Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mangum's Alleged Victim Dies

WRAL reports that the man false accuser Crystal Mangum allegedly stabbed has died.

Mangum will presumably face new charges next week. She is currently being represented by none other than an old friend of Mike Nifong's, Woody Vann, who had previously labeled Mangum "a very credible, believable person." Of course, this is the same Vann who in June 2006 dismissed Jim Coleman's (accurate) critique of Nifong and bizarrely claimed that the defense attorneys were "satisfied" with Nifong's performance as prosecutor.

The whole affair is very sad, all the more so given that a different outcome in her arson trial (or a more robust sentence from the judge in the case) would have ensured that Mangum never would have met Reginald Daye.

Mangum supporters issued a statement last night appearing to blame Duke Hospital for Daye's death.

There's no word on whether Bob Steel's million-dollar-man, Tim Tyson, stands by his description of Mangum as "somebody’s daughter and somebody’s sister and somebody’s mother and somebody's sweetheart."


Chris Halkides said...


I previously expressed a degree of sympathy for Ms. Mangum on the basis of my opinion that she is mentally ill. If these charges are true, then (mentally ill or not) society needs to protect itself from her, and she should be dealt with exactly as the law specifies. I shudder to think what might have happened on March 13th, 2006 if Ms. Mangum had a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Mangum, Judge Abe "Good Mother" Jones and DA Tracy Cline now have the death of an innocent man on their hands. This case has really taken a dark turn. RIP, Reginald Daye.

Anonymous said...


By even mentioning "murder," you are demonstrating your invariable lack of sympathy and understanding. We have been told by superior people, "people of conscience" to stop abusing this "single mother," this graduate of an "historic black college." You, as a white male graduate of privileged schools, callously ignore that death from stabbing is a risk that is assumed freely and cheerfuly by those enjoying the company of the "good mothers" of Durham.


Barbara Seville said...

Somebody's daughter ... somebody's sweetheart ... and now (allegedly) somebody's murderer.

We'll see whether Professors Tyson, Davidson, Baker, Lubiano et al. have any comment on their plucky young heroine's latest exploits.

Anonymous said...

Alas and Hallaluah! Maybe now she'll get the mental health therapy that she's been needing.
And her children put in a more mentally stable environment.
Those people that got their '15 minutes of fame' off of her misdeed never came to her aid. There's a lot of people that will have a lot to answer for on Judgement Day.
Big Al

Anonymous said...

From only a couple of days ago:

"District Court Judge Nancy Gordon lowered Mangum's bond from $500,000 to $300,000 this morning and told her to have no contact with boyfriend R.D. Wilson."

Judge Ronald Stephens will be known as a sleaze forever because of Mangum. Judge Abe Jones will go down in history as perhaps the dumbest judges ever -- because of Mangum.

The character witnesses at Nifong's trial, Judge Marsha Morey, Judge Anthony Brannon and Judge Elaine Bushfan, also looked the fool -- indirectly because of Crystal Mangum. When will these Durham-area judges learn?


There has been some concern on other websites that Mangum might get off because she's killed the only witness to the crime. According to news reports, however, Reginald Daye described what happened to him to responding officers:

"Search warrants issued last week say Daye told responding officers Mangum stabbed him and took his money."

If that story from the local ABC affiliate and other sources are correct, then at least two police officers can testify to what Daye told them (i.e. Mangum stabbed him, and she took his money).

This is allowed under the "excited utterance" exception to the hearsay rule. When I did criminal work, I used that rule in about every fourth trial. I never had a situation as desperate at this, though, with a guy bleeding from 7 stab wounds in his torso. This is as perfect a case for the use of the "excited utterance" exception as it is an unfortunate one.

There is also the possibility of applying the "dying declaration" rule. Both of these procedures are available to point Daye's finger at Mangum. Moreover, there is no "Confrontation Clause" problem because Mangum cannot raise a Confrontation Clause issue if "the victim's unavailability is a result of the defendant's misconduct."

With his death, Mangum lost the opportunity to have her tiny cult badger Daye to change his story. On the other hand, he is no longer here to rebut what will likely be a posthumous attack on his character.

If I were to gamble, I would bet that Mangum will claim that Daye tried to sexually assault her. She has said that about 23 men in her past (combining Creedmoor and her largest Duke LAX claim). MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

That is truly sad news. It is something to pray over and to reflect upon.

Had Ms. Mangum faced consequences for her actions years ago, this whole situation might have been prevented.

Anonymous said...

