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Attorney McSurely

In the lacrosse case "hall of infamy," few figures are more worthy of inclusion than state NAACP attorney Al McSurely. This is, after all, the man who authored the August 2006 guilt-presuming, error-laden 82-point "memorandum of law," [scroll down] which stood as the NAACP's legal "analysis" of the case.

Among its whoppers:
  • “The only Black [lacrosse] player, a freshman, left the party before the dancers arrived.” [This statement was untrue; even Nifong had never made such a claim.]
  • “The lacrosse team member asked the women to dance and simulate sex acts between them, similarly to scenes from a book and movie that several of the Lacrosse team members enjoyed reading and talking about—American Psycho.” [No evidence for either part of this assertion existed; even Kim Roberts never made such a claim.]
  • “After about three minutes of dancing . . . there were racial remarks made.” [This statement was untrue; indeed, Kim Roberts expressly denied the claim.]
  • “Other men noticed Ms. M seemed quite vulnerable after drinking the clear liquid.” [No evidence exists that “Ms. M” drank any “clear liquid”—the statements of both Roberts and the captains held that “Ms. M” drank a rum and coke, which is not clear; and, of course, the tox screen on “Ms. M” was negative.]
  • “Around 12:20, some men who saw the vulnerable Ms. M returning to the house called their friends who had taken cabs and gone to get some cash from an ATM. Some returned. Sometime between approximately 12:21 and 12:53, Ms. M has stated she was kidnapped into the bathroom, beaten, robbed, choked, and vaginally and anally raped.” [The memo, alas, was based on a timeline and theory of the crime that Nifong abandoned; the purpose of this item seemed to be to suggest that Reade Seligmann could be something other than demonstrably innocent.]
  • “The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) at Duke Hospital confirmed [the accuser’s] injuries matched her reports when she was examined about 2 hours later.” [As Nifong himself eventually conceded, this assertion was wholly false, since neither physical nor forensic evidence exists of rape.]
Well, McSurely is back on the case. The registered agent for the outfit publishing Crystal Mangum's tell-all memoir? None other than Al McSurely.

Hat tip: B.A.


Debrah said...

No surprise.

Al McSurely, the N&O's Linda Williams, Cash Michaels, William Barber, Duke's Gang of 88, along with other professors at Duke like Timothy Tyson and Orin Starn....are all part of the same group.

All were for the prosecution of innocent men and all are still yearning for the way they felt back in the Spring of 2006.

Never were they so alive as when they were going after some white male athletes and attempting to recreate 19th and early 20th century tales using gross stereotypes.

I have no doubt that McSurely and Barber have been in touch with Mangum and this latest "venture" has been planned from day one.

Can you imagine how excited they all were thinking they had such a story for writing little books and taking to the road for interviews and "workshops" about "race"?


This is so funny.

Yet vicious and destructive.

And any other professors at Duke, like James Coleman, who will now try to minimize the danger people like these pose is doing a disservice to truth.

The Innocence Project, anyone?

Debrah said...

This guy is a real dynamo.

Al McSurely quotes

All two of them.

Debrah said...

Check out this one.

Wahneema Lubiano was on a panel---scroll down to the second panel section---discussing issues right after 9/11.

McSurely, apparently, was also a participant.

You've got to click on Lubiano's presentation.

It's such a garbled mess. Just the way she always writes.

What's amusing is that any of these people think they have the answers and can solve the entire world's problems when they are such a mess, themselves.

Anonymous said...

This certainly shows the importance of the civil suits brought against Duke and Durham. McSurely makes it clear that much more must be done if the innocent are ever to be perceived as such.

Debrah said...

Here's McSurely and Barber back in May with a complaint about voter suppression.

(From the photo, I'd say that voting methods are not their first problem.)

This issue always surfaces from these people and is always proven to have no validity.

To the contrary, in places like Durham, it's well-known that groups like "The Durham Committee for the Affairs of Black People"---whose very name is grotesque---spend election day going about neighborhoods hauling people to the polls whether or not they are registered.

These people are sent into the voting cubicles with a "cheat sheet" with instructions for whom to vote because they know nothing about political issues.

Even dead people have been known to cast a few votes.

Consequently, I think McSurely and Barber's concerns are aimed in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

Is McCurley a Communist?

Anonymous said...

