Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Note from Hofstra

Doubtless Wendy Murphy will be appearing on some news program to demand that the "secret" evidence from this case be released as well.

The County DA stated, "Late this evening, during the continuation of the Nassau County Police Department's investigation of the allegation, and under questioning by my office's chief trial attorney and chief sex crimes prosecutor, the alleged victim of the sexual assault admitted that the encounter that took place early Sunday morning was consensual." But, as Ms. Murphy and others told us repeatedly in the Nifong case, such questioning would be out of the norm.

And continuing the policy demonstrated in its refusal to name Crystal Mangum, the New York Times is shielding the name of the Hofstra false accuser. What possible rationale could the politically correct Times have for such a policy?


Fred C. Dobbs said...

But let's not overlook the possibility that, even though it was consensual, there may have been a perceived power differential.

Anonymous said...

It's time for far stiffer penalties for these false claims. Someone out there should put together a list of bogus claims over the past five years. This list should be distributed everywhere possible.

I was once falsely accused of a far less serious offence (which fortunately did not reach the legal system). The scars and damage it has done to me is beyond belief.

silent_l said...

For better or for silly, here's an explanation I've found for the non-release of the names.

"Prosecutors said they did not release the woman's name because she has not been charged and they fear for her safety."

Anonymous said...

"What possible rationale could the politically correct Times have for such a policy?"

They are female?

Anonymous said...


I'll go out on a limb and make a prediction. The accuser's identity will be public and be on the Internet within a week.


William L. Anderson said...

We should not forget that Crystal "recanted" after coming to the DUMC ER, but because she had made a claim, federal law (Violence Against Women Act) required that she be examined.

Furthermore, most people in Durham knew Crystal was lying, but decided that the politics of the case demanded that they go along with the Big Lie, which they did quite well. Given that Duke University itself claims that all Tara Levicy did was to "report a crime," it seems that some people are not willing to let go of the Big Lie even now.

gak said...

Was it Wendy who said she never came across a false accuser and her statistics speak to the truth or something like that?

Seeking enlightenment.


a Nice NJ Guy said...

The four were arrested after 18-year-old freshman Danmell Ndonye made her ugly, false accusation.

Anonymous said...

Ada Gregory should be on the telephone with the New Haven police. She should be warning them that a lab janitor is not nearly smart and cunning enough to kill a woman.

Anonymous said...

Geez, that's easy, K.C., the newspaper wants a policy that promotes false accusations!

Anonymous said...

As a young boy many years ago, I was sent to live in a region of the country with which I was not familiar. One of the many things which frightened me in that rural region was the power that women had to point their finger at a man and accuse him of all sorts of things. Black males knew of that power all too well, and it was used and used often and often it was done with great malice. Some time ago in that state in a small town, Union, South Carolina, a woman named Susan Smith used that power after drowning her two young sons. I often wonder how many would have been lynched to satiate the towns need for revenge, but for the decency of its law enforcement at the time. It is such an effective power . . this power to accuse and not take responsibility. Wendy Murphy and the New York Times . . . know.

Jim in San Diego said...

Someone who swears out a false complaint is not a victim. They are a felon.

One would think the public should have a right to know the names of felons in their midst. We publish a sex offenders list, yes?

However, there is a logic to shielding such a felon's name. It encourages future felons. This is consistent with the public policy to encourage felonies.

ha ha.

Jim Peterson

Debrah said...

This is highly irregular.

What archaic rules.

The woman's name should be made public now that they know it was a false accusation.

After all, just like Crystal Mangum, this woman is the criminal in this case.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how quickly the Duke la crosse case would have ended if police had been this vigilant from the very beginning. Insane

Quasimodo said...

From Newsday :

"The word that portions of the accuser's sexual encounter had been captured on a cell phone video was the turning point that caused the 18-year-old freshman at the center of the alleged gang rape to recant, a source in the Nassau County district attorney's office said Thursday.

"The woman cracked near the end of her 90-minute interview Wednesday evening with two top prosecutors in District Attorney Kathleen Rice's office, Sheryl Anania, the office's executive assistant for litigation, and Madeline Singas, who heads the Sex Crimes Bureau, the source said.

"That was the main factor in her reversal," the source said."

Now, if Nifong had LOOKED at the evidence he was offered by the defense, he would have had to halt his prosecution.

But he REFUSED to look.

Anonymous said...

will the press say that these guys were not "choirboys"?

Anonymous said...

Margaret Soltan over at her blog, University Diary,, has noted several other false sexual assaults claims from Lehigh and Indiana State recently.

Duke 1965 said...

My advice to Duke males: go ahead and have casual "hookups", but make sure you videotape it!

Anonymous said...

"but he REFUSED to look" --- Nifong didn't have to look, he knew the accusation was bogus from the jump. He was in it purely for the political benefit. By the way, one of the attorneys for the accused saw the video and remarked that it was "like a porn movie, no tying up, no bruising, no screaming." And probably no levitating either!!

Anonymous said...

More details here.....

skwilli said...

The female criminal should be prosecuted. The parents of the 4 (or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof) should take them into a room and explain that filming 4 way sex with freshman girls might not be a good idea. What has this world become?

