Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mangum at UNC, Audience Questions To Be Censored

In what is nothing short of an extraordinary decision, UNC’s Sonja Haynes Stone Center has chosen to host serial fabricator Crystal Mangum at the University of North Carolina tonight, at 6.30pm, in a gathering devoted to “social injustice” and “the harsh realities of minority treatment both in the justice system and the media.” The sponsoring organization is here.

(If any DIW readers in the Triangle attend this event, please send me a summary and I will post it tomorrow.)

In an equally extraordinary development, the Daily Tar Heel reports that “following Mangum’s speech will be a question-and-answer session with the audience. Questions will be submitted beforehand to organizers to prevent questions related to the Duke lacrosse team.”

Questions that should be asked:

How much money did Ms. Magnum receive from the state of North Carolina victims’ assistance fund?

Will Ms. Mangum release—as her defender, Wendy Murphy, has essentially demanded—her 1000-page psychological case file?

How many meetings and phone calls with Mike Nifong did Ms. Mangum have, and how often did they discuss the case in these phone calls?

Given that her “book” still claims that an attack occurred, how does Ms. Magnum explain away the fact that not only does no evidence exist to corroborate her myriad, mutually contradictory tales, but that overwhelming exculpatory evidence exists to prove the innocence of the accused? Does Ms. Mangum still believe that Duke doctored the party photos, as she told state prosecutors? Does she believe that Wachovia doctored the ATM videotape of Reade Seligmann? Does she believe, as Nifong’s defenders have claimed, that other witnesses in the case were bribed to exonerate the lacrosse players? How does she interpret the DNA evidence finding no traces of any of the players but matches to multiple unidentified men?

Given that the AG stated Ms. Mangum did not face prosecution for filing a false police report in part because of a fear of community reaction, does she believe that a racial disparity exists regarding the treatment of false accusers by the justice system?

Does Ms. Mangum feel any sense of regret at having falsely led on the people and groups—from Nifong to the Group of 88—who sought to exploit her case for their own ends?

And, perhaps most important, will Ms. Mangum issue a public apology to the three people she falsely accused?


No justice, no peace said...

Universities will be 'irrelevant' by 2020Any question that Duke is ahead of schedule?

It is interesting that, much like the media, the author assumes that 100% of the decline is due to technology. There is absolutely no reflection regarding the woeful content regardless of the cost or delivery system.

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss to understand why Ms. Mangum has been asked to speak at a seminar on social injustice - particularly given the fact that no questions will be allowed on the lacrosse case. If not for her fabrications, she would not even be a candidate for inclusion in such an event. What then is the purpose other than to give her the ability to tell more lies and to have them go unchallenged. I would hope that the lawyers for RCD have someone there taking notes - it would seem to me (granted I am not versed in the law) that any comments that she might make would be further evidence that great harm (reputation wise) continues to be done by her and her supporters to the three men (and by extension the entire lacrosse team).
What will be the content of her remarks? In what way is she a victim of social injustice? The real victims are the three young men and their families who lost a year in their lives due to the lies of one Crystal Gayle Mangum.

jamil hussein said...

I'm afraid we'll soon see Congresswoman Mangum or District Attorney Mangum (didn't she finish some sort of criminal justice degree..wouldn't surprise if NCCU handed her JD too)

I understand Duke victims wanted to move forward in their life, but this low-life should have been sued and jailed. Dare I say we are a nation of cowards and racists. Had she been white, she would enjoy her 5 year prison sentence already..

Anonymous said...

Fuck it Johnson.

To the ash bin of history with you.

Ha Ha Ha

Debrah said...

I just spoke with Andrew Dunn at The Daily Tarheel who is responsible for assigning a reporter to cover Mangum's "appearance".

This massage festival has been organized by all-black fraternities and I would assume all-black sororities.

This is basically a self-segregated session on the campus of the oldest state taxpayer-supported university in the country.

I complained that the news item provided such short notice.

Dunn told me that they had only been made aware of the occasion a few days ago.

As we know, with almost all such events there's normally a notice weeks or months in advance.

This coalition of black students at the public university UNC-CH has organized a parade all for themselves.

To pick up where the "something happened" nuts at Duke left off.

Even down to what questions will be asked?

How else is the criminal Mangum even known to the public except from the Lacrosse Hoax?

Even Ted Bundy answered questions about his deeds.

