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Mangum Takes on the Special Prosecutors

While she praised the unethical efforts of Mike Nifong, Crystal Mangum had nothing but contempt for the special prosecutors who took over the case after Nifong recused himself. She especially seemed not to like Assistant Attorney General Jim Coman. In her first meeting with the new prosecution team, she recalled,

Both Mary Winstead and Jim Coman struck me as professional people, but I was a bit nervous. I thought that they were representing me and I did not expect them to be hostile. [emphasis added]

Mangum appears unaware that—unlike Nifong, who repeatedly referred to Mangum as “my victim”—prosecutors do not “represent” accusers. They represent the people.

The second meeting with the special prosecutors went worse—because state law enforcement officials, unlike Nifong, had the temerity to question Mangum’s myriad, often contradictory, versions of events:

There were four white males and one white female. Later a black woman joined us. The three white men were identified as members of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

The extra people in the room made me especially uncomfortable. I was not expecting such a large gathering and the demeanor of those watching did not make me feel they were on my side. We all sat around a large conference table. There was an easel set up; I was given a long pointing stick and asked to go over the events of the night of March 13 while the people in the room stared at me. I was visibly uncomfortable. I struggled with my words and felt confused at times because I could not stand the looks I was getting. I was told I needed to describe again in detail what had happened. It was excruciating and humiliating, trying to tell my story to people who were visibly hostile.

After breaking down in tears, Mangum recalls,

Jim Coman launched into a series of rapid-fire questions. “Where were you raped? Which door did you enter and exit? Were they the same doors? Did Mr. Nifong tell you the names of your attackers?” I felt like I had answered all those questions a dozen times already. Mr. Coman’s delivery of the questions to be trying to frustrate me . . . Why was not someone on my side in this? I had met with the police and Mike Nifong and never once did I feel like I was not being respected.

Mangum’s response to these events? Blame everything on . . . Duke(!). She told the special prosecutors, “They are going to get away with it because Duke has paid everyone to be silent.” The serial fabricator also offered the wild claim that Duke had doctored the photos of the party.

(This, of course, is the same Duke that—in the grip of the Group of 88—did everything but take out a full-page ad in the New York Times distancing itself from the three students Mangum falsely accused.)

While Mangum discusses her first and second meetings with the special prosecutors, she doesn’t mention her final meeting with state law enforcement officials—the meeting to which she arrived impaired from a cocktail of prescription drugs. That finding, documented in the AG’s report, wouldn’t support her self-portrayal as a kind of anti-drug crusader in the world of exotic dancing.

Mangum’s reaction to the Cooper Report was, to put it mildly, bizarre: “I thought that if they did not want to pursue rape charges they could move forward. If nothing else, there should have been enough evidence to prove that racial slurs where used during the assault.”

The report, of course, concluded there was no assault. Even in Durham, it would seem impossible to use “racial slurs” in an “assault” that never occurred in the first place.

Reflecting on the demise of her hoax, Mangum did give a shout-out to her hero, Mike Nifong, for whom she felt “sorry.” And she again lashed out at defense attorneys, who she denounced as “free to go about getting as much money as they could from anyone they could sue. With his law license gone, Mike Nifong was vulnerable. He had served Durham for a long time and now on account of me, he was going to have to pay with his career. It did not seem fair and I believe the majority of people who think rationally know what the North Carolina Bar did was well beyond what was necessary or had ever been done in the past. Nevertheless, the forces aligned against the case needed Nifong’s license or there would be no grounds for the law suits that were to come.”

Mangum offered no evidence to corroborate her attack against the State Bar. Nor did she explain how “the forces aligned against the case” controlled the Bar’s actions. As the book proceeded, the anti-Nifong/Mangum conspiracy that the serial fabricator imagined had grown to enormous proportions.

In addition to castigating the special prosecutors and the State Bar, Mangum laced into CNN. It turns out that she had consented to a lengthy interview with Soledad O’Brien, at which she presumably told one of her myriad stories about what happened in the case. The result?

