Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Rev. Barber

The N&O reports that William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP, has been elected to the NAACP national board.

That's the same Rev. Barber who:

--demanded a gag order against defense attorneys in the case, with the head of his organization's Legal Redress Committee suggesting that the defense attorneys, not Mike Nifong, had committed ethical misconduct; and then rejoiced when the order temporarily was put in place;

--had his photo above an 82-point guilt-presuming memorandum of law riddled with factual errors and unfounded speculation about the lacrosse players, a document for which neither he nor author Al McSurely has ever apologized;

--went to Duke Chapel to attack the lacrosse players' character while remaining silent as the grave about Nifong's procedural abuses;

--suddenly rediscovered his concern with prosecutorial misconduct after the lacrosse case had concluded;

--is, according to last report, overseeing his organization's own "investigation" into the lacrosse case.

Quite a figure to provide leadership for a great civil rights organization.


Anonymous said...

The NAACP appointed a "watchdog" for the lax case. There were over 100 claims of rape made in Durham in 2006, but the NAACP appointed a "watchdog" only for this one. . . (I guess the other 99+ don't count?)

The NAACP opposed a change of venue (contrary to its usual stance).

The NAACP would not support Somali immigrant Elmo when the authorities tried to intimidate him with a wrongful arrest and trial.

The NAACP would not support Sgt. Shelton when he tried to give an honest account of what happened.

The NAACP is not, AFAIK, supporting Grand Jury reform, the right to a Probable Cause hearing, the right to a Speedy Trial, the right to a Bill of Particulars, etc.

Quite an example of leadership for a great "civil rights" organization. . .

Anonymous said...

I think that the Rev. Dr. Barber's record speaks for itself in the lacrosse case. Few people in Durham distinguished themselves more in trying to grease the skids for a trial and wrongful conviction than did Barber and his acolytes.

Anonymous said...

This is getting depressing.

I'd like to propose the KC Corollary to the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle, of course, holds that everybody rises to their own level of incompetence.

The KC Corollary would be that upon demonstrating sufficient incompetence, they will be promoted.


Anonymous said...

"Quite a figure to provide leadership for a great civil rights organization."

Uh KC, I think you left out the ONCE.

Quite a figure to provide leadership for a ONCE great civil rights organization.

-- he will fit in just fine with the current crowd.

Gary Packwood said...

Rev. Barber will no doubt help the NAACP understand the importance of ending their partnership and planning efforts with radical feminist organizations across the USA.

It always makes sense to partner with others except when of course it doesn't...make sense...any more.

In fact I would imagine that African Black Studies people wish they have never heard of Women's Studies People...and that wish will continue 'for the rest of their lives' paraphrase Dave's Mom comment...for Mr. Nifong.

I'm trying to visualize the interpretative dance that will be offered when the end of those partnerships are announced. The Sex Worker's Art Show in it were.

Boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

It's really too bad about what has become of the NAACP but it will be up to the black community to deal with it just as it was up to the white community to finally reject and shun the KKK.

Anonymous said...

Is the Rev. Barber related to the Rev. Jackson?

They both have about the same credibility right now, the NAACP not withstanding...

In other words, who cares about this knucklehead and / or his organization?

Anonymous said...

Agree with haskell. The NAACP is not a civil rights organization - it is a racist organization.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking that at some point I will escape Wonderland. Alas, I am deeply mired in the nooks and crannies therein.
Unfortunately, Rev. Barber is representative of the organization. Mikey N. will only be a rogue prosecutor for club members--not for all people.
Ole Bill somehow came out of the LAX case smelling like a rose to some. Personally, I think he smells more like the garbage dump. Get a principle and stick to it. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Neigher of these has (rather I should say should have) anything to do with the subject.
What Billy Bob Barber does on the board remains to be seen. His effectiveness also remains to be seen. Most likely, he will be like my cat--lays around the house most all day except when whining for what he wants given to him (on a silver platter no less).

gak said...

I wrote to the NAACP during the lacrosse fiasco. No response. I have no use for them anymore, once great or not

Anonymous said...

Is Barber a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Duke Law 72

ONCE- about says it. Nowdays they are just another bunch of nasty whiny racehustlers in it for the money and the photo-ops.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone be surprised? The local head of the NAACP here in Cincinnati (Smithermann) is a race baiter who encouraged the riots in Cincinnati in the late nineties that resulted in destruction of the newly renovated Findlay Market (a worthwhile renovation in the Over the Rhine section of Cincinnati - an inner city neighborhood which was heavily crime infested) where many blacks did their grocery shopping (one cannot find a Krogers in the area as it was so unsafe) as well as many whites from the suburbs.
I do not think, in the address that Barber will give today, even though it is supposed to touch on prosecutorial misconduct, that the name of Mike Nifong will cross his lips. But then, after all, prosecutorial misconduct only occurs when blacks are at the receiving end in the world view of the Barbers, Jacksons, and Sharptons of the world.

Anonymous said...

The NAACP is a great civil rights organization?

Their recent track record indicates otherwise.

Debrah said...

Left by the Diva in the N&O comment section:

Do we throw up now or later?

This guy is one of the most grotesquely hypocritical and hilarious----(all at once)---in the news.

We all remember his performance during the Duke Lacrosse Hoax.

His leadership approach toward "civil rights" is about as authentic as that practiced by Duke's 88 professors and their waddling ally, Timothy Tyson---who has a little film coming out soon about a tale of "justice denied" that he's teased lucratively for a lifetime.

These people are simply pathetic.

