Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cooper: Joint Federal-State Investigation Needed

A letter from Jim Cooney to federal authorities revealed that Roy Cooper has requested a joint federal-state criminal investigation into government authorities' conduct in the lacrosse case. Cooney's letter lays out the possible conflict of interest by the local U.S. attorney, Anna Mills Waggoner (whose passivity in this affair has been inexplicable), confirms that federal investigators were in Raleigh in September, and calls on the federal government to accept Cooper's request.


Anonymous said...

I think that Jim is just being nice to Waggoner. Under the conflict theory he suggests, no US Attorney could investigate complaints in their own state, or district at least.

Anonymous said...

Waggoner has been a disgrace to her office. It may be that a thorough investigation would reveal that she has been actively involved in a process to suppress a federal inquiry. I suspect that Duke's foul hands may be involved in putting pressure on Waggoner and others within the DOJ to back-off.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the investigation will be honest and above board. To date, AG Cooper's statement is about the only government comment available.
It's about time that someone investigates this whole debacle. Will the investigation truly look into prosecutorial and police misconduct? Hopefully, groups who protested and threatened the LAX players will realize that the justice sought by these three innocent young men is also the same justice that they have sought for years. Their attitude seems to be Justice is for Just Us rather than justice for all.
Let an honest investigation begin.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to read these letters since it seemed the case had slipped into the unfathomable vortex of a black hole. What in God's name are these people (the State AG and the US Attorneys) for if not for this??? The conclusion that certain members of the Durham LE and legal communities acted under "color of law" to deprive the former LAX defendants of their constitutional rights is nearly impossible to avoid...I am relieved to see that Jim Cooney is still on the case. Perhaps a march in Raleigh/Durham is still needed.


Anonymous said...

Memo to Durham: Reach a settlement with the three players NOW. It will get far more expensive once the feds start investigating. After all, we all know what they are going to find, and it won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

Is Waggoner a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my!

KC - what do you see as the civil suit implications? For example, would the courts postpone the civil suits should a federal criminal investigation begin? Would not all witnesses simply plead the Fifth otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Jim Cooney's letter requesting a federal investigation is definitely significant. Worthwhile reading.

About Crystal, and the view that she is too divorced from reality to prosecute:

Recall that she kept changing her story to conform with the alibis and timelines that were revealed. The question is, given that her fabrications were so precise each time, DID MANGUM HAVE HELP IN PRODUCING EACH NEW VERSION? For someone who is presented as a flake, her stories were carefully crafted.
It would not be surprising, at all, to find that someone was feeding her the 'new, revised' hoax story, each time.

That the esteemed members of the fourth estate ignored the lack of consistency to her serialized versions, and ignored Mr Nifong's complete acceptance of them is something that boggles the mind.

Could Crystal be shielding some key figure from possible charges of tampering with her testimony ?

Anonymous said...


Its Halloween.

The ghouls who run the town are in a frenzy with dance and frolic. No one hears the small sound in the distance. No one sees the reddish light. The Angel of Wrath is coming this way.

Behind him lies Darkness and Despair.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its about time the Federal Investigators get in there. This case will not go away and people of this country will allow their constitution be spit upon by corruption.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:18,

I would be stunned if Duke had tried to exert any influence with Ms. Waggoner to prevent an investigation. What troubles me is that neither Duke nor its students seem to be pushing FOR an investigation. It would seem to me that this would be an issue of paramount importance to them. Apparently Duke, where the Administration takes measures to stop its students from registering other students to vote lest it be perceived as a racist institution, cannot bring itself EVEN NOW to take a public stand for an investigation and against the crimes perpetrated on its own students UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW. Where is the outrage that would be commensurate with this situation? Did I miss something here?

Excellent move to call in the NJ US Attorneys. Love that. Oh, and the tone of Mr. Cooney's letter seems to me right on pitch.

More loud cheers for Roy Cooper, too. I have pretty high expectations he will see this thing through.


Anonymous said...

Contact info:

Anna Mills S. Wagoner
U.S. Atty. for the Middle District of North Carolina
P.O. Box 1858
Greensboro, NC 27402


Her boss is:


Anonymous said...

Maybe the pressure on Waggoner is coing from the Dukes BOT. May the steel man himself.

Anonymous said...

This confirms that Bill Clinton had better advice than G.W.Bush: fire them all and start with your own (US Attr'y Gen'ls, that is).

