Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nifong "Contributes" To Obama

From yesterday's Herald-Sun:

Even former District Attorney Mike Nifong, who lost his job last year because of the Duke lacrosse scandal, spent much of Saturday morning canvassing homes for the Democratic presidential hopeful.

"He's the right man at the right time," said Nifong. "We need to get him elected."

Local Obama spokesman Paul Cox said later that Nifong "has no official role in the campaign and was not recruited by the campaign. He simply showed up as a volunteer."

Alone among the 2008 presidential candidates, Obama endorsed a Justice Department criminal investigation of Nifong. So if Obama rather than George W. Bush had been president in 2007, Nifong very likely would be on his way to jail.

What better way for Nifong--among the most politically poisonous figures in North Carolina--to pay Obama back? To the extent that voters in the Tar Heel State (a swing state) associate Obama with Nifong, John McCain will benefit.


Debrah said...

It's curious to me---and on blogs and other commentary sections I always highlight this fact---that the local papers never bring up the fact that Obama was one of few politicians early on who called for a federal investigation into the violation of civil rights of the lacrosse players.

Why is this not highlighted?

Two former presidential candidates---Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, a Triangle resident---never said or did a thing.

Well.....we now know that John Edwards had a lot of other things on his plate at that time.

Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds would like to know - has the bankrupt Nifong made a campaign contribution to the Obama campaign?

Anonymous said...

Nifong is just so confused about what he is supposed to do in life. It is amazing . . . and disgusting like all at once and the same time, or like more-or-less and then some or the same, or maybe . . . . No, it is just Big Mike, like you know what I mean . . . maybe.

Anonymous said...

Nifong for Obama
Birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

Just two empty suits.

Anonymous said...

KC keeps trying to forget that there is considerable overlap of Nifong and Obama supporters. Durham was Obama's best county in NC's Democratic primary. Blacks who supported Nifong are probably Obama's fourth most loyal voting bloc -- after big media stars, Hollywood actors, and college professors.

As for KC thinking that NC is "a swing state", let's put this in perspective by using as an example a state with which KC is actually familiar with. In the last 10 Presidential elections, Massachusetts has voted Republican twice. In the same 10 elections, North Carolina has voted Democrat once. Even Bill Clinton couldn't win North Carolina in either of his elections -- despite having Perot in there siphoning off (mostly Republican) votes. In 2000, Bush won the state by 13 points, despite Gore being from neighboring Tennessee. In 2004, by putting NC Senator Edwards on the ticket, the Democrats sliced Bush's margin to 12.4 points.

So, NC is a "swing state"? Makes me wonder what's in the water in Brooklyn. Or Tel Aviv.


Anonymous said...

"So if Obama rather than George W. Bush had been president in 2007, Nifong very likely would be on his way to jail."

Seriously, that's what you believe?

Maybe there is some truth to comments I've heard that Obama supporters see him as a savior who will miraculously solve every problem.

I appreciate the work you have done at DIW but when you make statements that sound like an Obama worshiper, it makes me wonder how much more you say is based on belief rather than facts.

Like your glowing analysis of Jamie Gorelick's performance on the 9/11 Commision (not at all the perception I had), I agree with your thoughts when based on facts but I worry about you when you're speaking as a true believer.

You're a historian, you really need to stick to facts. I'd hate to see you lose all credibility.

Just an opinion and a concern.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the only swinging that NC will do will be to the Republican side of the column.

If I were the Obama backers in NC, I would not want Mike Nifong anywhere near the campaign headquarters nor would I want him out pressing the flesh. He serves as a reminder to white voters how quick he was willing to pander to public opinion and subvert the law to indict three men for a crime that did not happen. I would assume, conversely, for those blacks who felt so strongly that wither "something happened" or that payback for past transgressions was perfectly justified, the fact that Obama felt strongly (one I think must assume that otherwise why would he call for a federal investigation) that an injustice was being perpetrated would be a reason not to vote for him since he does not subscribe to the victimization politics of which they profess.

