Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mangum's Alternate Reality

In an interview with the Herald-Sun, Vincent Clark, who describes himself as Crystal Mangum’s “publicist,” refused to say whether Mangum would admit that she lied about the case in her “tell-all” memoir. “I’ll leave that nugget for the press event,” Clark teased.

It turns out, however, that Mangum already has made at least one public appearance about the book. The oft-delayed memoir originally was supposed to come out in May—prompting Mangum to begin her book tour at North Carolina A&T, a historically black college in Greensboro. (She was invited by Professor Myra Shird, whose general viewpoint can be gleaned here.)

According to the A&T newspaper, “all students” from the April 2008 class agreed “that justice was not served.” Why? “Missing DNA evidence found throughout the house was ruled out before police properly evaluated it.” What? “Missing DNA evidence”?!

More from reporter Alexandria Harper: “District Attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred due to his mismanagement of the case.”

No, he wasn’t. He was disbarred for massive violations of the Bar’s ethical rules.

And what did the case’s serial fabricator have to say?

  • “She was sexual[ly] assaulted by three men from behind and then sodomized by what she believed to be a broom stick.”

  • “I was sexually assaulted by three people and they used racial slurs.”
  • ”My attackers were white.”

  • “I believe Kim Roberts was paid off to not say anything.”

At least based on these notes, Mangum appears to have recanted her spring 2007 version of events (that she was sexually assaulted while levitating in mid-air). She also appears to have abandoned various earlier stories (for instance: that she was beaten up by other lacrosse players after the “attack”; that she was raped by 2, 5, or 20 people; that one or more of her “attackers” was chatting on the phone while the “attack” occurred; that Kim Roberts was an accomplice to the “attack”).

The article concludes with the fantastic revelation that Mangum “is striving to get her Ph.D. and to open a group home for sexually assaulted women.”

Just astonishing.

Hat tip to Baldo at Liestoppers.


Anonymous said...

Bet CGM's book opens at number one on the New York Times best seller list for fiction.
Maybe the preface was written by Jayson Blair.

Anonymous said...

Can the exonerated players sue?

Anonymous said...

Amazing work on the part of Liestoppers' Baldo for unearthing this nugget.

Thanks, Baldo.

Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhh my....

I wonder if this is going to open up a crack for either civil litigation or criminal prosecution against "Precious", who was shakin' her thang the next night on stage.

My guess is that this is not something traumatized rape vicims do...or claim they are going to "get paid by the white boys".


ES Duke 1990

Debrah said...
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One Spook said...

This is beyond astonishing ... it is totally incredible!

The "A & T" article is the poorest coverage of this hoax to date, but I do agree with this statement "According to the A&T newspaper, “all students” from the April 2008 class agreed “that justice was not served.”

The only instance where "justice was not served." is that Mangum was not criminally charged for her false accusation.

I was always in favor of Cooper's decision to not charge Mangum.

No more.

In light of this news of her continuing lies and slanderous statements and her "forthcoming" book, it is my hope that both criminal and civil charges will be preferred against her ... immediately.

Justice needs to be served.

One Spook

Anonymous said...

KC give credit where credit is due.

Baldo at LS found this Gem on Crystal.

Anonymous said...

Why is there no credit to Baldo and his research in your original post? This was an amazing find on his part and he deserves AT LEAST a hat tip, don't you think?

Joan Foster

Alan said...

I also approved the decision not to charge Mangum at the time, and I'm also now changing my mind. The woman described in the A & T article, is not the sad victim of mental disease, but a cold and calculating criminal out for personal gain. I have to ask now if the levitation story was just another example of calculation, that she new the case was dead and was concerned only to establish a mental incapacity to potential charges.

Archivist said...

The notion that this woman should be permitted to benefit financially from her story is beyond astounding.

The fact that she wasn't charged with making a false report now strikes me as nothing less than politically motivated. We were told that she was in some manner mentally unstable, yet she went on to obtain a college degree, and now she's memorialized at least some version of her prevarications in a book? And still she's not charged? Breathtaking!

