Friday, June 25, 2010

Linwood Wilson Arrested (Updated)

Wilson booking photo

Linwood Wilson--whose penchant for unethical behavior was outdone only by the unethical behavior of his disgraced former boss--has been arrested, on a Delaware warrant related to domestic violence and cyberstalking his estranged wife.

Reports WTVD-11:
Warrants state on June 1, Wilson allegedly sent his wife an instant message that said in part, "'til death do we part remember your wedding vows.. you never know the day or the time."

Warrants also reveal Wilson later mailed two DVD's to his estranged wife depicting her engaged in a sexual act with him. Before that he allegedly e-mailed nude photos of his wife to her sister.

Warrants describe about a dozen more e-mail encounters, even after authorities issued a protective order . . .

Wilson and his wife separated in April after 18 years of marriage. Before that his wife says Wilson intimidated her numerous times and threatened to kill her with a gun.

She says after the Duke Lacrosse case, his behavior, "..changed for the worse."
Remember: this is the man (who had already lost his PI's license) that Mike Nifong specifically brought on board as his DA's investigator. But, as Brad Bannon noted, Wilson once did have a badge.

In yet another Durham-in-Wonderland moment, WRAL reports "Judge David Q. LaBarre changed Wilson’s bond [to $1000] over the telephone after Wilson called him asking for help. LaBarre said Wilson told him he was being arrested on a domestic violence charge but that he didn't know about the other charges when he set a bond that would allow Wilson out of custody."

Here's a clip of the ex-DA's investigator, from happier times.


Anonymous said...

As a 2006 Duke Lax parent, things were so corrupt, that at one point, I remember just looking up and thinking that I had to just release it all to a higher power. bc so much at that point was going against all of the players and NO one could believe that this case was moving foward, especially for R...RCD...!! Well, by one...things have a way of working out how they should...Crystal, Linwood....who is next....THANK YOU....

Anonymous said...

I apologize for this being a bit off the current subject, but it certainly looks like Al Gore is getting a very minor taste of what the Duke lacrosse players went through, whether he deserves it or not.

Since certain factions of the Group of 88 apparently believe that women can't lie about sexual assault, it will be interesting to see if they apply this standard to a former liberal-leaning vice president (and some argue president-denied), as well as a current champion of the environment.

And for the comment record, I don't think Gore is a communist. Whether he is a sexual predator remains to be seen...*wink*

- Rick

skwilli said...

Whoa, just whoa! Don't know what to say other than I hope she is safe.

Anonymous said...

@ Rick

It does not sound as though Wilson is a communist either: he seems to have a strong sense of personal property in his wife.

Also too sensitive to property rights for a communist is the judge who is letting Wilson keep all of his guns, knives, swords, or other deadly weapons until at least August.

Perhaps the other judge, the one who holds ex parte bail hearings by phone, is a communist, but it's also possible that he was educated at Duke. What's most likely of course is that the judge is a pal of Nifong's and will not let a pal's pal down.


Anonymous said...

In the continuing saga of the Mangum/Duke Administration False Rape Scandal, we've had our fair share of tensely dramatic and ridiculously funny moments.

As for tensely dramatic, there was the actual Perry Mason moment during the cross-examination of Dr. D'oh, when the conspiracy to hide exculpatory evidence was laid bare.

For the ridiculously funny, there was the "Crying Game" moment, When Liestoppers outted Jacki as a Jack.

But Linwood Wilson supplied the Lloyd Bentsen "I served with Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine ..." moment when he challenged Joe Cheshire in front of TV cameras only to receive one of the most scintillating multi-media smackdowns ever recorded.

I loved it. MOO! Gregory

hman said...

This episode really nails down the fact that L. Wilson is just very STOOPID.
There must be a lot of ways to get back at an ex, if that is what one feels the need to do. But most of them do not leave a perfect, un-impeachable, digital, evidence-grade paper trail.

Anonymous said...

Imagine running into this fellow in a dark narrow stairwell in the Durham County Courthouse. From experience.... very creepy!

Gary Packwood said...

I'm sure Lindwood was the perfect student for the indoctrination pumped out by the Group of 88 about privileged white males wreaking havoc on the women of Duke.

Sure would have made a great foot thumping gospel song if it were true. Or even partially true.

Just how many more Lindwood's are out there in university towns who are true believers in the race/gender/privilege propaganda being pumped out of university anger studies departments?

Jim in San Diego said...

Can someone comment on the prevalence in Durham of a Judge's granting ex parte requests over the telephone?.... Without, apparently, contacting the prosecutor?.... Without, apparently, relying upon anything but the unsworn statement of an interested party?

If this is a normal procedure in Durham, then yowee.

If this is an example of a good ole boy network benefitting friends and insiders, that is even worse.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

Boston College Administration has an appropriate response to accusations of an incident involving members of the Championship College Hockey Team.

Article in Boston Globe reports:

Blaming BC students? Not so fast

From the article
Informed by the Globe yesterday that the trolley operator had been suspended and the BC driver had all criminal charges dismissed, BC spokesman Jack Dunn did nothing to hide his anger at T officials.

“The T, particularly the chief, painted it as drunken college students,’’ said Dunn. “The driver doesn’t drink. She was sober and making a legal turn.’’

. . .
Dunn said the students had always told BC officials that the trolley appeared to, in his words, “be flying out of nowhere.’’ He said they left the scene, dazed, to seek medical treatment.

Of the fact that underaged students were drinking, he said, “The student athletes are not blameless. While we’re pleased to hear that their account appears to be validated by the investigation, they still face university sanctions for underage drinking.’’

