Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm in Raleigh, and will be live-blogging the press conference.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your work. Please post an update as to the expected time of the news conference and if there's any delay--thank you. (I'm away from TV, but have web access.)

Anonymous said...

Let the civil suits begin!

Anonymous said...

"We believe these defendants are innocent."

"No credible evidence that an attack occurred in the house that night."

Anonymous said...

"Other evidence contradicts her story. She contradicts herself."

Anonymous said...

Well done, KC. You have been the web site of record throughout this travesty and you deserve some of the credit for today's excellent result.

Anonymous said...


He is saying they are innocent and that her story basicaly is crap. He's hanging Nifong out to dry.

Anonymous said...

Not hanging him out to dry, but slamming him in the mud!

Anonymous said...

Nifong got SMOKED and so did CGM!!!!!


Nifong's hat trick said...

What a brave soul the AG is! He has declared their innocence!

GS said...

NC feeding Nifong to the dogs, and clearing the 3 boys.

Anonymous said...


I can honestly say I don't think these kids we be out of harms way if it hadn't of been for your tireless efforts!

Anonymous said...

This so exceeds my hopes. What a couragious stance the AG is taking, he basically also just called Nifong a liar.

Cash Michaels must be crying his eyes out. They are leaving NO WIGGLE room here at all for any other interpretation. Wrongful prosecution. Hallelujah

Anonymous said...

Now it's time for the Duke University Community to rally and demand President Brodhead's Resignation !

Soobs said...

YES!! And it's MUCH sweeter that the AG said they were INNOCENT.

I've been following this case since it started. I just found DIW and Liestoppers less than 7 months ago, but I want to personally thank ALL of you....I do believe this ending would have been MUCH different, if it weren't for bloggers, forum members, and others who refused to let this lie continue, unchecked. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder if Jesse Jackson is going to make an appearance to appologize.

Anonymous said...


Soobs said...

Can I also add, that a reporter JUST now, used Crystal's full name. Finally.

Anonymous said...

The prostitute lied! It's a crock.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought the AG was going to take the easy way out and just drop the charges and not elaborate. This is BEYOND courage. Good work KC

Anonymous said...

No charges against CGM

texasyank said...

Once again: someone pour me a double.

Gayle Miller said...

“Tragic rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations.”

“We believe that these three individuals are innocent of these charges.”


Anonymous said...

"We just hope this traumatic experience for all involved ends with the minimum amount of damage," said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, whose Chicago-based Rainbow/Push Coalition had offered to help the accuser pay for college but wasn't able to contact her.

From todays AP article re Duke in the San Diego Union Tribune. Do you think he's hoping to minimize his own damage for jumping into this?

Anonymous said...


So did I, I'm pretty shocked he said they were innocent. The facts of the case must be even worse than what has been made public. He just also made reference to sealed medical records, most likely showing a long history of mental illness.

I am also going to reverse myself and predict that Mike Nifong will lose his law license at least for some period of time.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

Boy the AG out did himself in my mind. I never thought he would clear the defendant.

Kevin said...

Hat's off to (Roy) Cooper! FWIW, the ESPN legal analyst just said it was basically unprecedented for him to come out and declare the boys "factually innocent" as opposed to just taking the cop-out "didn't have enough evidence to go forward" route.

Anonymous said...

They've decided not to prosecute Mangum for the false police report because they believe she is mentally ill and actually believes she was raped!

Nifong's hat trick said...

The AG's discussion of this case is remarkably clear and on track with what KC has been discussing here on this blog for months. I wish Colin Finnerty, Reade Seligman and Dave Evans and all of their friends and families the best as they go forward with their lives. Hopefully, this decision may some day help to protect others from the horror of false rape accusations. Will the media help these boys regain their lives now? Will the G88 help these boys regain their lives? All who played a part in destroying them should be brave enough and strong enough to do whatever it takes to give them back what was so wrongly taken from them!

Anonymous said...

Significant that Cooper said "many people owe apologies" and he hopes they do it. Brodhead, are you listening???

Anonymous said...

To 2:46,

Here's what Jesse Jackson had to say according to MSNBC:

"“We just hope this traumatic experience for all involved ends with the minimum amount of damage,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, whose Chicago-based Rainbow/Push Coalition had offered to help the accuser pay for college but wasn’t able to contact her."

Rest of the story at:

Chicago said...

Just FYI-

Notice the tie Abrams has on. He is a Duke grad. I love it when people give hints like that.

BSL said...

Thank you, Professor Johnson. If it weren't for people like you who crossed demarcation lines of political (Democrat) and professional (academia) in pursuit of DOCUMENTED, verified truth, this day never would have come. Thanks for restoring my hope in humanity. Kudos to Cooper as well for not holding back.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of those that made this possible, especially KC, Prof. Cooper, Liestoppers and FODU. And I am going to buy KC's book.