Anonymous said...

You don't think Bob Steel, high level Department of Treasury official, would possibly tell the DOJ "there is nothing to see here, just some hooligan college students" do you?--Buddy

Anonymous said...

Gang of 88 Stalwart: Mark Anthony Neal:

thugniggaintellectual “HATES” to hear this kind of (Expletive Deleted) talk.

Tiger Woods coined his race as “Cablinasian,”
When Tiger Woods exploded on the professional golf scene, a number of African-Americans expected him to articulate to the public how a black man overcame the racial barriers in a practically all white sport. Consequently, Tiger insisted that he did not consider himself to be entirely black. Instead, he coined his own designation as “Cablinasian,” which recognized the Caucasian, Black, Indian, and Asian elements of himself.

The firestorm that resulted was immediate and intense.

Prominent minority leaders and organizations trashed him. Tiger was roundly ridiculed and criticized, especially by people who felt that he betrayed blacks. At best, he was described as uninformed and naïve while at worst he was described using words that I will not print here.

But in many ways, I can empathize with Tiger.

There are a growing number of Americans who just want to consider themselves as that; American. Or perhaps in Tiger’s fashion, a little bit of everything. My son is half Hispanic and half white. He is not one or the other because he is both. So what is the use of playing this “either/or” game of what you are?

As Tiger Woods stated on Oprah:

“I'm just who I am… whoever you see in front of you.”

Debrah said...

H-S letters:

Bell doesn't get it

Last week I was in Page Auditorium for the mayoral debate. Saying it got a bit raw is putting it mildly. One point stuck with me, as I could not believe what I thought I heard.

Bill Bell repeatedly castigated Thomas Stith for his "lack of leadership". One of the anecdotes Bell used to expose Stith's shortcomings was the discussion of Stith's assertion that there was a problem with the sanctuary city policy.

As Bell told it, he had arranged to discuss this issue at a City Council work session "a week from Thursday" (10 days later). Yet Stith insisted on issuing a proposal at the public hearing that Monday night ("Didn't he get the memo?").

The fact that citizens were there to participate seemed to concern Bell, apparently because the Council's schedule had been ruined. It was clear that the mayor's nose was out of joint that the councilman was not following where he was leading.

So leadership, to Bell, is to get a majority of the council to schedule an item on a work session agenda, "... a week from Thursday." Raising the issue in public, stirring a grass-roots organization to get busy citizens to attend the meeting on short notice, and having the matter cleared up in less than 24 hours, as Stith did, shows, at least to Bell, no leadership at all.

October 31, 2007


We need Stith, audits

It has been said, "Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing." Some attribute this to Stephen Covey.

A financial audit determines whether the organization is doing things right. A performance audit determines whether the organization is doing the right thing. Thomas Stith has been a strong proponent of having a performance audit for the City of Durham.

I believe the citizens of Durham should know whether the city is doing the right thing. A performance audit will assist in determining whether the right things are being done. My vote is for leadership and doing the right things. Hence, my vote is going to Thomas Stith.

October 31, 2007


This is leadership?

Let me get this right --- Bill Bell wants me to vote for him to be mayor of Durham because of his leadership.

Federal and state regulators cited Mutual Community Bank for inadequate board oversight during Bell's tenure as board chairman. Federal and state regulators ordered the bank to stop operating with a board of directors that hasn't provided adequate supervision. That's the board of which Bell is chairman.

After over 80 years of service to our community, Mutual Community Bank does not deserve this type of chapter in its history. Now, the City of Durham is being sued for $30 million. Guess who the mayor is?

October 31, 2007

W. R. Chambers said...

There is more work for the North Carolina State Bar to do. It should investigate whether other lawyers had a duty to report Nifong or to otherwise counteract Nifong's misconduct.

If the North Carolina State Bar investigates whether other lawyers aided and adbetted Nifong in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct - including remaining silent when they had a duty report Nifong -it would help bring about a fundamental change in lawyer regulation.

Debrah said...

More wisdom from the ever-brilliant Thomas Sowell.

Debrah said...

Liestoppers has stopped its clock, I see.

"Time it has taken Roy Cooper to start a criminal investigation

131 Days, 11 Hours, 45 Minutes, 28 Seconds."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is Waggoner a Communist?

10/31/07 7:49 AM
No, but Wagner was a fascist.

Anonymous said...

