Monday, November 19, 2007

Haaretz Blog

I'm a guest on the Haaretz website this week; the link is here.


Debrah said...

OK, my link is working now.


This is so grande. I love it.

KC's influence is really quite stunning.....and exciting.

Debrah said...

An excerpt from a KC response:
"In short, the Group of 88 demonstrated no more intellectual acuity in their comments about issues relating to Israel than they did in their perspective on the lacrosse case. I'm dubious, therefore, about rationalizing academic anti-Israel polemics as a necessary dissenting balance to pro-Israel sentiments in the public, media, or political classes - without examining the quality of those dissenting arguments.

Any failure by beneficiaries of the free world to recognize what it is that we have here, over and....against what it is that they would impose on us, amounts to intellectual malpractice.

The prolific presence of the Gang of 88 ilk is far more incriminating of our culture than any transgression against eristic scruples of the kind that occupy so many of their critics.

KC glistens as always. His intellect and ennobling performance are always a transcending trip into the stratosphere!

One Spook said...

This has been a treat to read!

At Haaretz we have our fearless leader writing very measured and cogent responses to questions which are then followed by "Responses" many of which are so off the wall and off-topic that they defy reason.

It will be difficult for KC or anyone else to inform non-Americans that America's longtime support for Israel is solid.

To properly explain that, it will be necessary to carefully point out that, while the majority of Americans support Israel, the perception of such support is severely skewed by a mainstream media that prefers to publicize only those campuses and groups where anti-Israeli, anti-government, anti- traditional American values, anti-military, anti-white male, anti-Christian, anti-rule of law sentiment is in vogue.

In reality, most average Americans are fooled by this same skewed perception. Can you imagine how difficult the truth must be for foreigners to grasp?

I've traveled throughout the world and often discussed some of these very issues. Access to quality education is difficult in many foreign countries, and the availability of education in many foreign lands in no way compares to the ease in obtaining a good education in the US of A.

If it were me, I'd start by explaining that some classes offerred by the Gang of 88 had 40 openings and yet only 7 students elected to take these courses. Many students in foreign counties would be astonished to learn this.

It is important to note that the radical Gang of 88 types are a largely marginalized, ignored cabal that owe their influence to a very left-leaning, conflict-mongering media that loves to highlight these academic imposters in order to foster their own twisted world-view / media template.

And, gee ... we do make mistakes here in America. We set out to "... form a more prefect union," but not a perfect one; that's impossible.

Continue to tell the truth KC, but it won't be easy for that audience to grasp.

One Spook

Debrah said...

I was finally able to leave a post at the Chronicle website telling them that the post was an imposter.

In any case, I still want it deleted.

Anonymous said...

Reading the posters at LS about the Criminal Intent show. Bill and others - this is America folk and almost everything is fair game. Part of which makes this country special. There are few Sacred Cows and certainly this type of incident. If the people who watch the show, can not make out the good guys from the bad guys, we do not need them on our side.

mac said...

I read about as much of (some) of the Haaretz bloggers as I could stand: the anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian crap was too much like the offal from the 88. For some, it's open season on Jews and Christians.

After reading some of those chilling remarks, all I can say is:

Poor Israel.

We know that terrorists camp out on your doorsteps day and night like wolves outside the sheep pen.

Meanwhile, we have our own KKK to deal with: the Kommunist Korrectology Klan. The battle begins.

Anonymous said...

Good job KC. Please make it clear that Nifong jumped on the event for black votes and election. I keep reading " If only - would have the case in its tracks." Nothing and no one was stopping Nifong from trying to get elected. BTW, All those who think a female staff nurse, in the state of NC, has as much power as a sitting male judge are delusional. Any state, actually,

Anonymous said...

With the supposed stealing of names, will there be less pressure for the annonymous to take a name?

Debrah said...

TO 10:56 PM--

You must be the same guy who couples with Tony Soprano on the Chronicle website to defend Levicy.

And to express how "real" you thought the person who was posting under my name was.

You like that word "delusional", don't you?

I almost never visit that place. Now, I'll be forced to monitor it daily until they decide to monitor who posts there, themselves.

Debrah said...

TO 2:26 AM--

There is no "supposed" about it.

Unless you think that someone posting silly bile on another forum to try to attack KC is a cool thing to do....

....simply because they have no other way to get at him and the rest of us who post the truth about the Gang of 88.

Why not try using your name for once and let someone else use it to post comments that are the opposite of your views?

Then see if that goes over well with you.

Some of the people who lurk about on these fora are mentally ill and delight in creating discord.

Debrah said...

TO mac--

"Kommunist Korrectology Klan"

Very clever.

Debrah said...

H-S editorializes:

(Yeah, it's a real "treasure".)

Documentary on Durham a treasure

The Herald-Sun

It was a proud moment this weekend when Durham residents and others turned out en masse to hear their community's story told in the documentary film "Durham: A Self-Portrait" at the Carolina Theatre.

Demand for the free tickets forced a planned single showing Friday night to expand into a total of three screenings. It must have been gratifying for filmmaker Steven Channing, who has been working on the documentary for several years, when attendees packed the iconic Carolina Theatre up to its balconies.

