Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Supreme Court Update

A minor item from the Supreme Court docket.

Yesterday, the Justices formally requested that Durham provide a response to the falsely accused players' cert. petition. Durham, by contrast, had sought to waive its right to respond, suggesting that it viewed the players' claims as so weak that they should be rejected out of hand. The procedural move is a very minor one, but at the least suggests that some members of the Court did not consider the question an open-and-shut one. But it should not be interpreted as anything more than that.

Durham's reply was originally due next Tuesday, but the new deadline is 11 July.


skwilli said...

The wheels of Justice grind very slowly.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...
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Anonymous said...

"But it should not be interpreted as anything more than that."

Something to ponder as we wait:

"The City on the Edge of Forever"

Kirk: What is it?

Guardian: A question. Since before your sun burned hot in space, and before your race was born, I have

awaited a question.

Kirk: What are you?

Guardian: I am the Guardian of Forever.

Kirk: Are you machine or being?

Guardian: I am both, and neither. I am my own beginning - my own ending.

Spock: I see no reason for answers to be couched in riddle.

Guardian: My answer is simply at the level your understanding makes possible.

Will the court tinker with a past decision and change our future? Tune in next term!