Tuesday, November 06, 2007

amazon.com List

UPI made amazon.com's 2007 Top 10 list for non-fiction books.


Debrah said...


I'm so happy.

I might just rip off all my clothes and go running down the street at this very moment.

Such Diva madness!

Debrah said...

UPI is in good company.

There are some great books on that Top 10 list.

How much better can things get?

KC simply must pop a cork of champagne this New Year's Eve!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So much for the G88 naysayers who claim that nobody cares about DIW, UPI, and/or that everybody thinks it's time to "shut up and teach" so they can all "move on" back into the shadows of obscurity where they can practice their racist/sexist/classist mischief out of the public's eye in peace. Even better is the fact that UPI and DIW are more popular, scholarly and noteworthy than the drivel put out by the likes of Piot, Starn, Baker, "thugniggaintellectual," cooke, Holloway, Lubiano, et al.

Congrats K.C. and Stuart: Good job, you've earned it, and keep up the good work fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great news. I orginally bought ten for Xmas presents. When the publishing fiasco occurred, I bought another for my local library. I have just bought the "Kings of New York", which looks like a good read. I never heard of the book before today. BTW, I am boycotting the merchants this year because of their early Xmas campaign. I am already tired of Xmas.

Michael said...

Congratulations on the accomplishment. And getting the right message out there. It is disheartening that the current players are still there or even thriving. But it is good to see that the truth is getting out there over the internet and via the old media alternative: the book. Information on the internet is free. People have to spend a few bucks for the book and that they choose to pay for learning the truth is encouraging.

Parents may just be buying the book just to educate their sons. And daughters. I think that's a great use of the book too.

Unknown said...

Congratulations -I'm a proud owner myself!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I hope it continues to sell well, it is an important story. Thanks to you both for your hard work that went into this book.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You're an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

This is good. This is very good. It keeps the hoax in a very visible place.

I guess Amazon failed to see the Chronicle editorial today. LOL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations -The 88 have to be looking at your success and wondering to themselves "Why didn't I do that?".

Debrah said...

Where is your book on Amazon's list again, Orin?

Someone posted it for us back on another thread.

The number had about 6 or 7 digits....difficult to remember.



Anonymous said...

wait...didn't the Chronic just say the case was over?


congrats K.C. and Stuart.

remember 88ers UPI makes a wonderful Xmas, Kwanza or Festivous present!

Anonymous said...


I think UPI would make a great selection for the Duke Summer Reading program for the Class of 2012. It meets all the criterion of the book selection committee.

"The book should:

* prompt stimulating debate and lively discussion;
* resonate with most incoming students;
* enrich the intellectual life of students;
* be a book that students simply cannot put down."

Anonymous said...

My dear KC,

I am finally getting around to reading your book. As expected, it is meticulously put together with details from a variety of sources. I must say, though, that the story is so absurdly horrible that I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it. I sometimes just can't bear to turn the page and read about how awful the police were to the students, even before March 2006. At the time, I tried to give the administration the benefit of the doubt. They were in a very difficult situation, and I interpreted their behavior as simply cautious. Reading in your book about how they advised the students not to seek advice and repeatedly told them that they believed in their innocence, while saying unkind things about them to the media, is just unforgivable. What awful, awful behavior.

Anonymous said...

I am giving them out as Christmas presents myself. Ordered 20 from Amazon!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent news!!!


So, President Brodhead has just about put the case behind him, eh? And all those nasty comments about the book stalling...the ironies never stop.

This is truly a beautiful thing.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, KC!

And when was the last time that any 88-er had a book in the top 10?

Answer: Same as the last time they had a book in the top 1,000.

Or the top 10,000.

Or the top 100,000.

Or the top 200,000.

Namely: Never!

Of course, all 88'ers would maintain that it is gauche to be a "popular" writer. But, KC's success is actually chewing them up inside -- because each book, multiplied by some large, unknown number (people who agree with the book's message, but didn't buy it) represents someone who sees the 88 for exactly what they are -- and this, the sterilizing light of the sun, is exactly what the 88 cannot bear.

Suffer, 88. Suffer, suffer, suffer. I hope you all get sent to prison for 30 years, for a crime that never occurred -- only because that would be justice.

Anonymous said...

You're Number 4!!

You're Number 4!!