Since 1976, North Carolina is ninth in the country in death penalty executions and currently has the fifth largest death row population.

My understanding is that in North Carolina the death penalty is available "for first degree murder, which is defined as willful, deliberate and premeditated killing or killing while committing another felony." Remember that last tidbit as it will become important in the next paragraph.

Reginald Daye, rest his soul, told the police that Mangum stabbed him AND TOOK HIS MONEY. That appears to me to be "another [possible] felony" -- especially if the money Daye referred to was his rent payment -- possibly a significant amount.

I am personally against the death penalty as I have seen too many screw ups, first hand, in the justice system, and I've known too many "death penalty qualified attorneys" who were, in reality, death penalty guaranteed attorneys. (Or, at least death-penalty-waiting-to-happen attorneys).

It will be interesting to see if the issue is even brought up. North Carolina has recently passed a law that makes judges inquire into whether race was a factor in a death penalty conviction. I'm sure Durham would never go forward with such a prosecution, but will Cline even mention the possibility? Will the newspapers question her office? MOO! Gregory

a Nice NJ Guy said...

Precious wanted a career in criminal justice. ....
She got a degree in that field. .....
Now, she has achieved that career goal

Regrettable that her out of control behavior escalated to taking the life of another human being.
No accountability, no boundaries, no self-control.

jim2 said...

Someone should suggest to Mangum's defense counsel that there are 88 individuals already on record who could be subpoenaed to appear in court to testify as character witnesses.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a wrongful death suit wil be filed, naming a number of parties negligent in failing to deal with Ms. Mangum.

I generally do not like contingency fee hungry lawyers. However, a civil suit might reveal a lot about why Ms. Mangum has never been held accountable for her actions.

Of course, that is not at all unusual for Durham. I read somewhere, under Mr. Nifong's leadership, most rape cases were disposed of either by dismissing the charges or having the accused plead to a charge less than rape. Does anyone remember MIchael Jermaine Burch

skwilli said...

Whoa! Is blood on somebody's hands for allowing her to escape any prior justice? Does a murderer (?) make a "good mother"? Please, somebody protect those three kids!

Anonymous said...

Let's give the lady the benefit of the doubt. Nothing is yet proven. It may be a case of false accusation.

Scot Foley said...

What do you think now, Mike? Still a good idea to bet your entire career and the lives of three demonstrably innocent young men on the "word" of Crystal Mangum?

It's hard to be sure but it's at least possible that if Nifong had handled the Duke Lacrosse "rape" case as he should have, and perhaps gotten Mangum some help when it was clear she desperately needed it, that this man would still be alive.

Alex A. said...


Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games until someone dies.

Shall we start a betting pool on:

Whether CGM will be bonded out,

Whether she will go to trial on this charge,

If tried, will she be convicted,

If convicted, how much time will she serve.

My guesses are - she will be released before she is tried, she may not live long enough to make it to trial, but if she does, she will probably not be convicted.

If, but some odd quirk of the legal system she is tried and found guilty, she probably won't serve more than 10 years. After all, she is the real victim in all of this, right?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is going to be what it takes to finally lock her up. In Durham, you never know.

Anonymous said...

First failure to charge her with false accusations and then abandonment of the arson charge. I hope the Durham legal system will now stop protecting this chronic criminal malcontent and charge her with murder! It's time to take out the trash.

jay said...

Obviously, one or more of the Duke lacrosse players entered his hospital room and killed the boyfriend to create the illusion that Crystal might possibly be guilty of some crime.

Anonymous said...

And for any history buffs out there, this week marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. It all started with the fall of Fort Sumter.

As for CG Mangum, any chance we'll see Mike Nifong representing her in her murder trial?

Oh, she acted in self-defense?


Unknown said...

We now have this century's Twanna Brawley. What say you now Gang of 88? Broadhead, anything? You threw these boys under the bus all in the name of PC

Chris Halkides said...


I would like to offer condolences to the family of Reginald Daye.

Abdul Abulbul Amir said...

On wonders if getting off scot free for the false accusations led her to believe she was above the law.

Florida Gator said...

Does A Social Disaster Sound Like?

Well now, I guess we know.

Anonymous said...

She is, of course, presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

zacman1955 said...

Now maybe it's time for her to play the insanity card!

Anonymous said...

Is Mangum a radical feminist anti-capitalist who opposes white supremacy and imperialism, with a central commitment to creating a sustainable human presence on the planet?

Anonymous said...

