Monday, January 27, 2014

UNC News

Two UNC-related items in the news.

First, over at Minding the Campus, I have a piece on the continuing controversies at UNC, where the Afro-American Studies Department hosted a variety of no-show classes for student-athletes (and some non-athletes).

And today’s Chronicle brings news that the book penned by anti-lacrosse extremist Tim Tyson—who, among other things, suggested that it might have been “illegal” for the lacrosse players to have insisted on having attorneys before they spoke to Durham Police officers—was chosen as the required pre-orientation reading by the University of North Carolina (and, for good measure, by the Duke Divinity School). A reminder that in the academy, extremism of a certain type never causes a loss of credibility.

Tyson also revealed that he’s working on a new project, focused on the murder of Emmett Till. Unlike his colleague in the anti-lacrosse crusade, William Chafe, who infamously used the Till case to contextualize the lacrosse case, at least Tyson got the year of Till’s murder correct.


Anonymous said...

Is Tyson a Communist?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that every year the Atlanta Journal-Constitution runs an article on Emmitt Till; since our African-American president, who campaigned on the issue of bringing Americans closer together but has forced us to be more divisive, i.e., the Professor Gates matter, "If I had a son he'd be just like Travon Martin..", etc., the recounting of the Emmitt Till murder is just to remind blacks who their enemies are.
Big Al

Anonymous said...

A bit off-topic, but a former New York Times journalist has written a play apparently about the media response to the lacrosse rape hoax.,0,855783.story#axzz2ruL8xLYE