Anonymous said...

The false accuser's name was published in the article that appeared in the NY Post.

Anonymous said...

One of the comments after a NY Post or Newsday article (sorry that I can't remember which one) referenced a blog site about false rape allegations. I visited but I could only read a few of the posts because the stories and situations presented were just absolutely depressing. I'm not as well educated as most of the people that post here so I can't find the right words to express the disgust that I feel about these false acusations. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for hanging rapists... but there is harm done to those that have been falsely acused and it is just awful.

Topher said...


"NEW YORK (CBS) ― The Hofstra student who recanted claims that she was gang raped in a dorm bathroom has been suspended from school and now faces criminal charges."

Quasimodo said...

We also need to ask what was the probable cause for the police to make arrests in the first place? Just the word of the accuser? Did they investigate first--by, perhaps, interviewing the suspects to hear their side of the story--and maybe watching their video?

Should the arrests have been made before a determination was made that a crime had actually taken place?

(meaning, that while the DA's office did much better than
Nifong--in that the case was actually investigated--it still has to explain IMHO why it moved forward with charges and arrests, before thoroughly investigating the case.)

Gary Packwood said...

I am most suspicious of the CNN piece on this rape hoax that is up on their web site.

In my view the person talking in this video is speaking in code.

She is telling the world that a crime did not happen to the young woman because the laws have not been changed... YET!

She just glossed over the crime (injustice) that was committed on the young men.

silent_l said...

skwilli said: "The female criminal should be prosecuted. The parents of the 4 (or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof) should take them into a room and explain that filming 4 way sex with freshman girls might not be a good idea. What has this world become?"

Having sex like they did was the part that was "not a good idea", in my opinion. Given that they did it at all, however, filming it may ironically have been what saved them, so this may be a tough time to convince them not to film things...

RighteousThug said...

KC: the New York Times is shielding the name of the Hofstra false accuser.

This appears to be the AP report that the NYT took the linked article from, KC.

At least it looks like the NYT didn't redact the accuser's name out of the AP article - the name wasn't in that, either.

We saw similar behavior from the N&O during the DukeLAX case, I believe in regards to the race of the Gattis St suspect.

Jim in San Diego said...

Some interesting factual comparisons with the Lacrosse Rape Hoax:

1. The Nassau police also presumed guilt. In a public statement, a department spokesman gave the opinion that the accused had taken the "victim's" cell phone to trap her in the bathroom. Very much a la Niphong.

2. The four accused were black. The accuser has a name which sounds like she was black, also ("Ndhonye"). The name was only released by an anonymous source who "did not have permission"to release it. No photo of the accuser, that I have found.

3. A key difference in the case: the prosecutor(s) actually investigated the facts immediately, including a lengthy interview of the accuser. Not a la Niphong.

4. It was electronic evidence (a cell phone movie) that broke the case, similar to Seligman's alibi.

5. Hofstra behaved somewhat honorably. It suspended its student, when accused (a bit dubious, if someone is innocent until proven guilty). However, it then reinstated him and suspended the false accuser when the truth came to light. Cf Mangum's school, who took no action against her for her false accusation.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

Is Murphy a Communist?

Jim in San Diego said...

It is striking that news reports that the accuser admitted her accusations were false continue to print the photos of the young (innocent) men.

But, the news reports do not print a photo of the false accuser (the felon), or even her name.

Here is a proposed new news policy:

Every news report after a rape accusation has been found to be false will print the name of the false accuser, and NOT the names of the falsely accused.

Every news report after a rape accusation has been found to be false will publish the photo of the false accuser (the felon) and will NO LONGER publish the photos of the falsely accused.

This would be on tiny step towards justice.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Danmell Ndonye gave up so easily. For a (in theory, as I don't know this woman) deranged psychopathic liar, or for a dedicated ideologue (like Wendy Murphy), it is easy enough to talk and bray past all of the inconvenient FACTS. Just off the top of my head:

1) They held a gun to her head (or threatened to, or by implication of their sheer unfair power of maleness MADE HER THINK that they would hold a gun to head) unless she gang-banged them AND pretended to enjoy it, with NO sign whatsoever of struggle or protest, under penalty of death. Bastards!

2) She was so whacked-out on drugs and booze (or perhaps so mentally disabled or "emotionally damaged") that she could not give consent, even if by ALL appearances she BEGGED them for it and appeared to love it. This is number-one in the playbook, and will probably be invoked by the Wendys long after charges are forgotten.

3) The video actually does show her being raped, and the guys' lawyer (and all police, the same police who falsely arrested these guys) are all lying about it. But the poor woman is so modest by nature, that she is embarrassed to have the video be shown, even though it proves her case. Boo-hoo-hoo!

This is before we even get to ludicrous garbage like (4) "the video was faked" -- which nobody outside of Duke or Durham, NC would ever believe, but hey, why not give it a shot.

Hell... given all the duplicitous follow-up options, she's not even trying. Which suggests that the charges, although vicious, despicable and utterly false, were nothing but a whim -- a passing fancy (or fantasy) that could have put all these guys in jail for 25 years, which she was then free to shrug off. But hey, who cares, right? They're just men.