After allowing them into personal life and my home, someone at CNN decided this reporting was not something they wanted the public to see . . . Now, when I call CNN, no one will take my call(!!). They have nothing to say about what they saw.

Mangum appears unaware that—if only due to fear of a libel suit—most major news organizations will not give TV time to someone who’s offering a demonstrably false story.

In a line that could define chutzpah, the woman who leveled false allegations of a horrific crime against three innocent college students concluded, “I am left with hating the way it felt to be accused of being something I was not.”


Joey said...

All my thanks to Johnson for suffering through the actual reading of this book so the rest of us don't have to.

Anonymous said...

How is it that someone who at times seems intelligent can at other times seem so moronic. Must be the drugs.
I think that she was bolstered by having nothing happen when she filed the first false rape charge. If you are never told you're wrong, how do you know that you're wrong?
In addition to her paranoia and creative imagination, she also seems to have a persecution complex. I believe I have read that her degree is in Criminal Justice. She should have applied for a job in the Psych department. She could have been case study after case study for those students. Alas, she now becomes the poster child for criminal justice. She is a criminal and the LAX players got justice (at least from AG Cooper).
AG Cooper's ad using the "tragic rush to judgment" lays a solid foundation for his gubernatorial bid in four years. He's got my vote.
As for sympathy for Precious when she felt intimidated by the interview with four or five SBI agents, did she ever stop to think what she put 44 LAX players through? Their interrogation was not one day around a conference table but 24/7 pot-banging threats. The monetary costs to the families of the three falsely accused players was the smallest portion of the price. These three guys have had their future earning power reduced drastically. The unfairness here is that Precious has a budding career in Vegas. No, not on the pole but possibly in a magic show. After all, she is fluent in "levitation".

Anonymous said...

With his law license gone, Mike Nifong was vulnerable. He had served Durham for a long time and now on account of me, he was going to have to pay with his career. It did not seem fair and I believe the majority of people who think rationally know what the North Carolina Bar did was well beyond what was necessary or had ever been done in the past. Nevertheless, the forces aligned against the case needed Nifong’s license or there would be no grounds for the law suits that were to come.

We can be sure that Crystal did not write those words, and I would be curious to know who did. Something in me doubts that it was her "co-author," either.

There were no "forces aligned against the case" in the way that the book and others have said. It became obvious that the entire thing was a Big Lie, and that the people who had been pushing the charges had known all along that it was a Big Lie.

That the political leadership of Durham and the leadership of Duke have not denounced this latest escapade tells me volumes. People like Richard Brodhead and William Chafe would be just as likely to latch onto this lie as anything else.

Please don't tell me that they cannot comment because of "ongoing litigation." They are not commenting because they are moral cowards, period.

Anonymous said...

Several things stand out. Crystal now states that she met with Mike Nifong - when and where did that occur since Nifong claimed that he had not met with Ms. Mangum. Second, there is the reputed CNN interview with Soledad O'Brien. When and where did that occur? Why was there no reporting on Soledad O'Brien's part or CNN's that Ms. Mangum's story was a hoax? And if said interview occurred before the AG's report, should not a responsible media outlet who had for months allowed its reporters to lambast the laxers come forward with the news that an interview with Ms. Mangum would show that in fact nothing happened - that Ms. Mangum lived in a universe of lies of her own making?
I feel sorry for the lax families that once again they are confronted with the sordidness and squalor of Crystal Mangum - this only underscores why it is so vital that the lawsuits be allowed to play out. The harm done by Mangum, Gottleib, Hinman, the Durham PD, Levicy, Broadhead, the Duke BOT, the Gang of 88, Nifong and his staff and those judges in the prosecutor's pockets and then the fanning of the bonfire of lies by the likes of Nancy Grace, et al has been incalculable. The only message that others so prone like the aforementioned to run roughshod over civil liberties and the truth is to exact enormous sums of monies because it is only when the pocketbook is severely strained that real change occurs. Until that happens, I am afraid that the nightmare will continue for the three men, their families, as well as the other laxers and the Presslers.

