Thursday, September 08, 2011

T. Cline, Esq., Paragon of Ethics (Cont'd.)

At Tracey Cline’s demand—and despite a caution from N&O reporter Andrew Curliss that she might want to reconsider, given their content—the N&O released its reporters’ and editors’ e-mail exchanges with the Durham County “minister of justice.” Far more important than the strange spelling and grammatical errors common in the elected DA's writings, the e-mails reinforce, rather than rebut, the N&O’s portrayal of a prosecutor who too frequently bends the truth to advance her case.

Consider, for instance, these two troubling examples from the e-mail exchanges. First, Cline misrepresents physical evidence:

Curliss responds:

And then Cline misrepresents DNA evidence:

Again, Curliss has to set the record straight, in the process revealing a troubling "evolution" of Cline's public statements:

By the way, the e-mails also feature this Gottlieb-esque development from the DPD, as seen in this Curliss e-mail to Cline, about a DPD officer penning way-after-the-fact notes:
In Durham, it appears, some things never change.

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