Monday, February 25, 2008

News from Brown

Stu Woo reports on Reade Seligmann's first game at Brown; Seligmann had a goal and an assist--and received strong applause from the crowd--as Brown beat Lehigh, 10-4.


Anonymous said...

Great, more good news. They deserve getting on with life and some normalcy, little by little.
In this case, the good guys are winning, finally, after many losses. I hope they continue to make progress. Kudos to the people in the stands for showing the support that is deserved.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Reade. Friends at Brown tell me he is scoring in a lot of ways at Brown.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Reade!! We wish you all the best!!!!


W. R. Chambers said...

The news from Loyola and Brown is welcome and positive. One of the great things about sports is that every day in practice and in games one has the opportunithy to do better, to get over losses that have happened on the field and off and to move on by persevering in the community of one's coaches and teammates and fellow athletes including one's competitors.

Debrah said...

This is a good letter; however, the writer from the West Coast thinks it was all about "soccer players".


Duke deserves lawsuit

I note with immense satisfaction that yet more Duke soccer players slurred by the university's phenomenal incompetence and intellectual myopia are adding to Duke's legal woes. So be it, for Duke has richly earned every suit.

Yet Duke is certainly not the only American university ruined to its core by liberal-leftist political bigotry. It was just the school that let its politically darling, white-male-as-the-anathema-of-society attitude run so publically out of control. The Duke faculty blacklisted the soccer players so prematurely and blindly, out of the professors' witless, knee-jerk bigotry, as to render the KKK broad-minded by comparison. May every professor be personally named in the legal actions.

Far too much of modern American academia, as Duke has so clumsily yet conclusively proven, has become totally and exclusively overrun by liberal-leftist political dogma. Regrettably, these once great educational institutions have devolved into self-impressed cabals of socio-political intellectual incest, a corruption that stunts their every product and renders their research reliably suspect for severe political bias.

Modern academia -- of which Duke is so emblematic -- pays loud lip service to the notions of diversity and tolerance, but any diversity of thought that strays outside the "Little Blue Bible of Permitted Liberal Academic Gospel" finds only acidly bigoted intolerance on American campuses.

Duke is only the most clearly indictable of American universities overdue for intellectual affirmative-action in its faculty, management and especially in what passes for its teaching.

Okanogan, Wash.
February 25, 2008

Gary Packwood said...

News from Brown

elena said...

I'm so glad to keep posted on Reade. Continued good luck.

Anonymous said...

Flashback: Scrimmage -Brown and Bryant


Seligmann Reunites With Former Duke Coach During Lacrosse Scrimmage

They're on different teams now, but Mike Pressler and Reade Seligmann still greeted each other with a hug before the game and a friendly handshake afterward.

"Hearing his voice again," Seligmann said after the game, "it brought back a lot of good memories."

Pressler said he jokingly warned Seligmann that his team was going to be coming after him.

"Coach, I wouldn't expect anything else," he said Seligmann answered.

Seligmann is in his first semester at Brown, where he said he was adjusting well.

Brown coach Lars Tiffany has described him as one of the team's top players.

"Reade's been great — on the field, on campus," Tiffany said earlier in the week. "Everyone's embraced Reade, which has made his transition so much easier."

Anonymous said...

Way to go Reade and Colin!