Monday, September 01, 2008

Remainders: Levicy

For readers new to the blog, or for readers desiring a refresher course, below is a three-part series I did last year summarizing the pernicious effects of former SANE nurse-in-training Tara Levicy in first initiating and then sustaining the hoax.
Tomorrow, by the way, I'll have a summary and analysis of the remaining briefs filed by Chuck Cooper and Bill Thomas.


Anonymous said...

KC - Thanks for reprinting the Levicy file. It is good for all to refresh themselves on just how critical Levicy was to the hoax.

Debrah said...

And don't forget to read the comment section.

There are still some irrational people who choose to defend Levicy and gloss over her very pivotal report and testimony.

Debrah said...

Cross examination of Levicy

Anonymous said...

As an old nurse with regulatory experience I can honestly say that the North Carolina Board of Nursings inactivity, and Duke's so-called logic in the brief, make no sense. It is important to get out all of the facts about this nurse and her supervisor and the hospital in an organized and dispassionate way.

On the other hand, I can say the the analysis of Levicy on this board and other boards has left a lot to be desired because some of the practitioners in the field you presented here provided histrionic, unprofessionally written, sensationalized, emotional conclusions, essays and similar comments. However, there can be no issue taken against the fact that Levicy lacks the experience and credentials to be considered an expert nurse or an expert witness.

The depositions and discovery will hopefully, finally, provide the facts. The truth should not be too much to hope for.

If Levicy and her supervisor and DUMC did what they are accused of doing there should be crushing penalties. But, even if the truth lies somewhere in between what is alleged and what really was said and done, there will still be a lot of explaining to do on the part of Levicy and DUMC. The case must be investigated by the watch dogs of our profession, critically examined in the professional literature and the media. The findings must be revealed, penalties, corrective action, and policy revision conducted where needed, lessons learned and repeated over and over within the profession and for the benefit of the public.

And finally, no matter what, it is necessary to single out and confront the NC Board of Nursing. They must defend their lack of interest in the alleged actions of their own licensed nurses and must explain how they have fulfilled their role here as a professional regulatory and licensing board. I can see no excuse for the inactivity of the NC BON. It is understandable that the public will go off the deep end with no activity from our duly appointed regulators.

Anonymous said...

The articles are illuminating, to say the least. It is amazing how far a lie will travel when there are people willing to push it along.

The sad thing is that Levicy still is a practicing nurse, and despite hundreds of complaints about Levicy, the North Carolina Board of Nursing did nothing at all. In other words, the board believes it is perfectly fine for a nurse to lie in affidavits and in giving testimony, as long as the testimony fits into a PC category.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that after reading the Levicy posts again, I believe that she, like Nifong, is a pathological liar. When one combines that trait with her ideology, it is no wonder that she tried to frame innocent people.

Gary Packwood said...

Folks do love to pull Tara Levicy out of their hat when the fires of truth begins to burn close to Duke.

In my view Ms. Tara was just about as important as the commander of the Japanese Air Force that bombed Pear Harbor.

Both were functionaries and both reported to someone with a higher pay grade...who reported to the big bosses.

The question remains...who were the bosses that engineered the Duke University men's lacrosse rape hoax?

We need to know that information so this horror of a hoax will never happen again at another university in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Where is this woman now? Why isn't she invited forward?

One Spook said...

I thought that the comments of the "old nurse" @ 1:30 were interesting and balanced.

Again I would ask Bill Anderson to elaborate on the "hundreds of complaints about Levicy,[to] the North Carolina Board of Nursing ..." I think this is new information that would benefit us all to know.

My sense of professional regulatory agencies is that they tend to defer action on their part during the pendency of legal action against a licensee. I have seen many such agencies take action after criminal or civil charges have been settled. That may explain why the NC Board has been silent.

I believe someone had commented once that Levicy had retained her NC license, and that may be true. If she is not licensed in NC, then I don't imagine that board has any standing to take action against her.

That said, given the actions of Levicy that are a matter of record, including her testimony that Debrah linked to above, the thought of her practicing as a SANE anywhere is frightening to say the least.

One Spook

One Spook said...

Anon @ 5:39 PM writes:

Where is this woman now? Why isn't she invited forward?

I can handle that one! When last sighted, Levicy was working as a nurse at a hospital in New Hampshire. If the civil case comes to trial, she will be "invited" (Read: Subpoenaed) back to Durham to testify.

When she returns to the "Bull City" (one can only marvel at how appropriate that handle is!), she and co-conspirator Theresa Arico will sit around sipping lattes while chewing wild hickory nuts and reminisce about the "good old days" when they had 14 SANE nurse ideologues all spring-loaded with thoughts of "no woman ever lies about being raped." to put innocent men in jail.

Then they'll join in a cluster-curse to the lacrosse players who successfully defended themselves against false charges that the nurses abetted, and to KC Johnson who cared enough about justice to expose their criminal behavior to the world.

One Spook

Anonymous said...

Another reason why bringing the truth forward is important...

Google hits on 9/1/08 for...

"Tara Levicy Duke lacrosse" = 3,880

"Richard Brodhead Duke lacrosse" = 16,800

"Robert Steel Duke lacrosse" = 29,200

"Crystal Magnum Duke lacrosse" = 10,900


"Dave Evans Duke lacrosse" = 45,200

"Reid Seligmann Duke lacrosse" = 3,830

"Collin Finnerty Duke lacrosse" = 58,500

These young men's reputation is forever tainted and they have the Klan of 88 types who will continuously attempt to rewrite history.

All one needs to do is to imagine ones own child in the mix and ones blood begins to boil.

I've now sent two children to schools other than Duke. My wife, her father, and her sister are all alumns.

With existing leadership in place the decison becomes one of risk management and not about ones education.

Anonymous said...

Is Levicy a Communist?