Ethically required to report unethical behavior. Right?

OT: University to students: 'All whites are racist'.

It ain't just Duke!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is Waggoner a Communist?

10/31/07 7:49 AM
No, but Wagner was a fascist.

10/31/07 11:45 AM
And Porter Wagoner is dead. RIP.

Anonymous said...

G-88 Mental Acuity

Waheema/Wahneema Lubiano sits in her office reading D-I-W. The remarks attacking female journalist Emily Rooney, not black, but still a female, MUST NOT STAND! Why Rooney, bless her little heart, is a cutting edge liberal,leftist, feminist-journalist.(The very best kind.)

I must pen a little ditty in her defense. I’ll shape it as a listening ad, and get like-minded folks to sign it. Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Esteemed tender-hearted colleagues: It has come to my attention, that the conservative, self-righteous, right wing, wing-nuts,are nefariously attacking one of our own. It is in our best interest, NAY OUR DUTY, to confront these heartless, unlettered bigots.

If you agree with my sentiments, add your name to my e-mail, and return it ASAP. (Strike while the iron is hot is my motto.)

I will be collecting a few cents for publishing expenses. (The ad expense may not make it past the OMB clods this time.)

This is just a rough draft, but never fear, my meaning will be clear.I will clarify each point in one thousand words or less using my best scholarly prose.

Where to start? SOMETHING HAPPENED that dusky, shadowy, dreary, starless, moonless, windy, cloudy, spooky, witchcraft-filled…………

Sound ridiculous? Of course it does.
I am not going to sign it.
E-mail deleted by Professor Rational I. Think

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out the LS clock, Debrah. I still get emotional about this case, especially when someone does something right.


Debrah said...

TO "traveler" (9:48 AM)--

Tiger Woods has always maintained that he will recognize all aspects of his heritage and I applaud him so much for that.

Oddly, though predictably, he has said that it is black America who has given him such a difficult time about his personal choices.

Gang of 88-er Orin Starn sent a little column months ago to the N&O featuring Tiger Woods and glowingly using him as an example of his disdain for color lines.

Too bad for little Orin that all of us know him too well for his race-baiting diatribes during the most crucial point of the lacrosse case---irreparably harming Reade, Collin, and David.

Starn has been trying to publicly rehabilitate himself ever since; however, no one is buying it.

I still long for the day when we might live our lives free of the race industry.

Oh, how I want it that way.

Debrah said...

Who is Porter Wagoner?

Is he also a communist?


Anonymous said...

I must admit this is the best news possible for ALL sides. It finally allows:

1) Case against Duke and Durham to be reviewed by a non biased team of professional investigators (and let the axe fall where it may),

2) “something happened” crowd, who refuse to believe the NC AG’s report, now have a chance to finally find out what really happened in Durham,

3) Civil trials to halt pending further criminal investigations (and actually saves the plaintiffs and North Carolina a lot of discovery costs), and

4) All the B***S*** that has been coming out of Durham and Duke over the last 18 months to be exposed to the light of day (even manure, once sanitized, becomes a useful fertilizer from which plants can grow!).

Sooner the better for all concerned – LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Jim in San Diego said...

How could Federal prosecuters travel to North Carolina, and be instructed by the DOJ to not meet with the N. Carolina AG, the single most knowledgeable N.Carolina official in the State concerning the Duke case?

Who had the authority to give such an instruction?

Why was it given?

Is there any way to get to the answers to these questions?

Anonymous said...


Stranger-than-fiction re-education/indoctrination nonsense.

Johnnie said...

In criminal cases where there are civil rights violations, the Civil Rights Division (CRD), headquartered and working out of Washington DC as part of the Department of Justice, is the lead in any investigation. The local US Attorney has little or no influence on the prosecution of the case as the assigned Trial Attorney from CRD is the lead attorney. A local Assitant United States Attorney is assigned to the case to assist the Trial Attorny, but he or she has little or no authority in the investigation or prosecutorial decisions. The problem here is left wing CRD Trial Attorneys who don't like prosecuting cases involving white, heterosexual, Christian victims. They overwhelmingly prefer other victims, even though they love prosecuting white cops.

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to how much evidence the Durham police and Nifong have destroyed. We are speaking of events that happened 18 months ago, and I can only imagine that the people who would be investigated have tried to cover their tracks as best they could.

Debrah said...