Congratulations -- a brilliant book.

Anonymous said...

Congrats KC & Stuart! What wonderful news. You both deserve so much praise.

I have been waiting for my copy of Lubiano's book for so long now I forgot what it was about?

Lubiano where is it?


Anonymous said...


I bought one - You made it to easy to just click and purchase, can't use the excuse of not getting to the store.

Tom E.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!!!!! So far, I have given away 7 copies....heard back from 1 already. Thinks it was misclassified...should be a work of fiction. Quote.." Durham is in America, isn't it???". Can't print the comments about the feckless stumblebum.

From the comment thread, it did not take the Harvard Kooks long to get rid of their pres...why should the Duke pres take any longer??


Anonymous said...

OT: What's with your blog profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/09625813296986996867.

I don't get the joke.

Anonymous said...

The new blog page is really interesting, but why list your location as a country where US and Collation troops are dying? I don't understand? Is it related to the subjects you are teaching in Israel, the location designation that is?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, KC. As it is now barely 40 degress in the beautiful NC mtns, I DO NOT plan to (quoting Deborah) "rip my clothes off and run .... anywhere"! Since most folks would not understand that behavior to have anything whatsoever to do with the success of UPI, I think I will just complete my holiday shopping and send the book to all my friends and relatives. Great bargain for the MOST important new non-fiction of 2007.

Your critics must be gnashing their teeth.

Best of all kinds of revenge :)

Keep a cool head in the midst of this worldly success. We will need your objectivity for the next book.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations– even if you did research and write it in only one language. Plus whatever the G88 speaks.


PS to all: Buy at least a keeper and a loaner just for yourself. I can't get my loaner copy back from friends who now have loaned it to their friends. Book sales may be just the tip of the UPI iceberg.

Anonymous said...

This book will sell for years, especially when the movie comes out. In about 20 years, Duke Professors might be at a place where maybe they can put it on a reading list. We'll see! Congratulations, well deserved!

Debrah said...


Because of daylight savings time, in Tel Aviv KC is now 7 hours ahead of us on the East Coast.

Just so you know. :>)

Anonymous said...

You should be very proud of your accomplishment and for what you have given to International society. A history professor who makes history. Gotta LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Professor Johnson!

While I followed DIW rather closely, there were evidently a lot of things I missed and your book helped me see the dreadful toll this frame took on the families of all those young men even more clearly. When I read the part where the retired NYC firefighter brought the deed to his house to Durham in order to ensure there would be bond money if his son was arrested, I broke down and cried.

The discovery process in the upcoming lawsuit (and hopefully other suits and criminal charges) will be just wonderful to see.

Many blessings on you for your excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Baldo --- It's "Forthcoming" ---- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

I see that your location is now listed as Israel. Why did it previously list Afghanistan for your location and accounting for your industry? Was it a glitch in the blogger profile setup?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Quick question: how long until this is out in paperback? My copies keep disappearing with friends, too.


Anonymous said...

Well done KC and Stuart! The accolades and recognition you both receive are well deserved and very much earned.

As a group, the residents of Wonderland should donate (1) one copy of UPI to each 88er for Christmas.

Instead of the lump(s) of coal the 88ers all deserve.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation KC.

At the risk of piling on, I guess it is pretty clear that your book has not been nor will it be remaindered by Thanksgiving.

Indeed, I think the book's effects will reverberate throughout academia for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

Re: G-88 - Stuart Taylor at Cato, “Best we can hope is to “Prevent them from multiplying“

One of my friends reminded me of Stuarts Taylor’s appearance at The CATO Institute. I went to FORA-TV and watched the entire program.

Stuart spoke, and he made some clever remarks. His total disgust of Nifong was clear. A defense attorney then spoke, and she was engaging as well.

The question and answer period was excellent, very intelligent questions, two from Duke alumni. One of the questions was from a black woman who quizzed why someone can just be said to be mentally ill, and just walk away from a crime?

I took some random notes:(Cato usually likes to offer both sides of the subject, but they could not find anyone to defend Nifong or the G88)

“Administrative Pain Medication”

G88=A‘codery’(sp)of conduct

Ad reasoning=The G88 knew the case was falling apart, and they wanted to get their shots in before it was too late

One thing Duke did not want, the black employees to boycott the hospital- it would shut it down (Why they took the blame)

There was conflict among the lacrosse parents as how to proceed (A defense fund was started, NOT all were wealthy)

Want diversity? Hire a Republican!