Anonymous said...

These are the thought processes described in the book "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, a Harvard psychiatrist. Pity, attention, and status through manipulation are everything; harm to others and honesty irrelevant. In the end, Mangum's assertions are nothing but road maps to her understanding of the credulities of the people she's dealt with.
On the side, it is amusing to see her dismay towards people she can't con -- "Hey! They're not on my side! Why aren't they doing their job?" Honey, you'll never understand: they're just doing their jobs.

2008 GOALS said...

She is probably mentally ill--either as a result of drugs, possibly other horrific actual or imagined traumas in her past, or for any number of other reasons.

She does sound a LOT like my dad did when he suffered from dementia before dying. He really believed everything he told us even when it was wildly impossible. It can break your heart.

But unfortunately, mental illness is pretty hard to prove, especially in the court of public opinion and even more so in an area like Wonderland where thousands seem to want so badly to believe her to support their own delusions. The only remedy seems to be more litigation to at least make sure she doesn't profit from this additional travesty.

And I wonder how UGa's feeling about her public desires to get a PhD there? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

How do you deal with people who are from another world . . . another planet . . . Duke and Durham and Mangum appear to be somewhere else . . . the DukeGroup88 are somewhere else with them . . . somewhere in space . . . a space, as a space might be defined, as an empty or not so empty place filled with . . . what? Not reality . . . not reality . . . something else . . . hate? . . . self-serving ego? What?

Anonymous said...

"AG Cooper's ad using the "tragic rush to judgment" lays a solid foundation for his gubernatorial bid in four years. He's got my vote."

Roy is part of the problem on many levels. He will not get my vote.

Anonymous said...

These are rather sophisticated arguments, given the facts totally disprove them.

Who is working with Precious/Crystal NOW, to spin these lies ?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with joey7777, having Johnson suffered not only having to read a fictional/libel book but having to pay full price for it. My advice to K.C., if the book was located in the non-fiction section, return it and get your full money back. Tell the bookstore rep to place all of Magnum's book it the fiction section.

Debrah said...

"And if said interview occurred before the AG's report, should not a responsible media outlet who had for months allowed its reporters to lambast the laxers come forward with the news that an interview with Ms. Mangum would show that in fact nothing happened - that Ms. Mangum lived in a universe of lies of her own making?"

Excellent question.

CNN usually tries to be open and fair about their reporting....unlike NBC.

It is curious that O'Brien--a professional with a Harvard degree--was not fully aware that the whole tale was a Hoax.

Of course she knew, but CNN would not, and believed they could not, discount publicly the story of a black woman who says she was raped by white men.

That's the only reason the Duke Lacrosse Hoax was able to be kept alive in the first place.

Everyone knows that fact.

Few want to say it openly; however, you only have to listen to the most far left and liberal kibitzer in a setting where he has had a few drinks to loosen up the honesty within.....

.......and that person has said the same thing.

Currently in the news, a strange and bizarre-looking white woman filed a false report asserting that a black Obama supporter attacked her.

As with Mangum, the police were skeptical from the start.

Turns out it was all a fabrication.

This "white woman"---unlike Crystal Mangum---has been arrested.

And for much lesser fabrications than "rape".

People must begin to be honest.

More often than not, blacks who engage in criminal acitivities get off the hook with more frequency.

And as it relates to violent crimes, there's a virtual revolving door.

Just look at a place like Durham.

Anonymous said...

That Crystal could find a 99% co-author and actually get this POS published shows how very far American standards have plummeted in our avidity to "define deviancy down".

Anonymous said...

REFERENCE: "Woman admits making up McCain sticker attack, police say" - 10/24/08, []

Gee whiz, it is a good thing that the referenced event didn't happen in Durham back when Nifong was prosecutor ... Had the police there arrested an "assailant", Nifong would have undoubtedly vigorously prosecuted on behalf of the "victim", without regard to race ... and, as he would have believed it to be his "duty", would have NEVER questioned the integrity of the accuser -- leaving it to the jury to sort all that stuff out.