It is terrible that these people, who seem to enjoy a separate universe, are able to terrorize decent people or the truth or reality. Take your pick. I have witnessed other circumstances like this. The meaness and lack of respect for the truth is alarming. So many of these wrecks of integrity in their chosen professions are supposed to represent some sort of centered decency . . . objectivity? Is this lack of decent behavior and centered respect for others what they teach in law schools around the country? Apparently so.

Anonymous said...

McSurely is the "man behind the curtain," as far as I am concerned. I'm sure that an investigation into his role in the lacrosse case would be more than just as an observer.

Not only did he author this exercise in lies, but he was one of the people who demanded that Nifong get indictments if he wanted to win the primary election. Now McSurely is behind Crystal's public statements that these young men raped her.

Granted, the State of North Carolina permits attorneys to engage in egregious and dishonest conduct, so I doubt McSurely's law license is in jeopardy.

Debrah said...


Someone from the U. S. House of Representatives has been inside The Diva World today.

A DC address with "housegate10".....what is that?

Anonymous said...

McSurely the vulnerable one has a real friend providing her with expert legal guidance. With this great guidance, she will McSurely have great book sales.
Maybe the legal expert can acquire some golden arches and be granted instant credibility. Without the arches, he only had credulity.

Anonymous said...

"Is McCurley a Communist?"

Was the Southern Conference Educational Fund ever determined to be a communist front?

Were Anne and Carl Braden ever confirmed as members of the communist party?

Was any determination ever made?

Anonymous said...

Actually, McSurely IS a communist! A real-live, card-carrying Marxist.

Anonymous said...

This is just too funny! Even Hollywood's finest writers could not come up with something like this! If I didn't know better, I would swear that someone with a huge grudge against Mr. McSurely is making this stuff up just to make him look dumber than a box of rocks!

Debrah said...

My apologies to everyone for a previous Diva linking error.

This has happened on occasion when I'm busy and not paying close attention.

Sometimes when I link, I forget to click on "copy" after highlighting the address.

Consequently, the reader is left with a duplicate of a previous page that I linked.

And, no doubt, many who had been waiting with bated breath for a certain article are left with an extraordinarily nonplussed vibe.

Therefore, here is the Lubiano presentation when she was on a panel with McSurely right after 9/11.

Her views are not surprising to anyone who knows about her history at Duke.

This particular article does, however, further illuminate what an awful writer the woman is.

Debrah said...

Bill Cosby was in the Triangle giving a talk to rev up those who run HBCU's.

Notice that after he gives his blunt assessment John Hope Franklin comes in at the end with the same doom and gloom he always delivers.

It should be remembered that Franklin was a young man from rural Oklahoma who back in the early part of the 20th century was given a free trip through Harvard University and has been elevated to a stature unimaginable.

Yet he has no grand message to youth and the public at large about what a great country this is?

And that students need to begin preparing themselves for a college education early on?

No, he says nothing like that. It would be too logical.

Sure, he wrote a book once that became prominent and is still referenced to this day. About what you ask?

Race, of course.

Yet, he seems incapable of ever delivering an uplifting message---ever.

That's because, like the Gang of 88, he's steeped inside the victim game.

However, the public no longer buys it.


Cosby: College leaders need to get aggressive

Oct 9, 2008

DURHAM -- In a heart-to-heart talk peppered with his signature humor, Bill Cosby on Wednesday told leaders of North Carolina's historically black colleges and universities that they must become more aggressive in their efforts to reach alums and convince them that it's important give back.

Cosby, the dinner speaker at a conference to discuss the financial future of black colleges, said college administrators can no long afford to send alumni pleasant-sounding letters asking for money.

"Look on your computers and get all the names," Cosby told the more than 350 people attending the dinner at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center. "Don't be nice about it. Tell them you're broke and need some money."

Cosby said many alums owe black colleges a big debt because they took them in when no one else would. He said many students arrive on black campuses totally unprepared for the rigors of college.

"But you take them," Cosby said. "That's what you have to remind them of."

Cosby also urged college presidents to remove inept administrators who are incapable of managing their university's financial affairs.

"Get rid of those stupid people who don't know how to manage money," Cosby said.

Universities should also hold college presidents accountable when they put schools at risk, Cosby said. He said too many presidents are allowed to walk away quietly, leaving schools in big trouble.