It's not too late to charge her. The fact that this would create racial turmoil is beside the point and not especially relevant. The fact that few people have called for her to be charged suggests a kind of racial patronizing that has no place in this day and age.

The argument that no point would be served in charging her is to no avail. It is a cornerstone of our jurisrpudence that illegal conduct, conduct that hurts others needs to be punished to be deterred. How will others like this woman be deterred if she, the most high profile false rape accuser in American history, is not punished? Moreover, wrongdoers deserve to be punished, whether or not it would anger others in the community. False rape accusers -- even those who recant -- are sometimes jailed, even for a year or two. To refuse even to charge this woman but to convict and sentence women who have recanted their lies is blatantly unfair and unjust.

I say, charge her now; convict her; and send her away for a year or two, or whatever maximum the false reporting statute in N.C. allows. After all, she is the one who started the whole mess that turned three innocent lives upside down.

skwilli said...

I don't think this is astonishing at all, it is exactly what is expected of these people. It is a shame more lawsuits will be required to make sure no monies are made from this.

Anonymous said...

Hi KC,

It cannot be a coincidence that your post came a few hours after the article referred to was first posted on Liestoppers by 'Baldo'.

At the very least you could (and should) have made reference to his post as the 'finder' of the article in question.

Anonymous said...

As I have written elsewhere, Mangum defrauded the state, since she used "victims' fund" money and most likely federal money from the Violence Against Women Act. This is prosecutable.

People have dwelt on the "false accusation" misdemeanor without realizing that was not the only crime Mangum committed. We have to understand that she is a hustler and a grifter. Now, she is a woman with extremely short-term horizons (most prostitutes and strippers do live solely for the moment), so I am not saying that she has planned all this out.

Nonetheless, at first, the lie was to keep her from going into a psychiatric unit. The lie continued so she could get narcotics (hence, her lies at the UNC Medical Center the next night). Then, someone told her that she could get lots of money from Duke and the "white boys," and her family realized that a potential payday was at hand.

Next, it was the "victims' fund" money that enabled her not only to make the bucks turning tricks and dancing, but also receive thousands of dollars from government sources. In the end, it is the "book tour" and money she receives from speaking.

On the Nifong side, as Jackie Brown can attest, it was to get elected for one term so Nifong could get an extra $15K a year on his pension. Yes, it was about the money.

Ironically, the critics of the lacrosse players have accused the families of greed and seeking after money. (Read Barry Saunders and others for that one.) The Official Nifong4Justice made the false claim that the three families all had bought Porsches for themselves.

Yet, the families have sought accountability from those entities that falsely accused them, from Nifong to Duke University. But they are the ones who are being accused of being money grubbers.

I ask you: Who are the real money grubbers in this sorry tale?

Anonymous said...

What's the statute of limitations for filing a false police report?

Anonymous said...

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

This is from Thomas Sowell...Facts #8 and #9 may interest a few.

" facts not matter?"

"...The media alone are not alone in keeping the facts from the public."

Fact #1: "...Democrats, led by Sen. Christopher Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank, who for years ...denied that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taking big risks that could lead to a financial crisis." (multiple quotes supporting their comments are in the 10/2 WSJ, "What they Said About Fan and Fred")

Fact #2: "... Dodd, Congressman Frank, and other liberal Democrats who for years refused requests from the Bush administration to set up an agency to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."

Fact #3: "...liberal Democrats, again led by Dodd and Frank, who for years pushed for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to go even further in promoting subprime mortgage loans."

Fact #4: "...Alan Greenspan warned them four years ago. So did the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to the president. So did Bush’s secretary of the Treasury, five years ago."

Fact #5: " was the government that pressured financial institutions in general to lend to subprime borrowers, with such things as the Community Reinvestment Act and, later, threats of legal action by then Attorney General Janet Reno."

