such an environment.

Anonymous said...

I've been having a fun time reading the rateyourstudents blog where professors routinely complain about their students and students sometimes reply back. I work with a former Professor and the comments on that site echo what he's told me about teaching.

So I want back to March 2006, April 2006, etc. to look for any mention of the Lacrosse Case. None. In a forum where professors do attack students (anonymously), there's absolute silence. Which is the way that it should be. As far as I know, there are no mentions at all of the Lacrosse case there.


Debrah - what's your musical background? There's a pretty wide variety of talent here.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid I am puzzled by Debrah's chord progression analogy. If I did not know the case, or Debrah's views on it, I would think from that analogy that the work of KC, and of the "run-of-the-mill members of the academy", are both being held up as perfectly serviceable and technically sound, with KC's work standing above the others merely because it is more stylish, attempting and accomplishing much beyond what would be sufficient and typical achievement.

But when I try to apply that to the actual situation of KC and his detractors, it tells me that the blogging of Claire Potter is serviceable. Claire Potter, who even now asserts, with no indication of what her evidence might be, that the lacrosse players "treated [Mangum] badly" when Mangum showed up late for her work commitment already intoxicated on alcohol and muscle relaxants. Claire Potter, who seems to still stand by her debunked April 2007 assertion that the players physically assaulted the dancers (since she has refused several direct requests to retract and/or apologize for this defamatory statement) but then paradoxically insists that she never accused the players of a crime (which physical assault generally is.)

I'm not sure I can adequately describe the performance of Claire Potter, and others of her ilk, with a simple musical analogy. The closest I can come would be "the noise that makes Ornette Coleman put down his plastic recorder, put his hands over his ears, and snarl 'What the hell kind of music was that supposed to be?'"

Anonymous said...

I do not feel that it is relevant or productive to be distracted by the unfounded claims or red herrings of others. This blogsite is not about Zimmerman, or anybody else. So I feel no need to go looking for detractors so I can refute them.

This blogsite has been about the work of KC Johnson. His insights and dissections of the LAX Hoax have been brilliant.

Chasing windmills ( or windbags) of others is merely a distraction from KC's brilliance and that of those who have participated in this search for truth and justice via their contributions to this blog.

There is no need to try to eliminate all the opposition. It is like beating into the air. They are NOT going away and are NOT searching for truth, and are NOT going to acquiesce to logic.

They are better ignored.

Meanwhile, let THIS blog remain focused on what it has done best.

Expose the truth.

However, the basic problem has been that those who have radical leftist PC agenda are NOT about truth. They are about prevailing at all costs.

Fight them if you must. Go to their territory if you must. But don't bring them into THIS territory. They would be exposed as the shams they are. But all they would do is create a diversion of our energies.

Ultimately, truth will prevail when GOOD PEOPLE decide that it is important enough for them to come out of hiding, come TOGETHER, and fight this corrupt system in Durham.

The battle has moved into a new phase. What is now needed is a band of courageous Durham citizens who will take back their city.

I'm afraid that Durham has been trashed on this website way too much. I know many decent people in Durham who are ashamed and grieved by what has gone on there. But they are leaderless and do not know how to assemble themselves.

Somebody needs to step forward and begin the most formidable and admirable of all forces in America... a group of organized, civil, intelligent and committed people who will take back their city. Kind of what happened in towns and villages across this country in its infancy... and people decided that the rule of tyranny would NOT be permitted to continue.

Is there a leader, or leaders in Durham with that kind of caring and wisdom, and courage?

Anonymous said...

LOL now I'm a "KC detractor"? Well, I did criticize him for censoring Divah postings :)

As far as "KC and his Sunshine Band", yes, Claire Potter did say it first, but I like it.

So, for KC: A salute from the Sunshine Band!


Debrah said...

TO 11:51 AM--

I'm afraid that I've been a part of Wonderland far too long to take orders at this late stage of the game.

Anything that critiques and discusses KC's coverage of the Lacrosse Hoax and this blog are relevant.

All the compliments you give KC will not eclipse the true message of your post.

This blog is in its epilogue...so no time for lectures which attempt to stifle relevant discussion.

Your true problem is that too much truth has been told about Durham.

Next time, just say it.

Debrah said...

TO 6:29 AM--

I just remember a few things from a university music theory class.

Since I don't really play piano, that class was like a meat grinder for me. Voice was my instrument.

Everyone had to get up in front of the class and pound out chord progressions on the piano.

We seem to recall the things we hate.


Debrah said...

TO 8:57 AM--

The chord progression analogy was simply a nod to Zimmerman. He supposedly teaches music.

Perhaps stretched a bit; however, I like the analogy.

It was to say that KC's scholarship and his approach to anything he does have more depth.

There's a thorough sophistication to KC's work.

His detractors have been unable to come close in all their many attempts and gyrations.

I think the analogy is simply melodic!

Debrah said...


I just checked Zimmerman's blog and he now only has 7 comments under the latest post in which KC posted two responses.

Initially, I was able to see my comment. There was a line saying that the comment was being saved for moderation.

Now the comment has been deleted and the second comment from "tortmaster" has also been deleted.

There was nothing in my comment which I posted above that gives justification for not putting it through.....except for the fact that is was a very pointed response.

My senses tell me that Zimmerman knows that I've gleaned what a musical simpleton he is.....

......along with being an obfuscator and, quite honestly, an apologist for Duke's Gritty Gang of 88.

None of these people can handle a real debate.

None of them.

That's why they never evolve and remain unable to handle the outside world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you KC for all the work you have done and for helping the Lax defendents prevail. Your body of work has provided immense service to the American justice system.

Unfortunately this blog essentially ends and the only ones happy are those who perpetrated the Duke lacrosse travesty. Now that the harsh sunlight of the truth is no longer shining on them, they can emerge from the ivy tower shadows and continue with their agenda cloaked in lies and deceit. The horror... the horror...

