Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rosenberg e-mail

On 7/8/06, KC Johnson wrote:
Professor Rosenberg:

My name is KC Johnson; I'm a professor of history at Brooklyn College.

I write for a historians' blog called Cliopatria, where I've commented fairly often about the lacrosse case. I've been distressed by the silence of the Duke arts and sciences faculty regarding the unusual procedures employed by the local authorities. Indeed, to my knowledge, not one member of the arts and sciences faculty has criticized the authorities' conduct, much less spoken in a positive fashion about the Duke students caught in the crossfire.

I noticed that you signed the so-called "listening" statement; I also noticed, in looking through a recent motion, that you taught Reade Seligmann, who, it seems to me, is the one indisputable victim in this whole mess. I'm curious as to why you haven't spoken out on Seligmann's behalf; and whether, now that you've seen the way the investigation has proceeded, you have reconsidered your endorsement of the "listening" statement.

KC Johnson

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