Fact #6: "...the question of being against the “greed” of CEOs and for “the people.” Franklin Raines made $90 million while he was head of Fannie Mae and mismanaging that institution into crisis." (Duke counsel Jamie Gorelick took $26 million - mismanagement is too kind of a term, Ken Lay was convicted for less)

Fact #7: "...Who in Congress defended Franklin Raines? Liberal Democrats, including Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus, at least one of whom referred to the “lynching” of Raines, as if it was racist to hold him to the same standard as white CEOs."

Fact #8: "...Even after he was deposed as head of Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines was consulted this year by the Obama campaign for his advice on housing!...The Washington Post criticized the McCain campaign for calling Raines an adviser to Obama, even though that fact was reported in the Washington Post itself on July 16th...But someone who advises is an adviser, whether or not his name appears on a letterhead."

Fact #9: "...The tie between Barack Obama and Franklin Raines is not all one-way. Obama has been the second-largest recipient of Fannie Mae’s financial contributions, right after Sen. Christopher Dodd" (Most amazing is that Obama is so high on the list, having served for such a short period of time. Clinton, Kerry, Dodd, and anothe Rep. for PA round out the top five benefactors of Fannie and Freddie largesse)

(Dodd,as well as Jamie Gorelick, you will recall recieved preferential home loans from Countrywide - a "Friend of Angelo loan".) trampled.

Someone please be kind and explain to me how these people are not cut from the same cloth as those behind the lacrosse hoax.

The facts are that we are being railroaded by the same methodology used in the Duke hoax.

That the same Congressional leaders who are the root cause of the current financial melt-down are deciding our economic fate is the equivalent of allowing Lubiano, or Brodhead, or Steel...wait Steel did open the discount window to non-banking institutions...decide the fate of the Duke lacrosse players.

We have lost our sense of direction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to LieStoppers for catching this! I sent my thoughts to Roy Cooper regarding the decision not to charge CGM.

Cooper's declaration of INNOCENT was more than I believed the lax would have gotten from the State and I applaud RC for that. I also supported their decision not to charge CGM - understanding the desire to appease and buying to some extent that her medical/mental issues as mitigating factors. BUT, first we see her marching proudly across the stage to accept a degree (with honors) from NCCU then hear that she's publishing a book and donating proceeds to battered/sexually assaulted women -- AND NOW we find out she's giving interviews continuing her lies? continuing to slime the lax?

Mangum should be prosecuted for bringing false charges and felony charges for fraudulently taking State Victim Assistance funds. She needs to be punished and held in jail on contempt charges until she tells the truth and explain why she lied.

Debrah said...

Watching "Meet the Press" now, and the Roy Cooper ad that KC posted below just ran on the local NBC affiliate.

It's very effective.

I wonder what universe these Mangum enablers and Hoax perpetuators live in.

Do they think someone like Roy Cooper is just lying?

Debrah said...

This should be interesting.

"The future of journalism" is in a very precarious place right now.

Papers like the N&O have been shaken by the power of the blogosphere in the last few years. Never did they or the H-S expect to be taken on with such fury for their unprofessionalism.

To its credit, the N&O is establishing a great online venue. Much like the NY Times had several years ago.

John Drescher, the executive editor, has shown a surprising desire to work toward more balanced coverage.

The N&O's editorial page, however, is still stuck inside the same tired bell jar.

For example, Gene Nichol is featured prominently on their op-ed pages today.

We recall KC's coverage of his firing from William & Mary. Seems UNC-CH's law school has given him a job.

He'll be spewing his opinion pieces....along with Chafe and the other Gang of 88 ad nausem.

The N&O definitely needs a total change among their editorial staff.


Forum to focus on journalism

CHAPEL HILL -- Journalism professionals at a UNC Chapel Hill forum will examine the uncertain future of journalism.

The UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the National Press Club will host a free, public forum on the subject at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the school's Carroll Hall auditorium

Panelists will include Orage Quarles, publisher of The News & Observer of Raleigh; Penny Muse Abernathy, UNC's Knight Chair in journalism and digital media economics; Deborah Potter, executive director of NewsLab; and Jim Hefner, former vice president and general manager at WRAL TV 5 in Raleigh.

