Tuesday, April 16, 2013

News from Maine

After six subpoenas, two court hearings in Maine with several attorneys flown up from North Carolina, and multiple letters to my attorney, Duke's efforts to weaken the First Amendment rights of all news-gatherers in Maine ended below, with Judge Rich's dubious order officially vacated:


skwilli said...

KC 1 :Forces of Evil 0

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will the trustees give an accounting as to why this venture was launched in the first place?

Or as to how much (they authorized?) to be spent on it?

Were those funds spent without their authorization?

What did they hope to accomplish, that they authorized (or did not authorize) said expenditures?

Will Duke's journalism school have a comment on it?

Will the Sanford School of Public Policy (Burness) have a comment about the preservation of reporter's rights?

How about the law profs?

Or the "independent" Duke university newspaper?

Jim In San Diego said...

The whole affair has a sinister air.

It is as if the Duke Administration has no first principles, except for its own survival.

Due Process....freedom of the press....academic independence....protection of its students....integrity....economy...

All are to be (or, already have been?) sacrificed "for the good of the institution" (Bob Steele).

That is, for the survival of the current occupants of its Administration.

There is no courage anywhere.

This includes, btw, among Duke alumni, thousands of competent potential advocates, who appear to be sleepwalking through this.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of us are still faithfully sending in our 88 dirty pennies in response to every solicitation gimme letter we get from dear old Duke? Someday the chicken sins will come home to roost....

Anonymous said...

I sent in my 88 cents just last week. I also responded to a survey Duke Forward sent me on why I didn't go to their event in my area that it was because of the gang of 88. We have to keep telling anyone from Duke that contacts us that we haven't forgotten. Someday Brodhead will be gone and the successor might have an opportunity to clean up the mess and finally apologize to us all.

Anonymous said...

Who is Robert David Johnson? K

AL said...

Hello: While doing a search of the Duke/LaCrosse case, I have just found this site. Please tell me what the case in Maine was concerning.

Thank you,

guiowen said...

Dear Anne Lee,
Read the March 4 posting. That explains it all much better than I could.ka

kcjohnson9 said...

To 11.14:

My given name--which I use only on my formal academic publications :)

Anonymous said...

Is D. Brock Hornby a Communist?