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 3.26:

""So if Obama rather than George W. Bush had been president in 2007, Nifong very likely would be on his way to jail."

Seriously, that's what you believe?"

Yes--and I don't consider the statement terribly controversial. I think that if a federal investigation had occurred (as AG Roy Cooper requested), Nifong would have been indicted and convicted of obstruction of justice. Obama said he supported such an investigation; Bush did not.


A few points.

1) On NC as a swing state: I am aware of the results of the past 10 cycles (I teach political history, after all). Yet one fascinating aspect of the Obama-McCain campaign has been how a handful of traditionally Republican states (VA, NC, IN, ND, MT, and to a lesser extent AK) have become competitive. In North Carolina, the last four surveys showed McCain leads of 2, 3, 4, and 5 points. In the end, I suspect McCain will win North Carolina. But a consistent 3-4 point margin in polling certainly qualifies as a swing state.

(By contrast, the last three MA polls show Obama with leads of 13, 20, and 23 points--hardly a margin anyone would call a swing state).

2) On the similarities between the Obama and the Nifong coalitions. The Obama coalition in the primaries consisted of (1) black voters; (2) better educated/wealthier voters; (3) voters under 30.

There clearly is an overlap--almost 1:1, of course--among black voters. The second group is harder to determine--Nifong obviously was the de facto candidate of the Group of 88, but it wasn't my sense he had strong support from wealthier voters in Durham. On the third group, however, it's a misreading of the lacrosse case's history to term voters under 30 part of the Nifong coalition. Indeed, the willingness of college students at Duke to stand up against Nifong was one of the high points of the case.

Anonymous said...

To 7/27/08 10:26 AM
Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

Re Obama's statement:

It is one thing to issue (low-profile) statements than to actually do something (when in power). President Obama's admin would not have launched that inquiry. First, the Justice Dept (just like State Dept) is dominated by far-left freaks (with few politically appointed guys at top) who certainly would not have allowed that. Second, the political appointees (Gorelick being one top example) would certainly not have allowed that either. Did you see the disgraceful farce (Congressional hearings) about "Jena" hoax? Justice won't be served in race related issues, no matter who controls White House or Congress.

Anonymous said...

To KC at 3:41:

"Yet one fascinating aspect of the Obama-McCain campaign has been how a handful of traditionally Republican states (VA, NC, IN, ND, MT, and to a lesser extent AK) have become competitive. In North Carolina, the last four surveys showed McCain leads of 2, 3, 4, and 5 points."

This reminds me that Mondale and Dukakis were leading the polls in the Summer of their elections, too.

"The Obama coalition in the primaries consisted of (1) black voters; (2) better educated/wealthier voters; (3) voters under 30."

Also known as "a Frankenstein coalition".

Actually, one of the more interesting thing about this race is that it doesn't have a Baby Boomer in it. Obama is the first "Generation X" candidate. McCain is probably going to be the last candidate from the "Silent Generation" (born between 1925 and 1942; see Generations: The History of the Future of America, 1584-2069).

Anyway, we'll see if my old friend Bill Burton (one of the smartest men in the world) can keep the Obama Express on track. Luckily for Bill and Obama, my old friend Mark McKinnon (one of the most charming men in the world and pretty shrewd as well) has quit the McCain campaign.


Debrah said...

Oh, man.

I just had to interrupt the only meal I've had all day to respond to some of these comments.

First of all, this KC statement is true: ".......if a federal investigation had occurred (as AG Roy Cooper requested), Nifong would have been indicted and convicted of obstruction of justice. Obama said he supported such an investigation; Bush did not."

Why is this so difficult for some to understand?

You know, after experiencing some of the rabid and partisan gyrations on some of the internet fora throughout this campaign, I am beginning to have a whole new and elevated appreciation for the Diva--if that's even possible.

Some of us are able to step outside the partisan shell that characterizes both those who enabled Nifong and, yes, who now also support Obama.......and those who continually run from reality when something positive is said about Barack Obama.

You cannot rewrite history any more than Duke's Gang of 88 can.