Donna Leinwand, a USA Today correspondent, the press club's vice president and a Carolina alumna, will moderate.

The forum will begin with a preview of the documentary, "The National Press Club: A Century of Headlines." Everyone in attendance will get a free copy.

Anonymous said...

“Missing DNA evidence found throughout the house was ruled out before police properly evaluated it.”

There's no end to what one can conclude when one injects the arbitrary into jurisprudence. This is akin to the fantastic claim that maybe it really was Columbian drug lords who killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

Duke Prof

Debrah said...

A revisitation of this issue.

More needless cost to their taxpayers as a result of racist behavior by leaders and their community.

Nothing has been done at all about this council member.

Just like the N&O's Linda Williams and Crystal Mangum..... she skates.

Letter in H-S:

Questions still there

It has been over 90 days since questions were asked of City Council member Cora Cole McFadden and Mayor Bill Bell. Why did McFadden make racist remarks that cost a man his livelihood and the City of Durham over $150,000? And why did she attend a meeting of the transit authority against city policy? Since Bell has failed to make any comments at all about this, he must think what she did was alright.

People say Durham has an image problem. I have lived here for more than 57 years, and it's not Durham, nor its people. It's those on the City Council who have created this image. How much more will they cost us?

October 4, 2008

Anonymous said...

Maybe Duke's AA Studies Dept. can award Mangum an honorary Ph.D.--heck, while they're at it, just appoint her to the faculty as well. Sounds like Mangum would fit in quite nicely. Besides, her CV compares favorably to others on Duke's "faculty" in the "angry studies" depts. If reports are correct, at least Mangum has finished her "book."

Anonymous said...

This mess has been caused by chivalry pure and simple. The idea that women should not be held accountable for their actions is deeply ingrained into the American culture. We have no problem holding men accountable, even men with mental health problems. Jails in the USA are full of retarded and mentally ill men.

Magnum was not made to be accountable for her actions by anyone in law enforcement or the families. This has given her the chance to continue the charade that something happened. If she had been charged and put on trial then this case would have had its day in court. If she had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity then her credibility would have been reduced. While some might argue that trying her does nothing to help her, I would counter that it would certainly help society. As it stands she continues to be a divisive character and most likely a danger to innocents.

Chivalry needs to be killed. Let us truly view women as equals by making them as accountable for their actions as men are required to be.


Anonymous said...

CGM is going to have to be prosecuted if she continues on advancing those lies.
How can this go on?


unbekannte said...

Reference to the post by ES Duke 1990 and things traumatized rape victims don's do.

CGM turned up pregnant shortly after the alleged crime. I read somewhere the pregnancy test done in the Duke ER was negative and she was given a morning after pill. I have not seen the results of the paternity test done on her baby. I surmise if it showed one of the Duke Lacrosse Players as the father, Nifong would have trumpeted that all over the media. The evidence indicates the pregnancy was the result of intercourse with another man after the alleged brutal rape.

Does the victim of a brutal rape and beating voluntarily engage in intercourse right after the crime?

kcjohnson9 said...

To J.F. at 10.48:

I added the credit; the article had been sent to me from a source, not the original Liestoppers post, which I hadn't seen before posting this item.

Anonymous said...

But it is all too true . . . except for the levitation and the little men from Mars . . . maybe, but something happened . . . with so much DNA how could any DNA be missed. They discovered the DNA of almost the entire city of Durham on Mangum's person . . . how did the DNA of the entire lacrosse team go missing . . . it was the little men from Mars . . . maybe . . . but remember don't tell little lies . . . tell big ones . . . big whoppers . . . and more big ones . . . and eventually one becomes a Duke literary critic. It is truly disappointing. I had imagined a Duke PhD to have a steadfastness of character . . . naaaaaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, K.C. Those of us who admire both you and our friend Baldo...are greatly appreciative.

