Saturday, August 07, 2010

New N&O Series

One fortuitous aspect of the lacrosse case came in that the N&O--perhaps as much as any newspaper of comparable (or even larger) size--had a record of first-class work on issues of police and prosecutorial misconduct. The paper therefore had context through which to interpret Mike Nifong's unethical behavior.

The paper is continuing its exploration of such issues: here's a preview of the N&O's new series, debuting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is the SBI a Communist front?

sceptical said...

Give me a break!

The News & Observer was the paper that published the March 25, 2006 article by Samiha Khanna and Ann Blythe "Dancer Gives Details of Ordeal" which ignited the firestorm. The News & Observer was the paper that published Ruth Sheehan's March 27, 2006 column "Team's Silence is Sickening" and her April 3, 2006 column "Lacrosse Team Out of Control," which called for the firing of Coach Mike Pressler. The News & Observer is also the paper which was led by the departed editors Melanie Sills and Linda Williams.

Certainly there was some good reporting by Joe Neff, but he was pulled off the case once Nifong was nailed. Neff never followed up on the police misconduct and the involvement of Durham and Duke officials in the attempted frame-up.

While the N&O's coverage was not as bad as the Herald-Sun, you give the newspaper too much credit (and on this I tend to agree with John in Carolina).

Jim in San Diego said...

Hallelujah! At last.

And many, many thanks to DIW.

Jim Peterson

Dan said...


I am a great admirer of your work on this case! I fail, however, to understand why you continue to give the N&O a free pass on their scurrilous, amoral, biased and usually inflamatory reporting on the Duke Lacrosse Rape Frame.

Remember the N&O is/was the home of:

Melanie (still a shrill shill) Sill: who has never apologised for her abuse of her editorial position during the Frame.

Samiha Khanna: famous for her ridiculous Dancer gives details of ordeal

A woman hired to dance for the Duke lacrosse team describes a night of racial slurs, growing fear and, finally, sexual violence.... fabrication

Ruth Sheehan: Team's Silence is Sickening aka "You Know,We Know You Know" - surely one of the most inflamatory pieces of rubbish ever to be classed as journalism. Her snide "apology" was worse than the article.

Ann Blythe, Linda Williams, Barry Saunders: - all contributed to the racist overtones of the coverage by the paper.

Joe Neff: the only writer whose articles even approached what may be considered journalism. He chickened out or was sidelined as soon as he began uncovering the truth.

You undermine your huge credibility on this case by your impossible to understand position in this regard!

Dan said...

Apparently, Ruth "You know, We know you know" Sheehan is leaving the N&O to attend Law School!!!!!

Do you know any details?

Is she aiming to be the next Wendy Murphy? or possibly the next Mike Nifong? Perhaps she intends to become a politician.

Journalist/ Lawyer/ possiblely Politician- she sure is descending the ladder in terms of credibility, morality and ethics.