Monday, August 31, 2009

August Events in the Case

No major developments in the civil case; blog posts looked at the following items:

  • a California case of a wrongfully convicted man, but which also illustrated that the conviction of the innocent doesn't necessarily suggest prosecutorial misconduct;
  • the Gerst Program at Duke, which provides an oasis of liberal arts learning amidst the race/class/gender dominated sea in Duke's humanities and social sciences departments;
  • a letter from two Duke graduates, noting the striking contrast between the response of the administration and faculty "activists" to the Lombard and lacrosse cases;
  • a low-work proposal from Group of 88 stalwart Cathy Davidson, who will allow students to grade themselves, even as she admits she doesn't much like grading;

I'm awaiting a couple of responses to a long post that will appear tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is Davidson a Communist?

Jack from Mendham said...

The turmoil at the Chronicle over the new sexual assault guidelines is astounding.

skwilli said...

Oh, goodie!

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous at 4:31, I'm betting that the Professor's next post deals with Duke Women's Center and Ada Gregory. Is Gregory a Calumnist? You bet! I'm glad that whoever the Professor writes about, at least he gives them a chance to respond.

Anonymous said...

But there sure was news yesterday when Pressler won his appeal to sue Duke and Burness for post-settlement slander.