Laughable Scholarship (G-88)

The reason Crystal should not go to trial, if she was delusional, she was not lying. And, the make-up of the jury would probably not find her guilty of anything

Best we can hope is to “Prevent them from multiplying“

(G88 Gene Ø) Shudder

(There was much, much more I could have noted)
The Cato Institute
Washington, D.C.
Sep 11th, 2007
“Stuart Taylor, one of the nation's foremost legal journalists, and Prof. KC Johnson have just now drawn the vast material that surrounded the case into a riveting narrative.....

The Cato Institute
FORA.TV The World is Thinking

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody sent a copy of UPI to Nifong. Since the state is making him pay his own attorneys' fees in the civil suit, he probably can't afford to buy a copy for himself.

Congratulations KC and Stuart on the success of UPI. May it continue to sell well.

Unknown said...

God forbid it should ever make the New York Times bestseller list. They're probably doing their best to interpret the facts in a way that prevents that from happening.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You deserve it. I'd give you a Pulitzer for your book.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see that this important book enjoys the success it deserves. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...


Part III of I

North Carolina and Delaware are two recent examples establishing that the act of whiteness and non-poverty is offensive. People of other colors or club memberships (Sam’s vs. country) should not have to look at, deal with, or otherwise interface with the offensiveness that you represent. This is apparently true even if you currently own no slaves or you own a car built before 1999. The appearance of whiteness or prosperity is enough. To permit you as a white or rich person to continue to function in this cowardly old paradigm, you will need help.

1. White Guilt Counseling. To cope with the sudden knowledge that you are inherently racist, most companies are now offering holistic White Guilt therapy in their bundle of health benefits. It is available for a minimal co-pay.

DOCTOR: “Your problem is ....”

WHITE GUY: “I’m white.”

DOCTOR: “Indeed. You are what you are.”

WHITE GUY: “What? I’m paying you $60 an hour for advice and a worldview I could’ve picked up from Popeye?”

DOCTOR: [Looking over her glasses] “I’m pretty sure Popeye said ‘I yam what I yam,’ so, I gave you Popeye, yes, but with a fresh new tense and person.”

WHITE GUY: “Do you have anything instructive to tell me?”

DOCTOR: “Try being a little less ... um ... white....?”

2. Rich Person Counseling. Most company executives and high-level bureaucrats also have access to poverty envy sessions. This particular area of post-Freudian psychotherapy is still in the experimental stage:

DOCTOR: “It is nice to meet you, Gary. What can I help you with?

RICH, WHITE GARY: [frightened, looks up at doctor] “I’m white AND rich.”

DOCTOR: “Dear me, there’s nothing we can do for you.”

RICH, WHITE GARY: “Give it to me straight, Doc, how long do I got?”

DOCTOR: “Six months. A year, if you’re lucky ...."

3. The Daily Press Release. Conservative Sociologists, of which only 3 remain, at the White Re-Imagineering Institute have advised that every company, charity and governmental unit issue a daily press release employing the following format:


[Today’s date]

[Name of company/entity]

We at [insert name of company/entity] are pleased to announce that we have gone [insert number of days] without sexually or racially harassing anyone. Penis. We know that the very fact that you have to [use/purchase] our [goods/services] is racist in itself, but we still strive everyday to leave the smallest racist and sexist footprint possible. Vagina. Diversity is a little puppy!

MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

Unofficial election results from Durham tonight show Bell returning as Mayor, and Catotti as City Council frontrunner.

Durhamites have spoken by their votes. It's like people on a sinking boat dipping water from the ocean back into their boat!!!

It is beyond me to fathom or explain... Do these people not understand that they are following the pied piper straight to their own destruction?

Debrah said...

Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote %
X Bill Bell X 18,576 58%
Thomas Stith 13,289 42%


And the corruption...waste....blatant racism.....government dependence......Duke Lacrosse Hoax facilitation.....

......begin a new chapter of their own book:

"How To Run a Banana Republic in America.....and the People Who Love It"

Debrah said...

All the usual suspects won the council races as well.

And some wonder why Durham residents should pay the 30 million?