This was an appalling discovery but one that highlights Baldo's dedication and determination.(so much like yours)

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am disappointed in the readers of this blog for failing to exhibit tolerance, sensitivity, and a sense of social justice. Where is your ability to appreciate true diversity? Will you be the one to cast the first stone? All of the above are leaders in a great movement, the New Reconstruction. Think of the Civil Rights era of the 60's as an analogue of the American Civil War, and the situation today as analagous to the Reconstruction of the South. I can surely see many carpetbaggers and scalawags taking advantage of every opportunity. Many of us find ourselves on a fast track to a place we really do not wish to be. I will give you one guess as to who will be driving the train come next year, and, as a corollary, can you guess whom all of the above will be voting for? Sorry, KC.

Anonymous said...

If anyone had doubts about the value of an NCCU diploma in criminal justice, the graduation (with honors) of Precious made the value drop quicker than the stock market has in the past two weeks. It does fit though, especially when you look at the courses required for a degree. There's Intro to Psychology, Ethics in Criminal Justice, CJ Theory, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedure, among others and the general requirements. Anyone wanna bet that the DPD sent guest lecturers for the Criminal Procedure class, or that Mikey himself taught Criminal Law. The 88 Gang members probably had a hand in the Ethics class and Precious was most likely a case study in the Psych class.
Anyone know with what honors she graduated?
I must assume that the statute of limitations has run out on her first "rape". I would recommend that each and every LAX player sue if so many as ONE book is published.
Like the campaign stories in this year's election, the same whatever correctness crowd wants to treat a liar, a criminal, a deviant with kid gloves. Why is she so teflon coated? She tried to ruin the lives of at least three LAX players. Sure, AG Cooper declared them innocent. That cannot and will not expunge the events from the memories of anyone who could comprehend the news during 2006. These boys will always be known for the Duke LAX rape. Not the hoax, the rape. CGM will be lost in the shuffle.
If the book goes to print, then the Duke settlement should look like pennies. Why not attach her future wages? She could always wear an ankle bracelet. Put an altimeter on it and then we will always know how far she has been levitated as well.
Wonderland? Dix Hill!!

Anonymous said...

Another interesting issue:

There is now an online petition to support Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist leader, who works along with gang88 type racists and america-haters in "education" sector:

How many Gang88 members can you find there?

Gary Packwood said...

Debrah 10/5/08::10:33 AM said...

...Do they think someone like Roy Cooper is just lying?
Sure do. Just part of the narrative for the Violence Against Women Legislation which is up for re-authorization in 2010.

Meet Cindy Dyer at the US Department of Justice.

Debrah said...

I think we need some information about where Kim Roberts is now.

Someone ought to do a story on her.

Give her some money so that she'll sing.

If she were to tell the whole story about what she witnessed that night, Mangum and company would be blown out of the water.

For enough compensation, Roberts would likely give it up.......... placing sisterhood and solidarity with the hood on the back burner.

Anonymous said...

When society rewards bad behavior, no one should be suprised when further bad behavior is produced.

This sort of thing is very destructive, particuarly when the scale is large. With no disincentives, trouble widens and deepens, spreading like disease.

unbekannte said...

Another comment about CGM's pregnancy.

The A&T article said that CGM's powerful testimony convinced many in her audience. So why has she not taken her powerful testimony to court.

If the court ordered paternity test had indicated one of the Lacrosse players had fathered the child, she would have had cause to sue for support. She could have given powerful testimony to back up such a suit. She has not.

The question, again, is, does the victim of a brutal, violent rape shortly thereafter go out and have voluntary intercourse?

I would like to see her added to the Lacrosse players' lawsuit just so their lawyers can ask her about this.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "payoffs," when Cooper dropped the charges, the every-present liar Wendy Murphy declared that the defense had "paid off" Mangum and her family.

