Monday, April 15, 2013

Neff a Pulitzer Finalist

For those who hadn't seen the news, Joe Neff was part of a team of reporters at the N&O and Charlotte Observer who were finalists for the Pulitzer for local reporting, for "for their tenacious joint project investigating how the state’s major nonprofit hospitals generate large profits and contribute to the high cost of health care." (The award ultimately went to reporters at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.)

The honor serves as a reminder that Neff's sensational work in the lacrosse case was hardly atypical of his overall journalism.


Anonymous said...

Well, for my money a certain prof at Brooklyn College ought to have had a Pulitzer for his investigative reporting and citizen journalism about "Scottsboro II"...

Anonymous said...

He just wasn't 'Progressive' enough.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be rude and go off topic if I am but there are a few questions that I have:

1. Why do you keep pushing the hate generated during the Duke Lacrosse Case? I think everyone got it a long time ago, and now it borders on creating people who are committing hate crimes towards others because of the anger, misunderstandings, false propaganda, political games, etc.

2. You have been to Israel. Sometimes it appears that war is this thing that is natural in Israel, but in USA, like in NC, I think most like to avoid it. Do you have a reason for pushing a warring mentality on Durham?

3. Do you plan to stop the games, or is that all? Nothing gets better, noone sees the point, and many people are harmed.

just wondering

Anonymous said...

"Why do you keep pushing . . ."

I won't presume to speak for KC. But as for myself:

This is like asking: "Why do you keep trying to rid your neighborhood of burglars?"

The fact is that most of the administrators, faculty (and their polluted ideology) who perpetuated the hoax wield even more power at Duke.

Same cause, same effect.

Duke Prof

Anonymous said...

I must be getting denser - because I still don't get it. Why does Duke want to cause chaos in Durham and NC on a continuous basis? And why do they lie about things and cover up a lot of things by never talking about them again in the news, and yet keep pushing Duke this and Duke that in the news? Like, everytime Duke does a we are the greatest or did something great campaign in the paper - it always seems to happen after they did something wrong. It gets old. Why don't they just guit the games and treat people fairly like they try to portray (or else) - then they wouldn't have to keep trying to always be perfect in the eyes of their people who donate money - when they are not. I think most people like to see a game well played fairly rather than just a win, but it seems that Duke always has to win, regardless of how the game is played or who gets hurt.

Is KC trying to stop the games, or pushing them along? Are there any lawyers for the NC people getting hurt in these games, or are they and NC just the playing field?

guiowen said...

Mistrail-recluse, are you here again?
Well, at least you've decided to try and clean up your spelling.

Anonymous said...

Neff is outstanding. A true journalist and investigator.....proud of him and his integrity.

Anonymous said...

Ah, guiowen, somebody on the comic relief site laughingly said mistrail-recluse could be CGM. ROFL

Lance The Intern said...

"I must be getting denser..." I agree, you must be getting denser.

Anonymous said...


I think the reason most people don't agree with the AG saying the innocent thing was that it confused A LOT of people. A lot of people were glad to have the whole war over with (it seemed like a war to most in NC - should have had to been one of the people greeting your fellow citizens everyday with everyone feeling like other than normal from the constant barage of hate in the news - it was truly awful). However, I personally was attacked for mentioning that the AG was wrong to do that - because it caused too much confusion.

To me, it was very surprising to see both the Durham In Wonderland site and the Justice4Nifong site operating like they are now with a gang of hate crime trolls and bullies running between the two of them trying to silence anyone who speaks the truth (even if it is less then award winning) about Duke/Durham.

Is there a reason why this gang (led by g... it seems) is allowed to exist on these sites? I mean, like when I started talking here, people accused me of being Sydney Harr and started in on me. When I went to Justice4Nifong, these same people followed me from this site, and started in as a gang on Dr. Harr - and me for talking to him. What is the purpose of this behavior other than to get people to not talk about Duke unless they are ready to ignore any issue that might need addressing for the welfare of others - say like for the patients and the community and the state for example.

Why is that?

A Duke Dad said...

@ Anonymous - 5:39

There MUST have been some point in all the words you tossed onto this blog.

But, perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

see like Duke Dad, all he is doing is being mean and demeaning my thoughts and words.

why is that?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 7:17PM - Perhaps because of the same reason employees are told to give good reviews of their employer on revelant social media sites, i.e., can't have only unfavorable reviews, comments, observations, etc.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

I know, but he doesn't even address the issues, and is bullying on top of that without considering the ramifications. I mean, how favorable can that be?

When the issues are addressed, the only thing you hear or see is YOUR WRONG. really?

ok, well, i don't feel wrong, and i know i'm right since everyone else is trying to communicate the same conclusion in various ways without actually stating the REAL problem(s) or addressing those, so even more people get hurt, like Duke creating the chaos to begin with - and letting the hate fester nation wide, and promoting and causing harm.

I think most people thought that the game was going to stop - but it doesn't - it just keeps getting worse and people are led to hate and harm even more by Duke, et. al.

Instead of solving problems - more are created. This is Duke to me - it is how I see them. They make more problems in order to be needed (like lawyers and doctors, etc.), then they beat people up for complaining about the harm they purposely create in order to still be needed. In medicine, as in other life or death situations, this is overly cruel and malicious and criminal as far as most are concerned.

It seems to have become a habit of theirs. Any way to stop that harmful behavior at and from Duke, et. al. for all?

Anonymous said...

when you live in a state with blue devils flown proudly from flags and plastered to vehicles and grinning from t-shirts (i saw that once - there was this nurse and she had on these deep blue scrubs with devils grinning at you from all over her outfit - a nurse mind you) at the homes of some of the persons considered (by them by others who knows) to weild power over others even in life and death situations - and you have an on-line gang of hate crime trolls beating people up who for saying boo about them (or to them) - you can see why many find THAT very disturbing - not to mention that they are seriously starting to BE the evil. that's the thing in NC - you are actually encouraged to BE the whatever (like evil with a blue devil grinning from your shirt) if you want - or crazy with blue paint shouting insults at patients - yeah - that's the ticket - just as long as you actually BE that.