Saturday, October 14, 2006

Best of the Case, II

Several weeks ago, I posted an item listing the best articles and blog postings to have appeared on the case. There’s been considerable quality work since that time, so it seemed reasonable to do an updated post.

I hope that those who subscribe to National Review have read Anthony Dick’s fine article on the effects of the case. (It’s firewalled on the internet.) And, in the interests of full disclosure, the Andersen article referenced above says complementary things about this blog.


Anonymous said...

Judges favorable ruling today and interview with Ed Bradley of 60 minutes.

Anonymous said...

See this on

Anonymous said...

I got here via the Slate and Anderson pieces, but in doing so I Googled your name and came across the Chronicle story on your battle to get tenure.

I'm impressed by this blog, and also by your tenure fight. Have you ever written something that finds a common thread between the two? Both seem like major injustices fueled by the work of agenda-driven, hypocritical faculty.

Anonymous said...

K.C., I believe you have been the unsung hero in this whole thing. While I have been firing away with opinions and accusations (and I stand behind them), you have been uncovering facts, and taking apart the prosecution's case.

If the defense team is smart, it will be assigning someone full-time just to go over your postings, as you have laid out everything (or nearly everything) the defense needs to blow this thing out of the water.

I can only hope that the 60 Minutes piece will put this case out of its misery. However, as you so aptly have noted, Nifong (or Liefong, as I call him) has no other choice but to continue this farce, as he has backed himself into a corner.

Again, you have been a true hero in all of this.

William L. Anderson

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