Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nifong's Guitars

The N&O reports:
Mike Nifong might have to part with his cherished guitars.The trustee overseeing his estate in federal bankruptcy court has asked a judge to order a public auction of the instruments Oct. 12 at 361 Ja Max Drive, Hillsborough.

This all is a result of the bankruptcy filing employed by Nifong in a thus-far unsuccessful attempt to escape from the civil suit filed by the three people he unethically prosecuted. Nifong attorney Jim Craven previously had stated that Nifong would not pay more than $34.99 in any civil suit judgment.


Anonymous said...

The law appears to have been to Nifong merely something to use in making his own way through the world and not something of a purposeful gift of responsibility toward others . . . all of us. He is a bastard. Evidently, law and fairness is only for the fair-haired politically correct as seen by Nifong. It all has really unraveled on this man . . . a buck twenty-five for the guitar.

Debrah said...

Oh wow.

Mikey's strings will be on the road without him tomorrow.

On a Sunday morning!

How can Mikey be a pickin' and a strummin' "Rock of Ages" without his strings?

Debrah said...

Meanwhile, the H-S editors just keep topping themselves in the inane category with this weekend wrap-up.

As I have said in the past, Mary D.B.T. Semans is a nice lady; however, sometimes you have to keep a shovel handy once she begins talking.

When the H-S was run by people who believed in professionalism and when they delivered a more balanced newspaper, the Diva once received the beloved "Durham Grit Award" for simply turning a witty and ingenious phase with something I had written.

This "award" is supposed to be lighthearted, yet these goofy current H-S staff members bestow it on the earnest work of a dead man and his assistants.

Typical Ashley standards.


Week's end

Oct 11, 2008

Mary D. B. T. Semans, leading Durham philanthropist and descendant of Duke University's founding benefactor, penned some evocative words to open "Brighter Leaves: Celebrating the Arts in Durham North Carolina."

"When the trumpet sounds the notes of Aaron Copland's 'Quiet City' somehow the city of Durham comes to mind -- a crescendo from quietness, with undertones of growth," she wrote.

Those words sum up what Semans went on to call the "cultural transformation (that) has happened in this area."

That transformation is the subject of "Brighter Leaves," a much needed chronicle of the development of the arts in this former mill town, now a research and educational hub and magnet for young "creative-class" professionals.

The book will be officially launched with a reception and signing at Parker and Otis in Durham on Sunday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Aside from its value as a history of local arts, the book is a testimony to the dedication of a small group of people who would not let the project end.

Patrick Dan Kenan, a Duke medical professor whose passion was the arts, conceived of the book in 2001. Shortly after, he unexpectedly died.

The friends and acquaintances he brought together to oversee the project pledged to carry on without him.

For that decision, so richly rewarded in the publication of the book this weekend, we bestow this week's Durham Grit award on the contributors and especially to the nine board members who oversaw the production: Jean Bradley Anderson, E'Vonne Coleman, Frank DePasquale, Jane Goodridge, Daniel Kenan, William King, Louise Maynor, Marion Salinger and Benjamin Speller.

One Spook said...

October 12th ... that's tomorrow!

If the judge orders it, I think loyal readers of this Blog should authorize Debrah to get to that auction and successfully bid on one of those guitars.

Then, we could reimburse her and present the guitar to KC.

I'm dead serious here.

One Spook

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Mike Nifong supporting Roy Cooper for AG? What does he have against him?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't someone be buying at least one of these guitars to donate to a future museum that chronicles and warns against unjust prosecutions?

Debrah said...

I've got to bring up Timothy Tyson again.


Because he simply won't go away!

He still stands by the slander and the libel that he leveled against the lacrosse players and he's workin' it every day.

Here you can see that the latest posts by KC and some of our posts on the N&O blogs have the guy apoplectic.

The bottom of his Wiki page shows that he was just there last evening altering things.

Bold type has been added to a section under the description of his little book.

He wants everyone to know that you can "find the truth at '' ".


Someone needs to nail this guy in a very public way for what he continues to do.

Even more significant, read this website and all the links.

Nifong must have been like Christmas in March for Tyson back in the Spring of 2006.

Look at this website!

It was begun in Februrary of '06. A month before the Lacrosse Hoax.

Tyson was ripe and ready for a race-hustling fix.

Yet, as you can see, he had NO VISITORS to his website.

No comments. Not one.

"Ubuntu" is one of his many race-obsessed links.

Still, his little website attracted no attention.

Is it any wonder why such a prick was trigger-ready to pounce on and use Nifong's lies as a "teaching moment".

Like Al McSurely, Tyson is a pathetic human being.

If he were more intelligent and less cowardly, he'd probably have been in jail a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Is Craven a Communist?

Michael said...

The guitars should go to the Smithsonian.

Anonymous said...

All interested in bidding, please take note.

The opening and winning bid should be $0.88

I'm just sayin'...

ES Duke 1990

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to witness the auction. I'd just love to see ole Mikey a "pickin and a grinnin" in the moments leading up to the sale itself.

Now if the 88 mafia members would only sell copies of the "Listening" statement. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what those guitars are worth, does anyone know guitar info well?

Court documents list the instruments as a Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, a Martin D-41 and a PRS Custom 24.

Would think they are in good condition.

Personally I think Crystal giving talks and putting out a book is good for the boys lawsuits. $$$$

as a durham taxpayer i'm sad; but in terms of what is right; i'm glad.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Craven is a Communist, but he is appropriately named!

My wish is that someone would buy the guitars and then smash them in front of Mikey. Here is a man who helped to inflict incomparable harm on a lot of people, yet he continues in his dishonesty.

Sociopaths like Michael B. Nifong never learn, and the only way to deal with them is to make sure they pay for the harm they cause others.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Liestoppers Discussion Boards. It looks like Cy Gurney and Mike Nifong's brother may have won the winning bid on one of the guitars.

Sylvia P. said...
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Anonymous said...

It appears that Cy was at the auction (see pictures on Liestoppers forum) and the man sitting next to her, conversing with her, was one of the successful bidders. Blog Hooligans think he may be the brother.

So Nifong may have bought back one, if not all, of his guitars.

Whether the other bidders were Nifong stooges is unknown. Hope locals will look at the photos.

Debrah said...


This "Bull City" Durham heavy metal/punk/hardcore band has dedicated a rather raunchy song to Mikey.

"Yeah, Mike Nifong. B!tch."


Mikey should take a look. These guys own loads of guitars and they might lend him one.

Anonymous said...

Rae Evans must be grinning from ear to ear right about now!!