Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now on UPI

"Until Proven Innocent is a seething indictment of the individuals and institutions in Durham, North Carolina that conspired to put three demonstrably innocent young men in jail for 30 years." Read the entire review here.


Debrah said...

Yet another brimming-with-praise review!

This one is hard-hitting and concise as it highlights all central issues of the case.

As every reviewer has shown, UPI is the definitive account of this saga.

UPI omnipotence conquering

Debrah said...

H-S letter:

Duke athletics quiz

1. Who hired Coach K? (hint: Tom Butters) 2. Who hired Barry Wilson, Fred Goldsmith, Carl Franks and Ted Roof? 3. Who has been AD for the last 10 years? 4. Who received 26 stitches while boating with an intoxicated relative? 5. Who lost coach G? (Duke women lose to UConn 74 to 48?) 6. Who was in charge of athletic facilities for past 10 years? 7. What improvements did he make or propose in the last 10 years? 8. Aug. 7, 2007 [Joe] Alleva reappointed director of athletics at Duke University . 9. Why?

November 29, 2007

Anonymous said...

Debrah's 11:02pm post has no relevance to the topic. But as an fyi, during the 10 years under Joe Alleva, Duke has managed to land in the Top 30 each year in the Sears Directors Cup final standings. Its worst showing was in 2002 (30th) and its best showing was in 2005 (5th). Last year, Duke placed 11th. Top 5-once; Top 10-3x; Top 20-6x. Admittedly, it's not as good as Stanford, but private schools' athletics departments are generally underfunded compared to state schools. Yet, Duke's athletics program deserves its place among the Top Five private schools in Division I. As a disclaimer, I'm not, nor ever was, affiliated with the Duke Athletics program. I don't know Joe Alleva personally much less spoken a word to him. I do think he was a big wimp in the lax case, but give credit where it's due.


One Spook said...

Here is the Weblog "Winner graphic" I made for KC's 2007 Winning DIW Blog. Feel free to download it and add it to your own Blog, together with your own congrats.

Congrats KC!!

One Spook

mac said...

Goldenthal wrote a good, clear, descriptive review, the last paragraph an especially good summary. It encapsulates UPI in a way most reviews haven't.

I would say it is the best review yet.

Debrah said...

"Debrah's 11:02pm post has no relevance to the topic."

Then why elaborate on that very same topic?

Please answer this question.

It will illuminate a lot.

Anonymous said...

".....when the lacrosse team hired a mentally unstable African-American exotic dancer...." ???

Why do people insist on packaging this despicable person as though she acted in a manner beyond her control? She's a calculating, seasoned prostitute who lied and leveraged her race in a grab for money that wasn't hers. She broke the law. But because she's black and there is fear of black backlash....she's going to get a pass. I guess the theory is that if people continue to refer to her as "mentally unstable", you'll avoid going down that road. Perhaps it can be used as a pretext to elevate her to victim status. "Why did I commit securities fraud and then drown my wife? Oh yeah.... because I'm mentally unstable".

Gary Packwood said...

NOW reviewer said...

Self-righteous Duke faculty members used the charges to further their radical agenda, even if it meant denouncing their own students when they had no proof of their guilt.
This is probably the best and most thought provoking review yet as Mac 3:16, just said.

It causes me to reflect again on what agendas these people actually have and what relevance their agendas are to the mission of Duke University.

Their agenda items come screaming off their word processors in what I would call a Dopeler Effect which is ...the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

They behave as if they are in the Vietnam anti-war era with a huge constituency of flower children students and young faculty members who are about to take over the administration building and hold a sit in.

They handle every stressful situation like a little ankle bitter dog. If you can't eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away.

Why are these people still at Duke?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr. Goldenthal. A pithy and accurate appraisal of UPI.

Anonymous said...

I'm encouraged to see a positive review from such a reliably left publication as NOW (which is to say, just because someone is on the port side, doesn't mean that they have to be idiots about this case).

Anonymous said...

Uh, oh... Is "dave" the new "anonymous"?

I'll defer to my bold-faced colleague @ 9:34 AM and come up with a new pseudo that's not as common (there's a "daver" here, also)... "revividus"? "excelsior"? "escritor"? To be continued. As, I sincerely hope, this blog will be.


Anonymous said...

Metro's slogan is "From the Triangle to the Coast."

So I have some questions for NC residents:

How many and what sort of people read this magazine?

How influential is this article likely to be?

Are people who kinda paid attention going to read it and say "Wow, it was even worse than I thought?"

Have Duke faculty, and the staff of the HS and N&O, just been publicly insulted and rebuked in front of their peers and neighbors?

Has a serious blow been dealt?

Or is this more like a column in one of those free advertising filler publications that they stick in your mailbox whether you want them to or not, 99% of which are recycled unread?

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Wrong thread!

Anonymous said...

Gary Packwood wonders why "these people" are still at Duke. Gary. Perhaps you haven't noticed, "these people" are in every college and university in the country. These knee-jerk leftist mouth-breathers are in control of the whole shebang.

One Spook said...

ralph phelan @ 4:38 PM writes:

"Whoops! Wrong thread!"

(Spook, wearing a Humphrey Bogart London Fog trench coat and fedora pulled low to his eyebrows, sneaks up unseen behind Ralph)

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Debrah said...

TO Spook--

He can't erase his comment by himself because he's not registered that way.

You can't click on his name.

(Well, you can........but you won't be going anywhere.)

One Spook said...

debrah @ 12:09 PM writes:

"He can't erase his comment by himself because he's not registered that way.

You can't click on his name."

Eh ... you're right, Diva ... my mistake ... thanks!

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