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately this blog essentially ends and the only ones happy are those who perpetrated the Duke lacrosse travesty."

I am not exactly sure what it is they have to be happy about. Not only did things not go "their way", they all made utter fools of themselves in the process. If I were any one of them, I wouldn't be jumping for joy...not just yet.

Gary Packwood said...

Nice article in CFO magazine featuring Duke Professors and their research on of all things ...GroupThink.


Anonymous said...

".........along with being an obfuscator and, quite honestly, an apologist for Duke's Gritty Gang of 88."

Perhaps he's angling for a tenured position at Duke (he's been a "visiting instructor" there forever) by kissing the [big fat] rear ends of the 88.

Anonymous said...

"I am not exactly sure what it is they have to be happy about. Not only did things not go "their way", they all made utter fools of themselves in the process. If I were any one of them, I wouldn't be jumping for joy...not just yet."

"12/13/07 3:49 PM"

Then you greatly underestimate the City of Durham and the Group of
88's abilty to revise and pervert history. I'm afraid when this blog ends the Group of 88 will have no one to hold their "feet to the fire". During the Hoax when the Duke Admin, Group of 88, Nifong, and the City of Durham attempted to pervert the truth, KC was always there set the story straight. Now I fear the "Academy" will manufacture new and even more astounding meta narratives largely unfettered and unchecked.

Debrah said...

No tongue in Cheek for Victoria Peterson:

Cheek apologizes for absences

Octavio Jones/The Herald-Sun
Lewis Cheek
By Carolyn Rickard : The Herald-Sun
Dec 14, 2007

DURHAM -- County Commissioner Lewis Cheek apologized Thursday for missing more than a dozen meetings in 2007, saying his absences were brought on by depression and a relapse into alcoholism.

However, he said he does not plan to leave the board, and, after seeking treatment, "I feel more like the real Lewis Cheek than I have in a long time.

"These diseases will kill you -- they want to kill you," Cheek said during a news conference Thursday morning. "I [was] isolated. I withdrew. I cut off contact with the outside world. Self-medicating was the only way I could dull the pain."

Cheek said he refunded some $6,000 in salary and benefits from the meetings he missed. He also said he left his job at a law firm where he worked because he was exhausted and overwhelmed.

While many county staff members on hand seemed supportive of Cheek, applauding him and shaking his hand afterward, local activist Victoria Peterson -- who has long criticized Cheek for his absences and political views -- was not. During the news conference, she accused him of being drunk and rude at meetings, a charge Cheek and other county officials vehemently denied.

"I have never, ever at a meeting or county function thought he was intoxicated or smelled alcohol on him," said County Manager Mike Ruffin. "That has not happened."

Cheek has long admitted he is an alcoholic. However, he traced his current troubles back to 2003, when he decided to retire from the Durham City Council to start his own law firm. Soon after, Cheek said Thursday, supporters began pushing him to run for the county Board of Commissioners. After agonizing over the decision, he agreed -- and, once he won, became "totally exhausted" from the pressures of holding public office and running his own law firm.

In November 2006, his mental health flagging, he relapsed into alcohol use for one week, Cheek said.

Around the same time, he lost the race for district attorney. Cheek had never intended to hold the office -- he just wanted to oust embattled DA Mike Nifong. If he had won, a replacement would have been appointed.

Early the next year, his mental and physical health began failing more. Exhausted, and with high blood pressure, Cheek told his law firm he planned to leave.

In April, he relapsed again for one week. He sought a six-week leave of absence from the Board of Commissioners to recover at a retreat in the North Carolina mountains.

Cheek said he considered resigning then, but the other commissioners supported him. In addition, Ruffin said he took an informal poll of the commissioners when Cheek took his leave in spring, and all said they wanted him to return.

"When I returned to Durham, I felt good physically, but I didn't feel like myself emotionally or mentally," Cheek said.

Cheek said he felt he let voters down. He was unemployed for the first time in 30 years and was having trouble with his personal relationships. Soon, Cheek said, he fell "into the deepest darkest hole I can ever imagine."

He started missing commissioner meetings, forcing his colleagues to delay votes on key issues such as panhandling. Cheek said he didn't leave his apartment for nearly a month, and "cut off contact with the outside world."

Finally, at the end of October, Cheek said, he checked into a hospital, where he was diagnosed with depression. He stayed for a week, and began taking anti-depressants.

"I know I am OK today," Cheek said. "I can't tell you what tomorrow holds. I'll just do the best that I can."

Cheek said he's seeking a job, and the flexibility of where he is hired him will help him decide whether to run for a second term as commissioner next year.

Cheek acknowledged he has told Peterson to stop talking when she has gone over her time limit when commenting during public hearings. He has also stopped her when she's tried to argue with the commissioners during meetings, when the board doesn't generally interact with the audience.

Earlier this spring, before his leave of absence, Cheek called on a deputy to ask Peterson to leave when she would not stop talking. However, she stopped before the officer had to remove her.

"If I have been rude to citizens, I apologize," Cheek said.

But that didn't seem to be enough for Peterson, who peppered Cheek with questions for several minutes.

"Citizens have been saying you're coming to meetings intoxicated and out of control," she said. "Your face is very red."

"I am sure it's red," Cheek said. "My blood pressure is rising."

Anonymous said...

Poor Cheek. To struggle with high blood pressure and depression is bad enough, I know. To struggle with alcoholism at the same time is surely even worse. To have to put up with Victoria "Arson Is Activism" Peterson at the same time must be hell on earth.

Debrah said...

It should be noted that Zimmerman takes the soft approach to censorship.