Yeah, right, LOL ...

Debrah said...

This is the grotesque website occupied by those who allegedly hacked Liestoppers months ago.

Commenters like Mark Rougemont, Cash Michaels, goofy people with monikers like "in my humble opinion", and "emmy" apparently post there.

I had never even heard of this place that some call "The Bat Cave" before.

It's not very interesting and the people there appear only to use material lifted from other websites to feed off.

Liestoppers seems to be their main target.

Last week they embedded some of the Diva's videos, etc......

Who cares?

On a strictly comical level, it's gratifying that some nut could spend so much time on one post......featuring other people.

I view it like an idle soap opera.

What is really disgusting about the place, however, is that they are still pushing the idea that "something happened".

I certainly wouldn't post inside a place like that; however, one commenter whom I believe to be Cash, plaintively asked the Diva to get information about "broomsticks" from KC.


These people are still trying to push the lie that Mangum was violated with a broomstick.

If anyone needs a clear view of Hoax enablers in Durham and radiating outward......

....that joint is the place.

Anonymous said...

This whole horrible circumstance of the Duke lacrosse fiasco has aspects of the great intellectual battles of the early twentieth century. The people who support Mangum are certainly not her supporters because she tells the truth. She is rather an important weapon in the cultural wars of this century as much as anything, and as was said earlier by a Duke bureaucrat, "It's not about the truth . . . ." It never was about the truth.

Many in the streets and on campus knew that from the beginning. It was political theater whose ultimate goal was intimidation and power. In this it has been very effictive. Also, the contributor to this blog who keeps asking is so and so a communist might be closer to the truth not in the sense that anyone is an actual communist, but rather, like the communist of old many of these bad actors are willing to lie for a greater "truth" as they see the truth . . . not unlike Hitler's attitude about believing the "big lie." It only matters to them that the "other" is harmed. They do not care about the consequence to all.

Many of these people know what they are doing . . . perhaps not Mangum who is apparently sick or perhaps a sociopath . . . but many of these people in the Durham area and the DukeGroup88 are aware and are opportunist in their behavior. It is sad, but it is true . . . to argue with them is to fall into their intellectual trap, and yet, to not resist them means that not only are the innocent sent to jail, but the rest of us are held hostage to their increasingly shrill and narrow politically correct view of society and the world. These people take names and count heads. Their vindictive behavior is why faculty members are afraid of them and behave accordingly.

These academics have created a tyranny in their world. They mean to do this, and they have much in common with radical Islam or Nazis or Communism. These academics are intolerant in general, and they are certainly intolerant of the truth. They refuse to apologize.

Anonymous said...

The following was cross-posted by me at dailykos under the title: "The Irony of Ashley Todd." You can see the post and the comments here:


The great sexual assault hoax of 2006-2007 was the Duke Lacrosse false rape case. As you may recall, the media jumped on that case and ran with it, fueled by the illegal conduct of the District Attorney Mike Nifong. Eventually, it became apparent that there were major inconsistencies with the false accuser's story in Durham.

Some in the media began to question what was happening in the Durham court system. Yet, the case was still too "hot" for politicians to touch it. John McCain apparently didn't care. Sarah Palin uttered nary a peep about the injustice in Durham. Even Elizabeth Dole, a Republican Senator from North Carolina -- for whom one of the three accused had worked as an intern -- didn't come out against the false allegations in the Duke fiasco.

But Barack Obama cared.

"Another voice has joined the call for a federal investigation into the handling of the Duke Lacrosse case -- this one with the punch of presidential politics.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in a written response to a constituent, said that an "independent inquiry is needed" into the conduct of Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong.

Nifong prosecuted and led the investigation into the alleged sexual assault of an exotic dancer at a lacrosse team party in March 2006."