TO Observer (12:35 PM)--

So do I!

Something tells me that the real drama is just about to begin.


Anonymous said...

Just what exactly will the "FEDS" investigate? Will they probe deeper into the deviants of Durham? Do you honestly believe they will actually seek indictments and show the world their dirty laundry? Numerous high ranking officials in Washington monitor these sites daily. You have to ask yourself, why? The answer is crystal clear. The "Powers That Be" do NOT want to become involved in any Federal Investigation. They most definitely fear the exposure of the corruption and abuses in office. Again I ask the media and readers to dig deeper into Durham's notorious past. From the prostitution ring being run from the DPD in the 90's to the most recent SBI "sting" into the La Zona, owned by a deputy sheriff. Reported and caught on tape admitting to murders for hire, trafficking women and children for prostitution, massive cocaine distribution, counterfeiting, and God only knows what else. 3 of these men were all deputies, one even the HEAD of the Gang Unit, and author. What has become of the people mentioned on the "hit" list? Were they ever even told they had even been mentioned? What happened to the poor innocent souls entrapped into sexual slavery, have they been rescued? Then too about the drugs, and other crimes committed by Durham's finest in Law Enforcement, does "ANYBODY" care?!

Has Mr Cooper, or "ANYBODY" ever acknowledged these crimes against humanity, and put forth any effort to take action? The sheriff and his own spokespersons have been quoted as saying these "officers" were the BEST, and did not have enough evidence to bring further charges? Yet, they were more than willing to allow 3 innocent men go to prison for a crime they KNEW they did not do, all for political gain? Where is the outrage?! Murders go unsolved, drug abuses escalate, and all of these government entities are fully aware of these most nefarious deeds and fail to not only acknowledge them, but further conspire to hide these crimes to ensure they never see the light of day.

I personally beseech my request for citizens, legislators, journalists, and the Department Of Justice to take action! The LAX3 Hoax is but the tip of the iceberg. This is much larger then one man, (Nifong) and long past due to be addressed. Saying "I did not know" is not an excuse. Pleading ignorance proves just that, ignorance! Deeper issues beg for resolution, along with my own personal quest to find JUSTICE for my dearest brother, whose murder in Durham in 2005 remains unresolved. I DEMAND accountability, and will continue to fight until there is a roar so loud, "THEY" will have no choice than to open their eyes and ears and realize WE will not tolerate the denial any longer!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

To Debra at 12:37. Whatever else you might want to say about Starn, he is not a signatory of the listening ad, and therefore he is not a "Gang of 88-er."

And to Debra at 12:38. Porter Wagoner was a country singer who has been around for many years. When I was a kid of about 9 or 10, my father always watched the Porter Wagoner Show on Saturday nights. Porter was a tall, thin guy with blond hair and he always were sequined (sp?) cowboy suits.

Ken Duke

Anonymous said...

Porter Wagoner wrote "The Green, Green Grass of Home." And wasn't a communist.

Anonymous said...

debrah @10/31 12:38 PM (cf. Ken Duke @ 2:08PM)

Besides introducing Dolly Parton to the world, Porter Wagoner introduced James Brown and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" to the Grand Ole Opry, for which he probably was regarded as a communist by some.

But I say the angels in heaven rejoiced to receive him into the chorus. :)

anon@10/31 1 PM:

amac has posted several links related to your topic about 3 threads below, "Post Dispatch UPI". Yours and his strike me as entirely relevant to the Duke mess.


Gary Packwood said...

A Duke Dad 8:34 said...

...Jim Cooney's letter requesting a federal investigation is definitely significant. Worthwhile reading.
....About Crystal, and the view that she is too divorced from reality to prosecute:
...Recall that she kept changing her story to conform with the alibis and timelines that were revealed. The question is, given that her fabrications were so
precise each time, DID MANGUM HAVE HELP IN PRODUCING EACH NEW VERSION? For someone who is presented as a flake, her stories were
carefully crafted.
It would not be surprising, at all, to find that someone was feeding her the 'new, revised' hoax story, each time.
...That the esteemed members of the fourth estate ignored the lack of consistency to her serialized versions, and ignored Mr Nifong's complete acceptance
...of them is something that boggles the mind.
...Could Crystal be shielding some key figure from possible charges of tampering with her testimony ?
Good summary of what probably happened and you asked if Crystal could be shielding someone. Absolutely... and I'll bet those people no longer live in North Carolina.