In grotesque detail. LIS!

Shades of the Duke Gang of 88 cover-up methods conqueringDunn promised me that his reporter will phone me today so that I can offer comments on the nature of this event and how it was organized.

Given the imposed rules, the only thing to be gained by showing up for such phony event is if one needs another glimpse into the mind of a pathological liar and grifter.

Think of such an event being planned by white fraternities and sororities.

Think of the rioting that would result.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to attend with a tape or video recorder.

I suppose the supine media of Durham will accept that the major figure in the lax fraud will not be available to be questioned by the press...

And that they will blandly repeat her assertions, no matter how contradicted they may be by the facts, without blanching.

(That's what passes for "watchdog journalism" in Durham.)

Debrah said...

Just talked to Drescher's newsroom assistant at the N&O.

Drescher is in meetings this morning, but she said the idea of sending a reporter over to Chapel Hill for an objective report on how this event has been planned would be given to Drescher.

Everyone agrees that this whole thing is painfully short notice.

It was obviously planned that way.

Who will show up to rain on their parade?

Tim G said...

Perhaps a question to the organizers.

Would you have invited Ms. Magnum to speak if not for the Duke Lacrosse case?

If not, then what special credentials does Ms. Magnum have to certify her as an expert on "social injustice"?

Debrah said...

How convenient.

Nancy Wykle, managing editor of the H-S, just told me that her paper had been told nothing about this event with Mangum.

Virgil Goode, a conservative who has been invited to speak at UNC-CH after Tancredo was run off last week is going to be their big story.

He is speaking on campus as well and at almost the same time.

Does it make anyone else wince that someone like the destructive Mangum will be a "speaker" on campus at the same time as someone who has actually done something in the world?

And I'm sure Goode will get lots of probing questions.

Wykle will try to get someone to check it out, but they have no one available right now.

Such short notice.

Of course.

Anonymous said...

Your refusal to allow comments in previous blogs (essays?) that impeach your objectivity make you #89.
"Light Touch" BS.
North of Detroit.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. We now have an agency of the State of North Carolina attempting to further this fraudulence. The University of North Carolina is attempting to claim that there really was a rape that night, and that Mangum was a credible witness.

A Duke Dad said...

The UNC Daily Tar Heel reports:

1)This is part of a series called “Cracks in the Justice System: Victims of Money, Media, and Misconduct.”

2)Following Mangum’s speech will be a question-and-answer session with the audience.
Questions will be submitted beforehand to organizers to prevent questions related to the Duke lacrosse team.

3)Security will be present at the event in light of last week’s protests that prevented former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo from speaking.

4)The speech will focus on legal and publicity issues within the case, but Mangum will not speak about her involvement with the Duke lacrosse team.

The last item is a cute way of saying, "Facts?? We don't need no steenkin facts."

If Crystal said anything about the night of the Hoax, her free pass on making false accusations might be revoked.

Her co-author Ed Clark will join her there.

Anonymous said...

So here's the event announcement:

"Cracks in the Justice System: Victims of Money, Media and Misconduct"

April 22, 2009, Hitchcock Lounge of Stone Center, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

This event is hosted by the Alpha Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., the Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and the Alpha Iota Chapter of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

Crystal Mangum and Ed Clark will be speaking about the harsh realities of minority treatment both in the justice system and the media based on their own experiences. Not only that but student leaders will also speak at the end of the event to put this case into a larger socio-political context in the state of North Carolina.

Our primary focus will be on prosecutorial misconduct, the influence of the media, race, class and gender, and how her voice was pushed aside and deemed nonsensical.


Debrah said...

Just got off the phone with The Independent---home of Duke Gang of 88 chum Hal Crowther---and they knew nothing about the Mangum event.

The woman was pleasant after I told her how her publication dropped the ball, and didn't they want to give this event an objective look?

We'll see if they cover it.

And I must say again, any newspaper has a great excuse because of the short notice.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that someone will go and provide a report on what was said by Ms Mangum and Mr. Clark. It would also be interesting to see just what questions will "pass" the screening of the censors, who asked them, as well as the response given to them. It will also be interesting to see who will show up (Gang of 88? Cy Gurney and Mike Nifong? Gottlieb or Hinman? Perhaps Meehan? Or maybe Selena Roberts to give a factual report of the proceedings?)
as I think that will be quite telling.

Jim in San Diego said...

