Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Liddicott: No Comment

Yesterday, I e-mailed the Broward County Sheriff’s Office media division with two questions for Chief Roy Liddicott. I asked,

That report stated that the DPD had received “undue criticism” for its handling of the lacrosse investigation, and suggested that the Attorney General’s report was “expected to validate the police department’s involvement and speak favorable of its actions.” Now that the report has appeared, does Chief Liddicott see the document as “validating” the DPD’s actions?

Also, did the Chief believe that the notetaking approach outlined by DPD Sgt. Mark Gottlieb—keeping contemporaneous notes on a dry-eraser board, which were accidentally erased—is reflective of “ a credit to our profession and a definite asset to the City of Durham,” as his report described the DPD?

The Media Relations Division has just replied: “On behalf of Chief Liddicott, we respectfully decline your request for an interview.”

It seems as if Chief Liddicott isn’t too eager to stand behind his work.


Anonymous said...


Glad you sent the email to them, and I am not surprised that Liddicott has turned down the opportunity to answer your legitimate questions.

Organizations like CALEA exist not to improve police conduct or to make police departments more "profession." Instead, they are little more than a CYA outfit that exists to help cover up police misconduct and brutality. We saw the Durham police actively trying to frame innocent people, and apparently that is just fine with the voters and officials of Durham.

It definitely would be fine with people like Liddicott, as he is involved in a profession in which its members are permitted to commit crimes at will, but not be held accountable for them. Liddicott is not making law enforcement more accountable; he just is trying to cover up criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Liddicott: "My mind is made up, don't try to confuse me with facts. Nothing to see here, keep moving."

I lived in Prince William County, Virginia,fir over 20 years so I have first-hand experience with police chiefs like Liddicott. I think they have become the rule rather than the exception.

Anonymous said...

Chief Chalmers & Chief Liddicott

Are they related?!? When asked for their attention, they're no where to be found!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone who is a better writer than me can send in some choice words to his local newspaper to get on his case:,0,4645389.customform?coll=sofla_news_opinion_xpromo

Anonymous said...

DUKE STUDENT: "Yes, you know how to make the policies, you just don't know how to FOLLOW the policies and that's really the most important part of a policy, the FOLLOWING part. Anybody can just MAKE a policy."

[Again, stolen from "Seinfeld"]

My New Policies:

1. I will henceforth never again discriminate based upon odor.

2. I will never, ever tell a lie.

3. I will never, ever view internet porn.

4. I will never, ever ask a lady when her baby is due, unless I have discretely found out that she is, in fact, pregnant.

5. I will never, ever eat sugary, fatty or chocolaty foods, or eat anything from a waiter who asks about my personal "3 second" dropped food policy.

6. I will never make fun of another of "Tara's Trolls" or GIS when mac or inman do so.

[C'mon, guys, try it, this is easy! And there are no consequences!]

Dear Chief Liddicott:

Re: Your response to K.C. Johnson -

Way to be TRANSPARENT! That was very COMMUNITY-FRIENDLY of you! You really stuck to AGENCY CULTURE! And many thanks for helping to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE for all the residents of Durham!


Police Chief Chalmers (ret.)

"There would have been joy in Mudville if the manager had pinch-hit K.C." (Author Unknown). MOO! Gregory

Tim Murray said...

"Request for an interview"? You asked two simple questions. When will people in these positions realize they look worse not coming up with an answer? Of course, if there is no plausible answer, then they are wise to avoid you.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, if there is no plausible answer, then they are wise to avoid you."

If only it were that simple.

Put "Roy Liddicott" into Google and this post is the 7th listing. Put in "Chief Roy Liddicott" and it's the first.

The Internet never forgets.

Anonymous said...

No--the second question is a "When did you stop beating your wife?" question.

Anonymous said...

Is CALEA basically like a diploma mill, offering meaningless credentials for a fee, or is it something that real PDs pay attention to?

Anonymous said...

LAPD has CALEA accreditation. LAPD officers routinely beat the s**t out of innocent people, on camera. LAPD has the worst reputation in the nation for excesses and brutality. Anyone could have figured out how meaningful CALEA would be in Durham before this process was even begun. Sigh....

Anonymous said...


Why worry about the fee? It is for the mismanaged, non-integrity based departments to "bestow" accreditation upon other mismanaged, non-integrity based departments.

KC is the WIZARD. Liddicott is a wizard wannabe. The question he needs to be asked: Do you have an opening for Chalmers, Gottlieb, Himan, Addison, Wilson, et al? Since you think that they are so wonderful and that the DPD is a bastion of excellence (when the rest of the civilized world recognizes it as a den of corruption), they take them, they are yours! You obviously need to surround yourself with "good" people. We don't want or need them in NC. We'll even send them down to Fort Lauderdale. They can become outstanding members of the Fort Laugherdale-Hollyywwooodd Airport Division. Seems to me that they will be as good as those overnight airport inspectors in the Midwest uncovered a couple of weeks ago.

The only question that remains-----When, if ever, will this madness end?

Gary Packwood said...