Obama called for an investigation.

I will add to KC's comment that the reason the Bush administration's AG would not touch this case is for the same reason the other Republican pols in NC would not.

They know that if they touch such a hornet's nest, the black "activists" will plague them forever.

Obama will most likely carry North Carolina.

It's not that they think of Obama as some superb answer to everything. He represents a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

Yes debrah - agreed.

Obama is a fresh start in many ways, however in the ways that really matter Obama is just another mouthpiece puppet of big, invasive, government. He wants to escalate Afghanistan, he voted for warrantless spying on us, he supports the housing bailout, he wants to nationalize health care, and other BIG GOV ideas.

Let's not forget he did something right when he called for an investigation of the lax frame. He is not McCain, hardly great praise.

Anonymous said...

Eh this is just a minor blip on the screen for the Obama faithful...just like that whole lack of experience thing.

Anonymous said...

No Debrah - disagree.
Provide one public announcement (Link) by the the "O" or shut up girl. And don't give us that ABC BS that dead ends at Liestoppers. I've asked the KC to to do the same.

Unknown said...

To respond to debrah's question:

"Why is this so difficult for some to understand?"

That would require some belief that Obama would not reverse himself on this position after it came under leftish criticism. That would require a major change in Obama's backbone.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, should Obama be elected president, Roy Cooper could again request a federal investigation and President Obama would compel his attorney general to open an investigation. Wouldn't it be delicious if that AG was none other than Jamie Gorelick?

becket03 said...

It's interesting, KC, that you appear to attribute Nifong's actions to a deliberate attempt to "pay back" Obama for attacking him. I couldn't disagree more. Nifong is a natural Obama constituent, and so are his loudest defenders around Durham and Duke. Obama was simply playing the Sista Souljah card when he made the anti-Nifong statement. In other words, it was a toothless gesture made just for show, an attempt to outflank the opposition.

An Obama presidency will see the Nifongs of the world riding high. A whole administration of Nifongs (and Rev Wrights and Bill Ayers) will be manipulating the levers of power in Washington.


Debrah said...

I am most "skeptical" that detractors will be satisfied with anything less than a litany of references to an all-out media blitz on Obama and the lacrosse case.

Most detractors will not be satisfied with the ABC article because they had rather pretend that the issue requires endless references to some fantastic lapidary moment!

Obama's request for an investigation would not have caused the same type of media attention at that time because the campaign was just getting started. Obama was not the huge media phenomenon that he is now.

At that time, you merely had a Democrat senator from Illinois voicing concern about the disturbing facts that were known about the Nifong prosecution.

If you care to recall, NC Congressman Walter Jones was not all over the news either.

He did a few interviews on the cable shows. And why not? He is actually a North Carolinian where the injustice took place!

Barack Obama lent his voice to this fiasco when most of his fellow partisan CYA Democrats kept silent.

Most people are capable of comprehending why there would not have been huge coverage by the media.

The fact that Obama was going against the way they had covered the lacrosse case no doubt confused many reporters.

I would also say---without much speculation---that many in the media did not like the fact that a black Democrat politician was the one asking for a laser beam to be focused on the case.

After all, how could anyone dare think that "privileged white guys" might have their civil rights violated?

The New York Times was certainly not going to file a report on Obama's request.....or write an editorial about it.

Obama's request for an investigation went against the way the media covered this case from beginning to end.

No, you won't find lots of Google hits on this one.

What you will see are the FACTS:

This report will suffice for most people.

I don't see any "BS" in it.

Gary Packwood said...

I see Nifong doing his political consensus building 'thing' again just as those who support him have done so many times before.

It is not about the truth.

Whether or not the Duke lacrosse team members were guilty or innocent made no difference at all. It was all about building that political consensus about guilt in the community of Durham which includes Duke University faculty staff and students.

Privileged white male athletes with a swagger were Nifong's scapegoat de Jour in 2006 and 2007 and we are seeing his transition into 2008.

Nifong will never change. He can't.