FACT: The only thing Crystal Mangum has to speak about is the Duke Lacrosse case.

QUESTION: Why, then, will questions to her about the Duke Lacrosse case be censored?

TOPIC OF HER SPEECH: "Why was her voice 'ignored'"?

TRUTHFUL AND COMPLETE ANSWER, which does not require a speech by Crystal:

a. Her voice was not ignored, for a period long after it SHOULD have been ingnored.

b. Crystal Mangum speak with forked tongue. Good reason for people of good faith to ignore her.

HUGE, IMPORTANT QUESTION: Why is she being given a forum at UNC to speak at all?

PUZZLEMENT for those of us too poorly educated to understand the subtleties of the P.C. world: In what way are people like Karla Hollaway ("White innocence is black guilt"), & Wahneema in any way different from Bull Connors? (If you do not know who Bull Connors is, bless you. You did not miss much).

We fought in the 1950's and the 1960's to end racism in America. We marched on Washington. We buried Abraham, Martin, and John.

We removed "whites only" signs from restrooms. We integrated Little Rock. We made the "back of the bus" no place special.

Why, why, do we now tolerate black racism?

Tolerate is not a strong enough word.

Why do we promote it with public institutions, and public money? Why do we not challenge black racism, as we once challenged Jim Crow?

End of rant. But, not end of concern.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why Nifong was not asked to attend as well. Aren't he and Mangum two of the best examples of people who have inflicted injustice to the population in that part of North Carolina?

Debrah said...

Thanks for posting that, (12:28 PM).

I'm sure for most students on campus this event is quite incidental.

There's so much going on daily in their lives that Mangum showing up to speak at the Sonja Haynes Center is not on their radar screen.

Trouble is, they really need to be in touch with the real story about someone like Mangum.

What was allowed to take place on Duke's campus should have made such an impact that the UNC-CH students, themselves, should be questioning the way this event is being handled.

As we all know, in so many arenas---the academy top among them---the magnitude of Mangum's crimes was never given very much attention.

Tonight is going to be the same rambling, inarticulate, and pathetically fraudulent rhetoric that Clark wrote for her the first time she showed up to "tell her story".

And her largely young black audience will be there for a "Right on Sista!" moment.

At a taxpayer-supported university.


Debrah said...

TO "cks"--

This will be a very insular crowd.

Even the local papers knew nothing about it.

Ed Clark has organized this by using impressionable students and an agenda-driven UNC-CH professor or two so that he and Mangum can try to further legitimize their project.

They can tell their enablers that Mangum spoke on the UNC-CH campus and invent a patina of substance where there is just another grift.

Everyone knows how campus life is.

There are so many positives.

It's wonderful to have panoramic points-of-view (when speakers are not driven off the stage by the fringe) available and within reach.

However, the appearance of someone like Mangum is an abomination.

It's an assault on the genuine purpose of a university education.

I do hope someone is able to show up and report first-hand.

It will also be interesting to see if any of the papers actually cover it.

Gary Packwood said...

cks 4/22/09 :: 10:29 AM said...

....I am at a loss to understand why Ms. Mangum has been asked to speak at a seminar on social injustice - particularly given the fact that no questions will be allowed on the lacrosse case.
Two reasons in my view:

First, Identity Politics which nestles neatly next to ...the second reason which is...The Violence Against Women Act (Public Law 103-322) which will be up for reauthorization in 2010.

And Ed Clark is there in anticipation of a bumper crop of oppressed people that need their story harvested for be purchased by universities and other groups who have grants from The (Federal) Violence Against Women Program.

Follow the Money!

Anonymous said...

Wanna guess what kind of message is being sent to Roy Cooper?

So Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

While I respect GP's response to cks' question of why the black fraternities would honor CGM with an invitation to speak on their campus, I must humbly disagree.

This is nothing more than "eye-poking". Similar to the Marion Barry re-election, Nifong's election, Tracey Cline's election, etc. etc. It's typical recent black behavior to poke white folks in the eye, simply because they can. Even if it's contrary to their own benefit.

This is not much different than a cross burning in my humble opinion. A call to arms, as it were.


Debrah said...

I just spoke with someone in the administrative offices of UNC-CH sororities and fraternities and the lady said that WRAL and WTVD 11 will be there to cover this fiasco.

I also asked if taping was allowed.....and they didn't know.