That is why I will be happy to see the Feds get involved so that they can interview people all across the country.

becket03 said...

OK, let me get this straight. Cooney is saying that in early September interim Durham DA Jim Hardin sent a criminal referral (i.e., a finding that criminal activity may have occurred) to State Atty Gen Roy Cooper, and shortly thereafter Cooper asked the Fed Gov't to assist him in investigating the matters named in the referral.

That's almost two months ago, and still no public announcement of a joint investigation. IIRC, early Sept was a very fluid period with lots of positioning going on in preparation for the civil suit against Durham. Cooper's letter may have been a CYA gesture, contingent for its sincerity upon other factors not publicly known. Since two months have passed and he hasn't reiterated his request, and since the story now has dropped off the national media radar, one can only wonder if the State AG feels his office can ride out the storm without an investigation.

Anyway I might be wrong. Maybe Cooper is for real (doubt it - most politicians aren't), and he's still working behind the scenes to get the joint investigation off the ground. But two months seems like a long time to me.

Cooney's letter, the first public disclosure of Cooper's letter, which is certain to result in public pressure on the State AG, appears to be intended as a cattle prod applied to Cooper's rump.

I want to see this investigation take place for several reasons, but mostly because it will put Mangum under oath. Reade, Collin and Dave need to have her credibility shredded publicly if they are ever to permanently silence the "something happened" crowd and enjoy total and complete vindication.


Anonymous said...

bill anderson said...
I am curious as to how much evidence the Durham police and Nifong have destroyed.

Bill, when was that fire in the Durham landfill?

Ken Duke:
Porter was a tall, thin guy with blond hair and he always wore sequined (sp?) cowboy suits.

Not to mention giving Dolly Parton a lot of support...

Anon 2:41pm:
Porter Wagoner wrote "The Green, Green Grass of Home."

Curly Putman wrote the song.

Anonymous said...

"Who is Porter Wagoner?"


Your Southern credentials are developing some frayed spots around the edges. Over in Fort Bragg, not 50 miles away from you, we used to have a regular religious seance around the barracks TV whenever the Porter Wagoner show came on. You've never seen Buck Trent play the banjo? I know banjos are politically incorrect, but this is some form of heresy.

becket03 said...

Lyle Waggoner, owner of Carol Burnett's heart, also is not a communist.


Debrah said...

TO 3:05 Pm--


After further research, I see that he was the one who gave Dolly Parton her start.

Too much!

Debrah said...

Bill Anderson brings up a significant point.

How much evidence have Cline and others at the Durham DA's office destroyed?

Because of in-place procedures, they would have to have done so carefully; however, it's a safe bet that lots of evidence has already been destroyed or altered.

Debrah said...

I'm looking at my schedule for this week and wondering if I need to go over to Duke to see Stuart Taylor.

I don't have any of my UPI's signed by him; however, I didn't get KC to sign the ones I have for gifts...just the Diva UPI.

Hmmmmm........I'd like to go but I might not be able to.

And after all, Stuart isn't KC.


Anonymous said...

What federal investigation? Dream on, but don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

becket03 @10/31 3:12 PM

Lyle Waggoner, owner of Carol Burnett's heart, also is not a communist.

Lyle Waggoner is a capitalist.


Anonymous said...

Porter Waggoner was also famous for his t.v. ads where he and Dolly gave away a towel tucked with in a box of laundry soap (Breeze ?).

He was too much for me with all of those outfits and the hair thing working...much like the Nashville version of Laurence Welk.

The connection (hair/clothing), that I was never aware of before today, with James Brown makes much more sense.

Personally I liked the hard-living country stars.

mac said...

As I posited on the Cline thread: there's a distinct possibility that evidence is missing (Bill Anderson commented on that on the other thread) and that would be bad. Maybe.

But missing evidence - (if that's accurate) - may be the thing pushed the AG into action. Ignoring the destruction of evidence by someone in the DA's office and/or DPD - (if it happened) - would bring North Carolina into the collaboration, and would make North Korealina co-conspirators.

I doubt that anyone above the level of the City of Duhh wants to see that occur. Look for the swamp to drain - quickly. (Might want to buy stock in sludge pumps.)

No insider knowledge: just a hunch.

Anonymous said...

Debrah--I found "The Diva World". :))
Anonymous (who asked threads ago and you said it was "secret").

mac said...

