Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mangum Arrested (Yet Again)

False accuser Crystal Mangum was arrested, yet again, reports WTVD-11:
Officers say they were called to the scene of a stabbing at a home located in 3000 block Century Oaks Drive, early Sunday.

When police arrived they say they found a 46-year-old male who had been stabbed in the torso.

The man was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment of his serious injuries.

Officers say they later arrested Mangum, 32, in a nearby apartment.

Mangum is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. She is being held at the Durham County Jail on no bond.

Investigators say Mangum is the victim's girlfriend, and believe the stabbing occurred during an argument.
Will the Group of 88 rally to her defense? After all, in her apologia for the Group of 88's ad, Cathy Davidson reached out to Mangum, lionizing her as a figure deserving sympathy, "a single mother who takes off her clothes for hire partly to pay for tuition at a distinguished historically black college."


Anonymous said...

Just to make sure I understand this correctly -- *this* is the person that Duke bet its endowment and reputation on?

God help Duke. This ship be sinking.

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy I'm sureab (just ask Sidney Harr over at J4N he'll tell you about how the police really stabbed the boyfriend and put Crystal's prints on the knife) once again the false accuser sets herself apart in the worst of ways with this allegation.

wayne fontes said...

Never let it be said that CGM lacks consistency.

Anonymous said...

At her last trial, Judge Jones said he thought she was a "good mother"...

(What a headache to give to Tracey Cline this early in the day...)

skwilli said...

A six year long train wreck, with momentum remaining. I've long since run out of popcorn. Where are the children?

jay said...

Arrest the boyfriend for repeatedly running into the knife she was innocently holding while lovingly making her kids sandwiches for lunch.

jay said...

He also isn't too bright himself for getting back together with her after February's attack (assuming that it is the same boyfriend)

Gary Packwood said...

This is disturbing as Crystal has a long history with the Durham Police Department and the Durham County DA's office that was documented years before the lacrosse team members were set up and so terribly harmed.

It could have been one or more of the lacrosse team members who were stabbed.

There are reasons why Crystal continues to be running lose on the streets and we need to learn about those reasons and who is enabling her.

Every person who has supported Crystal needs to be investigated before Crystal is released again.

And I suggest those investigations be conducted by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of North Carolina.

There is more here than meets the eye, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is taking care of the children. They seem to have been forgotten. Shame on the justice system for leaving them with this psycho mom!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gary Packwood: there is some reason this woman keeps getting out of jams.

Too bad the initial DNA fragments weren't complete enough to compare with Durham's Finest - including local politicians and judges.

jay said...

"Anthony McCullough, who lives nearby, said the victim's name is Reggie Wilson. According to McCullough, who said he's a friend of Wilson, Mangum moved in to Wilson's apartment with her children a few days after they started dating.
McCullough said Mangum stabbed Wilson several times and that he is in 'bad shape.' Police arrested Mangum in February 2010 after an altercation between her and a different boyfriend."

Anonymous said...

Where's Wendy when you need her to stick her foot in the mouth? Or Nancy?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...CM's behavior continues to mock every member of the Group of 88. I bet these moronic academics are looking for another racial social theory to explain CM psychosis. Of course, they have no shame. Nor will we hear a public apology. Why? The smallest reversal crashes their world view -ends the academic pursuit for justification and funding. Sadly, assuming responsibility for their unethical behavior and clear falsehoods requires personal character and personal honor - interesting how these qualities are now in short supply when compared to the accusations, attacks and bravado aimed at the members of the Lacrosse Team.
In a word, shameful.

Anonymous said...

Honor Students at NC-Central rejoice. I would hate to think what the non honor students are doing in society. UGA is going to have to review her application to earn her masters degree. An NC-Central degrees just become (more)suspect.

Anonymous said...


Just when you were deriding Prof. KC Johnson for continuing to blog on this issue -- just when you said he should stop beating a dead horse (or some similar metaphor) -- just when you **again** thought you'd heard the last of Crystal Mangum --

She's Baaaaak!