They vote for the same corrupt people over and over again.

Debrah said...

This article is an early one from the N&O on the Durham mayoral results.

Notice the stark contrast between the two men.

Bell is partying with a drink in his hand next to his grown daughter who bears a striking resemblance to Crystal Mangum.....

.....and Stith is at a coffee shop checking the results on a laptop...very subdued....with the cute freshness of his young daughters in tow.

I'm sure that Stith is not perfect, but I think Durham could use a dose of that fresh-scrubbed look right now.....rather than more of Bell, the career parasite.

Durham voters have to be imbeciles.

Bell vs. Stith

Anonymous said...

So where is the 88'er from 11/5/07 9:15 AM on the "Where Are They Now" thread? Did he "win money today" with this? I am waiting for his most excellent riposte to the top 10 ranking of UPI on Amazon.com - an arena in which he can never hope to compete, truly and objectively the Big Leagues. This must be a punch in the gut to his little posse "back at the ranch." I'm waiting.

Bill in CA

Debrah said...

Anyone who wishes to know more about the Weblog Awards, "Stu Daddy" left some information in The Diva World.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Stu Daddy's on the case

mac said...

It's hard-reading. Not that it's not well-written: it's just too full of things that inspire anger.

My heavy-bag has taken a beating with each page, and Gottlieb and his legion are imagined right on the place where the Wavemaster logo is smilingly displayed.

Roundhouse kick to the proximal fibular head; straight-punch to the sternum; elbow to the ribs, spinning back-kick to the sciatic nerve and a finishing blow to the...

Sorry KC.

I may have to enroll in an anger management course after finishing the book.

At least DIW gives us the opportunity to blow off steam, whereas the cold, hard, unquestionable accuracy of the terrible wrongs documented by UPI leaves us - (or me, anyway)- with a SNS overload.

mac said...

I finally put 2 and 2 together: Professor Piot and other DIW/UPI critics may have been indulging themselves in a practice called "jenkem."

That would explain Piot's irrational - (if not putrid) -criticism of UPI.

Indeed, that may be the City of Duhh's biggest problem, in a soiled version of Frank Herbert's "Saratoga Barrier."

mac said...

BTW: Frank Herbert's "Dune" was also initially rejected by 20 publishers.


Anonymous said...

BTW: Frank Herbert's "Dune" was also initially rejected by 20 publishers.

And Spielberg's E.T. The Extraterrestrial by every studio in town.

Which brings us to the Twilight Zone epic that will be UPI: The Movie.

The 1988 Writers Guild strike lasted 22 weeks, and predictions are that this one has to run through at least March 2008 to have any real impact on the industry. So it may be a long one.

Someone reported a few threads ago that Stuart Taylor, at one of his recent appearances, had said that the movie deal for UPI was not yet "set in stone." If there isn't a shooting script already, there's going to be a slight delay in film production.

On the bright side, the advice that some old pros are giving to WGA members is to spend the strike period– writing. And not necessarily spec scripts, but books. Or blogs. (Spec scripts are less attractive to producers than "pre-sold" properties, such as a best-selling book, with a built-in market floor.) Messrs. Johnson and Taylor have the book (and the blog).

Perhaps they can use the down-time to write another one!


Anonymous said...

The cummulative effect on me of reading the incidents reported in UPI was to make me very angry and then, after a while, to just feel sad in a way. Now I read in the new Duke Student blog that there is evidence that Brodhead et al advocated for the case going to actual trial, in Durham, after making guilt presuming statements and displays (like canceling the LAX season) right in front of the jury pool.
I feel right now about how the GIs of my fathers generation felt when they first saw a concentration camp up close. They knew the bad guys were bad, but this? Are they even human? And that, in a nut shell, is the reason for the sadness. I hate having to see that part of human nature.
On the other hand, it concentrates the mind for doing what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

U.S. universities are PC hell. D’Souza pointed that out 17 years ago. What about Hollywood? Does anyone believe that the people who run the movie business would allow an accurate redition of the book to be filmed? It's theme doesn't perpetuate black victimology.

Anonymous said...

3:45PM I cried bout the retired Fireman also.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, THe book Kings of New York about the HS chess team is terrific. I came across it as one of the top ten non fiction books. For a change of pace, read this one.