He doesn't delete them right away. He moves them to a section called "extra comments"......where he states that they perhaps will be deleted at some subsequent time.


Diva rips Zim:

11. Debrah

Prof. Zimmerman, I do hope that this question “has something to do with your post” because it certainly has “something to do” with your responses.

Are you really proud of some of your glib responses?

Do such responses rise to the intellectual level of anything close to KC’s responses to your criticisms? I’m sure many would like an answer to this illustrative question.

“I never took back the ‘turkey’ remark.”

Perhaps a bit of projection has taken place in this instance.

12. Debrah

Professor Zimmerman, if you and others are going to engage in the infantile, bottomfeeding exercise of allusions such as the 88’s “Sunshine Band”, then you should expect someone is going to rightly illuminate the specifics for you.

I find it gratifying that you are so enthralled with the verbal support of conservative right-wing RRH on your blog when he agrees with you.

Good going! Such bipartisanship!

If you, Potter, and others wish to engage in puerile behavior such as “Sunshine Band” allusions, please expect to have responses and corrections. That’s what goes on every day in the real world of veracity and competition.

This has everything to do with your post.

Finally, what would be the purpose of later deleting the “extra comments” on your blog?

Have you taken a class at Duke’s law school?

James Coleman’s “Playing Both Sides–Obfuscating Seesaw Technique 101″…in which you get to play the logical, objective role to get some credit on one side…..then revert back to the 88-esque censorship style to retrieve some street cred on PC’s barren track of scholarship.

Don’t get mugged by a metaphor!


It’s “forthcoming”.

Debrah said...

H-S letter:

Brodhead also guilty

Duke President Richard Brodhead, every bit as much as Mike Nifong, led the charge to lynch three innocent students in public. The presumption of guilt was the order of the day, and it went unchallenged by Brodhead. Now we are told by the powers that be at Duke that this same person is doing a good job?

All Duke alumni should stop writing checks immediately, as it is the only way to get the attention of certain people in this world. Honest, hard-working people are fired every day for mistakes far less egregious than those Brodhead made. Yet there he is, smugly secure. Shame on everyone who played a role in this disgraceful affair.

December 14, 2007

Anonymous said...

Legacy: The soft studies folk now know that we are watching, and we are not afraid. (Deterrent Effect).

Legacy: The soft studies, by knowingly and enthusiastically injecting politics into scholarship - something they abhor with the right and religion - will have a negative effect on how research and scholarship will be received in the future (e.g., Global Warming). Will we trust the messenger? (Agenda Effect).

To The Diva: I used the term "Sunshine Band" in the same way that gays co-opted the "q" word or blacks co-opted the "n" word. If we want our voices to speak truth to power, then we have to have power over the words we speak. Plus, hey, it's kinda fun.

To Professor Johnson: Thanks for being a great and meticulous teacher. I remember an article by the H-S's John Stevenson early on in the Duke Frame. It dealt with a case cited by the newspaperman as support for what Nifong was doing at the time. I remember we both wrote about that article. I wrote as an advocate, with the concomitant spin. You wrote a blog post about the article and case with complete accuracy as Historians should. I learned a very important lesson that day. These are my opinions. MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

I like "Sunshine Band."

It brings to mind the quote about "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

Anonymous said...

KC - Does the new filing from Scheck and Company come under new developments "things of interest" for you to blog on? Hope so - Scheck writes about the March 29th meeting where "pressure" was put on Gottlieb and Himan "to contine the case" due to the false and inflammatory statements made by DPD and Nifong that inflammed Durham AA Community" Paraphrasing

Anonymous said...

MOO! Gregory says...

To The Diva: I used the term "Sunshine Band" in the same way that gays co-opted the "q" word or blacks co-opted the "n" word. If we want our voices to speak truth to power, then we have to have power over the words we speak. Plus, hey, it's kinda fun.

"Sunshine Band" is way better than the suggested alternative, "Wonderland crew". What would our Brtish friends say when we tell them we "are in the WC"? Also, what if the descendants of Lewis Carroll come asking for royalties?


Anonymous said...

Re: KC’S Sunshine Band

Claire (Turkey Counter) Potter probably borrowed the phrase,” KC’s Sunshine Band.”

KC and the Sunshine Band is an American musical group. ... 1953 - July 28, 2000) The co-founder and drummer’s name is Robert Johnson. Interesting?

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC_and_the_Sunshine_Band -

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

KC and the Sunshine Band is an American musical group.... The co-founder and drummer’s name is Robert Johnson. Interesting?
True, and a quite extraordinary coincidence!

Anonymous said...

I left my ave atque vale for Professor Johnson earlier in the thread, but can't resist a plug for the "Sunshine Band."

Especially if someone proceeds with a "Sunshine Bandblog" where DIW leaves off. It is an affectionate tribute to an inspirational mentor, and a knowing jab at his would-be detractors. Not only is the name redolent of the famous Justice Brandeis quote as noted at 1:51 PM, but its countercultural co-optive function is irresistible. Or, as Gregory at 11:39 AM, paragraph 3 notes: "kinda fun." He's onto it.

As Gregory has also reminded us, just as every academic publication must end with a "coda" (note to Professor Johnson: does an "epilogue" count as a "coda"? you may owe us), and just as every academic publication title actually must consist of two titles, separated by a colon, so it appears to me that most blog titles are followed by subtitles (the academic publication titling protocol model) or a relevant quotation justifying or lending its cachet to the blog title.

So just imagine the "Sunshine Bandblog" title followed by the Brandeis quote... or even:

We all shine on.-- John Lennon

Let the sunshine in.-- Gerome Ragni, Hair

Or try:

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows-- Leslie Gore

(That one pretty much covers the G88, doesn't it?) My vote for the "Sunshine Band." A good reminder to the nefarious everywhere that "the lights shining through on you" (Sunshine of Your Love-- The Cream).