And what a story it is.

Durham began as a railroad stop around the time of the Civil War, and before long turned into a thriving community built on tobacco, textiles, finance and sweat. The film does a good job in trying to tell all sides, relating, for example, both the rise of the Duke family and the hardscrabble existence of tobacco and textile workers.

The film's central theme is racial cooperation. Even when other communities were tearing themselves apart over race, Durham residents, white and black, often worked together to encourage business and maintain order. This was at a time when the races were deliberately separated, by law, in nearly all aspects of life.

So any contact or cooperation between blacks and whites had to be low key, even secret, such as the basketball game in 1944 between players from Duke and N.C. Central. The game becomes the film's metaphor for much of Durham's 20th century history.

There are marvelous interviews with a cast of Durham characters. Some are poignant, such as the conversation with Ben Ruffin, who died suddenly last year at age 64. Ruffin, who chaired the UNC Board of Governors, grew up poor in Durham and was deeply involved in the civil rights protests of the 1960s.

As Ruffin relates, Durham history wasn't always harmonious, then or now. There were times that no amount of goodwill could overcome the genuine anger and passion of the day. Disharmony tore at Durham just as it did other places, and "Durham: A Self-Portrait" depicts those times too.

There is much more. The film is a treasure we hope will be shown often so many more residents will have a chance to see it. Channing deserves congratulations on this achievement and thanks from the community for preserving these priceless stories.

Debrah said...

N&O's new executive editor

Anonymous said...

"Some of the people who lurk about on these fora are mentally ill and delight in creating discord."

I figured that out about NetNews back in 1979.

Gary Packwood said...

It will take time but eventually bloggers will need to register before they comment or at least their comments will be displayed in the color teal or perhaps orange.

Perhaps we are crawling up a learning curve where anonymous bloggers are learning that they are being ignored and diverted to

The anonymous ones are also being studied by university students who think they are all rather amusing...even in the middle east.

Or, as one young women told me last week, anonymous ranting is just proof that some people don't have a dog at home to kick around.

Anonymous said...

re: the "Criminal Intent" episode --

To be fair, the "Law & Order" series generally tells new and fictional stories which only take a headline story as their starting place. Some episodes even blend two different headline stories, so only the gullible viewer (of which, sadly, America still has too many) will think that this fictional show is giving them the "real scoop" on what happened.

OTOH, this case isn't like other real-life cases. In this case, it is nearly a miracle that things worked out in such a fashion that the ambiguity could be swept away and the fact that the appearance of guilt had in fact been manufactured by the police and the District Attorney could be so clearly shown. It may be within their rights under the law for the makers of "Criminal Intent" to try and re-introduce that ambiguity into people's perceptions of the case, but morally IMHO it's quite shitty behavior.

Anonymous said...

There are some good reasons for not posting using your real name. Some of us are in politically sensitive positions and if we were to write using our real names we could not be as forthcoming.

It seems only polite to pick a handle and post under it i.e. One Spook, Mac ect. This allows other posters the opportunity to make sure they read your post if they find you interesting or conversely to skip over your posts if they find you a bore.

Anonymous said...

Hey, KC, I saw some more haiku about you on the web. I can't remember if it was your Wikipedia site or somewhere else. Better go check right away....

Here they are:

You were big hero
But now you don't like me
How could you, James?

Am I biased?
Inaccurate and mean?
Maybe he's right.

Forget all else.
The 88 are very bad.
So, so, so, so bad, I say.

Anonymous said...

I do not think it was a miracle at all. It was clear that here was no evidnce. The trick was finding an LE Officer and Judge who would look at the case. Of course, the rape kit, five million dollars, the best defense in NC, KC and thousands of bloggers helped exonerate the team and defendents,

Anonymous said...

Hey, KC, I saw some more haiku about you on the web.

These haiku are terrible, like something composed by someone in Duke's cultural anthropology department.


Debrah said...

Continuing with KC responses from his Haaretz appearance this week:

"........ it's depressing to note that the best for which supporters of Israel can hope is that students at elite schools will get nothing out of the Middle East Studies classes that they take in college, because these classes tend to be so wildly biased.

Most universities have as part of their mission statements a claim to be training future democratic citizens. Because of the one-sided nature of Middle East instruction, and because of its excessive focus on the issue of Israel, quite beyond the question of possible indoctrination, America's colleges and universities are failing a generation of students - and future citizens - by not providing them comprehensive coverage of a region of the world that will be critical to U.S. security for the foreseeable future."


Never will you see a more intellectually honest response.

There's great pleasure watching KC's envious detractors from the academy use some of the Diva critiques--as they try to distort and pervert them--as a means to "fight back".

Try as they might, it will never be a fair "fight".

KC is one who can lucubrate with an intellect unmatched by most in the academy.

He's imperturbable.

His responses on the Rosner forum of Haaretz show such sparkling brilliance to which we have all become accustomed inside Wonderland for so long; however, reading him inside this distant venue illuminates even further that he is such an authentic scholar.....unencumbered by the ideologized environment around him.

One Spook said...

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