No Justice, No Peace said...

Inre: "Is Murphy a Communist?"

Don't know if she is, but she similarly and dishonestly glorifies the deplorable assault on justice much like other members of our media glorify the murderous thug Che Guevera.

Ché Guevara's bloody legacy

"...In an article published in February, Cuban-American writer Humberto Fontova noted that, depending on the source, Guevara ordered between 500 and "several thousand" executions during the first few years of the new regime.

"Equally important," Fontova wrote, "his massacre cowed and terrorized. There were all public trials. And the executions, right down to the final shattering of the skull with the coup de grace from a massive .45 slug fired at five paces, were public, too. Guevara made it a policy for his men to parade the families and friends of the executed before the blood-, bone- and brain-spattered paredon," or wall.

No amount of glorification or revisionist history — whether by some misinformed college kid, who maybe doesn't know better, or a Hollywood elite like Robert Redford, who should — can remove the blood from Guevara's rightful legacy..."

Thanks for asking...

Anonymous said...

And I'm sure Brodhead's about to assert that whatever they did was bad enough. Doesn't matter that the accuser has recanted, does it?

Deklan Singh said...

Oh, man. These boys have been through hell, they must be traumatized. Although, "whether it happened or not. [Their public, unjust humiliation and conviction] would be justice for things that happened in the past." I mean, come on! Somewhere, at some point in the past, a group of guys has raped a girl and gotten away with it. We need to punish someone! Why not these guys? When you add on the fact (according to the Duke faculty) that they're all secret sexists and secret racists, how can we NOT railroad these guys?

I've not gotten clarification on who African American and mixed race males are secretly (it's even a secret to them) racist against. For the purposes of this post, we'll just say that they're secretly racist against people of mixed Native Inhabitants of the Andes and Native Indonesian Islander heritage until someone from the Duke Faculty can make a ruling.

Anonymous said...

If those young men didn't rape her, whatever they did is bad enough...

I am truly thankful that the accuser's lies have been revealed. Her behavior is a disgrace!

gak said...

What strikes me funny about this case is that AFTER she admits that she lied, the police still won't release her name. SHE A CRIMINAL. Why does a woman get that treatment and the 4 falsly accused were on the web within hours?

Debrah said...

The only thing missing from this Hofstra case are some "marches for justice" by the NAACP.

A heart-wrenching sermon for the sista survivor was nipped in the bud by the facts coming out early.

And also by the fact that the men she accused were not white.

But not to worry.....the Rev Barber, Cash Michaels, and of course, the ever-oily tent revival showman Timothy Tyson have quite a show in store in the western part of the state in the coming weeks.

These parasites go about their lives just as before.

With the same self-righteous dialogue.

It takes real nerve for Barber and his fellow clowns to host a Continuing Legal Education Seminar wherein participants will get credit hours from the NC State Bar.

Totally well as absurd.

Will they be teaching "justice" so that more of their members can support prosecutors like Mike Nifong in the future...if the color scheme of victim and accuser is to their liking?

"Bold Dreams, Big Victories"..........indeed.

The fact that Barber, Michaels, and Tyson are taking part in such a program should be protested loudly.

If anyone lives in the area, the history of these crazed and insanely tendentious men should be brought to the attention of the public.

Debrah said...

TO "Jim in San Diego"--

Here is a photo of the now-criminal false accuser.

This link has been on the internet for days.

Michael said...

"It seems more like you're guilty until proven innocent," Felipe told,2933,552300,00.html

UPI should be high on his reading list now.

jamil hussein said...

Remember: Women never lie about rape. This has been the mantra of Gang88/Feminist-Marxists departments.

Anonymous said...

What strikes me as not funny is four or five guys taking advantage of an 18 year old freshmen, having group sex in this day and age of fatal Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The five guys have nothing to be proud of and who know what STDs were passed around in this event of non safe sex. I certainly would not be comparing these guys with the Lax team who had NO SEX with that 29 year old hardened prostitute.

Debrah said...

More insanity inside the academy.

The Duke disease is by no means confined to the Durham campus.

This is an abominable set of events.

Elliot Cramer is a fine man who is actually a liberal retired scholar.

Amazing that Koch and company were let off scot-free after destroying the rights of a guest speaker and causing damage to the building where the talk was to have taken place.

Anonymous said...

Diva, nice job reporting on the Barber/Tyson continuing legal education junket. How shameful! They get their podiums and positions and $$$$$ because of PC. And everyone looks the other way.

You go, Diva!!!!

Michael said...

> What strikes me as not funny is four
> or five guys taking advantage of an
> 18 year old freshmen, having group
> sex in this day and age of fatal
> Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The
> five guys have nothing to be proud
> of and who know what STDs were
> passed around in this event of non
> safe sex.

That's the story of the false accuser. Two of the men state that they didn't have sex with her. One of them was particularly emphatic that he didn't touch her or take any part in what happened. Let's make sure that we don't do any further damage to the reputation of these guys when we weren't there. We wouldn't want to go and blame the real victims, right?

Michael said...

> Here is a photo of the now-criminal
> false accuser.

Did you read the mood on that link?