Saturday, February 28, 2009

miriam cooke, "Moderate"

It's hard to believe, but it appears that Group of 88'er miriam cooke was the most "moderate" figure at a recent Duke "teach-in" on Israel.


Debrah said...

Most surprising that it would be miriam cooke who offered the most measured remarks at the "teach-in".

For amusement, some might want to revisit those conversations with her husband on the book they did together....something about rap. LIS!

Most repulsive is the new chaplain at Duke.

The administration knew what it was getting when they put him in that position.

It always amazes that anyone connected by ancestry or allegiance to the African continent and its Barbary Coast are given free rein at universities.

They are given a podium to say things that would mean expulsion or termination for others.

Anonymous said...

A carefully omitted bit of history is how the Soviets fostered the PLO from inception, provided training and materials, and, most damaging of all, armed the group w/ the techniques of Agitprop -- this is what you are seeing here. The same can be said of various movements w/in the US in the 60s, so there is a bit of a natural alliance at work. This helps to explain some of the hypocrisy and "strange bedfellows" and why there is so little critical examination of how, where, and why these "innocent victims" have acted. Once fires are started, they often burn until everything is consumed.

What people fail to see is the extent to which so many troubles in the world started as cold-war proxy fights, or at least were exploited to this end and greatly enflamed. While this cut both ways, there really is nothing close to a moral equivalence here. Yet, you commonly witness the left making a great deal of any US involvement overseas, while providing cover for actions on the other side (meaning other foreign powers acting abroad). This probably sounds crazy to anyone who is not something of a student of history, but it was the Soviets who used Chinese nationalism (and fear of foreign involvement!) to install a foreign system and a government that killed tens of millions of Chinese. It was bad enough when Stalin killed tens of millions of Russian and other people in his own country, but this really was just the beginning. Talk to someone who has escaped North Korea to the South or remembers life in East Germany before unification (to just begin the list) if you want some sense of the disparity here.

Most Americans hear terms like “culture war” or the sort of argument offered by those who seek to grossly distort the perception of events and have no idea how much of this is part of an organized campaign of propaganda. Since at least Vietnam, conflicts have been waged as aggressively through words and media as in the field. An open, honest, reaching discourse would be of great benefit to all, yet what you see is nothing along these lines. You get one version of the “facts”, staged, dressed, or selected photos that distort the overall reality, and ideology rigged to justify one side – you do not get insight, understanding, learning, or an objective search for truth.

Sadly, many young (and not young) are taken in. In fact, this is a major way of troubles are perpetuated. Sadder still, this has become the dominant mode in identity politics, including many causes on both sides – but again, I personally find a big disparity to the left. When seen in these terms, the whole Lacrosse thing is put in a different context. Here, you had a scenario that was too tempting to resist – ammunition in the larger war, the cause. My personal belief is that this goes a long way to explaining events in the aftermath of what wasn’t back in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:14 is quite correct. What most fail to realize is that this propoganda is being taught as fact in the elementary and secondary schools today. It should come as no surprise since the current crop of young (and now not so young teachers) were indoctrinated on their college campuses. Critical thinking consists to a large extent of finding all wrong with anything on the right while embracing the ideas of the left as "new thinking" that will reform the fascist mindset of the past. This is made even worse by a failure in vocabulary - words now mean whatever one wants them to be - thus every action on the part of the US government is "nazi-like" or fascist; anytime a large number of people are killed it is a holocaust or genocide; and anyone who dares to present a dissenting opinion is racist, uninformed, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Duke faculty is dominated by Ass-Clowns (or, as "Prof." Cooke might prefer: ass-clowns). What a sad joke.

Anonymous said...

You know things have gone too far when one goes to Duke instead of to the Peoples' Friendship Universiy to learn how to make this sort of trouble -- like Rann Bar-On.

Anonymous said...

Long time no comment, thought you would like to hear that a law buddy of mine says AIG which insured Duke, STILL has not paid the boys the settlement money!

Anonymous said...

From one Obama supporter to another: What the. . .??

On 2/27/09 Former FBI director William Sessions writes:

"To my great disappointment, recent news reports indicate that the Obama Justice Department has decided not to reverse the Bush administration's decision to weigh in on Alaska's side in the case, District Attorney's Office for the Third Judicial District v. Osborne. As has been said many times, the Justice Department's mission is to do justice. It is not to seek a conviction—or to uphold one—at all costs."


"Alaska's primary argument is that testing is unnecessary because non-DNA evidence demonstrates Osborne's likely guilt. But the victim's physical description of her attacker was tentative, differing in key respects from Osborne. And other cases have repeatedly demonstrated that this other evidence will amount to nothing if the DNA excludes Osborne and could even be matched to a convicted felon already in the system."

"As I know from experience, law enforcement's predictions about a defendant's likely guilt are no substitute for actually performing a DNA test."

See the whole article here:

Ken Duke

Debrah said...

You can't make this up!

Tyson is now giving advice on barbecue.

Debrah said...

Informative on the increases at Duke

Anonymous said...

Inre: "plenty of blame on both sides." - Miraim Cooke

Is it not more likely that Ms. Cooke is referring to white males over 40 years old and white males under 40 years old, than Israelis and Palestinians?

Anonymous said...

The thing that strikes me about people like Cooke and others of the G88 is the absolute conformity they demand in their group, and the fact that they always are trying to draw attention to themselves. Cooke officially has "small" letters in her name, the better to identify a small person. Actually, it is nothing more than a ploy to draw even more attention to herself.

These are people who engage in groupthink and who literally cannot make decisions for themselves without permission of their peers. For all of the "independence of thought" they claim to possess, in reality, they are nothing more than a bunch of junior high kids who want to make sure they have a "Members Only" tag on their jackets.

Intellectually, they have NOTHING to offer. Nothing. They are nothing more than bullies and conformists who write in dense prose that, when one "deconstructs" their work, is vacuous.

Debrah said...

I don't know, Bill.

We might need to take a look at Timothy Tyson's "vanilla suburbs".

You have to admit.

That's sheer brilliance.

Edgy and real.


Anonymous said...

Long time no comment, thought you would like to hear that a law buddy of mine says AIG which insured Duke, STILL has not paid the boys the settlement money!

2/28/09 9:28 PM"

Kemp, are you saying the boys themselves have not been paid yet? Or that AIG has not paid Duke for money Duke
paid the boys? Were the legal bills racked up paid separately and who paid those bills? What does KC have to say about this?