Imagine that Mr. Cooney has information that the DA's office doesn't know he has - information that might be damaging to the DA and their assistants, as well as to various other figures in the whole tableau.

Imagine that these items are requested as part of the discovery process in the civil suit.

Imagine that these items are missing.

Imagine that AG Cooper is contacted by Mr. Cooney, who tells him of the missing items, after having been shown the inconsistencies.

AG Cooper requests the same material as Mr. Cooney asked for, and is sent the same stuff - (which is missing the same stuff.)

Which means that Mr. Cooper's been lied to, and material was withheld.

Next, Mr. Cooper requests an investigation, seconded by Mr. Cooney.

Maybe. We'll see.

mac said...

Note to the DA's office and the City of Duhh:

Powerful traps that spring quickly and with great force are set slowly, carefully and deliberately.

Anonymous said...

Well if there is evidence missing, it would be from the DA and DPD. Obviously, the defense attorneys turned everything they had to the AG. What could be missing. I will still be shocked if the Feds come in to the case.

Anonymous said...

Whats to uncover? Nifong out of a job and disbarred. The team and Lax 3 declared innocent.

Anonymous said...

INman - Just read your first letter to the Chronicle on 3/30/06. Very impressive - There was never any evidence of vaginal trauma - Did Nifong claim there was?

Anonymous said...

Re my comment that "Porter was a tall, thin guy with blond hair and he always wore sequined (sp?) cowboy suits."

Another thing I remember about his T.V. show was that he had a very prominent Adam's apple that I found amazing -- I had never noticed an Adam's apple before. I recall asking my father what that thing on Porter's throat was.

Sorry for the addn'l off-post comment.

Ken Duke

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

I think while Bill Anderson is correct these are events of 18 months ago now, as late as August 2006 they were confident enough to have Gottlieb make up notes. As recently as 10 month ago, they had Wilson go visit Mangum and make up a whole new story. So when did this ship of fools in Durham decide they might be in trouble? That data would tell us how long they have had to destroy evidence.

Anonymous said...


Definitely go see Stuart Taylor if you can, especially if anyone from the G88 agrees to talk about the case with him. You will be very familiar with most everything he talks about, but he will probably throw in a few things that are new, even to least that was how his talk in Princeton went.


Anonymous said...

Random question: why do some people (not on this blog, but in other article comment threads) always write LaCrosse (capitalized "L" and "C"). How are people so stupid? It's not the city in Wisconsin, it's a sport. Notably, AL SHARPTON spelled it this way in his letter to Whoopi Goldberg. Doesn't he have anybody proofread his letter? Am I crazy and this spelling is actually legitimate? I can't imagine it is.

See and pause it at 43 seconds.

Anonymous said...

U.S. investigators may join Nifong probe
N.C. attorney general requests aid from federal officials in N.J.
(Raleigh) News & Observer

Anonymous said...

Christopher Christie?

Oh, man. That would be GOOD news.

Debrah said...

A hot one from Clarence Page.

One Spook said...


IMHO, there isn't much to worry about regarding "evidence" that might have been destroyed, although no doubt some has been.

Remember, this is a Federal criminal prosecution and all Nifong has faced to date was a disbarrment proceeding (by the NC Bar) and a criminal contempt of court charge. He has not faced other potential State or Federal charges.

The record of the proceedings he has faced is intact and considerably more is of record to support further prosecution.

I think it is important to note that Cooney's letter mentioned (1) "the central police report" (Gottlieb's fabricated report); (2) lack of reporting of "all DNA testing"; (3) the lab violating its own protocols in suppressing information; and (4) Wilson's having "reinterviewed the false accuser." Cooney's letter merely highlighted a few "potentially criminal" acts. There are more options, supported by the record, available to the Feds.

All of those acts are of record and all of those results were known to Nifong and yet Nifong continued with his prosecution. The record is there AND there are available witnesses to all of those events and others.

If the Feds follow their usual tactics, they will find someone who was familiar with most of the key events and get that person to plead guilty to a fairly "light" crime in exchange for testimony.

That person will be Hinman. As KC has opined, he was complicit in some of the wrongful acts, but he atoned himself somewhat in the Nifong hearings. The Feds will note that, and Hinman could become a good witness for them. The Feds will question him to see what he knows then sweat him like a new arrival at a fat farm, and if they determine he is of use to them they will offer him a plea with a light sentence (to be pronounced after the trial) in exchange for his "cooperation."