And I'm sorry to see the band break up.


Anonymous said...

traveler said...

Re: KC’S Sunshine Band

Claire (Turkey Counter) Potter probably borrowed the phrase,” KC’s Sunshine Band.”

KC and the Sunshine Band is an American musical group. ... 1953 - July 28, 2000) The co-founder and drummer’s name is Robert Johnson. Interesting?

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC_and_the_Sunshine_Band -

12/14/07 4:40 PM

I think that should settle the matter -- from God's lips to our ears. That can't be a coincidence :)


The Random Rambler said...

I did not say this, but thank you so much for all you did KC.

This was a fine blog!

mac said...

"Blog Hooligans" is a tag that another blog got from one of the villains in the case - and wears with pride!

Perhaps after the movie comes out (?) people will wear "KC and the Sunshine Band" shirts with a picture of KC on it? Somehow, having a picture of the rest of us might - with the exception of a picture of Debrah - ruin the illusion. (My face? As Debrah would say: LOL and ROTFLMAO.) I see a marketing opportunity here!

Conversely, it's doubtful that the Klan of 88 will be sporting "Klan of 88" insignia - *but Duke students might!

Debrah said...

Zimmerman is too funny.

He answered my question about his "glib responses"; however, he put my second comment...again.....in the "extra comments" section.

He tells me that my comments are "demanding and dismissive" and that I should put them in another forum and just leave a link on his blog.


My comments got to the heart of his nutty obfuscation in a way that he needs to be approached with regard to his very bizarre outlook on the Lacrosse Hoax and the Gang of 88.

I have long come to the conclusion that these people will never face reality and have no desire to try to be objective.

That's why I enjoy insulting them.

I might leave a comment inside The Diva World at some subsequent time and link it on his blog if he says something that he needs to be slapped for.

In the meantime, if any of you want to answer Zim in a very pointed way, you can also do it at my place and link your comment on his blog.

I have discovered that Zimmerman is much more accepting of debate that the others we've encountered; however, he still wants to stifle expression, ultimately.

Debrah said...

It was a year ago today--December 15, 2006--that KC experienced his most thrilling moment of the lacrosse case.

I might even have some champagne later today to celebrate!

The Diva must keep the holiday cheer going until Spook finishes the Wonderland video.

Debrah said...

I see that John in Carolina is trying to keep KC around as well.

He's done a good job in keeping up with various aspects of the case. I like the way he has asked the N&O some very hard questions.

Not that JinC will ever get any answers from them.

Anonymous said...

Inre: Elmostafa and citizenship...

If you've never been to one of the swearing-in ceremonies, I would highly encourage you to do so.

They are quite moving.

In spite of the fraudulent mythologies and meta-narratives manufactured by the likes of the Klan of 88 you will find a room full of people from all over the world who have risked it all to become an American.

I've pulled my children out of school to take them to witness the oath of citizenship.

Great stuff...

Debrah said...

I will never accept the goofy "Sunshine Band " phrase.

Given that it's a free country, this does not inhibit others from going down that road.

It's sick, IMO.

Anonymous said...

....shake shake shake shake your booty(Shake, Shake, Shake)
Shake Your Booty....

KC & The Sunshine

This is the song still heard often today. Perhaps some clever person can adapt it for our theme?

mac said...

Don't take the "Sunshine Band" tag too seriously! It's silly, but...compared to the principal actors in the case?

Compare it to "Piot Envy," "Prowess Envy Farred," "Thingy-wingyintellectual" (and his alter ego, "muthafriggaintellectual,") "Grade Gremlin" Curtis and "Smeagol/Gollum" Brodhead, "No-Fang" and "Nurse Levity" (just for for starters!)

I'd prefer to laugh at myself; when I feel the temptation to take myself too seriously, I just take a walk to the mirror and have a good chuckle! Works every time.)

Part of the problem with the 88 is that they can't laugh at themselves.

You're better than that.

Anonymous said...

RRH @ 12/14 11:39 PM said:

I think that should settle the matter -- from God's lips to our ears. That can't be a coincidence :)

Can somebody say "amen"?


The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. Isaiah 9:2

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Scheck's ammendment filing that states "Gottlieb and Himan were browbeat in continuing the case inspite of no evidence of rape?" Which actually minnimizes the role of some of the prinical players.

Anonymous said...

Re: 8:56

Maybe Gottlieb and Himan talked to Scheck? Even if they were just following orders, they had an obligation not to.

mac said...

Re: 8:56 and Michael in NH 9:06 am

Maybe Himan and Gottlieb are trying to cooperate? Perhaps they've been made to wear someone else's albatross? Kinda doubt it, but...

Maybe one of them was being blackmailed? By CGM? By NoFang? Kinda doubt it, but...

Who knows? All speculation at this point. (Interesting, though.) I hope they do talk. I hope they sing like canaries.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - just like you tell your superiors "I have an obligation not to follow your orders." Welcome to the real world. Although, I think they did such a bad investigation to circumvent the "orders" from the Upper Echelon.

Anonymous said...


As I've said from time to time (as a n infrequent voice around here but more frequent reader), and as innumerable others have said repeatedly, you've done just a fabulous job throughout this saga.

What I hope you'll turn the portion of your energies that this blog has represented, if yes no doubt deservedly on a more relaxed and measured basis, is reporting on the absurdities and foibles of political correctness on college campuses today.

That should perhaps be a blog with another title, but whatever it's named, I hope you'll announce and link to it here.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again KC. Best wishes

Anonymous said...

To tell the truth, ever since I read in Until Proven Innocent about Gottlieb privately expressing his support to David Evans, I have wondered if it was possible that Gottlieb's transparently false "months after the fact" typed report was in fact made transparently false on purpose, so that Gottlieb could comply with the letter of his orders but at the same time aid the defense in dismantling what, by then, he knew to be a false prosecution.