At great political risk -- going against his apparent constituencies -- Barack Obama showed the courage to send the right message: I stand for Justice. Remember, at that time back in March of 2007, Senator Obama had not yet secured any primary or caucus victories. He had not obtained widespread support from African-Americans or whites or browns or greens or blues.

At the time Barack Obama and his "spine of steel" did what only three little-known Congressmen had done: Impugn, correctly, the actions of the runaway malpractice train that was District Attorney Mike Nifong. Other than Obama, only Representative Walter Jones, R-N.C., Representative Tom Feeney, R-Fla. and Representative Trent Franks, R-ARIZONA had asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for a federal investigation into Nifong's conduct:

"Obama said of the call for a federal investigation that he 'will be following its progress closely.'"

I just love that our candidate for President is almost always on the right side of history, and he gets extra marks for having guts. Moreover, when we think he might not be on the right side of history, history proves us wrong.

What did Barack Obama get for taking that courageous stance against false accusations, improper police tactics and prosecutorial misconduct back in March 2007? Another hoax, but this one perpetrated purposefully to harm his (and our) Presidential hopes. That's the irony of Ashley Todd.


MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

KC> I also want to Thank you for reading the garbage of Ms.Mangum as I never will but trust your interpretation. I hope this proves to the three innocent young men whose lives she almost destroyed, that she should be sued now. They should go after her with everything they can. No matter how mentally unbalanced she may be, she continues unabated with false, unsubstantiated accusations and is now getting payed for doing so. The kindness they have shown in the past is no longer warranted as she is threatening their reputations all over again. All decent people in the media should be criticizing and calling her out. She no longer gets a pass as a mental case. Even unbalanced people can do alot of harm if not stopped.

Anonymous said...

Hey Debrah, please tell us, flat-out, what you think of Ashley Todd!

Ashley is OBVIOUSLY the EXACT equivalent of Crystal "LYING PSYCHO" Gail Mangum, except that Ashley is on "your side". So please tell us how you justify Ashley's psychotic, vicious lies, while you have spent half your online life denouncing the psychotic, vicious lies of Crystal Gail Mangum.

In my opinion, both of these women are mental cases who should go to PRISON for a long, LONG time. If anything, Todd is worse because she sought to subvert the presidency itself with her stupid, moronic and vicious lies. Whereas Mangum -- clearly a piece of garbage -- at least sought only to trash only (!) 3 innocent males, while YOUR BUDDY, Ms. Todd, sought to overturn an entire Presidential election.

If you will now denounce Todd, in the same flat terms that we all denounce Mangum, then I apologize and withdraw these remarks.

Anonymous said...

There is one difference with the Ashley Todd story: an entire city, and the entire justice apparatus of the state did not support her in the way that it supported Crystal Mangum. Don't forget that the only reason Cooper got the case was because the NC State Bar voted -- by a one vote margin -- to charge Nifong while the case still was in progress.

What I don't forget is that the entire political establishment of Durham was behind her, no matter how ridiculous her story and no matter how the facts did not match the charges. I also do not forget that Durham is a one-party city, and that the Democratic Party also is the party of the Gang of 88.

Yes, Obama did call for an investigation, but do you really think he will investigate anything when he becomes president? I'm no Republican, but when someone tries to praise the Democrats in this story, I am going to raise an objection. Every miscreant in this story was a Democrat, and while there were a few heroes among people of that party, most of them were part of the lynch mob.

And I don't forget that the Daily Kos also supported Nifong in the early days, as well as most of the other Democratic blogs, not to mention the House Organ of the Democratic Party, the New York Times. So, please, I do not want to see Democrats taking a bow here. Their left-wing Political Correctness was the reason this case even got legs in the first place.

John McCain and Sarah Palin might be a lot of things, but Politically Correct is not one of them.

Anonymous said...


