Friday, May 02, 2008

A Well-Deserved Award

From Editor & Publisher:
Kristin Butler, a senior English major at Duke University, has won the $1,000 first-place prize in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists' annual student-scholarship contest . . .

The winners were selected by Boston Globe/Washington Post Writers Group columnist Ellen Goodman, who'll receive the NSNC Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award at the organization's June 21-24 conference in New Orleans. Butler will be the guest of the NSNC at that meeting.


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Well done!


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Please update the "Liestoppers Discussion Board" link on your Blog.


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And I bet she doesn't have any unpublished columns that have been "forthcoming" for 6 years :-)

Anonymous said...

I have read some of her articles, given the quality of the many articles form other sources that we saw during the case, I am at least encouraged by the fact that journalist are still able to recongnize (when they want) good journalism from bad. Maybe the future of journalism has a small (very small) chance?

Congrats Kirstin

Anonymous said...

Kristin deserves many accolades for her reporting and commentary. I hope she finds employment as a journalist and continues to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kristin consistently wrote well-researched, insightful, fearless columns during the lax case debacle. Her sane, lucid presentation of the facts, as well as her confrontation of the powers that be, brought coolness to the hot, destructive currents in the old, new south.

Thanks, Kristin. You have a wonderful future.

Anonymous said...

The National Society of Newspaper Columnists annual conference will be June 19-22 at the historic Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans' French Quarter. Our theme is "New Orleans, We Haven't Forgotten."
Ellen Goodman will received our Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award. Plus lots of fun stuff. Check it out at or the conference chair, Smiley Anders, at

Anonymous said...

Kristin, be sure to check out the Carosel Piano Bar & Lounge at the Hotel Monteleone - quite a fun experience. Congratulations on your well-deserved award.

If you need any restaurant tips, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

It seems there is an elephant in the room on this issue. To wit:


To put a finer point on it: We have the presenter (Goodman) of this award potentially (still an open issue) engaged in propagating unverifiable agitprop herself. Indeed, agitprop of the type that, arguably, has led to cases such as Duke LAX. Other cases (not reliant on Malkin) can be cited in which Goodman has done this in the past.

This does not detract from Butler's achievement. However, Butler, in this case, has an opportunity to begin/continue to question the larger societal context in which the Duke case occurred.

a blind man

Stuart McGeady said...

From news briefs in today's Chronicle:

"Butler selected for UWIRE 100 list

Former Chronicle columnist Kristin Butler, Trinity '08, was named to the UWIRE 100, a new award granted to the 100 "best and brightest" student journalists in the U.S.

Recipients were chosen from a list of 500 submitted nominees for demonstrating excellence in their writing and a commitment to a career in journalism, said Ben French, vice president and general manager of UWIRE.

"We wanted people who had real potential to go out into the profession and world and help shape the media world in the years to come," he said.

Butler was nominated by Ryan McCartney, Trinity '08 and 2006-2007 editor of The Chronicle, Ken Rogerson, a lecturer on the faculty of the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, and Internet blogger "John in Carolina," French said.

A 2007-2008 recipient of the Melcher Family Award for Excellence in Journalism, Butler is best known for her commentary on the Duke administration's handling of the lacrosse case."


Over the last week, Butler's "Summa Cum Loony" article in the Chronicle has generated nearly 300 comments, as well as widespread chatter in the blogosphere.

Proud (but confused) defenders of North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and other historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) have, to put it mildly, stirred in protest.

The usual suspects from Duke have chimed in.

Not even the reasoned arguments of Tortmaster, with references to NCCU's Code of Conduct, can quiet this rabble. Butler's point is missed completely.

She's been reduced to an arrogant rich, white, Dukie racist by a loony gang of Durhamite Obama voters.