This was a curious statement, given that Mangum still wanted to keep going. (I guess she did not want to stop getting free money from the "victims' fund.) However, when one realizes that the entire case was a lie, we should not be surprised that the liars involved always came up with new lies to cover the old ones.

Don't forget that the North Carolina NAACP continued to make the same charges against the defendants long after Cooper's declaration. This was not due to an oversight; it was a statement that the NAACP had invested much in this false story, and was not going to let it go under any circumstances.

Debrah said...

These are the types of idle people who jump at the chance to prop up Mangum's perpetual lies.

The past injustices that some wish to relive and embellish with grand license have long been addressed.

It will never be enough.....simply because this is how many wish to make a living.

Each of the two men quoted in this article have a checkered history that has been in Triangle newspapers.

Imagine everyone of us using our days to reach back into history and relive what was done to our ancestors.....and expect today's society and today's taxpayers to pay US for it?

This is a sick mentality and one that must be ignored.

These are the same nuts who will stand behind Mangum no matter what is known to be the truth.

Are things like this significant?

When newspapers interview such people and continually print their embellishments without challenging the veracity---or the sanity!---of such an idle workshop, discord and needless damage prevails.

The media will never strongly challenge the Hoax enablers, just as the silly display below is never challenged.

The obvious questions to these two men would be?

Why are you wasting time on such issues when you both were never damaged by them?

Yet both of you have benefited greatly from taxpayer money with your various "projects" which always require public funds.

What exactly is the purpose of more money being thrown your way?

More superfluous trumped up silliness which the media turns into a "story".

NAACP marchers call for payments

By Matthew E. Milliken : The Herald-Sun
Oct 6, 2008

DURHAM -- Thirteen people marched east through Durham Sunday morning to help the state NAACP commemorate its 65th anniversary.

The event, which was followed by a morning press conference and an evening worship service and history lesson, was one of a series of five-mile marches throughout North Carolina leading up to this week's state conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The NAACP hopes the marches will publicize two injustices that it would like to see addressed through state compensation: the 1898 Wilmington race riot, in which a murderous mob of 2,000 whites deposed the city's government in an armed coup d'â??©tâ??â? t, and the forced sterilization by Forsyth County of 7,600 people, including many blacks, in the 20th century.

Another goal of the organization was promoting its so-called HK on J -- "Historic Thousands on Jones" -- agenda, a comprehensive package of governmental and social changes that calls for, among other things, a safety net for the poor and the protection of the rights of immigrants.

Redressing the Wilmington and Forsyth episodes is another aim of the agenda.

Keith Cook is one of the state NAACP's district directors. "We're here to bring light to that truth," he said. "So there's some ugly things in North Carolina's history that we want to straighten up."

"There is no freedom without truth," the Rev. Curtis Gatewood, second vice president of the state NAACP, told reporters.

Referring to the 13 marchers and 22 NAACP supporters who provided a backdrop for cameras at the press conference, Cook said: "We always start small, but there's a small group of people who will speak for the masses."

Fred Foster Jr., head of the NAACP's Durham branch, thanked the marchers. "It meant a lot to Durham County, and it means a lot to us now that you stand with us shoulder to shoulder and represent the county of Durham, because you are what it's going to take to turn this thing around."

Later, Foster said North Carolina government needed to make amends to descendants of victims and victims, respectively, of the Wilmington riot and Forsyth sterilizations.

"First, admit that you did wrong, then correct the wrong by giving those people that are still around reparations," Foster said. "And then the other thing is to put it back in the [history] books so that everybody knows."

Marcher Milton Blackmon, a 53-year-old university administrator, recalled marching from Hillsborough Road to Main Street and through Durham's downtown in the 1960s. He wasn't nostalgic for that decade's harsh conditions.

"A lot of improvement [since then], but there's still room for more improvement," Blackmon said.

