Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cooper Ad

Few political leaders distinguished themselves in the lacrosse case, but one of the heroes of the affair was Attorney General Roy Cooper. His office conducted an impartial investigation, free from political pressure, and allowed the facts to dictate the outcome. He was, in short, the model of a "minister of justice."

Cooper's campaign is up with an ad reminding voters of his actions in the case.

While, I suspect, Cooper won't poll well among the Group of 88, I hope that all DIW readers in North Carolina will vote for him on November 4. Donations to his campaign can be made here.


Anonymous said...

Cooper earned my vote when he declared the Duke Lax Frame victims innocent--or he would have were I a NC resident. All I can do is contribute to his campaign--which I just did.

Debrah said...

Most definitely.

Everyone should cast their vote for him.

Roy Cooper performed magnificently.

W. R. Chambers said...

While not exactly a lawyer ad, Cooper's campaign ad is the first advertisement about lawyering that has given me a sense of hope.

Anonymous said...

I just wish he had finished the job. There were a number of serious crimes committed, and why someone like Tara Levicy gets off with no charges at all, while Reade, David, and Collin and their families twisted in the wind still leaves me cold.

Cooper did the right thing, but he stopped too soon.

Debrah said...


I have to agree with Bill, but my objective would have been to charge Crystal Gail Mangum, first and foremost.

But there's only so much that Cooper could have done without a riot breaking out in Durham.

The N&O won't allow that to be printed in their paper, but everyone knows that would have happened among the race-hustlers over there.

Can you imagine?

Mangum's enablers have established her as a human moving target to fit whatever scenario they're peddling at the time.

First, she's a poor hardworking mother.

Then she is mentally unstable.

And finally, she's super-fly-woman earning a degree in criminal justice from NCCU.


This is something too tasteless.....even for satire.

Anonymous said...

Bill Anderson said it best.

It is too bad some here seem to believe that the evildoers should have gotten a pass to prevent rioting? WTH? Not even funny.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Deb. Cooper did the right thing when he proclaimed them provably innocent, but it is not accurate to say his investigation was purely apoliical. Granted, it was pure as wind-driven snow by comparison and on balance was exemplary, but he let her walk. There was no legal reason to do so, but I think Gov. Coop..., er, Mr. Cooper has bigger plans one day that would not have benefitted from his bringing lady justice's sword to bear on that lying gutter snipe.

Gary Packwood said...

So Dave, Collin and Reade have become central to the platform of judicial beliefs for the Attorney General of the State of North Carolina.


It appears to me that the Attorney General's decisions about the Duke University Men's lacrosse rape hoax case(s) are moving slowly towards becoming a doctrine of binding precedent or stare decisis which is central to our legal system.

Shall we assume that this video is being seen all over Durham including student rooms in Duke residence halls?

How about them apples Professors Lubiano, Tyson and your friends in the office of student affairs?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican, and I'm seriously considering giving the Democrat Cooper my vote in November due to his handling of this case. I only wish he had acted sooner - still, he did a good job.

By the way, I don't know why we let so many idiot "professors" teach at Duke, one of the world's greatest schools.

Anonymous said...

I am an NC libertarian but I'll be voting for Cooper. He earned it.

Debrah said...

The Diva updated version of "UPI" in paperback just arrived this morning!

Anonymous said...

If I were in North Carolina, I suspect I would vote for Cooper, in that he at least did the right thing when everyone else in authority in that state was a damned coward at best. (And criminal at worst.)

Now, as an economist, I am not fond of his call for "price-gouging legislation," as such legislation causes huge shortages, as we saw elsewhere. However, this has nothing to do with the lacrosse case, and on that one he showed some courage.

Yes, I have been somewhat critical of him, but at least he did ask the feds for help, and they refused. So, Cooper is not a coward, but there are plenty of others out there who are!!

Greg Toombs said...

Debrah, don't forget Ms. Mangum's also a best-selling author.

What's that? She's not published yet?

Well, don't you know it's "forthcoming"?

(Her publishing status should also qualify her to be a professor in Duke's AAS department.)

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Cooper. His declaration of INNOCENT was unprecedented and took political courage. Thanks Roy!

However, I agree w/ Bill, Cooper stopped short. I'm not as upset with his decision not to charge Mangum after all, the maximum penalty for bringing false charges is something like $100, seriously) as with his lack of a criminal investigation into the investigation of the case. The actions of DPD, Baker, Bell, Hudson, Stephens, etc. demand an investigation -- while Cooper may not have had the power to conduct the investigation -- he could have pushed harder. The real criminals in this case got away with murder (so to speak).


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want's to run against Ray Cooper for A.G.? Mike Nifong? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Re: Bill at 1:25: "If I were in North Carolina, I suspect I would vote for Cooper...."

Now that's a ringing endorsement! You've got to be advising Bill Clinton - your fingerprints are all over the wording of his "endorsement" of Obama!


Ken Duke

Anonymous said...

To the Republican at 1:40
By the way, I don't know why we let so many idiot "professors" teach at Duke,formerly one of the world's greatest schools.

You know, North Carolina has a state mental hospital. CGM needs to be in there so she can't continue to make raging fallacious statements not even to mention her perpetual selling of her body. Maybe the psychiatrists could get to the root of her problem and discover her fascination with "poles".

Roy will get my vote this time. The statute of limitations is not up on CGM yet. Whether or not he will get my vote again depends on whether or not he continues to clean house on these dishonest criminals.

Debrah said...

"You've got to be advising Bill Clinton - your fingerprints are all over the wording of his 'endorsement' of Obama!"

That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cooper did the right thing when he declared the lacrosse players innocent, but that declaration did not take "political courage". By the time Mr. Cooper made his statement defense attorneys and the media were already saying what the investigators in this case had known for almost a year--there was no evidence to support what Ms. Mangum claimed happened had ever occurred.

The DNA analyst who worked this case has left the SBI. The reason she gave for leaving: She did not feel comfortable working for the SBI because some of the practices and policies of the lab were in her view irresponsible, unethical, and at times illegal.

I haven't decided if I am going to vote for Mr. Cooper, but I do know my decision will be based on everything he has done in the last four years as attorney general not just this one act.