I mean, we tend to think of Gottlieb as the most corrupt of the bunch, but... well, just as we've had to point out to others that there's a difference between "peeing where you shouldn't when you've drunk too much" and "committing gang rape while screaming racial slurs", maybe Gottlieb saw a big difference between "hauling Duke students off for an unnecessary night in jail" and "putting Duke students at risk of a totally unjust thirty years in prison". As a previous poster said, it's just speculation, but...

Debrah said...

TO Mac--

I tried to answer you the other day.

Just to let you know that I did not ignore your post.......however, I suppose the topic has been dropped.

Which is a good thing.

Pity the forum has had to end on such a declasse note.

Never fear, my sense of humor is intact.

Anonymous said...

My travels have taken me to New Mexico. Just when I think the Duke case in on the back burner, I read this today. The continued interest in this case is remarkable.
Las Cruces Sun-News
MONDAY, December 17, 2007

No fed probe of Duke lacrosse prosecutor

“State officials, however, said that although federal prosecutors could seek an indictment on a charge of lying to investigators, North Carolina prosecutors cannot.”

Anonymous said...

To: 8:58, Anonymous

Are you Michael Gaynor? There is no defense for Gottlieb's actions. The fact that Gottlieb told Evans ANYTHING that might seem to have been support for Dave is what police officers do. They want to get you talking and be your friend, then they lower the boom. If you hadn't noticed, Gottlieb did lower the boom.

Anonymous said...

Last Friday, 20/20 did a show about alleged sexual abuse in the Iraqi war zone. It very well may have been a repeat of an earlier show. I have no idea if the principal alleged victim had been raped, as I don't believe that people don't lie about rape, and there was no evidence of a rape other than the testimony of the alleged victim. I did have some serious problems with the broadcast.

1. The first reference to the alleged victim described her as a "rape victim."

2. It was the same type of voice-over that we became familiar with in the Duke Frame, a voice wrought with pain in discussing the "rape victim" and filled with ominous tones to describe the "rape" and the alleged rapists.

3. The case involved Halliburton, so 20/20 was able to flash an image of Dick Cheney on the screen, although there was no evidence that the Vice-President was one of the "rapists," was in Iraq at the time, or was even employed by the company when the rape supposedly occurred.

If I were in a rape survivor's group or was an employee of any type of rape crisis organization, I would NOT want people politicizing this type of crime.

I am no fan of the Vice-President, but allusions to him on that broadcast completely ruined the story and raised questions about the motives of the broadcasters.

I see academics having the same problem in the future. When it becomes politicized, it will lose credibility. The best analogy I can draw is between corporate America (think the drug companies and especially the tobacco industry) and science. At first, people believed the reports and data from doctors and researchers, then, they found out that the studies were paid for by the industries.

When academics become so entangled with politics, a similiar loss of credibility will ensue. These are my opinions. MOO! Gregory

One Spook said...

MOO Gregory @ 12:31 writes:

"When academics become so entangled with politics, a similiar loss of credibility will ensue. These are my opinions. MOO! Gregory

Amen, and that is one of the key lessons we've learned from the Duke lacrosse hoax.

It is fair to argue that politics has always been entangled with many aspects of American society and always will be. But the performance of a Group of 88 professors at Duke during the lacrosse hoax clearly defines an entanglement of pedagogy and ideology with politics that is extreme and dangerous to the civil liberties and other rights of a significant number of our citizens.

During the lacrosse hoax, we watched in "real time" as a group of professors totally ignored the academic traditions of a dispassionate examination of facts and truth in order to craft a narrative that fit their warped ideology and in doing so, sacrificed whatever academic discipline and training they had ever possessed in pursuit of their ill-conceived activism.

And, quoting Gregory, "When it [academics] becomes politicized, it will lose credibility.", I view this same process taking place in the sciences with respect to the issue of Global warming.

All scientists agree that we are in a period of global warming, but not all scientists agree on the cause. Yet, the leftist "narrative" dictates that man made hydrocarbon emissions is the cause.

Not all scientists agree, but you have to search hard to find any publicity asserting an opposing view; here's a recent one: Study: Part of Global-Warming Model May Be Wrong

Giving Algore a Nobel prize (Read: "politics") for his narrative on global warming is tantamount to giving a criminal terrorist like Yassar Arafat a Nobel "Peace" prize.

But, the Group of 88 rides on!

And, that's all I have to say about that.

One Spook

John said...

from the Daily Princetonian

Undergraduate attacked in Township
Anscombe member had received threats since mid-October
By Michael Juel-Larsen
Princetonian Senior Writer
December 15, 2007

Francisco Nava '09 was physically attacked by two men in Princeton Township Friday evening, reportedly sustaining a concussion but no other serious injuries. The assault comes on the heels of several threatening messages recently sent to Nava, apparently in connection with his involvement with the socially conservative Anscombe Society.

Four officers of the Anscombe Society and a prominent conservative politics professor had received threatening emails Wednesday evening from off-campus email addresses. Though the message did not explicitly mention the Anscombe Society, [the four students who received emails were Anscombe officials] and politics professor Robert George — who has publicly supported conservative causes, including the Anscombe Society's goal of promoting chastity.

BREAKING NEWS — DEC. 17, 1:15 P.M.
Nava '09 admits to fabricating assault, threatening e-mails

Francisco Nava '09 has admitted to fabricating an alleged assault on himself that he said occurred Friday evening and to sending threatening emails to himself, other members of the Anscombe Society and prominent conservative politics professor Robert George, today while being interviewed by Princeton Township Police.