I don't think the question is whether or not the Feds will prosecute; the question is how far will they go?

One Spook

Anonymous said...

Inre: "...Another thing I remember about his (Porter Waggoner) T.V. show was that he had a very prominent Adam's apple that I found amazing -- I had never noticed an Adam's apple before. I recall asking my father what that thing on Porter's throat was..."

One wonders if the Duke race/gender/class professionals have studied the dilema posed by transgendered cross-dressing and the Adam's apple. So much to learn, so little time...

Of course one doesn't need to spend $200,000 in Duke tuition to learn such things. Any who've been to New Orleans learn to look for an Adam's apple anytime a "female" approaches.

Anonymous said...

If the North Carolina Congressional delegation had the integrity we should expect from our PUBLIC SERVANTS, they would immediately jump on this issue and put pressure on the US Attorney General to take action. Unfortunately, it seems the only member of the NC delegation who has gonads is Walter Jones. Burr and Dole--two RINOs--just don't give a damn about justice, integrity, or the Constitution. I will remember this when either of the two run for reelection. Sign me A PISSED OFF TARHEEL

W. R. Chambers said...

The Nifong/Durham case is an example of the Bush DOJ in action.

Anonymous said...

11:21 Becasue they ARE incredibly stupid and ignorant, and probably think "LaCrosse" makes them look educated. Using "big words" improperly is a classic indication someone is illiterate or under-educated.

Anonymous said...

"Whats to uncover? Nifong out of a job and disbarred. The team and Lax 3 declared innocent."

Well, just for a small sample:

- Who in the Durham Police Department allowed spokesperson Kammie Michael to lie to reporters and say that the 911 caller was not Kim Roberts when they knew that it was within hours after the call?

- Who sent the "sting" e-mail which purported to be from one of the lacrosse players pretending he was going to the police with everything he knew about the alleged crime? (Of course, in reality, the players had all told the police everything they knew about the "crime", which couldn't be much since the crime hadn't occurred.)

- Who in the DPD was aware of the plan for them to violate their own policies concerning lineups in order to rig an identification procedure? Did the idea actually come from Nifong or was it originated within the DPD?

- Did the Durham Police Department initiate an internal affairs investigation into Sgt. John Shelton due to his correct belief that Mangum was unreliable and her charges false?

Anonymous said...

10:01 Who cares about that small stuff? I am sure everyone knew it was not a rape. This thing was about votes and election. Nothing or noone was stopping Nifong from using this case to get elected.

Anonymous said...

People can not be mistaken any more - they have to be stupid and ignorant. That is not true - Folk make mistakes. Even KC/

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10/31/07 9:29 PM

March 29, 2006 -- Abrams Report (MSNBC), Dan Abrams interview with Mike Nifong:

NIFONG: "... There is evidence of trauma in the victim’s vaginal area that was noted when she was examined by a nurse at the hospital. ..."

I watched the Abrams Report and either heard it there or saw it quoted elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Inman for answering. Obviously, there was no note of vaginal injury on the report and the nurse did not examine Crystal, but the Doctor. One day in jail is not enough for Nifong.

Anonymous said...

Dr Manly noted Vaginal Edema - Did Nifong interpret this to mean an injury? Is he lying about not reading most of the report? Fired and disbarred is not enough for this guy.

Anonymous said...

W. R. Chambers said...
The Nifong/Durham case is an example of the Bush DOJ in action.

11/1/07 8:30 AM

And the "HOAX" continues......

Anonymous said...

Chambers: I know that some believe that Bush was responsible for Katrina, and the firest in California, and the fact that a bird fell out of the sky. But can you possibly help us understand how Bush's DOJ was responsible for the hoax?

Is this a little bit of political bias here?

The main perpetrators of this whole hoax are DeMOCRATS.

Debrah said...

TO 5:44 PM--

Then you are very clever!

John said...

The Bush DOJ is one of the most intensely politicized DOJs in U.S. history ... with possibly Bobby Kennedy's DOJ coming in a distant second. Read The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration by Jack L. Goldsmith and it will curl your hair. And, Goldsmith is no liberal by any stretch. DOJ silence on this issue, just like its firing of prosecutors, seems IMO to be motivated by politics more above all else.

Anonymous said...

Bobby was a DOJ who cared about the people and rights.