Did the faculty ever squeeze the required diversity course out of this hoax?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Obama was one of the few people in Congress to call for a federal investigation, something that Durham's congressional representative did not. As for the Bush administration's refusal to investigate, my guess is that Liddy Dole was afraid it would backfire onto her campaign.

Well, I have news for Liddy Dole. Obama will have coattails in North Carolina and she is going to lose this election -- well deserved, I might add. David Evans even worked as an intern in her office, and she did not lift a finger to help him, despite the fact that the charges against him were blatantly false.

Dole's cowardice both blocked an investigation and also will result in her losing the election -- if she ever had a chance at all this year. As for Nifong working as an Obama volunteer, don't forget that he still has some popularity in Durham with local Democrats who have seen him as a hero. It will be interesting to see if the official Obama campaign distances itself from him.

Anonymous said...

"Obama said he supported such an investigation; Bush did not."

KC, if you believe anything Obama says, then you haven't been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

The most likely reason that the Bush Administration refused to touch this case is because an investigation would necessarily involve Bob Steel, who served as a political appointee in the Treasury Department as well as chair of the BOT of Duke. No chance DoJ opens an investigation implicating a senior political appointee when it has an easier out.

wright said...

KC - I have followed your insightful commentary on the Duke LAX case since you started DIW and have been an unabashed admirer. but we are in different territory here. Now this obviously is not the forum for any in-depth analysis of Barack Obama - the promise and the reality, but if you have been taken in by the empty puffery of this candidate and his uncritical media enablers, I sure hope that your BS meter is still under warranty.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Legal "Experts" on Obama

This morning’s Amsterdam News—last heard from on the case, somewhat appropriately, through an op-ed from the disbarred Alton Maddox, one of Tawana Brawley’s former attorneys— features an article citing legal “experts” attacking Illinois senator Barack Obama for urging a Justice Department inquiry into Mike Nifong’s misconduct.

Who are these legal “experts”? None other than the Duke case’s Dynamic Duo—NAACP case monitor Irving Joyner and adjunct Wendy Murphy.

“I heard about the statement by Obama,” North Carolina Central University School of Law Professor Irving Joyner [and appointed by the NAACP to be a special watchdog over the lacrosse case] told The Carolinian/Wilmington Journal newspapers. “I don't think that it means much within the scope of things other than his stating a position without a valid examination.”


“Having a federal civil rights investigation is such a joke,” Murphy told The Carolinian/Wilmington Journal newspapers. “Nobody can justify such a ridiculous idea. Even if this case were reviewed by a federal court, they would say there has been no constitutional violation and the defense has suffered no prejudice to their rights. If the courts would summarily laugh at such a claim, how can Congress say with a straight face that the claim merits a federal civil rights investigation?

“Barack Obama's support for a federal inquiry makes me wonder whether he understands these difficult issues,” Murphy continued. “It doesn't appear that he does and I'm very concerned that he doesn't seem to care one whit about the treatment of the victim, the violation of her civil rights, or maybe most important of all, that this case is being described as a 'fraud", etc -- by lawyers -- officers of the court who are ethically obligated not to lie or mislead the public.”

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Obama did something to help the lacrosse team, but I'd be more impressed if he reached out to help the "monkeys" lady.

For more reports on the "monkeys" lady, see this google search.


Debrah said...

Sometimes you just have to sit back and accept reality.

There is no question that the media have not been covering Obama as objectively as they might another candidate; however, there is also no question that Obama is gifted with enormous talents which make him very appealing and easy to cover.

Even the most hard-nosed and seasoned journalist will break down on occasion.

This Obama spoof is amusing and very well-done.

This is a much better way to vent frustration. Instead of ad hominems, these Obama detractors have been creative.

You can never hold back a person who has great charisma or a certain, shall we say, flair.

It always shines through.

The Diva should know. She's off the chain today!

Anonymous said...

I think Obama and Nifong do have commonalities: They are both misandrist womanitarians. Both are interested in serving the needs of women and both are willing to ignore the needs of men.