I suppose when Clark has already constructed such a sham so that any meaningful discussion will be censored, he and Mangum have no worries about taping.

The really unsettling thing that the lady offered about the event was that Crystal was there only to raise awareness concerning prosecutorial misconduct in the judicial system and women who are victims.

This whole thing is descending into an abyss of true insanity.

Anonymous said...


I hope you siad to the lady with whom you spoke that Crystal is no victim.

Debrah said...

I want to appeal to any Triangle area resident who can make it over to the campus in a few hours to go over there.

I'm furious that this event was kept on the down-low until a few days ago and it's only today in the paper.

As I told the ladies I just spoke with---and they put me on speaker phone so that the concerns I raised could be heard by all---there would, no doubt, be organized critics of such an event taking place on a taxpayer-supported university campus if some of us had proper notice.

I have an appointment at 7 PM that cannot be broken and the fact that someone isn't going to be there to offer some kind of on-the-site criticism is really unfortunate.

I told the women to read the questions provided in this post if they need to know the issues concerning this sham.

We can only hope that the local TV stations provide decent coverage.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Gail Mangum: To Roy Cooper

Debrah said...

TO "cks"---

Don't worry.

I got the message across.

They were very nice and listened to what must have been a 20-minute speech by me. LOL!

My chest and neck broke out in red streaks the way it always does when I get angry or emotional.

The censorship is the thing that is so outrageous on a publicly-supported campus.

I guess I'm kind of frustrated because I can't be there and the people covering it will gloss over everything the way they always do.

I certainly did lay out all the facts about Mangum.

A Duke Dad said...

Was wondering:

1) Does Crystal get a speaker's fee for her appearance ?

2) How much does the announced security cost? (sorry about that, Tom Tancredo)

3) Will the UNC Daily Tar Heel cover the 'event' ? Or the Duke Chronicle? What about the Daily Worker ?

4) Are there any other scheduled UNC presentations of things that did not happen ?

2008 GOALS said...

The only questions that will be asked will be of the genre: Do you think balck athletes accused of raping a white girl would have been treated the same way?

Debrah, I hope some of you efforts bear fruit. Every time I think this couldn't get worse, it does.

A Duke Dad said...

“following Mangum’s speech will be a question-and-answer session with the audience.
Questions will be submitted beforehand to organizers to prevent questions related to the Duke lacrosse team.”

and to control the specifics of what is raised in the Q&A. Embarrassing questions are just not allowed.

Doesn't sound like a free and open inquiry, at all.

Debrah said...

Well, I haven't heard a peep from anyone yet.

Checked the WRAL and WTVD11 websites and there's nothing on it so far.

This N&O blog Orange Chat which posted about it is a perfect example of the mindset out there.

Read the comments from "Claudius".

This is exactly why Reade, Collin, and David need to sue as many architects of this Hoax as possible.

After all that has been proven and reported, there are many people like this clown who think that "something happened" and that Mangum is the "victim".

Anonymous said...

"This is exactly why Reade, Collin, and David need to sue as many architects of this Hoax as possible".

You can't sue everyone, Debra. You cannot stop people from believing something happened. You & KC are fighting a losing battle. But, by all means, please carry on.

Anonymous said...

What Hoax ?

Anonymous said...

"You can't sue everyone, Debra. You cannot stop people from believing something happened. You & KC are fighting a losing battle. But, by all means, please carry on."

The war has already been won. The vast majority of people in this nation already know the truth, that Crystal Gail Mangum's lurid, sensationalist claims of assault were at best delusions induced by her mental illness, and that only massive misconduct by the Durham police and the prosecutor covered up their mythical nature for as long as was the case.

So your statement might be more correctly rendered as "You cannot stop stupid people in denial from believing something happened." Completely true; I mean, look at the morons who still insist that President Obama is not actually a United States citizen and therefore cannot legally be president. Their position is quite obviously false; their "evidence" is nonsense and their legal logic lacking. Yet there will always be a residue of stupid people in denial who still insist on believing that Obama is a non-citizen, just as there will always be a residue of stupid people in denial who insist on believing that "something happened".

It would indeed be a losing battle if "winning" was defined as changing the minds of morons whose "minds" can barely be dignified with that word. However, when winning is defined as convincing those who can see reason, and exposing as fools and bigots those who cling to the claims of the proven liar Crystal Gail Mangum, we're celebrating our continuing victory.

Anonymous said...

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