This "single mother," who was working her way through college by taking her clothes of to pay for her tuition and her children's needs -- arrested **yet again**, for felonious assault.

How many times do you Group of 88 think she's going to burst again upon this scene? Do you seriously think, hope, and pray that she will finally drop out of sight? Because we now have yet another trial to keep this show rolling: Crystal Mangum's upcoming trial for felonious assault.

Of course, her criminal trial will be over long before the lacrosse players' lawsuit. But the two (count em, TWO) trials should, between them, provide many months worth of fodder for ethics bloggers.

Gus W.

Anonymous said...

Post Script to my previous post:

What about Crystal Mangum's children?

Where are they now? Are they finally safe?

How traumatized are they? (Remember, they have seen their own mother act in a violent manner -- twice (at least).

How many years of mental-health counseling will they need after these episodes?

Why didn't the court order that they be placed in a safe home before now?

-- Gus W.

Anonymous said...

Superior Court Judge Abe Jones and District Attorney Tracy Cline put that knife in Crystal Mangum's hands and now likely have the blood of an innocent man on theirs.

Jones for allowing a sham trial to go forward and not forcing jurors to spend time -- even one more day -- to come up with a verdict, and Cline for failing to re-file arson charges and failing to zealously pursue the ones she had filed.

That's not to mention the months of neglect that Jones and Cline inflicted on Mangum's children. "Good mother"? I would say "Bad, stupid judge" and "Bad, corrupt prosecutor." MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

At what point does the blind faith put in this woman shame the Knee-jerk Left? One figures the Group of 88 have essentially purged their collective memory (since they "think" [sic] as a group, I assume they forget as one as well) of their ghastly (and bigoted) casting of their collective lot with this public menace. Looky there...I think I put an "8" and "figures" into the same sentence with The Group. That ought to settle it, eh Dook?

Enjoy the face of the modern victim culture.

jay said...

District Court Judge Nancy Gordon lowered Mangum's bond from $500,000 to $300,000 this morning and told her to have no contact with boyfriend R.D. Wilson.

"Stay away from him. Don't text him. Don't Facebook him. Don't have anyone else do it on your behalf," she said.

Former City Councilwoman Jackie Wagstaff and other Mangum supporters were in the tiny courtroom at the Durham County jail Monday morning. Wagstaff questioned the high bond.

"She's been through two traumatic experience, and she hasn't left Durham yet," Wagstaff said. "If she was a flight risk she would have been gone by now."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid she's going to kill somebody one of these days.

David In TN

Anonymous said...


This isn't a matter of right or left. The 88 live in their own little world. You'd be better off arguing the ivory tower of academia standpoint.

Although I don't doubt that the minute the Crazy 88 heard this little bit of news, each and every member proceeded to simultaneously facepalm and go "Not this $^@! again!"

Just remember, as that ship sinks, stay put and keep saluting. Keep saluting until your last breath, 88.

Anonymous said...

So the paragon of motherhood, is once again accused of wielding a knife against her boyfriend du jour - only this time, this gentleman had the unfortunate luck to be unable to dodge the knife's blade. Our hardworking scholar now finds herself doing research for her masters in criminal justice in the local hoosegow.

When will those who keep making excuses for her wise up and realize that this is a woman who needs help - not enabling.

Anonymous said...

What was it Clark Kent used to say: "This looks like a job for Superman!"

Enter US Attorney General Dick Holder, who will get to the bottom of this latest attempted railroading of CGM, high priestess of Libtard victimhood.

After all, look what he's accomplished so far in his reign.....uh, never mind!

Paging Juaneeeenhaheeho, er, "Jiffy" Lubiano!!!

Anonymous said...

Jane Velez-Mitchell covered this story on her HLN show. Mitchell emphasized the innocence of the accused Duke LAX players and said Mangum "was out of control."

However, Lisa Bloom said that Mangum "had a horrendous ordeal" during the rape case. Bloom was one of the TV talking heads who during the hoax proclaimed the Duke players guilty.

Now, she says Mangum is "innocent until proven guilty." Bloom also resurrected the "lacrosse players were racists" charge, which she says is "a separate issue."