"He fabricated the story," Det. Sgt. Ernie Silagyi said. Nava was released to Public Safety and charges "have not been filed pending further investigation," according to a statement from Township Police.

Former Anscombe president Sherif Girgis '08 said he is "deeply angry and upset" at the news the incident was fabricated. "I am deeply troubled about what this must mean about Francisco and about his personal life," he said, adding that he had harbored suspicions about Nava's story before the Township confirmed the assault was faked.


The fabricated threats and assault are likely to result in disciplinary procedures against Nava.

Anonymous said...

Professor Johnson noted in October (10/16, “Update: The Group’s Openly Political Agenda”) the blatant political thrust of Duke’s John Hope Franklin Institute faculty fellowship program. In a nutshell, the humanities (“soft studies,” hehe, love that) are all about politics these days. But let the nuts speak for themselves:

…almost all humanities scholarship is now considered political in one sense or another, whether it names its political intention or not . . .

The theme of the 2008-2009 fellowship program is “The Alternate Political Imaginaries,” about which the program says:

…we have a specific investment in using this topic to rethink what we see as the predominant way in which humanities research approaches politics today, namely critique: the critique of commodity culture, representational practices, colonial thought, patriarchal structures, tyrannical regimes, racial hierarchies, sexual normativities, and so forth. Such critical practices generally seek to unmask domination and speak truth to power with the implicit belief that doing so will undermine and topple its control . . . We sense, however, that a search is already underway within the humanities for alternative political imaginaries that will enable producing not just different affects but different itineraries for political scholarship and action . . .

“Critiques,” it seems, no longer suffice for the soft studies. A more activist politics is the only “political imaginary” imaginable.

Very well, then, people who engage in politics (whether so named or not) should expect to be engaged politically. Politics is about power, its acquisition and use. Political factions are engaged in an eternal struggle to increase their own power, and deny it to others. Now that we know this to be the case with academicians, we can all be a little more open, honest, and aggressive in our opposition to the Soft Studies and Junk Science Parties. When push comes to shove... push back.

This definitely has been one of the legacies of the Duke case.


Gary Packwood said...

One Spook 12/17/2008 3:17 said...

...Giving Algore a Nobel prize (Read: "politics") for his narrative on global warming is tantamount to giving a criminal terrorist like Yassar Arafat a Nobel "Peace" prize.
Al Gore did not win the Nobel Peace Prize for any narrative he wrote on global warming.

Facts matter.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 is to be shared, in two equal parts, between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.



Anonymous said...

One Spook: I have not delved into the actual data for Global Warming (except to read the Michael Crichton novel)(;)), so I have no opinion one way or the other on the science. What is horrible to see is the loss of credibility because of the politicizaton. It would be a shame if that same loss of credibility occurred in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, genetics, etc.

John: Before I got to the second article in your series, I suspected a hoax. Just didn't seem logical, or, it didn't fit my metanarrative!!!! MOO! Gregory

Gary Packwood said...

John 4:28 said...

...from the Daily Princetonian
...BREAKING NEWS — DEC. 17, 1:15 P.M.
...Nava '09 admits to fabricating assault, threatening e-mails
...Francisco Nava '09 has admitted to fabricating an alleged assault on himself that he said occurred Friday evening and to sending threatening emails to himself, other members of the Anscombe Society and prominent conservative politics professor Robert George, today while being interviewed by Princeton Township Police.
Update on the story (Ending paragraph)

"Princeton, all the way from the administrators down, had the good sense to hold their fire, get the facts first, before drawing conclusions," he said. "There's a good example for other institutions. Follow the example of Princeton, not Duke."


Anonymous said...

"To: 8:58, Anonymous

Are you Michael Gaynor? There is no defense for Gottlieb's actions. The fact that Gottlieb told Evans ANYTHING that might seem to have been support for Dave is what police officers do. They want to get you talking and be your friend, then they lower the boom. If you hadn't noticed, Gottlieb did lower the boom.

12/17/07 12:04 PM"

To: 12:04, Anonymous

Are you smoking crack? No one is defending Gottlieb's actions; we are simply trying to find rational explanations for them. Your "explanation" that Gottlieb expressed encouragment to David Evans in order to "get Evans talking" is not rational, because the incident in question happened at David Evans' press conference called right after he'd been indicted. Anyone who thinks that on May 15, 2006, David Evans would be naive enough to think Gottlieb was his friend or that even Gottlieb would be foolish enough to think Evans that naive, is not rational. Perhaps you didn't know that the incident referred to occurred in May 2006, not earlier. In that case, I highly suggest you stop talking about things you don't know about as if you knew more than everyone else.

Debrah said...


Lawyers want officers under investigation named

By John Stevenson : The Herald-Sun
Dec 18, 2007

DURHAM -- Allegations of possible sexual misconduct by unnamed police officers could affect other criminal cases in Durham, some defense lawyers fear.

The lawyers say they should be given the officers' identities, allowing them to better represent their clients by challenging the policemen's overall credibility if need be.

"If these officers are under investigation and feel like they have something at stake, it might lead them to taint their testimony in other cases in hopes it will help them with their own difficulties," veteran attorney Mark Edwards said Monday.

"It's impeachment material," Edwards added. "We definitely should know who they are. It really doesn't matter if they're ultimately charged. Even if they just think they might be charged, it could influence their conduct in other cases."

However, a Superior Court judge ruled last month that the Police Department need not publicly identify the suspect officers, who were put on administrative leave pending the results of an internal probe.

Allegations indicated the officers in question may have had sex with prostitutes.

According to Police Chief Jose Lopez, reports first implicated 10 officers in "possible sexual misconduct." Of those, only five or six were still under investigation and on administrative leave when the inquiry first became public last month, Lopez said recently.

Sources have since told The Herald-Sun that only two remained under a cloud of suspicion as of Dec. 5.