For starters go to Obama's web site and look at his link for "People" Notice that he has umpteen links for all sorts of folks and a link for women but no link for men. I have written to his campaign numerous times asking for his position on numerous men's issues and he or his confederates have never bothered to respond with anythying other than a plea for more money. Remember Obama was the one who was willing to denigrate Black fathers on fathers day. Imagine any politician saying something negative about mothers on mothers's day. They would be toast.

Sadly, Obama has this also in common with McCain. There is no humanitarian candidate. Our goose is cooked.

Good summary of men's issues

Anonymous said...

Is Cox a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Nifong for Attorney General!

Anonymous said...

anon 7/28 11:45AM

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

RCP Average 06/26 - 07/16 -- McCain +3.7

Civitas/TelOpinion 07/14 - 07/16 McCain +3.0

Rasmussen 07/15 - 07/15 McCain +3.0

SurveyUSA 07/12 - 07/14 McCain +5.0

PPP 06/26 - 06/29 McCain +4.0

Each poll of North Carolina was within the margin of error except the PPP and SurveyUSA polls, and they show McCain squeaking 1% more than the MoE.

I would imagine that the McCain campaign, even given all the gaffes and failed strategies is intelligent enough to realize that NC is a "swing state" thus far in this election.

But, then again, it was the McCain campaign that positioned him in front of a Sausage Haus in Ohio to rebut the Obama Berlin success and then wanted to fly McCain by helicopter to an oil derrick in the Gulf without considering the impact of Hurricane Dolly. D'oh!

If a North Carolina McCain party stooge called up Nifong and offered him some under the table money to go door-to-door for Obama, it would be the campaign's
first intelligently political move. I'm not willing to give the McCain campaign that much credit.

(note that the polls are too old to take into account Obama's foreign tour success bump).


As for the people arguing with K.C. about whether Obama would have called for a federal investigation of the lacrosse hoax. Nobody here knows that.

We do know, however, that Obama was the only President or presidential candidate who indicated any interest in a federal investigation of the fiasco. So, at least K.C. has evidence to base his projections on. On the other hand, what exactly did McCain or Bush say about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Obama but I'll give him credit where it's due, and here it IS due.

Still not gonna vote for him, though!

Anonymous said...

Bush and McCain didn't say anything. This is an area that no white politician want to get involved (unfortunately) because the racist Gang88/Sharpton with left-wing media (led by NYT) will attack them.

I applay Obama for making that statement, but again he did many statements which he throw under the bus later so the probability of Pres Obama (surrounded by the racist gang88 types and AG Gorelick) launching an investigation is zero.

Just remember the congressional hearings about the Jena hoax.

Anonymous said...

John in Carolina,.

I know this is a little off topic however, over at DiW Professor Johnson makes the following statement:

Alone among the 2008 presidential candidates, Obama endorsed a Justice Department criminal investigation of Nifong. So if Obama rather than George W. Bush had been president in 2007, Nifong very likely would be on his way to jail.

I believe the Professor Johnson's proof of this is weak.
In a previous post he states:
1. that the above was first mentioned in Liestoppers which;
2. was confirmed by the following link:

ABCNews in turn offers us this as their source:
Obama's comments were first posted on "Liestoppers," an online blog and forum on the Duke Lacrosse case. The user who posted them, known on that forum by the alias "sceptical," was the constituent who corresponded with Obama about the case.

Have you ever hear of any public comment by Senator Obama which supports the DiW assertion?


Anonymous said...

Previous Civitas Poll results:

February – McCain 46, Obama 36
April – McCain 48, Obama 39
May - McCain 44, Obama 39
June – McCain 45, Obama 41, Barr 2

Today's poll has it:

McCain 43, Obama 40.

Do 3 percentage points count as a "swing state"? Notice a trend? (hint: 10, 9, 5, 4, 3). By November, the state could be solidly in Obama's column if that trend continues and/or Barr gets some traction.


I hope the next time Nifong shows up to the Obama campaign headquarters, they tell him they're all out of pamphlets and they don't have plans to print any more.