It's now painfully obvious that:

1. Mangum is not emotionally disturbed

2. Cooper et al fecklessly caved in to political/racial intimidation in not pursuing a criminal investigation into her vicious reportage

So my question to you is:

Do you now regret maintaining that Mangum should not be criminally prosecuted?

Duke '74

Anonymous said...

When Obama made the comment critical of Nifong, he had nothing to lose. It wasn't going to cost him votes from those who were for him. Has he said anything about investigating the Duke Hoax if elected President? Of course not.

One Spook said...

Anon @ 7:15 PM, judiciously using the CAPS key, lays into Debrah and writes:

"Ashley is OBVIOUSLY the EXACT equivalent of Crystal "LYING PSYCHO" Gail Mangum, except that Ashley is on "your side". So please [Debrah] tell us how you justify Ashley's psychotic, vicious lies ... "

Just to bring you up to date since you seem to be a newcomer, 7:15, Debrah has falsely accused me, and lied about me on her three-regular-readers blog on several occasions. She has never once admitted she was wrong or apologized to me, while simultaneously calling for the Group of 88, the Duke administration, the Durham Police, Durham City Officials, various writers and pundits, and newspaper editors to do just that.

Debrah is also this Blog’s “Queen of Mean” and would make even a deceased Leona Helmsley jealous. She has viciously attacked numerous commenters here, so she certainly doesn’t need me or anyone else to defend her.

But defend her I will because what you wrote about her was dead wrong.

She’s on “your side” my friend, and has been an Obama supporter since; well … since shortly after KC Johnson announced on this Blog that he was an Obama supporter. Your statement that Debrah somehow justified “Ashley's psychotic, vicious lies” is patently false and I believe you owe Debrah an apology.

Moreover, any comparison the damage to the Obama campaign by this false accuser to the damage caused by Mangum stretches reality almost beyond belief. It was picked up by a few far right blogs on Thursday, got less traction in the mainstream media than Sarah Palin’s shoes, and was totally debunked by Saturday … a lifespan of some 36 hours.

But, undaunted, Anon 7:15 then strikes a new zenith for hyperbole and breathlessly writes:

"If anything, Todd is worse because she sought to subvert the presidency itself with her stupid, moronic and vicious lies ..."

As KC Johnson might opine, "As to how Ashley Todd sought to subvert George W. Bush's office, Anon 7:15 PM did not say."

One Spook

Anonymous said...

If I had the requisite computer savvy, I would purchase a copy of Mangum's book -- keeping the receipt -- and scan it into my computer. Then, I would ask a friend overseas to set up an anonymous website entitled "CrystalMangum'" I would then take the scanned pages from the book and e-mail them to my friend to put on the website. Penultimately, I would advertise the website on every available Durham, Women's Studies, African-American Studies and other related listservs I could find. Finally, I would return the book for a refund.


I hope I never again have to read a sentence like this about Mangum: "I braced my non-lubricated self." Joyce it not is. Even a porn director would demand a re-write.


In the first three-sentence paragraph of the chapter entitled "Meeting the Devil," Mangum manages to make herself out to be a victim twice. She said that "things could actually get worse," and that circumstances "set [her] back even further."

The rest of the chapter and the next continue this record pace of self-pity and first-person victimhood.

It was almost funny to see that during her press conference Mangum said: "I don't mind being a sacrifice." With that, she has gone beyond the known physics of victimology to suffer FUTURE victimization.


To my hero Bill Anderson: If you are going to exceed strictures of logic, space and the commonly understood relationship we believe cause has with effect to paint Barack Obama with the actions of the rogue Democrats in Durham, then let's just go ahead and exceed strictures on time to blame the Duke Hoax on Andrew Jackson, as he is often credited (blamed?) for founding the Democratic Party. He set the whole thing in motion! Plus, Jackson cannot claim he wanted a federal investigation of Nifong.


I purposefully wrote a 68-word sentence in the. last paragraph to draw attention to Mangum's first rule. of writing: A period must follow the ninth word. of any sentence, unless you can somehow make the. sentence even shorter. I thought I was reading a children's book, perhaps a Dr. Seuss volume like "The Whorax" or "How the Wench Stole Innocence."