DNA evidence for the investigation was collected, but the results have not been made public.

Meanwhile, a few Durham lawyers agree with the decision to keep the names of the implicated officers confidential.

One of them is Bill Thomas, who in the past has represented other police officers accused of serious wrongdoing.

"Personal privacy considerations are paramount," Thomas said Monday. "These officers may not be guilty of engaging in any misconduct, and some apparently have already been exonerated. I would be very slow to make public allegations against anyone until there is evidence to support those allegations. Doing so prematurely could have grave consequences for the officers, both professionally and personally."

Even if the officers did engage in sexual misconduct, it doesn't necessarily mean they mishandled their day-to-day police work, Thomas added.

John Fitzpatrick, president of the Durham Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, also is giving the officers the benefit of the doubt.

"It would be nice for us to know who these individuals are, but only after we know for sure they did something wrong," said Fitzpatrick. "There's no need to damage their reputations if they haven't done anything wrong. I'd rather not address this issue until some malfeasance is demonstrated."

If a lawyer thinks any of his clients were arrested by an implicated officer, the attorney can try to postpone those cases until the police investigation is finished, according to Fitzpatrick.

In an attempt to keep the officers' names secret, the city argued successfully last month that citizens have a right to know only which government employees experience "changes in status" -- such as promotions and demotions, transfers, suspensions and firings.

There is no right to know which employees are placed on administrative leave, as happened with those targeted in the sexual-misconduct probe, a city lawyer contended.

Agreeing with that argument, Judge Carl Fox ruled that administrative leave doesn't constitute a change in employment status, as defined by law.

As a result, the identities of the implicated officers could remain confidential, Fox concluded.

But attorney Fred Battaglia took the opposite tack Monday, saying the names should be disclosed.

"I personally don't like it that everything is so secretive," Battaglia said. "If an officer's reputation has been tarnished in this case [of possible sexual misconduct], it's tarnished in all cases. I've got a feeling these guys may be involved in some big cases. They might be involved in some of my cases. I feel I should know who they are."

mac said...

Thanks for the Hurled Scum=SH article.

Interesting how it has become so important to keep the names of the accused officers secret, when it was so important to Addison and NoFang to pubicly condemn three falsely accused young men.

The lawyers who want everything out in the open have a point. My question is: who is the accuser, the prostitute? With a charge against individuals from the Dee Pee Dee, it's conceivable that the police could put his life in jeopardy!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not sure what it means for this comment area to now be turning to Global Warming discussions, but OneSpook you really do need to find better material than FoxNews editorials. Here's the counterpoint to the study you posted:


The irony here is that most of the politicization of Global Warming has been driven by the skeptics.

Debrah said...


The Nava character seems to be bad news and it's fortunate that his fabrication was revealed; however, there would never have been a witch hunt even close to what we witnessed among the Duke faculty.

Many well-rehearsed simple minds in the academy---eager to find comparisons to try to mitigate the actions of Duke's Gang of 88---have, and will, seize upon this charade.

Nava must harbor some deep emotional problems and frustrations to have done such a thing. At least the clown finally admitted what he did.

I see that he's not only very conservative---a Mormon who is against pre-marital sex (yikes!)---but has been quite vocal on campus.

Nava is an odd one and I suppose his tactic was to get "revenge" for the way he has been treated; however, it's never a good idea to use the same illegal methods as your opponents.

Radical leftists major in hysteria and fabrication.

No matter how hard those in the academy try, they can never find a safe and cushy comparison for the brazen criminality of Duke's Gang of 88.

Several years ago I happened to be in the audience when David Horowitz appeared at a campus auditorium, and I have never witnessed such horrific intimidation.

Those of us in the audience were even targets.

I find it repulsive to even make a comparison between the loony Nava and what we know goes on and is greeted with full acceptance on campuses all over the country every day.

Professors who would try to soften the effects of what happened at Duke by using Nava------Grow Up!

Anonymous said...

The question is who represents Remirro de Orco? Who is Cesare Borgia? One could make the case that many think they are Borgia and fail to see that they are in fact Orco.

“Occasionally mistakes are inevitable - the world is just too unpredictable. People of power, however, are undone not by the mistakes they make, but by the way they deal with them. Like surgeons, they must cut away the tumor wit speed and finality. Excuses and apologies are much too blunt tools for his delicate operation; the powerful avid them. By apologizing you open up all sorts of doubts about your competence, you intentions, any other mistake you may not have confessed. Excuses satisfy no one and apologies make everyone uncomfortable. The mistake does not vanish with an apology; it depends and festers. Better to cut it off instantly, distract attention from your self, and focus attention on a convenient scapegoat before people e have time to ponder your responsibility or your possible incompetence.” – Power, by Robert Greene

Greene uses the example of Cesar Borgia utilizing Remirro de Orco to very harshly rid the Romagna northern Italy of robbers and greedy masters so that Borgia could extend his power. Orco was quite successful however his brutality was politically incorrect. On December 22 Orco’s body, dressed lavishly, was found in the town square sans one head. It was impaled on a spike for all to see.

“The ferocity of this scene left the people at once stunned and satisfied” – Machiavelli

One could make the case that many think they are Borgia and fail to see that they are in fact Orco.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps of interest to DIW bloggers:

The "tenured radical" has just posted (Tuesday, December 18) a new commentary on KC and DIW, on her blog.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked--a detective would manufacture a lab test--what next?
Sex case hinged on phony lab report

There was one major problem with the Santa Clara County crime lab report that implicated a San Jose man of sexual assault: It wasn't true. The document was a fake, created by a San Jose police detective.

The crime lab analyst who purportedly prepared the document doesn't exist. The number used to identify it was false. Even so, detective Matthew Christian testified as though the phony report were authentic.