She is to be presumed innocent in court, and then only by the judge and jurors while evidence is being presented. She is presumed guilty by reason, logic, habit, knowledge, karma, and every sensible person that has followed the evil spirit that calls herself Crystal Mangum.

Anonymous said...

Where can we send funds toward her bail. Does anyone know if a non-profit defense fund has been established?

After payment of Mr.Daye's medical and funeral expense, every single dime should be provided for her defense.

f1guyus said...

I wonder what would happen if Crystal is dumb enough to threaten revelations if she doesn't get cut some slack (again). She threatens to spill the beans on some of her friends I'd give her 6 weeks in custody. And a jailhouse shank or two.

Anonymous said...

I felt sad when I heard this on the news. She's obviously mentally sick. I imagined she might kill somebody someday, but didn't think it would be this quick. (Presuming, of course, that she really is guilty of all this stabbing).

Anonymous said...

Where are the pot bangers to demand that the defendant confess? Where is the NC NAACP to demand justice for Reginald Daye? Where is Joe Alleva, to tell us that it's not about the truth?

Anonymous said...

To the 9:28 and 4:00

Yeah, sure. It could have been an accident, all 7 wounds. Or maybe Mr. Daye stabbed himself.

Greg Toombs said...

Something happened. Finally.

Lizard in Exile said...

Is anyone surprised that something like this happened? This woman's life has been a train wreck for years, maybe now she will finally be held accountable for her actions. Can't wait to hear what the Duke Think Tank, otherwise known as the Group of 88, has to say.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any protests demanding justice for Mr. Daye! Where did the national media go - I don't hear the race baiters or the NAACP demanding something for nothing - what happened to the Group of 88, perhaps they are working on another newsletter.

Gary Packwood said...

Let us be the first to affirm that Crystal Mangum is innocent until proven guilty.

Anonymous said...

Such a predictable event with a sad outcome. I thought the legal system was supposed to protect society from those among us who cannot conform to our laws. How many times does it take to determine that a person is just simply not safe to herself, her children, her acquaintances, or even complete strangers? If a Duke student stabbed and killed CGM, what would all the politically correct be saying? I shudder to think.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the the Group of 88 will finally NOW be issuing a formal apology to the three young men they also falsely accused.

By the way, how many of the great scholars from the infamous Group of 88 are still infesting the Duke campus?

Anonymous said...

In a previous thread I wrote that I was afraid Mangum would kill somebody. I didn't know that Mr. Daye was on life support.

David In Tn

Anonymous said...

Using the search feature on the Wilmington Journal website, you'll find that Cash Michaels has avoided the topic of Crystal Mangum now that she can't help him sell newspapers.

Anonymous said...

First, my thoughts, prayers, and heartfelt condolences are with Mr. Daye's family and friends. I hope that he didn't suffer and that he rests in peace.

That said, there really are no winners here. A man is dead and he died as a result of injuries allegedly inflicted by a deeply troubled woman who obviously had been crying out for help for years. Reputations have been tarnished and/or destroyed. Lives have been disrupted and/or forever changed. Things may have turned out differently -- for both Mr. Daye and Ms. Mangum -- if her enablers (Nifong, the group of 88, etc., etc.) and her exploiters (Nifong, the group of 88, etc., etc.) had gotten her the help that she so obviously needed instead of exploiting her and/or using her to pursue their own agendas.

She's innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of the outcome of her criminal proceeding it's not going to change the lastest chapter in this unfortunate and tragic saga.

Anonymous said...

Reginald Daye is not yet cold and Jackie Wagstaff and Vince Clark are already pimping their names to WRAL. Lies, fires, child abuse, spilled blood. Death. It doesn't matter. Anything to pimp that name.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading the AP article by Tom Breen this morning. It ends with a quote from KC: "What makes this particularly tragic is that if the previous trial had ended differently, none of this would have occurred."

I hope the I'll-informed do not think KC was talking about the Duke lacrosse case instead of the trial last December for Mangum's crimes against her prior boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this, but considering how Mangum's most recent encounter turned out, it looks like the lacrosse team was relatively fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Has an adv been created for the Duke Chronicle by the Group of 88 supporting CGM ? At what time is the " pot-banging rally" scheduled on East Campus? Will CGM be offerred a scholarship to graduate school by the Reverend Jackson? When will the national media arrive to set up cameras and sattelite dishes to beam updates around the world?

Will President Brodhead jump out in front of this one too with pronouncements of presumed guilt? Where is Professor Lubiano? Professor Tyson?

