Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mangum Bail Revoked

ABC-11 is reporting that authorities have revoked the bail of serial fabricator Crystal Mangum. The false accuser violated the terms of her bail, and therefore will be returning to jail.

Another troublesome figure from the lacrosse case in the news: state NAACP head William Barber, whose organization posted a wildly slanted, factually challenged "memorandum of law" and whose case advisors repudiated a host of traditional NAACP positions in a vain attempt to bolster Mike Nifong's case. Barber received an award from Democratic governor Beverly Perdue, who (remarkably) hailed his efforts to "build coalitions to fight for equality."

Perdue's cowardly act should serve as a reminder of the courage displayed in the case by AG Roy Cooper. It's almost impossible in North Carolina for a Democrat--whether Perdue or Cooper--to win statewide without an overwhelming African-American vote. Yet Cooper--even though the state NAACP and sympathetic "journalists" like Cash Michaels were threatening a political price to be paid b not giving False Accuser Mangum her "day in court"--did the right thing, despite the political risk.

The same can't be said of Perdue.

And, following up on a previous post, I highly recommend this offering from Craig Henry.


Anonymous said...

Perdue is part of a parade of ethics challenged NC state officials who have been getting smoked out by the News and Observer. Maybe she is buttering up the Rev. Butterball to shore up her re-election prospects for 2012.

Gayle Miller said...

The most telling sentence in the news article about this skank's bail revocation is the fact that one of her CHILDREN had to call the police to save her boyfriend's life and bring this sorry broad to justice. I'm sorry - it sounds anti-feminist on my part but I think feminist is just another word for sanctioned bad behavior!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify. It is not hard to get elected in NC without the black vote. Jesse Helms did it for a long time. If one wants to be elected regardless of party then one must compromise enough to get the votes from down east NC. The people down east are fairly labeled conservative democrats. That is where the compromise comes in. Right now I will admit that Roy Cooper has lost a whole lot of respect and votes because of his running of the SBI. I agree, he has no courage either now or with the LAX case. He should have charged many people back then, he did not.

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 3.31:

The post said, "It's almost impossible in North Carolina for a Democrat [emphasis added]--whether Perdue or Cooper--to win statewide without an overwhelming African-American vote."

Obviously Helms--he of the notorious "hands ad"--didn't need the black vote to win. Nor does, say, Richard Burr in 2010 (or in 2004).

And, as I noted in the post, Cooper showed great courage--even more so in light of the thinly-veiled threats from Michaels, et al.--in following the facts when making his judgments on the case.

Walter Abbott said...

Cooper showed great courage--

KC, you and I will have to differ on that point. Cooper showed courage, but only just enough.

That's the problem. Everyone - The News & Observer, Cooper, the North Carolina "legal community" - wanted to 'move on' instead of finding out the truth.

That such a plan won't work is all now proved out with the revelations of the systemic rot within the SBI lab.

The original script was to make Nifong the scapegoat and call it good. They didn't figure on hardheads suggesting that maybe some structural changes needed to take place that would prevent a future lynching of some indigent.

There's only one thing left to do. Get to the truth.

Dom Casas said...

The purpose of bail is to assure the attendance of the defendant, when his or her presence is required in court, whether before or after conviction. Bail is not a means of punishing a defendant, nor should there be a suggestion of revenue to the government.

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Anonymous said...

"A pretrial services officer testified Thursday that Mangum had received subsidized child care because her three children were in her custody. But bond conditions set in July limited her contact with the children to 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday because they are allegedly her victims."

Anonymous said...

Is Perdue a Communist?

Anonymous said...

I love to read stuff like this:

Date Confined Date Released Statute Description Bond Type Bond Amount
8/26/2010 [incarcerated] FIRST DEGREE ARSON SECURED $150,000.00

8/26/2010 [incarcerated] CONTRIBUTING DEL OF JUVENILE SECURED $0.00

On websites that show jail populations that have a title like this:


Jim in San Diego said...

Who is caring for Mangum's children?

What a continuing tragedy.

Jim Peterson

guiowen said...

My understanding is that the father of two of them is taking care of all three.

Anonymous said...

You link us to a diatribe about Beck? We need someone to filter our thinking rather than direct observation of Beck? You are pathetic.

Maxwell said...

Re: Cooper showed great courage--

IMO, Cooper’s only thought was to stop the political bleeding for Democrats, and not rile the black voters against HIM. If CGM went to trial, that would have shown courage. Now we will forever have to listen to, “Something happened that night.” Lucky for the Lax players that saving his own hide corresponded to proclaiming them innocent. One thing I remember, Duke Hospital Admin was scared shirtless that their black employees from Durham might protest, and not show up for work. This was not lost on Cooper, more headlines would mean more scrutiny. He busied himself replacing the manhole cover, and screwing it down tight, before the ooze reached his feet of clay.

Anonymous said...

To Maxwell : wow! You seem quite emphatic that Cooper was nothing more than the typical self serving, shallow, amoral, expedient politician. And to think, I presumed he had a shred of decency.

Anonymous said...

It did not surprise me to learn—and hats off to blogger Johnny Cirucci for the tip—that former Clinton Deputy Attorney General, Jamie Gorelick (at left), the well-labeled “Mistress of Disaster,” has been enlisted by BP to represent the company before Congress on the subject of the Gulf disaster. (JUST LIKE DUKE and its dummy BOARD)

In reporting the move for Politico, an allegedly non-partisan journal, Abby Phillip ingenuously notes that Gorelick, now a private attorney, could just as easily have been on the other side of the table.

“Her role in the Clinton administration and her later service as a member of the 9/11 Commission,” writes Phillip, “made her a logical choice for attorney general.” The only problem, adds Phillip, were those “controversies.”

Anonymous said...

KC, the cat is out of the bag. Your hero, Roy Cooper, is starting to tire of the pressure he is getting from the NC Trial Lawyers Association. Especially since they are making him walk the blank on the SBI crime lab thing. My sources tell me Cooper has admitted that the Duke Lacrosse Innocent pronouncement was a mistake. Plus the NC Trial Lawyers (Democrats) have already come calling to the NAACP asking for support on the SBI thing. In a meeting with Barber, they let slip that they threatened Cooper during the lacrosse case. Tell your people they should have been more discret when they brag. You never kow who is listening.

When the Feds start charging people will you finally admit you have been carrying the water. Don't think for a second that there isn't proof of what I'm saying. You should expect a visit by the Feds soon too. You know why.

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 12.31:

Anonymous sources of an anonymous commenter--telling us, it seems, that the feds will be charging the disgraced Nifong!

While I think such charges would be warranted, I generally don't place too much credibility on the anonymous sources of an anonymous commenter. I would urge you to choose to come out from behind the cloak of anonymity and reveal your "sources."