Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Duke-AIG Settlement?

Bloomberg reports that Duke and AIG might settle the University's lawsuit against the insurance company--a critical development, since such a settlement would avoid continued discovery, and a hearing at which some of this discovery might become public. I wrote about the lawsuit here.

And, as a reminder, the dynamic duo is on tap for tomorrow night, with Duke resident expert in "works in progress" Wahneema Lubiano chatting with Karla Holloway about . . . of course . . . race.


Anonymous said...

How much of Duke's funds are the trustees permitted to expend on settlements and legal costs?

So far they have settled with the three accused, and with Pressler. Now they may settle with their insurance carriers for less than they want.

Plus, they have two more suits pending.

(And then there's the Potti scandal, all those patients...will Duke Hospital's insurance cover that?)

At some point, the Duke stakeholders need to question the trustees about
their oversight of Duke's funds; and whether or not the trustees are living
up to their fiduciary duties (ie., those funds don't exist to settle suits caused by the malicious or wrongful acts of the trustees).

Anonymous said...

Is Levicy a Communist?

Anonymous said...

It appears that Professor Lubiano's forthcoming books have disppeared into thin air. I didn't seem them listed on her profile link at the Department of African & African American Studies. Maybe I missed something? from a Retired Professor

Anonymous said...

In the wake of the Duke Rape case resolution, Wendy Murphy promised that Mike Nifong would release a book which would tell all about the case. Such book has never appeared.

Is it possible that Mr. Nifong retained Ms. Lubiano to ghost write the book?

Anonymous said...

Duke can't afford to allow discovery, as it would be some of the nastiest publicity a college has received in decades. Moreover, allowing the case to get to a jury would set up a potential Pennzoil v. Texaco for universities. No, the defense lawyers will gouge Duke with exorbitant fees and then lay down either (a) before discovery at the request of Duke, or (b) right before trial because of their own fear. That's the game.

Durham has even greater exposure, but I don't think they have the collective conscience or intelligence to be as fearful of discovery as Duke must be.

As for Lubiano, when does "forthcoming" become a lie? At least the trees will not be torn down in vain. I wonder if she will not publish in the future out of spite -- like a toddler holding her breath? These are my opinions unless you share them, then they're our opinions. MOO! Gregory

Anonymous said...

Hey KC,
I just logged onto today and saw a continual web advertisement running featuring Cathy Davidson, distinguished professor at Duke! I guess the best way to fight the racist capitalist patriarchy is to cash their checks?

Anonymous said...

Whoops- I should have mentioned it was a web ad for Cisco!!