Oh, everyone is in hiding, you say?

Only in Wonderland!

Anonymous said...

This morning's news, is that prosecutors are "considering whether" to upgrade the charges.

Are they freakin' KIDDING me? A man is now DEAD because of this animal, and somehow they need to "consider" whether or not that makes a difference?

Unfortunately this just adds to the speculations about Precious' prior relationships with Durham law enforcement. It is well-known, even a cliche, that prostitutes often serve as police informers. (And c'mon, let's not quibble: Precious was a prostitute, unless men really have an "exotic dancer" sent to their sleazy hotel room in the morning just for a "dance" -- see her "driver's" statement to cops.)

Durham law enforcement should just bite the bullet on this one, and admit that the beast was given a pass for trying to run-over a policeman, and then for being a psychotic false accuser, because she enjoyed protection as a police informant. Then start holding her responsible for her actions that supported not law enforcement, but her own life of criminality and, ultimately, murder.

Jamal Matsuzaka said...

Even if she didn't do it, she should be found guilty for what happened in the past.


Kantian said...

Who is surprised by this latest news about Mangum?
Maybe Duke's preacher Tim Tyson will help her as a character witness. It might get her off since he's a man of God.
Chris -- if you or anyone else had come out long ago for Mangum's arrest for falsely accusing the lacrosse players, none of this would have happened.
Funny that KC won't go all the way back to then, but instead offers a limp regret about the handling of Mangum's arson case.You liberals and the defense attorneys and their politician friends didn't want to mess up the black voting block at the time, but gave the excuse that Mangum was mentally ill and her arrest wouldn't have produced a conviction. What's changed now?
Still the same old talk and the same old spectators and the same old case. I guess you'll be still discussing this crap when you're rocking in your rocking chairs!

Anonymous said...

The 88 - perhaps supported by Nifong - will claim that Mr. Daye never actually existed, but was a Mythical Man" (Wahneema will use the parenthesis ineptly as usual) who stood for the ravages of all men, and that he (or his "image")had to die for the sins of all males. Crystal, their goddess, was merely committing a ritual sacrifice.

The murder is no joke, just as the false accusations from this horrible woman were not funny. She should have been arrested, sued and forced into some kind of treatment facility. Instead, she was bypassed and left to continue her path of destruction.

The tragedy is found in all the lives she's harmed, not in her own miserable existence, and the fact that none of her supporters on the Left and in academia and in the legal system had the discenment of a competent 3rd grader. She should have been prevented from harming herself and others years ago.

Anonymous said...

Will the prosecutor use Tara Levicy to establish that Mr. Daye didn't suffer from wounds inflicted by a sharp object?

She's deluded enough to claim that he fell on his own member repeatedly and inflicted the fatal wounds.

Taaarrrrraaaa, Taaaaarrrraaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Sidney Harr at J4N has posted perhaps the most vile and fantasy ridden post of his sorry blogging life. He first avoids admitting that Crystal actually stabbed Mr Daye, then continues by alledging that perhaps a medical error is responsible for his death. Finally he points the finger at an, as yet un-named, murderer who might have snuck in the hospital finished the job. All this is wrapped in a media conspiracy where the news of Mr Daye's death was suppressed for possibly 2 days and that details are being spared to protect the guilty. I'd like to say this will be the wildest that we'll read about this case but I fear it will not. God Bless you Durham!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@4/16/11 4:23 PM

Sidney Harr alleges someone other than Ms. Mangum murdered Mr. Daye. Who had a motive to kill Mr. Daye?

Had he lived, Mr. Daye could have testified under oath that Crystal Mangum stabbed him and took his money. Who would have been disturbed by that. Crystal? Crystal's Friends? Sidney and his J4N gang?

it is something to think about.

Anonymous said...

KC writes:

"There's no word on whether Bob Steel's million-dollar-man, Tim Tyson, stands by his description of Mangum as 'somebody’s daughter and somebody’s sister and somebody’s mother and somebody's sweetheart.'"


Yeah. And now she is somebody's murderer. Are you really surprised, Timmy?

Anonymous said...

As KC wrote:

"There's no word on whether Bob Steel's million-dollar-man, Tim Tyson, stands by his description of Mangum as 'somebody’s daughter and somebody’s sister and somebody’s mother and somebody's sweetheart.'"


Yeah, and now she is somebody's MURDERER -- are you really suirprised, Timmy? Do you feel any shame in enabling her?