Cosby also touched upon controversial themes that he has been criticized for in recent years such as the African-American community taking responsibility for high teenage pregnancy and young black law-breakers. On Wednesday most people in the audience appeared to nod in agreement when he mentioned the topics.

"The village is not working, at all," Cosby said, referring to the oft-spoken adage that "it takes a village to raise a child."

Cosby said the one consistent thing about folks who blame racism for the failures in the black community is that "you never hear them say you can do it."

"That's pitiful," Cosby said.

Throughout his talk, Cosby told several jokes about historian John Hope Franklin which left the James B. Duke professor of history emeritus smiling. He invited Franklin to the stage to speak at the end of his performance.

"It was a voice of clarity and desperation," Franklin said of Cosby's speech. "He certainly conveyed to us the message that we are responsible for the next generation."

Franklin added: "If we can't do any better than my generation, we're going to be in trouble in the near future."

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous at 8:38 PM

Are you now, or have you ever been,
a Democrat or Republican?

skwilli said...

Just as I thought. Your book review can be written ahead of time. In fact, this post already would serve as a credible book review before a book even exists. How predictable the race/class/gender crowd is. Can they not see the same world in which we live?

Debrah said...

Please read the critique of this woman's music given by Timothy Tyson.

He uses the same jargon over and over again for every occasion.

That website references the N&O article on Tyson by Zane back in May.

No mention of the negative feedback we all gave him.....and the questioning of his falsehoods.

This is typical Durham and Duke.

The website is really creepy.

I hope that he didn't write the lyrics to that song. She just keeps repeating the title "blood done sign my name" throughout.

I've written some songs in my time, and that is pure junk.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Duke administrators repress voter registration efforts on campus?

Investors Business Daily:

"...Suspicious election officials sent letters to some 5,000 ACORN registrants in St. Louis, asking the letter recipients to contact them. Fewer than 40 responded...

...In addition, ACORN officials have also been indicted in Wisconsin and Colorado. Investigations against others are active in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.
ACORN has also been registering convicted felons — including inmates — in Florida and other battleground states.

It is reasonable to ask whether ACORN is in fact a criminal conspiracy to subvert the voting rights of Americans. Which makes it all the more remarkable that Barack Obama paid ACORN $800,000 to register new voters, and then lied about it, falsely telling the Federal Elections Commission that the $800,000 went to a group called Citizen Services Inc. for "advance work.""

Someone please explain to me how Mr. Obama is substantively different from those in Durham, the Duke admininstration or the Klan of 88.

The hoax abettors had race, gender and class warfare. Mr. Obama has ACORN, Fannie Mae (maybe Ms. Gorelick was an afirmative action hire), and an anti-capitalist terrorist.

Both have the media in their pockets misrepresenting or flat out lying about the facts.

Both are dependent upon an uninformed populace to succeed.

Again, what is substantively different?

Who are the winners and who are the losers?

Have we come to the point that we cannot do better?

Wonderland indeed...

Gary Packwood said...

The NAACP was advertising on their web page from that period of time (2006) the following theme for their 'Conference of Branches'.

NC NAACP State Conference of Branches

"Going Back to the Basics of Addressing Real Civil Rights Issues"

Looks like they met their goal and have a whole bunch of REAL Civil Rights Issues to think about in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My sense is that McSurely is planning even more mischief and he hopes to have federal criminal charges brought against members of the lacrosse team. For those people who think that Obama's call for an "investigation" would keep that from happening, think again.

The inevitable election of Obama also means that Jamie Gorelick, who now is representing Duke University, is likely to be Obama's choice for U.S. Attorney General. I have no doubt that if she does become AG, we will see a re-opening of this case, and the NC NAACP and other groups will be at the forefront of demanding new federal charges.

Don't kid yourselves. The Duke case was the main event in the nation's black press for many months, and the black press has refused to accept the results of Cooper's investigation. Leftist publications have declared it was a whitewash, and Gorelick herself in the legal documents pretty much has made the claim that even if Crystal was not raped, "something happened."

This fight is not over, not even nearly over. I sense McSurely has realized that there is an opening and he is going to exploit. He knows Crystal was lying; he KNOWS. But, truth never has mattered to this man throughout his sorry and evil career. And the truth never mattered to Nifong, the media, and to the leaders of Duke University.