Space Puppy

Anonymous said...

Roy's a hero!

In the Q&A, he said, "I think a lot of people owe a lot of other people appologies". He hit it out of the park!

Anonymous said...

Rainbow/Push Coalition had offered to help the accuser pay for college but wasn't able to contact her.

Gosh that sounds sleazy. If they won't pay for college, could they at least pay for her meds?

Anonymous said...

can you believe that georgia goslee is still saying that she believes that something happened in that house at night?.... i will still always on msnbc now

Soobs said...

That stupid Biotch, Georgia Goslee has just stated that she "still believes something happened". Dan Abrams said yes, there was a terrible lie told. But she's sticking to the lie. I'll assume that Wendy Murphy will as well.

Anonymous said...

Take Note - as KC I'm sure will point out, it is quite significant that AG Cooper called Nifong a "Rogue Prosecutor" about 10min. into the Q&A session after the announcement.

To me, that signals that disbarment can not be too far off in the future (I'm guessing June).

Gimbul said...

I've long ago lost faith in the MSM to report anything with accuracy. This blog, among the others covering this case, has given me hope that investigative reporting is NOT dead. To K.C. and all of the others, thanks for your efforts in keeping this story as honest as possible, and thank God for the 'net!

Anonymous said...

I guess she raped herself. Uhmmm????

Anonymous said...

It would be hard to ask for a better statement. I still think CGm should face some type of penalties. Basically Cooper is saying she is mentally ill. So, if they won't charge her (and if she is really sick I don't think they should) then she needs to be forced to undergo treatment.

There must be some type of deterrent so other crazy women aren't tempted to do the same thing knowing they won't face penalties.

Joe - Duke Dad 10 said...

Thank you KC - all you did absolutely had an impact on getting this decision by the AG.

B. said...

text of statement:

Anonymous said...

It's over.

I am happy.

Now, goodbye G88, you are all a social disaster.

Goodbye Broadhead, whatever you said, it was bad enough.

Goodbye Gottlieb, may you ambulate to your new rent-a-cop job.

I am buying drinks in Columbus, OH.

Chicago said...

Georgia Goslee was just on Abrams and said "Something in the back of my mind tells me that something more than a false accusation happened, I just think that in the back of my mind."
It is good to know that the voice in the back of her head is more important than facts.

I think she has the same voices in her head that Crystal Mangum has in hers.

Anonymous said...

KC Johnson - from a Duke alum - your efforts have been splendid and beyond compare. Any one considering law school ought to examine KC's body of work and see what persuasive advocates can do. KC has been consistently on point, factually intensive, relentless and compelling. Absolutely, positively inspiring.


Duke 82

Anonymous said...

A.G.'s Statement Dropping Duke Rape Case
Apr 11 02:48 PM US/Eastern
By The Associated Press

Statement from North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper on the Duke University lacrosse rape case.

Good afternoon, everyone.

On Jan. 13 of this year, I accepted the request of the Durham district attorney to take over three Durham cases. At the time, I promised a fresh and thorough review of the facts and a decision on the best way to proceed. I also said that we would have our eyes wide open to the evidence, but that we would have blinders on for all other distractions. We've done all of these things.

During the past 12 weeks, our lawyers and investigators have reviewed the remaining allegations of sexual assault and kidnapping that resulted from a party on March 13, 2006, in Durham, N.C.

We have carefully reviewed the evidence collected by the Durham County prosecutor's office and the Durham Police Department. We have also conducted our own interviews and evidence gathering. Our attorneys and SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) agents have interviewed numerous people who were at the party, DNA and other experts, the Durham County district attorney, Durham police officers, defense attorneys and the accusing witness on several occasions. We have reviewed statements given over the past year, photographs, records and other evidence.

The result of our review and investigation shows clearly that there is insufficient evidence to proceed on any of the charges. Today we are filing notices of dismissal for all charges against Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans.

The result is that these cases are over, and no more criminal proceedings will occur.

We believe that these cases were the result of a tragic rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations. Based on the significant inconsistencies between the evidence and the various accounts given by the accusing witness, we believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges.

We approached this case with the understanding that rape and sexual assault victims often have some inconsistencies in their accounts of a traumatic event. However, in this case, the inconsistencies were so significant and so contrary to the evidence that we have no credible evidence that an attack occurred in that house that night.

The prosecuting witness in this case responded to questions and offered information. She did want to move forward with the prosecution.

However, the contradictions in her many versions of what occurred and the conflicts between what she said occurred and other evidence, like photographs and phone records, could not be rectified.