Go K.C. Johnson! MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

CGM "hated the way it felt to be accused of being something I was not".

How tragic? Not sure who she thinks inaccurately or unjustly accused her , but let's list some well-documented facts about this woman. She was a stripper by trade. She provided her "driver" sex in exchange for his services.She had the DNA of many men in and on her before she arrived at the LAX party. She has delivered three children out of wedlock. She has been previously arrested and convicted of crimes. She has repeatedly lied, and her mental health record numbers over 1000 pages .

Now, what is it that CGM thinks she is being accused of that she is not?

Anonymous said...

Debra, the horrible website is occupied primarily by Crystal enablers and posters who have been banned from LS (emmy, for example). She apparently continues to read LS but is not posting there. It only takes one visit to realize what a bunch of losers occupy this site. I'm surprised they haven't put up a link for the purchase of Crystal's soon to be printed pack of lies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to our little bat cave. I guess some would consider it "grotesque". After all, it actually allows posters to say what they want without fear of being banned or having their posts deleted. I understand that many of us are not as big a fan of KC as you are, but not all the members are of the "something happened" crowd. Why there are even some members there that actually are or have been members at LieStoppers and TalkLeft. Some even post or have posted at places you frenquent, here as well as Reharmonizer and JIC and even such places as your very own divaworld. I have never been in favor of censorship or limiting a discussion to just one point of view. If you have something to say to us directly you are welcome to come by and post anytime. I promise you that whatever you say, you will not be banned nor will you have your posts deleted. Some of our people even agree with you on occasion as I did when you posted about JohnInCarolina's website. Some even agree with you about this case. Others do not. You may consider that to be an unhealthy debate, at least it is a debate from both points of view. As far as Cash goes, I have spoken to him about the press conference and you may be surprised to learn that he is not part of that "something happened" crowd. I think his opinion of this case falls somewhere in the "there are no hero's" category. He is still planning on writing a book but is heavily involved in Obama campaign.

I still do not believe that your categorization and stereotyping of Durham is a fair one. I did enjoy reading your 2nd open letter to Mr. Cooper, I do agree with you on some of what you had to say.

bobo1949 said...

Moo! Gregory
4:15 pm
Glad to hear from you again.
Ashley Todd is a delusional woman who not only made false claims while alledgedly working on the McClain campaign, she claimed that her tires were slashed by opponents while working for the Ron Paul campaign. Sounds a lot like Mangum's multiple claims of gang rape.
The folks over at dailykoz seem to think McClain's staff (even McClain himself) was involved. They revel in it.
In your opinion only, do these same folks at the Kox think that Obama did something other than issue one statement? Is there any evidence that his staff followed on the request? If he did follow up, why haven't the results been made public?
If he didn't followup, what gives his statement any weight? It seems like just a platitude to me.

Anonymous said...

When is somebody going to take legal action against this woman?

Debrah said...

I wish to make a statement to the strange and idle people from that "Bat Cave" blog:

No, I most certainly will not post anything inside your scurrilous place.

You'd like to have the Diva email address, wouldn't you? So you could harass someone else.

No wonder some of you strange people identify with the Hoax-ster Mangum.

And yes, indeed, I will monitor your place to see if anything unlawful takes place as you continue to embed videos.

And sane people would ask....."What kind of stupidity resides inside alleged adults that makes you obsess about someone's personal videos?"


For everyone's information, I had my Diva videos' embedding tool disabled---and contrary to what these termites allege, am not attempting to promote them---and a woman calling herself "in my humble opinion" spent time lifting a photo from one of them by freezing the video and pulling a few tricks.

Now this lowlife and idle woman has been obsessing about the Diva's breasts.

Hmm.....I must inform her that there are other ways she can release her lesbian tendencies......and I hope she finds them.

Same goes for someone called "emmy".