Sunday's parade, which traced the route Blackmon remembered, started shortly after 7:30 a.m.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog by accident. At the time I had just finished reading
2 books Outrage:The Story behind the Tawana Brawley Hoax and Unholy Alliances, Working the Tawana Brawley Story. I started there because I found it interesting that after all of this time that last year Tawana Brawley challenged the NY attorney general to open up her case,she was willing to speak, she wanted her story to be heard! He didn't bite.The most telling remark came from her mother. They wanted justice but more so she was lamenting the the fact that they "should be millionaires". I find it just amazing that under the same kinds of cicrcumstances we have history repeating itself. Crystal wants to tell her story, who knows why but with any luck no one else will bite either.

Debrah said...


There is simply not enough push-back against such organizations. The media will never challenge anything controversial unless forced to do so.

It's insignificant what someone wishes to believe, personally.

It's when they bring it into the public arena and try to damage other people that someone must begin pushing back forcefully.

It's still hard to believe after what everyone has been through during the Lacrosse Hoax that Mangum is out there now reliving the lies for profit.

Debrah said...

Oprah will be the commencement speaker at Duke's graduation in 2009.

I'll bet big Karla FC will bask in Oprah's aura.

Wahneema and all the other 88 gang will be so inspired that new forthcoming books will automatically be in the pipeline over at the John Hope Franklin building.

I'd be more inspired if Oprah would do a show on the truth of 2006 at Duke.

IIRC, she touched on the subject back then with a panel of commentators which included Montel Williams among others.

Wow, that must have been hard-hitting.

Seriously, since Oprah bills herself as such an authentic person, if I were a kid participating in that commencement, I would demand comments from her on the Lacrosse Hoax that deal with the true legal realities of the case.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact of the matter is there are large groups of people who (despite the mountain of evidence & the findings of AG Cooper) absolutely believe Ms. Mangum was attacked. Furthermore, no matter what happens they will not change their minds. In fact, Barack Obama used to attend church with many of them.

Debrah said...

I didn't even know that Duke University had an NAACP chapter.

Do colleges and universities have their own distinct chapters?

I have often well as experienced a bit of regret and pity.....that there are kids being raised in the 21st century who are taught this way.

Who are instructed to obsess about their own personal ancestry---real or invented---to the exclusion of the entire world around them.

Another bit of news I had not known: The "African-American" classes now begin indoctrination as early as high school.

Their education is not comprehensive. It does nothing to suggest that they are independent individuals who have many more advantages than others because of the programs set up solely because of their race. Those advantages which have been in place for decades are simply taken for granted.

Nothing is taught in an objective way.

Privately, some university professors lament the effects that these kinds of subjective, insular, and soft curricula have.

A degree that is essentially worthless.

And when they get out into the real world, they will wonder why they might not be hired.

The old excuses will be used when it's essentially because they have not prepared themselves for a panoramic society.

Just for their own limited one.

These kinds of courses taught by those such as Duke's Gang of 88 should be outlawed.

Anonymous said...

"Missing DNA evidence found throughout the house ruled out before police properly evaluated it." WOW and ABSURD!
Where was the DNA on CGM? There is no evidence that she went home and washed off the evidence. She wouldn't take a shower/bath after having mutual sex with 5 other male "johns".

Gary Packwood said...

Debrah 10/6/08::9:26 AM said...

...It's still hard to believe after what everyone has been through during the Lacrosse Hoax that Mangum is out there now reliving the lies for profit.
So true but lest we forget, there were two groups of professional level employees on the Duke campus that were reporting crime rates on campus that exceeded the crime rate for Detroit, Michigan.

And they got away with it for many months. And they are still employed by Duke as is the President of Duke.

Mangum is small change and needs to be bundled with the big players and vetted as a network of (con) fidence people with an agenda that has nothing to do with high education.

Anonymous said...

Well, well ,well.

A little research:

"fire Films and Books LLC" was born as a corporation in NC 9/17/2008.
[this doesn't correspond particularly with a May 'publication' date as originally planned.]

The name of the 'person' executing these articles of organization is "" an online legal document service!!!!