The fact that Barber is considered a leader within the NAACP is a huge testament---literally and figuratively---to its obsolescence.

Debrah said...

Months ago, N&O's John Drescher and WRAL's Richard Crabtree of WRAL had Barber, another black preacher from Duke Divinity, and some token white preacher, again, from Duke Divinity....on their little weekend news program.

I watched only because Drescher made a big deal about it in one of his posts.

It's worth asking the N&O why they remain so tethered to Duke University for their stable of subjects, and also for op-ed contributors.

It's very strange.

When Barber was asked to explain why so many religious leaders use their pulpit for political issues, he looked like a deer in headlights.

Does this man and his ilk not make a living doing just that---openly and proudly?

Yet they criticized the goofy John Hagee and his methods---using him as an example---when their antics have been much more harmful.

No one seems to go after people like Barber.

The fact that he would be asked to be on a panel like this one after the way he and his organization behaved during the Lacrosse Hoax is nothing short of maddening.

Barber is one person who makes me physically ill. I can't stand to even see him.

Anonymous said...


It's as if Almighty God could give a fig about nationality or denomination in the struggle between good and evil. The folly of man. . . sigh.

Anonymous said...

Quite a figure to provide leadership for a great civil rights organization.

Roy Wilkins retired in 1976. 'Great' was a while back.

The N.A.A.C.P. is an example of what some have called the "March-of-Dimes" effect, named for the organization founded to raise money for research into causes of and cures for polio that they re-invented itself as an organization devoted to raising money to research 'birth defects'. The sort of caste attitudes and civic disabilities which plagued blacks at the time of its founding were dismantled by around 1971. There is a corps of thousands of black legislators to advocate for the interests of blacks-qua-blacks (prior to 1965 the country had a few score black elected officials at any one time). The stable of attorneys once directed by Thurgood Marshall whose work constituted the organization's most salient activity for four decades (and who might still have some useful work to do, the courts and police being the way they are) was constituted into a separate agency in 1957. There is a network of churches and of secular agencies like the Urban League to undertake social work in slum neighborhoods; the Urban League was founded for such purposes and has resources and institutional memory that the N.A.A.C.P. cannot match. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded in 1956 as a temporary agency to co-ordinate public protests, faces a similar problem. The Congress of Racial Equality seems to exist to provide employment for Roy Innes. The trouble is, there is not an inexhaustable supply of problems in race relations quite the way there is an inexhaustable supply of health problems, so the superintendants of these legacy agencies are compelled to pretend that inconsequential social problems are important social problems. Quite a bit of self-deception and shtick has to be empolyed in that exercise.

Anonymous said...

National Association for the Aggrandizement of Corpulent Preachers

Debrah said...

Does anyone remember this ?

I don't.

But I also don't put very much validity in their claims.

That's what happens when an organization such as this one displays such bigotry toward others......and relishes doing so.

Debrah said...

Get hip to the situation on the Reverend William Barber's blog.

Be there or be nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Debrah -

Note that for Mr. Barber prosecutorial injustice only occurs when the person accused of a crime is black. It would not surprise me, should Crystal Mangum ever be charged for her role in the lacrosse hoax, to see Mr. Barber manning the barricades shouting in his bullhorn that she is a victim of prosecutorial injustice.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Barber is concerned about misinformation that comes from robo-calls and mass mailings. Is he also concerned about misinformation delivered from the pulpits of black churches as well?
The true irony of the American system of government is that the black church can maintain tax exempt status and simultaneously continue to be one of the most blatant political organizations around.
Been there, seen that!

Anonymous said...

Why should these people be centered or even handed when they profit so much from their own intellectual dishonesty . . . that is a major point of reference for the likes of Lubiano, Barber, and others in the Group88 and in this enire fiasco. Their patterned and presented meta-narrative and the point of view of Barber as well as others of his ilk has begun to overshadow any sort of reality except their own personal profit or advancement.

Like others in this bigoted society of intellectuals, they know at the outset that they are not to be held accountable for what they say and do. Their lies become a badge of honor to them, as they are essentially above the law. If any one of them is held accountable it will be someone else or perhaps only Duke for a number of reasons. Accountability will not be only because of deep pockets, but because Duke can be seen as a nuetral identity or particpant in what has become the arrogance of a group of thugs holding up rest of society even as Duke has participated in their own arrogance. Make no mistake, if the behavior of Barber and the Duke intellectuals is allowed to stand without challenge, their behavior will bring about a society of fear as has occurred elsewhere. It exists in the politically correct world of academia as can be attested to by the Duke faculty.

To even discuss this possibioity has been made into a joke by the known toleration of its behavior, but to not challenge this behavior allows it, the behavior of these wretches, to have their way in causing others to lose their jobs or to put innocent people in prison, but, of course, according to this group there are no "innocent" people except for themselves.

Debrah said...

TO 7:47 AM--

Of course.

There is little doubt that Barber and his followers would take a 180.

This is why dealing with such people is so maddening.

However, I totally believe that one positive resulting from this lacrosse case is that the public have begun to look at such organizations and their members with a very skeptical eye.

They can't slide by the way they used to.

Debrah said...

You guys need to read some of the comments people have posted on his blog.

Barber and Al McSurely made sure to inflame everyone from the start......and neither has bothered to try to make things right.

They know they don't have to because they run on different batteries---no accountability.

Many were calling Reade, Collin, and David "privileged white men", etc......

Anonymous said...

In an unrelated case, the alleged rape victim, Crystal Mangum was convicted of murdering her boyfriend.