The report itself would have been viewed by former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell's press agent as... a Blow Job.

And we wonder why Chief Liddicott isn’t too eager to stand behind his work?


Anonymous said...

Gregory - Those guys enjoy making fools of themselves.

Anonymous said...


Re: Chief Liddicott's report

The stupidity of this man is simply mind numbing. I'd like to find a more reserved description but nothing comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

CALEA is a southern product to make the PD's down south look good. I am now a retired P/O and attended the New Jersey State Police Academy, which does not us CALEA. Why, because they don't need that political group of cronies evaluating us in NJ.

Anonymous said...

K.C., I think a second book is in order, don't you?

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising to anyone.

And I fear that KC has just given us a preview of what's to come from the so-called Whichard Committee.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Liddicott went to the David Addison school of Public Relations. Here's how it works:

1) Make statements that are complete bullshit, and can easily be proven to be complete bullshit.

2) Better yet, put into writing statements that are and can be proven to be complete bullshit.

3) Pretend said bullshit never happened.

4) Watch your credibility turn to complete bullshit.

Liddicott has so far managed to accomplish the first three. Now all he needs to do is sit back and relax as the rest of the world affirms number 4 for him.

Again, I ask why isn't a member of the media on this story? Why does it take a Brooklyn College History Professor to shine light on dishonest police and public officials?

I think it's time for some good concerned citizens to contact the Chief and ask him about this situation. Anyone have his email?

Anonymous said...

Ok....Gregory (4:44) laid down the guantlet and I, for one, never, ever back down from the equivalent of a triple dog dare....

My New Policies:

1. I will henceforth never again discriminate based upon my own odor.

2. I will never, ever tell a lie without my fingers crossed.

3. I will never, ever view internet porn over anything but the internet.

4. I will never, ever ask a lady when her baby is due, unless I have discretely found out that she is, in fact, pregnant or I am, in fact, the father.

5. Food. I will never adopt any policies that prevent me from pursuing any gosh durn food I want. How else can one pursue corpulence? huh?

6. "I will never make fun of another of "Tara's Trolls" or GIS when mac or inman do so." Excuse me...first what the f--k is GIS.

7. I will never ever add an 'M' to GIS in public.

So there.

oh, I almost forgot,

8. I will continue to open doors for ladies of all color and creed; further, I will never respond to a slap from a feminist.

God this feels good. It is soooo liberating,...

Anonymous said...

Didn't the chief write, "“The Durham Police Department is committed to an ongoing and transparent relationship with the community.”

This after David Addison (the PD spokesperson for God's sake!!!!) has refused to answer any questions about the false statements he put out.

I guess the Liddicott has the same ideas about trasnparency the Durham PD has.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome, Inman! I violated one of mine already, and, in doing so, violated another. But, you know what? They're just policies, so who cares.

P.S. I think "GIS" is Debrah-speak for "giggling inside."


I agree with Anonymous at 6:17, there needs to be a second book (or a series). Douglas Adams eventually had 5 books in his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy. Not a bad precedent.

"The last meaningful question of the Hoax will be how many stars the Herald-Sun book reviewer gives to Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson's book." Things that Make you go hmmmm....MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the number of people and organizations that have seriously damaged, if not destroyed, their credentials by trying to defend the indefensible or attempting a weekend-at-Bernie's prop up of the DPD/Nifong. Nifong has been disbarred, Meehan (and his business) have been ruined, the group of 88 has been disgraced, the H-S has been discredited. Liddicott found that it was not too late to call the work of CALEA into question.

Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts:

I think police departments breed bullies because they are able to walk around with guns while also being able to avoid scrutiny of their procedures.

We often read accounts of cops abusing spouses. How prolific is that feature?

Many times, cops go into their careers without a university education. Should that matter?

Lastly, if a woman feels the need to hit a man for any reason, please make sure he is a Liberal...and I am very serious about that!

I'll relay this little episode from a time when I was a university student: I was dating--just going out to dinner, etc...--with a professor in the foreign language department. He also taught French Comparative Literature and about 4 or 5 other different courses.

He was quite unusual.....having been born in Madrid and educated at Oxford. It was almost impossible to believe that he was a university professor because he always wore Gucci loafers, custom-made suits, and spoke with an intoxicating accent--British with a very cosmopolitan flavor.

He was so intelligent and I learned quite a lot from him. One week I had a book review due, but would be out of town unexpectedly and didn't have time.

He skimmed the book for me and wrote a review in about 20 minutes.

Although there were many interesting things about him, he had a kind of "Old World-ness" that didn't mesh with the lifestyle of a 19-20-21-year-old....even though I was very mature for my age.

Even though I was very fond of youthful temper overtook any fears I might have harbored about striking a man.

In fact, I am most certainly not a physical type in confrontations. A biting tongue is my weapon.

For some reason I was just so angry because he was late and it messed up an audition I had on campus.....and I suppose there were lots of other ancillary reasons I don't now recall now....but I removed the wire-rimmed glasses from his face and back-handed him (while wearing heavy silver jewelry) and bursted his lip.

Then I put his glasses on the floor and stomped on them.