I know what I am writing seems to be farfetched, but you have to remember that the original charges themselves were farfetched. Yet, the New York Times and the other media totally bought into the story, even though the evidence was overwhelmingly against Nifong and his lies.

People who want to believe lies will believe them again, and McSurely and the NC NAACP leadership know that fact. They believe that if they beat the drum loudly enough, the authorities will fall into line. With Jamie Gorelick calling the shots, that makes this sorry scenario more likely than ever.

Debrah said...

Durham's financial woes:

City ran a $2.2M deficit in 2007-08

By Ray Gronberg : The Herald-Sun
Oct 10, 2008

DURHAM -- The city government ran a $2.2 million deficit in fiscal 2007-08 that it covered in part by squeezing the Durham Area Transit Authority and the department that oversees much of its construction program, officials say.

A declining economy and rising fuel prices contributed heavily to the problem, Interim Finance Director Keith Herrmann said Thursday in a briefing for the City Council.

Sales tax revenue came in $3.9 million behind what officials projected in the fiscal 2007-08 budget. Collections of license and permit fees also were off, offering "an early indication" of the economic problems now obvious to everyone, Herr-mann said.

Meanwhile, rising fuel costs accounted for about three-fourths of a $680,569 budget overrun in the Solid Waste Management Department and also contributed to a $267,243 overrun by the Public Works Department, he said.

Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Department also had overruns because of personnel costs.

Both departments were quicker to fill vacancies than officials expected when they set the budget, and parks also paid heavily to use off-duty Durham Police Department officers as security at major events. Parks had a $565,545 budget overrun.

The administration, headed at the time by former City Manager Patrick Baker, compensated for those problems by having other departments economize. It also barred departments from using $1.4 million left over from prior budgets, and canceled a planned $1.7 million transfer to DATA from the city's tax-fueled general fund.

Those moves, plus a draw from city savings, enabled it to end the year with a surplus. By law, the city has to operate with a balanced budget.

General Services left nearly $1.1 million of its $12.6 million budget unspent. DATA, meanwhile, ran a larger-than-expected deficit thanks to the canceled transfer.

Herrmann's briefing was the first in a series that will occur quarterly, on orders from Baker's successor, City Manager Tom Bonfield.

The council has received quarterly written reports on the city's finances, but Hermann acknowledged that those documents, at roughly 150 pages each, aren't particularly user-friendly.

"We want to be sure we have the finances in front of you on a frequent basis, and certainly more frequently than the annual budget process," said Bonfield, who started his government career as a finance expert.

Council members indicated some surprise at seeing what departments the administration had elected to squeeze. The completion of the city's construction program is a top-ranked priority, and Baker last fall talked of improving the bus system.

"I look at some of these figures and say, 'No wonder we're having trouble in that department,' " Councilman Howard Clement said. "They ain't spending enough money."

Bonfield said one of the points of instituting quarterly financial briefings was to make sure elected officials understand the ramifications of spending decisions for city services.

The raid on the city's overall savings dropped its fund balance to 11 percent of annual appropriations, a percentage point below the level specified by council policy.

Anonymous said...

Indoctrinate U has posted deleted scenes that discusses Columbia, Ayers, Dohrn, and Rudd.

What does all this have to do with higher education?

It does a fine job of connecting Communist terrorist radicals to academia.

What does all this have to do with the media and a presidential election?

Well it may help some to better understand why there is keen interest in how much time Obama has spent with Ayers and Dohrn.

It may also help others better understand why people are very concerned about the lack of major media inquiry into these connnections.

It may also help other better understand why people are concerned about the Obama campaign's intentional mischaracterization of the depth of those connections.

W. R. Chambers said...

If what KC describes as having been authored by McShurely is a "memorandum of law," then Mangum's book will be eligible for the National Book Award.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, "She lied".
That's your conclusion?
OK, 30 days next case.

Anonymous said...

My son attends what is considered a top private university. He is taking a general studies class in ancient Greek history. This week his prof started the class rambling on about his own "liberal beliefs" and his political positions and then proceeded to ask if there were "any republicans
in the class". My son alone raised his hand. My God, not you! the guy says-because my son is his best and favorite student-You wouldn't vote for McCain, would you!
At that point my son decided it would be better to just say no which made the guy happy. $26,000
a year for my kid to learn when to lie to a leftie. Academia.