Walsh, Stanton’s lawyer, described “a rush to judgment,’’ saying, “I got frantic calls — ‘We want her medical records. We want toxicology tests. We want her cellphone records.’ Clean as a whistle. She was the designated driver. No alcohol, no drugs, no cellphone use, no texting.’’
end quote

Duke Officials could take a lesson from the Boston College Administration.

Anonymous said...

Is Linwood Wilson a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Thanks especially, KC, for embedding the video of Linwood's gospel-singing -- and for your subtlety in not commenting at all on the obvious hyprocisy of this low-life. It's all too fall-down funny. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I also like how his "wife" opines that his behavior "changed for the worse" after the Duke lacrosse case. LOL! Yeah, so I guess Linwood became (allegedly) a pervert, a criminal and a sexual harasser because of Brad Bannon and KC Johnson!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It is so excellent to watch the aftermath from the security of vindication and ongoing notable successes for the defendants.

Wish I could remember the Cheshire/Wilson moment Gregory references.


Kilgore said...

The irony of this is that he is likely the victim of a false accusation. He is probably realizing at this point how impossible it is to prove your innocence after being falsely accused and how a woman's accusation is taken as gospel while a man's response is ignored or seen as self-serving. Good luck my man.

kcjohnson9 said...

There does appear to be hard evidence--in the form of both emails and snail-mails sent by Wilson.

His next hearing is Monday. Perhaps then we'll get an explanation for the very low bail:

Anonymous said...

Every dog has its day.

Be it a Pit Bull like Wilson or a sex crazed poodle.

Anonymous said...

KC, Speaking of bad actors in the scandal, did you know Duke Chairman of the Board Robert Steel was appointed by Bloomberg to be Deputy Mayor of NYC?

Thanks for continuing the good work.

Anonymous said...

In addition to Judge LaBarre's wonderland conduct .... Superior Court Judge Ronald Stephens has apparently stayed a Protective Order until August pending the resolution of jurisdiction issues. The protective order would have prohibited Wilson from being in possission of a gun. News reports indicate he has threatened to kill his wife and told her 'he owned Durham NC and lawyers and judges would do anything he said.' Stephens and LaBarre seem to be holding up their end of the deal ... I sincerely hope they don't end up with blood on their hands.


Anonymous said...

To the 7:41 (Anon/Observer): Gregory presumably was referring to the court hearing where Joe Cheshire spoke of how Mangum kept changing her story, even as to how many men had supposedly raped her -- at one point, Cheshire said, she had claimed the number of men who raped her was 5.

Afterward, Linwood Wilson rudely interrupted Cheshire's press conference, snorting indignantly to reporters that Mangum had never said 5, and challenging Cheshire to prove it.

Cheshire quickly obliged, and sent all of the newspapers a copy of the police report in which it says Mangum at least once claimed she had been raped by 5 men.

Cheshire's cover-note to the newspapers, as I recall, politely suggested that perhaps Linwood should try reading his own file before he goes shooting off his big, lying mouth.

Sadly, Wilson was too stupid and arrogant, it seemed, to realize how fully he had been pwned and humiliated by Cheshire.

William L. Anderson said...

As we have said many, many times: You just cannot make up this stuff!

Is it not interesting that the police and "justice" professions in Durham are populated by low-lifes, and good people like Sgt. Shelton get investigated by Internal Affairs.

I don't wish ill on Wilson, but I do wish justice for the people who were put through a terrible experience by folks like Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill....I do wish ill on Wilson...I've known this hypocritical scumbag since jr. high....if he thought he could make ten cents off of doing you in he gladly would....he's as bad as they come.

Anonymous said...

Sex, lies, and Al Gore - Now, there is a juicy lede, and who really cares? But, this sentence from the article is noteworthy, “A stripper apparently lied about being raped by students at Duke.” “apparently lied”? Statements like this at this late date reaffirm why the “stripper” should have been arrested and brought to trial.

Anonymous said...

You guys still missed the first part. First he goes before Judge stevens on the dvpo and stevens says "oh, this is what you called me about linwood" HELLO?? Can you say Ex Parte communication, and he had a lawyer, so stevens puts a 60 day stay on the order.

Delaware says enough, does a felony fugitive warrant for extradition and Judge labarre gets a call and helps him there



Makes you wonder what kind of dirt this ex PI has on these judges. This is why she fled Durham to start with , she knew she could not get a fair shake here, he told her "all I have to do is make a phone call" i will be damned if he wasn't right!

Anonymous said...

To the 12:53 and KC:

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that Bloomberg appointed Steel as the Deputy Mayor of New York for Economic Development. Steel is the Wall Street version of Jamie Gorelick -- the person you hire to make everything go to pot but make it painful and expensive for all involved. Anyone who has been around Duke knows that Steel was running the show and was the one who made the decision to throw the students under the bus in a third rate effort to protect his own sorry butt. Steel was the one who gave insane quotes about the players. Steel was the one who decided to fire Pressler and then plant stories suggesting it was Pressler's decision. Brodhead is and was nothing more than a factotum, a useful idiot for Steel. The only reason both survived their own idiocy is they got themselves and Duke so mangled that both had to survive to protect Duke in the civil lawsuits. Steel is a walking menace.

What Steel lacks in intelligence he makes up for in palace intrigue. The man has the credibility of Richard Nixon. Why in the world would Bloomberg be this stupid? -- Haunches

f1guyus said...

So what is going on with the lawsuits?

Anonymous said...

Another Nifong ADA goes to work for the NC Innocence Commission:

Anonymous said...

Duke mentioned here:,2933,595627,00.html

more fuel for their case.