If I had done that to a conservative man, I would be dead.

This Liberal man just picked them up and pulled his handkerchief from his coat pocket to wipe his mouth and left.

The next day, he called me to go to dinner.

True story.

I'm not proud of this, but I was very young and just maybe a little spoiled at that time.

To all women: If you feel like hitting a man, makes sure he's a Liberal......and not a cop.


Anonymous said...

"It seems as if Chief Liddicott isn’t too eager to stand behind his work."

WHAT work? If Liddicott was naked and his 'work' was clothing, there wouldn't be enough there to cover one of his dimples.

Anonymous said...


Have we dated?

Tom Inman

Anonymous said...

Oh and Debrah,

I'd bet you were hot as a 19-20-21 year old.

Frankly, I'd bet you'd still melt ice cream!


Anonymous said...

To 7:53 pm
Your parent's must have been so proud of you dating your professor while in college. Sure am glad he is not a cop, hate to see him bitch slapped.

Anonymous said...

7:50 Are you sure that Meeham's lab is ruined? Last I read, the lab had a big contract from Florida Law Enforcement.

Anonymous said...

TO 9:00PM--

He wasn't MY professor. I had no class with him.

It is perfectly ok to date a professor unless you are, or will be, in his classroom.

To 8:27PM--

I don't know. Were you back-handed by someone?



Anonymous said...

Dear Debrah,

My lip still quivers.

Someone back-handed by someone many a time and potentially not you, but I'm willing to try again

Anonymous said...

to 7:53 poster
Your college experience must have been so devoid. Can't imagine dating a professor!

Anonymous said...

TO 10:29PM--

Oh, please.

Pedantic passion can be intoxicating.

Much more thrilling than frat house parties.



Anonymous said...


Are there ANY institutions that we can rely on?
Church ?
University ?
Police ?
Secondary Education ?

Anonymous said...

Pedantic does not supersede deprivation. Really sad your college social life was limited to dating professor's and/or attending frat parties.

Anonymous said...

Is Gottlieb a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is Gottlieb a Communist?

8/9/07 12:08 AM


Hey pal, was Karl Marx a communist? Please knock it off.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that it is more likely that the good chief doesn't want to get involved with this blog.

Anonymous said...


No apostrophe on plural professors. High school English...

Tawny2 said...

I certainly hope that the DPD isn't really taking any of the CALEA's hyperbolic commendations too seriously. I mean what if the DPD actually comes to believe that due to their "accreditation" that they really stand for truth, justice and the American way. Before you know it they'll begin to convince themselves that they can actually leap tall buildings in a single bound [well, maybe not Gottleib].

I was also interested to see how the accrediting team, lead by the redoubtable Chief Liddicott "rejoiced" that Durham is now known as the "City of Medicine." More dignified, perhaps, but not half as descriptive or honest as Durham's former monicker "Bull City." Perhaps the good citizens of Durham should think about this next time they try to get a straight, truthful answer from, oh let's say David Addison or Kammie Michael. Bull is the word.

mac said...

I have neighbors who moved here because their kids were being introduced to thuggery in Orlando: they're doing well here.
From their description of things, Orlando - (and lots of other places if Florida) - sounds like the City of Durrhhh.

I went to Ft. Lauderdale several years back. My wife and I were advised to stay within a block of the beach, and not to head inland very far, as the neighborhoods were dangerous.
Are these places where these so-called accreditors come from? I wouldn't trust their judgement for anything, based upon their own cities!

Some cops view criminals as "a guarantee of continued employment."

Anonymous said...

"It seems as if Chief Liddicott isn’t too eager to stand behind his work"

No he isn't. And he isn't a "credit to his profession" either. In fact, along with the DPD, he's a total disgrace to his profession.

GaryB said...

It occurs to me that Gottlieb perfectly exemplifies the "coward-bully". What was he doing before the LAX case (in which case he showed that he was willing to lie and imprison innocent people in order to toady up to his "superior" Nifong)?

He was arresting and bullying Duke students at phenomenal rates.

How hard is that? Harassing a drunk student vs dealing with hard crime and hardened criminals in Durham's poorer quarters. Pulling the hardened criminals out of the poor neighborhoods directly helps the poor. Harassing Duke students accomplishes little beyond the simpler act of telling people to shut down parties that run too late so that the neighbors can sleep. But, it's much safer, bolsters your arrest record and easy and safe to push students around -- they won't shoot back.

There was no "wall of silence" from the Duke team, but there is in fact a wall of silence from the Durham police department, and guys like Gottlieb are hiding behind that wall. Coward.

Anonymous said...

"but there is in fact a wall of silence from the Durham police department..."

And people from three other police departments just signed on. It's really pretty universal that cops look after their "own" no matter how dirty.

Anonymous said...

I have no respect for the DPD upper management, but working the streets is dangerous. I have a lot of respect for cops.

mac said...

I have a lot of respect for cops in my town, but it's hard to like the dee pee dee.

Except Sgt. Shelton. Except for the fact that he probably is the reason Durrhh got accredited.


Anonymous said...

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