What many fail to recognize is that Obama took a stand for the innocent Duke students at a time during which it could have been political suicide. He had not yet secured the so-called liberal or black votes.

It also goes against commentators' claims that NC is (or at least was) a solidly red state. Why would Obama pander to the "red" voters? Perhaps he wanted to see that justice was done?

Anonymous said...

K.C., I have enormous respect for you and what you have done regarding the lacrosse hoax. I have enjoyed reading your posts since the beginning of this case, and I thank you for all of the words that you have written.

I was an Obama supporter when he first announced his candidacy, and I was cheering when he said that he thought there should be an investigation by the DOJ. However, I do NOT believe that Obama would express the same opinion today, and I cannot find any evidence to support the idea that he would do so.

In my opinion, Obama has injected race into the campaign in such a way that anyone who dares to question his candidacy is "racist", rather than in disagreement with his policies. The black community will vote in the 90th percentile MERELY because he is black. He has pandered to the very worst instincts in the African American community, as can be seen by his associations with Trinity Church, Al Sharpton, and the rest. I WANTED him to be post-racial, but I found out that he is nothing more than a typical Chicago politician- will do anything to get into office.

I know that your intellect is far superior to mine and your writing makes mine look like a sixth-grader, but I am convinced that you have allowed yourself to be bamboozled by what you want Obama to be, instead of seeing him for what he is- an empty suit upon which everyone is projecting their own beliefs.

As I listened to Obama emphasize Afghanistan in his recent speeches, I wondered if I understand the geopolitical problems of Afghanistan better than he does. Am I mistaken that Afghanistan was a part of the cause of the break-up of the Soviet Union- that the fight in that country is more about containment and is almost unwinnable because of the terrain and geography, the nature of their tribal culture, their lack of infrastucture, and the lack of a viable economy beyond the heroin trade? YOU are the historian, you tell me.....don't Obama's speeches about Afghanistan strike you as facile attempts to show that he's a "hawk" for those voters concerned about terrorism and the safety of the United States?

Also, K.C., I believe that you are going to be very disappointed if Obama is elected and you find that Steel becomes Secretary of the Treasury or some other cabinet position. What will you think then?

I was always told that words are cheap- they are also duplicitous. A man's actions and the people with whom he surrounds himself are a truer measure of character. I am sorry, but I find Obama lacking.

Mike Nifong pandered to the African American victim culture in Durham to win an election. Obama will not suffer if Nifong supports him- after all, the Rev. Barbers, Victoria Petersons and Cash Michaels of the world still think Nifong was right.


Anonymous said...

Give him credit for mentioning it, but I liken it to "The West Wing" and Josiah Bartlet's decision to hide his MS "We'll go to south carolina, get whooped on super tuesday, and then we'll all go home."

Who in the heck thought it was possible Obama would win the nomination? Was he even a candidate when he made those statements or was he still under the "waiting for four years" guise?

I truly believe this is how he feels, but his hands are tied from acting on this or anything else like this. There is absolutely no way a politician is going to touch this issue with a ten foot pole.

And McCain wont bring this up because it might help sway undecided whites to Obama.

Debrah said...

Random thoughts from Thomas Sowell

Debrah said...

TO Jamil Hussein--

I agree that Gorelick is a morally bankrupt hired gun, but there is no proof that Obama is in that category.

His detractors can't have it both ways.

Is he shrewd and cynical?

Or is he naive?

I believe that he would have launched an investigation.

And that move, alone, would have changed the dynamics of everything.......long before the disbarment hearings.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I live in North Carolina and Obama and McCain are pretty much a non-issue. Most of the voters here wish anybody but McCain and Obama were running. If an Independent was running for President or the voting poll had "none of the above" listed, either would win by a landslide.

As for KC polls, I don't have much faith in those polls. Especially since I neither participated nor was asked.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:
"Persons of any level of intelligence are vulnerable to deception by experienced con artists. Confidence tricks exploit human weaknesses like greed, dishonesty, vanity, but also virtues like honesty, compassion, or a naïve expectation of good faith on the part of the con artist."

