Thursday, October 04, 2007

JinC on Starn

In light of the re-emergence of anti-lacrosse extremist Orin Starn, this post by John in Carolina is worth reading. JinC noted that in an N&O op-ed, Starn "misrepresented what Coach K said and it’s very hard" to see how the professor's "misrepresentation could be anything other than deliberate."

I agree, and second JinC's call for an apology by Starn, with a request for retraction.


Debrah said...


I'm so glad KC highlighted this.

Starn and the Mrs.---when they aren't protesting and then evading law enforcement---are trolling and lurking inside Wonderland to read everything KC posts.


Watch little Orin.

He will feverishly try to whip up something he thinks is palatable and send to the N& hopes of salvaging some credibility and relevancy with them.

I love it!

What a joke that little cretin is!

Anonymous said...

If Starn indeed manipulated language as portrayed in this narrative, then he deserves rebuke and whatever academic punishment is appropriate for someone who knowingly subverts reality.

If this is a single instance, then mercy is perhaps the better answer.

If this, however, represents an instance that is part of a pattern...then I'd say, Starn deserves to be teed up and smacked with a metaphorical 9 iron and launched, not to the green, but to the sand trap or to the woods or, better yet, to the water hazard.

What perfect intellectual dishonesty!

Anonymous said...

I have been very impressed with JinC's work. Dogged determination in search of truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

As this misquote was severe enough to make Krzyzewski look like an idiot, I wonder if it gives him a plasuible defamation claim.

mac said...

Well, Starn certainly is an Orthodox 88er.

And some would say: "There is no ox so dumb as the orthodox!"

Particularly the orthodoxy of the 88: Race, Gender, Class. Their version of a holy trinity.

W. R. Chambers said...

If one takes Prof. Starn at his word - that he believes he did not misrepresent, intentionally or otherwise - what Coach K said, what then is the explanation for Prof. Starn's rendition and interpretation of the coach's statement? Perhaps Prof. Starn's understanding of what the coach said is a reflection of how Prof. Starn analyzes and reports on data. I know nothing about Cultural Anthropology, but perhaps there are different schools of thought in that academic discipline, and perhaps one school of thought holds that it is appropriate for a cultural anthropologist to bring to or to impose on data the anthropologist's cultural point of view rather than to try to discover the meaning from cultural data. Maybe, just as some judges are known as judicial activists, there are cultural anthropology activists and Prof. Starn is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Coack K should end his silence and respond to Starn's use of his quote.

Anonymous said...

John has a reply from Starn, such as it is. I think Starn should pen a “Clarifying Statement” of his misrepresentation of coach K.’s statement. That would follow Duke’s faculty handbook it would seem. Starn’s good friend Anne Allison signed the first Listening Statement remember, and we know distorted comments mean little to the Gang of 88. I would guess she doesn’t have the courage to answer John. Such arrogance from people so wrong is terrifying. They are not connected enough to real life to be sorry for their deplorable actions.

Anonymous said...

Coach K has navigated himself and others through much murkier waters than the Starn mis-quote.

If the good Coach went around trying to correct all the people who mis-quote him and who envy him, he wouldn't have time to Coach at Duke or at Team America.

I, for one, salute his wisdom and discretion. What he said stands as he said it. If somebody else misquoted or misused it for their own purposes that is THEIR problem.

Truth will out. The mis-statement didn't make Coach K look bad. It made the mis-quoter look bad. Leave it alone. It just serves to shine more light in the dark corners. People who WANT to see truth, will. People who do not want to, will cover their eyes and ears to avoide seeing and hearing.