The case unraveled when the defense attorney sought the résumé of the lab analyst, only to learn there was no such person. Christian then remembered that he had concocted the report in an attempt to [trick the defendant]….
(Excerpt) Read more at mercurynews.com ...

Debrah said...

TO Mac--

Yes, it's very strange. I think the public should know.

It's almost certain that the DPD knows who they are. With such ongoing secrecy, speculation is that it all might relate to Mangum.

BTW, Carl Fox is a very limp noodle......and always has been.

If only well-known and brilliant Chapel Hill attorney Barry Winston had won election for district attorney in years past, we might be rid of Fox's mediocrity.

Fox and Winston are both Dems; however, Fox is a major kiss-up to anyone who needs the treatment.

A most insincere and slippery individual.


Debrah said...

TO 10:49 AM--

Yes, the puerile Potter is at it again.

Things have slowed for the holidays and they are afraid they won't have KC around anymore....so consequently, he is being made an issue once again.

Just out-of-the-blue.

I couldn't resist this to her creepy and audaciously "anti-intellectual" meanderings.

Can anyone believe that an alleged professor writes such silly things....and then criticizes someone like KC?



debrah said...

"Call me pink right down to my panties..."

Oh G/d, I just had lunch!


Anonymous said...

Check Liestoppers for the new lawsuit by 3 unindicted lax players (including McFadden) against Duke and Durham. The lax frame is hardly the dead horse the anti-KC blog calls it.

Gary Packwood said...

Debrah 12/18/2007 9:22 said...

...TO GP--
...I find it repulsive to even make a comparison between the loony Nava and what we know goes on and is greeted with full acceptance on campuses all over the country every day.
...Professors who would try to soften the effects of what happened at Duke by using Nava------Grow Up!
I certainly agree with you but my focus at just this moment in time is the number of people recently who have been caught making up stories to support their political agendas and many times...their delusions.

I see a real need for the faculty leadership at American Universities to study the need for a truth a reconciliation function of the faculty senate.

You mentioned that Nava is not only very conservative---a Mormon who is against pre-marital sex (yikes!)---but has been quite vocal on campus.

True and he is from Texas.

We now have the right and the left and the delusional in leadership positions on campus' making stuff up.

One Spook said...

Gary Packwood @ 6:22 PM writes

"Al Gore did not win the Nobel Peace Prize for any narrative he wrote on global warming.

Facts matter.

"... the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 is to be shared, in two equal parts, between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change ..."

Yes, Gary ... what I wrote was sloppy, but I didn't say Algore wrote a narrative.

I should have said that Algore promoted a largely false documentary similar to Michael Moore's propaganda in "Fahrenheit 9/11" containing "facts" that even misstated theories of scientists who agree with man made climate change.

And, I'm with Gregory here ... I don't know much about the causes of climate change. I do know that the accepted narrative of the political left, which garners 99% of the publicity on the subject, has many critics whose voices are not being heard.

I offered that as an example as Gregory states, "What is horrible to see is the loss of credibility because of the politicizaton. It would be a shame if that same loss of credibility occurred in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, genetics, etc."

And, Anon @ 8:30 AM, your snarky comment about using Fox News as a source tells me all I need to know about your myopic views. Everyday I read articles from writers with whom I rarely agree. Why are you so afraid that you might read something that might disagree with your views? Take a risk! People will like you better!

One Spook

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone believe that an alleged professor writes such silly things...?"

Unfortunately, yes.

Anonymous said...

3 of the unindicted lax players have sued Duke and Durham....the saga continues.

And good luck to them!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested there is a breaking news story in the Duke Chronicle online. Three of the unindicted LAX players are filing suit against Duke, Nifong, and Durham.

Anonymous said...

Levicy is named in the suit.

Debrah said...

Read this insanity and fully understand what KC has had to battle.

Pure lies.

Like a sick fairy tale.

Potter, Zimmerman, and some others are on attack mode now that DIW is almost at its end.

Any response I would leave to this nonsense, Potter would censor and delete.

Zimmerman is still stifling free speech of others on his blog.....as he bloviates at Potter's insanity pit.

These people are like Body Snatchers. It's a disease.

This particular poster below reads as if Potter herself is using another moniker and posting, but more likely, this poor lost soul is probably just a cloned member of the Leftist faculty somewhere.


"Duke professors signed what was, in its most obvious form, an anti-racism ad. Those who read it into their own right wing agenda of hate and attack did so because that's the product they most recognize--and that's the kind of attack that characterizes them. It's no surprise those signatories were so maliciously attacked. But it is an extraordinarily disappointing statement about the profession that KC would fail to condemn and delete posts to his own blog that spoke to this hatred. That's why it's hard to separate him from those who wrote the emails in the blog you linked to "The Truth about KC Johnson." That email record is incredible. I can only imagine then the email you must be getting in response to TR blogspot. But it's also apparent that you claim some authority and control and delete the ugly and malicious attacks. Why did KC feel it was more appropriate not to delete these? I can only think he opened his forum for this racist, sexist hatred, to cultivate it. No surprise that another school is now his focus. This is toxic. KC is sullied here, and he need not have been. His mission to address the legal case and its weaknesses was a service. His descent into the muck suggests his motive was not as humanistic as we might have wanted it to be. The academy is better than it was with the diversity of bodies and voices that now constitute our universities. But for some, like KC, this diversity seems a threat and the evidence of this is the extended character attacks on colleagues he never met. I wish he had the generosity of your perspective of colleagueship."

Debrah said...

Three more file suit

Anonymous said...

Check out the defendants list - lots of familiar names, and lots I don't recall seeing before.

This could get interesting....

Civil Action No. 1:07-cv-00954
Case 1:07-cv-00953 Document 1 Filed 12/18/2007 Page 1 of 25

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