Jane Velez-Mitchell to her credit took up for the accused LAX players while Bloom still attacked them.

David In TN

Fat Man said...

Where is Jesse and Al?

Fatty T said...

What a lot of fuss about a silly little attempted murder. You people should take a look at yourselves and stop being so beastly to Miss M. After all, she is still somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody's mother and somebody's sweetheart. I fear that we're forgetting to keep her humanity before us and keep her central to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

How many times, exactly, will CGM get a pass to continue screwing up her children's lives? Where's the 88 crowd, swooping down to defend her as the victim of white privilege? Hey Tim T., why aren't you in the streets, pot banging with the tofu crowd? Hey, Jackie W., why don't you step up and adopt the kids since you are so concerned about vitim rights? Left wing academic loons, your time has come!! Rise up and defend CGM......

Beau Dure said...

Curious -- has anyone from the Group of 88 said anything about Mangum in the last five years?

Seriously, I'm curious.

f1guyus said...

Worth remembering that having told the whole world exactly what he was going to do Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and started doing it. The Brits and the French avoided confronting him until it was very nearly too late. An awful lot of people are hardwired to either look the other way or actively support people people like Ms Mangum. And as long as Crystal Gail is taking out her own groupies who are we to complain.

Anonymous said...

Mangum should be required to give DNA samples every week from the same regions she was initially tested, as well as drug-tested as a condition for continued motherhood - and let her pay for the tests.

And Tara Levicy should be forced to perform the tests - gratis.

Barbara Seville said...

Sad to say, "David in TN" (4/4/11 at 11:55, above) called this spot-on.

Anonymous said...

The only reason any of you care about Ms. Mangum is because of her role in the Lacrosse rape case, right? Well, help me understand what it is that she represents to you. Why all the venom? Why such hate and vitriol? What is it that she did that has harmed you so much that you feel you have to attack her like this? I'm actually serious about these questions. I really don't understand what it is about her case that has so many of you up in arms to the point where you take the time and effort to say these things about her. I see sarcasm, disgust, hatred. Let's assume that what you say is true and she did in fact lie about what those Lacrosse boys did. People lie all the time. Why is this important to you? How does it affect you? Why do YOU care about this? Also, what do you hope to gain by writing these things about her?

Anonymous said...

To the 7.51: As a woman who was actually raped at Duke, I care because this case brought up a lot of traumatic memories for me. My own professors defended this woman. Initially, I thought they were right to do so. Many lives were affected by this woman's lie, mine included.

That being said, I harbor none of the feelings you mentioned. Mostly, I pity her.

Here's the thing: while I was learning about bias in culture from professors who jumped all over this case for what presumably are issues of race, class, and gender, I was ACTUALLY raped.

Her lie is a slap in the face to all real rape victims.

FWIW, I happen to be white. When I was raped--NOTHING happened. My professors didn't take out a full page ad in the campus newspaper. Etc.

The case is very interesting on that level.

Thanks for the questions--

I don't feel the need to slander Ms. Magnum (she does that well enough herself)

but no way in hell should ANYONE have to defend their interest in the case again.

Anonymous said...

Why is this important to you? How does it affect you? Why do YOU care about this?

@Anon 7:51am: Honestly, I can't believe you don't know the answer to your own question. Because Magnum is a perpetrator of INJUSTICE. Time and time again. And the incident has a strong racial component to it. And I happen to be Caucasian. Just like all those Black college student rose to Magnum's defense. Why was it important to them? Why did they care?

Also because of what Anon8:42 wrote. It seems we are all "equal" but some are more "equal" than others. Where were these 88 intelligensia clowns when she was violated? It's because they, like the media, are only interested in a story that has certain elements. Continuing to fuel race and gender issues (and creating them where there are none) is a money-maker in some circles, such as higher education and journalism/media.

Anonymous said...

Let's assume that what you say is true and she did in fact lie about what those Lacrosse boys did. People lie all the time.

How many lies lead to an attempted prosecution of three men and the cancellation of a sports season for the "amusement" of idiots in the main stream media?