The initial registered agent is..
(drum roll)
Alan McSurely.
NC NAACP Legal Redress Committee Chair, co-author of the infamous 'memorandum of law', protestor of KC's inclusion of his statements in UPI without KC's asking him for comment prior to publication- KC produced emails showing that he HAD been offered opportunity to comment prior to publication AND-
sender of this message to CGM on the ourheartsworld website:
“After you finish your undergraduate studies, I will be glad to help you get into law school, where all of the legal education you are now getting can be put to use helping other sisters whose rights have been violated by lying people.”

At least I won't lose any more sleep worrying about whether or not 'Ed' Clark and CGM have consulted a lawyer.

Curiouser and curiouser....

RL alum '75

Debrah said...


Register me officially major-league perturbed.

Just phoned the Regulator Book Store and on October 20th, Timothy Tyson....along with J. Peder Zane will be there discussing "Race in the 2008 Elections".

Can anything be more insipid?

Someone asked Tyson to take part in something like this?

On one hand, I'd like to be there.

On the other hand, I know that if I were to go, it will be a most volcanic episode.

Does the Diva really want to subject herself to such a bizarre evening?

Anonymous said...

Debrah hit on a great idea--why not contact Kim. Is she in the book? She made no bones early on about admitting that she was in it for the money. Precious could have easily bought her off for the right price.
Precious took a lot of deposits and somehow I can't imagine that she did them for free. Funny that the only ones who could lift her spirits were the LAX players with money.
Pattern anyone?

One Spook said...

RL Alum 75 @ 5:46 PM writes:

"fire Films and Books LLC" was born as a corporation in NC 9/17/2008.
[this doesn't correspond particularly with a May 'publication' date as originally planned.]

The initial registered agent is..
(drum roll)
Alan McSurely."

This is not unususal, per se. It is common in most States for an attorney who files Articles of Incorporation for a client to then be listed as the "initital registered agent."

This likely means that Vincent Clark engaged the services of McSurely to file the documents for his new corporation.

Of course, one important reason to create a corporation (and there are many reasons) is to limit personal liability for whatever business the corporation engages in, and with Mangum's book as a project, that is clearly a wise move.

It might be interesting to see who the Officers and Directors of this corporation are. That information is often required to be filed at the Secretary of State's Office.

One Spook

gak said...

af said Precious took a lot of deposits and somehow I can't imagine that she did them for free.

Actually, the guy that ran the club she worked at said she did do it for free at times. She really is a crazy one.

I'm confident that if and when the book comes out, there will be a law suit waiting for her from anybody and everybody she lies about.


Anonymous said...

To af & Debrah -

Unfortunately Kim Roberts ruined her own credibility...

Although it would be nice to hear the truth about 'that night' from Ms. Roberts .... like Mangum any story she tells at this point should be viewed with the knowledge that the source is a proven liar. Roberts has all but said she's willing to lie for the right price.

Anonymous said...

I think the statue of limitations has most certainly passed for pursuing criminal charges against Ms. Mangum.

Surely, appropriate lawsuits await publication of her book...assuming she was foolish enough to print the stuff she claimed in her interview.

I am disappointed Ms. Mangum's college graduation did not portend a period of stability and honesty for her and hope the remaining legal avenues against her will be accessed fully.


Anonymous said...

I believe that CGM has no interest in being provided an opportunity to tell her side of the story. She does not seek vindication for actions. She does not care if she is judged to be right or wrong.

She only wants to profit from selling her books. So, I would advise against doing anything to help publicize its launch. She will have spent all her money, probably before she gets it, and so none would be left to take from her in a court judgement.

Remember the lessons from the early battles against pornography. The great majority of the public had no interest in such films as "Deep Throat" until great objections were made about it. I suspect the same will be true about this book.

So, would the families be better off to immediately sue, be proven right and help the book sales? Or should they let this thing quickly fade away and die with only a few hundred sales?

Wouldn't it be best to wait and see what, if any, splash it makes before launching an attack upon it - either in the blogs or in court?