Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More from Wonderland (Twice Updated)

In what could only be described as a classic case of chutzpah, false accuser Crystal Mangum gave a press conference this morning claiming that the Durham judicial system--the same Durham judicial system that the disgraced Mike Nifong rigged to prop up Mangum's "fantastic lies"--is . . . out to get her.

That's her explanation for her February arrest on a variety of domestic violence charges. It's troubling to see that Mangum continues to live in a fantasy world. Perhaps her next event will be to serve as character witness for the fired, and recently arrested, Linwood Wilson.

To confirm, however, that Durham isn't the only locale where such bizarre behavior occurs, take a look at New York City, which just appointed Bob Steel(!)--whose stints as Duke BOT chairman and as head of Wachovia could charitably be described as failures--to be deputy mayor.

[Three updates: (1) In a statement released to the media, false accuser Mangum affirms that "my past entanglement with Duke reached out to drastically influence the legal problems that I now face." This would be the same "Duke" who had 88 faculty members who publicly declared that something "happened" to the false accuser; or whose president released multiple public statements condemning the character of the group that she falsely accused. Why Duke--heretofore a major Mangum supporter, if for reasons unrelated to the veracity of her tall tales--suddenly has decided to coopt the DPD to go after Mangum remains a mystery.

(2) The spokesperson for the crank committee demanding restoration of Mike Nifong's law license has filed a complaint with the Justice Department, alleging a federal violation of Mangum's civil rights. Mangum and like-minded figures, the complaint alleges, have experienced discrimination because they reject the "widespread, vitriolic propaganda spread by the media against Mike Nifong and the prosecution team in the Duke Lacrosse case."

Perhaps I'm a cynic, but I rather doubt that the DOJ will consider Nifong apologists to constitute a protected class.

(3) The North Carolina AG's office has taken over all matters relating to Linwood Wilson, after one judge (Ron Stephens) delayed a protective order, thus allowing Wilson to keep his guns, and another judge (David LaBarre) mysteriously lowered Wilson's bail, based on incomplete information provided by Wilson in a phone call to the judge.

According to a court document filed by Wilson's estranged wife, the ex-Nifong investigator told her that "he owned Durham [and] lawyers and judges would do anything he said."]


Anonymous said...

Does she fail to understand those "preconceived notions" she is being judged by are based on a ton of facts from events in her past which all go to her character and suggest that she is a dangerous psychopath. She probably has a fantasy version (or 4 or 5 versions) of what she thinks happened that day also. Crystal "Always the Victim" Mangum. She did not say “enough is enough” when she had the audacity to write a book. Her children and society need to be protected from her.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Well, let me bend over spine-shattering backward to see if we can excuse this low-life's despicable blatherings.

Crystal's own vicious lies, delusions, hatred, racism and outright insanity (with, to be sure, massive assistance from Mike Nifong, Sgt Gottlieb and others) led to huge lawsuits against the City and the Police Department, endangering the budget that pays all of the cops' salaries; and caused total (and fully justified) humiliation for Durham police and prosecutors.

So, when she goes berserk yet again, and endangers everyone in a building including her own child by committing arson, how does she think the cops should react?

She assumes they should take her side AGAIN, against all evidence AGAIN?

Um, no. And let's be honest: the "attempted homicide" was probably a case of overcharging,. But that is absolutely commonplace practice by cops and prosecutors, as a tool for future plea-bargaining. It is not reserved JUST for ugly, psychotic prostitutes who cost the City millions of dollars through deliberate and ongoing fraud.

Anonymous said...

K.C.: If the Duke Lax Hoax/Fiasco, Gang of 88, Brodhead, and Steel ("let the court of appeals sort this out") teach us *anything* it is that one cannot be too cynical when dealing with such odious individuals.

Gary Packwood said...

Crystal (Bless her heart) and her handlers are speaking to their constituency in Durham and across the Old South.

And they all know we, who are not members of her constituency, will describe her life the way you would do color commentary of a 20 car pile-up on the freeway or an execution in Huntsville, Texas.

And that will grow her constituency.

While waiting for justice, I have nothing to add about Crystal.

“There are times when silence has the loudest voice”

Anonymous said...

June 30, 2010

State handling domestic case involving former Nifong aide


He worked for Nifong from 2005 until Nifong resigned in 2007 over his improper handling of rape allegations against three Duke University lacrosse players that proved to be unsubstantial.


How gentle we are with words while describing a deliberate frame-up attempt...

Anonymous said...

Is Barbara a Communist?

Pierce Harlan said...

And don't overlook Wendy Murphy. That's right, she's back at it -- opining about the Al Gore sexual assault accusation from her desk in Boston.

I'd love to see you do a piece sometime on the following: Has ANYONE learned ANYTHING from the Duke lacrosse case?

Anonymous said...

"And don't overlook Wendy Murphy." ...

"Has ANYONE learned ANYTHING from the Duke lacrosse case?"

It is an old lesson but one that is still true: "No one in this world, so far as I know - and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me - has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people."

Anonymous said...

Pierce Harlan:

The answer to your question is - not much, if anything at all.


Anonymous said...

You know who else hasn't learned anything? Duke (what a shock). Another poor student called me last week for the Annual Fund. Again, I told them I'll write a check the day Dick Brodhead resigns. She (poor student) tried to argue with me and said this money would be used for scholarships for deserving students. I told her if it weren't for Brodhead, Duke would have $20 or 30 million more dollars for deserving student scholarships.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the "system" is out to get her. Isn't that what justice is all about?

skwilli said...

"Has ANYONE learned ANYTHING from the Duke lacrosse case?"

Yes! Unfortunately, little ole me in PA doesn't count for much. Through this blog, KC has taught me a myriad of things about academic and legal worlds I knew very little about.

No Justice, No Peace said...

There once was much discussion about the lack of interest from the DOJ regarding the Duke hoax. The following link to an interview between Glenn Reynolds and J. Christian Adams regarding the New Black Panther voting intimidation case sheds light on the work environment in the DOJ civil rights division.

The interview is on PJTV and may require registration, however it is well worth the effort.

Black Panther Justice for All? J. Christian Adams Responds to the DOJ with Exclusive Documents

Anonymous said...

I dub her Crystal Mess, since Crystal Meth was already taken.

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Hopefully justice wil be brought.