Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Contemptible Nifong, III

Tomorrow I’ll be in Durham, Mike Nifong faces a criminal contempt hearing before Judge Osmond Smith. (I’ll be live-blogging the event.) At issue, did he lie to the court on September 22, 2006?

Here’s Nifong on September 22, 2006:

Judge Smith: So his report [Meehan’s May 12 report] encompasses it all?

Mr. Nifong: His report encompasses ever -- because we didn’t -- they apparently think that everybody I speak to about, I talk about the facts of the case. And that’s just, that would be counterproductive. It did not happen here.

Judge Smith: So you represent there are no other statements from Dr. Meehan?

Mr. Nifong: No other statements. No other statements made to me.

Mr. Bannon: Just so I’m clear, Mr. Nifong is representing that the facts of the case weren’t discussed in those meetings.

Mr. Nifong: That is correct. The facts of the case, other than the fact that we were seeking a, the male fraction DNA.

Here are excerpts from Dr. Brian Meehan’s deposition before the State Bar:

At the April 10, 2006 meeting, Meehan said that “we very carefully went over this data,” which included results that the DNA of multiple unidentified males was found on Mangum’s rape kit. Meehan recalled going over the profiles “in detail” with Gottlieb, Nifong, and Himan. Since he considered this information “critical,” he was “absolutely” certain that he discussed it with Nifong on April 10.

Moreover, Meehan remembered that “Mr. Nifong and the two police investigators asked questions.” Indeed, “there were some general questions, to more complex questions. We spent a lot of time talking about it.” Meehan stated that Nifong asked him to try to work on the specimens with the unidentified male DNA to see if better resolution could be obtained. Meehan said that he felt “it was important that [Nifong] understood—and I believe he understood” that there were unidentified male DNA profiles.

And here was Dr. Meehan, at the DHC hearing, explaining what actually occurred in just the first of his three meetings with Nifong, on April 10, 2006:


Anonymous said...

Yes, Nifong is one of those contemptible people who hoped to profit from the lies of that walking sperm bank and sex worker, Crystal Gail Mangum.

Perhaps another writes here: "Lacrosse Justice: Gender, Race, and Fairness in the Duke Lacrosse Legal Saga"

Anonymous said...

Is Meehan a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Kristin Butler has been removed from the Duke Chronicle oped piece from 28/8/2007, the piece has also been removed. She was to be Editor 2007-2008; we know that her attitude toward freedom of the press kept her as a once a week reporter.The former USSR didn't remove people in less than 24 hours!

Anonymous said...

Will they let Mikey have his guitar in jail? He needs to practice up to maintain hie place in Linwood Wilson's Gospel group.

Anonymous said...

"...A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.” —George Washington

This reminded me of the Klan of 88...and the Durham PD...and the City of Durham...and the Duke administration. Isn't that odd?

Debrah said...

I just love it when KC gives us his itinerary.

Tres dramatique!


Debrah said...

Most people think that Nifong will get a 30-day jail sentence.

That's not enough, but I do hope the judge doesn't let him off with just a fine.

Anonymous said...

judge smith was pretty prescient. First question he asked of Nifong, nifong dissembled. So smith asked the question again until he got a straight answer.

Stuart McGeady said...

To the 3:43...

Neither Kristin Butler nor her columns have been removed from the Duke Chronicle. Simply search on her name. The Chronicle is publishing again daily. I think dated content is rolled under the front pages of the web site.

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 2:51 said...
...Yes, Nifong is one of those contemptible people who hoped to profit from the lies of that walking sperm bank and sex worker, Crystal Gail Mangum.
...Perhaps another writes here: "Lacrosse Justice: Gender, Race, and Fairness in the Duke Lacrosse Legal Saga"
This is an direct quote from the article you are referencing.

On Prejudging the Duke Lacrosse Team Scandal

Linda Martin Alcoff
Director of Women's Studies

'Also not in dispute is the fact that the Duke Lacrosse team has violated laws systematically over at least the past 5 years, becoming notorious among the administration for boorish behavior, such as public urination and hitting golf balls at buildings.'
This statement is not true and in my opinion was purposely written to harm...and no doubt, assist the Women's Studies department profit from the Duke lacrosse you are suggesting.

I am assuming that the defense team for Dave, Reade and Collin have seen this.

Anonymous said...

If the suggestion on LieStoppers is true that the three innocents got $20M each from the settlement with Duke, then they certainly have the capacity to go after anyone. Even more so after Durham settles.

LarryD said...

There are so many culpable people who have expressed no credable regrets or remorse (Nifong's statments in front of the ethics hearing aren't credable because of his statements afterwards), that they need to be pursued. Not out of vengence, but to try and force a change of their behavor, so they won't act in the future as they did in this HOAX. Or at least remove them from their positions of influence.

It might also have asalutary effect on other's behavour.

Anonymous said...

Richard Jewell NEVER got the apology or recognition he deserved.

My view is it helped kill him. You don't have to be a follower of Andrew Weil, MD to have this belief.

The Duke 3 need to go after everyone. Otherwise some Janet Reno type will find a way to get them arrested on a false charge at some point.

If that seems paranoid, talk to someone who has ever been the target of a vengeful government official.

mac said...

Remember Judge Smith asked Nifong about further evidence, and mentioned - pointedly - that Nifong might appear in his court again one other words, "don't lie to me, boy!"

The boy has lied, the day is come.

Wait until father gets home.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

After his time wielding a metaphorical butcher knife, Nifong is no longer Jack Nicholson's character in "The Shining"; he's now the little boy. To the PAIN! (Princess' Bride reference)