But really, guys. I'm very proud of my breasts. They're not droopy like most women's become at a certain point. LOL!!!

To save you so much work the next time, I'll just take another shot with my iPhoto while sitting at the computer as I did in that little Diva video.

I'll even autograph it!

Now, don't obsess so much.

You even seem bothered by my KC videos.


KC is already an accomplished scholar. It is the Diva's quest to make him the academy's "Sexiest Man Alive!"

Get over the Diva. She's too busy for another project.

Debrah said...

Regarding the (6:15 AM) post:

"on her three-regular-readers blog"

I must correct this one.

Although, it is true that there are just a few people who leave comments and exchange superfluous repartee with the Diva on her blog on a semi-regular basis......

.....I must inform everyone that my trusted Diva meter reveals that many visitors come inside the Diva World gates.

Glad I could clarify that since my little blog is mostly for fun.

I would never attempt to do what KC does, although I'm sure that many visitors there are the result of coming by Wonderland first.

Anonymous said...

The people who support Nangum need to be asked and even challenged repeatedly to explain themselves in the light of absolutely no evidence why they continue to malign and essentially lie about the facts of the case. Their answers must at some point say more about their own psychological mind set than it does about anything else. They continue to abuse and inflame and lie . . . for what purpose?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments. My view of Durham exists because the entire political and legal apparatus of that city engaged in a dishonest prosecution of innocent people. This was not a "botched" investigation, as some people there claim; it was a frame, pure and simple, and the actions of police and Nifong early on have demonstrated to me that there was no doubt as to what was happening.

Decent people do not do this sort of thing. Honest people do not do this sort of thing. Yet, no one in an official capacity in Durham was willing to do what was right, so you tell me why that was so.

As for Cash and the "no heroes," I think he needs to include himself in that bunch, too, as he did his level best to keep the Big Lie going. Perhaps he might want to put his good friends Al McSurely and William Barber in the "no heroes" category, as well. They certainly earned such a distinction.

becket03 said...

Will the families, and Joe Cheshire, have the stomach to take this cretin on and deny her the payday she has sought for so long? Or will it be just too distasteful for them to be thrown together again with such a despicable lowlife, dealing with her day in and day out through lengthy litigation? Justice cries out for them to sue her, and deny her the monetary profits of mendacity. But I can't say I'd really blame them too much if they just decided to put this wicked b**** behind them, and forget they ever heard her name.

Mangum is the type of person who will never really prosper anyway, no matter how many ducats she pockets from this lousy book. Her character is too deformed to recover.


Anonymous said...

One Spook,

The real difference in the Ashley Todd case is that the police didn't give her an photos of an assortment of "usual suspects" who may have had motive and opportunity to commit the alleged crime. And no DA assuring the public that "something happened to my victim". And no potbanging marches around the ATM machine. And no media wringing its hands and writing stories about what a hardworking top-notch character Ashley Todd was. And ... well, you get the picture.


Anonymous said...

Whether she succeeded or not she still made Cooper look like an ass.Those who have the power have to stop this lunatic from harming anymore people. Fathers, sons, uncles of NC, beware she will strike again. Who will be her next victim. Since Crystal so loves playing the role of victim, she feeds on it and her handlers are the scavangers trying to make a buck off of her. They are vile creatures, inhuman with no care who they hurt as long as they profit. Time for the DOJ to step in a stop this fiasco.

Unknown said...

Long time reader of the blog KC. First, and last, commenter. Although I have nothing but good things to say about your expose of the Duke Lacrosse case, you have finally wore very thin. Your uncritical love for Obama and the Democrates are now dominating this blog.

I guess it was too much to hope that an educator would be anything but an apologist for the the Democatic party and its pandering to organizations like teachers unions and professors who are staunch democrates and anti business.

I hope that when Obama tries to appease terrorists and taxes the middle class to death (because taxing the wealthy will not reduce government debt), you will be very critical of him. If not, what we have all been seeing is a ultra liberal in moderate sheepskin.