Just professional courtesy on Nifong's part.

Debrah said...

Advice from David Broder

wright said...

Anonymous at 11:16 has it exactly right. While we can give Obama credit for saying the right thing, it is easy to say the right thing when you are not responsible for implementing it. As commentators said at the time, it was a win-win for Obama - he has the black vote in the bag and this gave him an opportunity to pick up some support from the other side of the aisle. Would his presidency have, as KC has it, been responsible for putting Nifong in jail? Well, his positions are ... flexible, and he even has the profound ability to hold opposing positions simultaneously so I have my doubts. I share Anon 11:16's admiration for KC, but cannot understand our host's willing suspension of belief when it comes to Obama. Barack Obama EMBODIES those beliefs and conditions that allowed the LAX hoax to take place. What's the difference between the teachings(?) of Wahneema Lubiano, Karla Holloway, William Chafe and the rest of the gang of 88 and those of Jeramiah (God D**n America) Wright, he of the Black Liberation Theology, whom Obama supported financially and otherwise for more than 20 years. Obama gives us the same ugly racism in a prettier face.

Anonymous said...

As said, O made a great statement about Lacrosse Hoax, but the idea that President Obama (or any other president, for that matter) had launched an actual DOJ investigation in today's Amerika is absurd.

Besides, Obama was with racists in Jena hoax. (AA thugs - some with criminal background - attacked and almost killed a white kid, and then Gang88 types along with NYT fabricated stories about "white only tree", nooses, and "good kids with no criminal history BS" and launched a congressional investigation on the prosecutor for doing his job!)

This is Obama about Jena hoax:

Obama Deplores 'Jena Six,' Nooses

"NEW YORK -- Invoking a racially charged controversy, Democrat Barack Obama told a Harlem fundraiser Thursday that he deplored the fact that hanging nooses and "Jena Six" cases are still found in America and that if elected president he could be counted on to enforce civil rights laws.

Obama's reference to the Jena Six incident, in which six black teenagers were arrested for beating a white teen after white students allegedly hung nooses at their Jena, La., high school, came at a fundraiser at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem."

Anonymous said...

Is Duke a state-school?

Anonymous said...

The following is posted on Glenn Reynold's Instapundit blog this a.m. Any other feedback on the Davis book mentioned?

"SAW AN EXCELLENT PANEL THIS EVENING ON THE DUKE LACROSSE RAPE HOAX, featuring K.C. Johnson (author of Until Proven Innocent, with Stuart Taylor), James Coleman, Mike Gerhardt, Lyrissa Lidsky, and Angela Davis (no, not that Angela Davis), author of Arbitrary Justice: The Power of the American Prosecutor, which I bought on Kenneth Anderson's recommendation and which is excellent, especially as a companion to K.C.'s book. The discussion was excellent and very fair. Lots of talk about what Nifong got wrong, plus the important point that the kind of misconduct for which Nifong was disbarred and punished is committed regularly by prosecutors who almost always get off scot-free even when it's exposed. We really need a better mechanism for policing prosecutorial misconduct, and it's not clear what that should be -- independent audits of cases by a sort of inspector general? I'm not sure.

I disagree, though, with the idea that replacing elected prosecutors with appointed prosecutors would fix the problem. As with elected vs. appointed judges, it doesn't get rid of the politics, just make it less transparent. And I suspect that situations like that obtaining in Britain, where burglars face little risk of prosecution while homeowners who defend their homes against burglars are targeted by authorities, could possibly prevail in a system of elected prosecutors."

It is affirming to realize that this case will be the poster child of prosecutorial misconduct of our time - maybe longer. As such, the Klan of 88, Richard Brodhead, Robert Steel, and the other abettors will have their names exposed to the public for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

I guess Nfong is "paying him back". If Nifong really wants to sink in the dagger he can get with Jimmy Carter to make the rounds...Hey what about Al Sharpton or Reverend Jesse "cut yo nuts off" Jackson? Aren't they on the SC Obama Express too! Wheeee