Our investigation shows that:

The eyewitness identification procedures were faulty and unreliable. No DNA confirms the accuser's story. No other witness confirms her story. Other evidence contradicts her story. She contradicts herself. Next week, we'll be providing a written summary of the important factual findings and some of the specific contradictions that have led us to the conclusion that no attack occurred.

In this case, with the weight of the state behind him, the Durham district attorney pushed forward unchecked. There were many points in the case where caution would have served justice better than bravado. And in the rush to condemn, a community and a state lost the ability to see clearly. Regardless of the reasons this case was pushed forward, the result was wrong. Today, we need to learn from this and keep it from happening again to anybody.

Now, we have good district attorneys in North Carolina who are both tough and fair. And we need these forceful, independent prosecutors to put criminals away and protect the public. But we also need checks and balances to protect the innocent. This case shows the enormous consequences of overreaching by a prosecutor. What has been learned here is that the internal checks on a criminal charge—sworn statements, reasonable grounds, proper suspect photo lineups, accurate and fair discovery—all are critically important.

Therefore, I propose a law that the North Carolina Supreme Court have the authority to remove a case from a prosecutor in limited circumstances. This would give the courts a new tool to deal with a prosecutor who needs to step away from a case where justice demands.

I want to thank everyone in the North Carolina Department of Justice. I want to thank our investigators, our SBI agents and especially attorneys Jim Coman and Mary Winstead for their hard work in this matter.

I'll take some of your questions now.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the woman got paid off otherwise they would be bashing her.

bill anderson said...

It is nice to know that after an exhaustive investigation, the AG was able to come to the same conclusion that it took us five minutes to reach.

Chicago said...

Sheppard Smith just went off on CGM and Nifong, it is awesome. He is shouting and the veins in his head are contorted.

Anonymous said...

Q&A from today's press conference with NC Attorney General Cooper ~ on-the-fly notes by an amateur note-taker

Q: What to say to 3?
A: We have cleared them of all charges, and Durham County DA is facing ethics charges

Q: Apologies?
A: A lot of people owe apologies

Q: What do you think Nifong thinks?
A: Concerned that statements were made publicly that turned out not to be true. Appropriate that NC Bar Assn investigate.

A: Any state can have a rogue prosecutor .... I've proposed a remedy in new law

Q: These defendants were able to afford counsel; what of poor defendants?
A: We focused on this case

Q: Did DA interview accuser before charges were brought?
A: Wait until next week for details

Q: Would state defend Nifong?
A: No comment

Q: Any criminal charges against accuser, for e.g., lying?
A: She may believe the many different stories she's been telling. Best interest of justice not to bring charges.

Q: Nifong likely to face charges?
A: Too soon to determine

Q: What about impact on the community?
A. That was not our focus, we committed to focus "with blinders on"

Q: Do you believe Nifong should be disbarred?
A: Inappropriate for me to comment, lest prejudice process

Q: Is mental illness/instability of accuser an issue?
A: Don't want to comment on that ... some records under seal

Q: What does this legal abuse of power say about the legal profession?
A: Don't want to overgeneralize ... Thank you.

Anonymous said...

KC, not that this will be the end of this site or your posting, but I wanted to express heartfelt thanks for carrying this torch. I read no other blogs and generally find them worthless, but your tremendous investigative reporting and relentless pursuit of justice have made this a constant source of info. Happy as I am for this to be winding down with a good conclusion, I'll actually miss reading this site! All the best!

Anonymous said...

Shep is going off, it's great. I usually don't like him. "The system worked" is such CRAP!

michaeljasper said...

Professor Johnson,

Thank you. You and others like you deserve so much more, but again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

So Great!!!

What a beautiful statement.



Nifong is going down.

So awesome.

bill anderson said...

Mike Freeman wrote a good piece for CBS sportsline.

don t. said...

are brodhead and his 88 hooligans still on board?????? Get ready, folks. Duke needs BADLY to separate itself NOW from this feckless stumblebum.


Mike Lee said...

bill anderson said...
It is nice to know that after an exhaustive investigation, the AG was able to come to the same conclusion that it took us five minutes to reach.

Bill, throughout this mess you have been able to capture the ridiculousness of the entire debacle. Everybody here is thanking KC and those kudos are well deserved. But your work was top notch and much appreciated as well. Thanks.

And....this post had me LMAO. Thanks again.

Mike Lee

Anonymous said...

Professor Johnson. You are owed a debt of gratitude for your relentless pursuit of justice. Many people will look at our justice system in a far different light due to your efforts, and I thank you for restoring my own confidence that logic and reason will (always) triumph over evil.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Wendy Murphy is still saying we need to see the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for KC Johnson!

Anonymous said...

Way to go KC!

Nifong's hat trick said...

KC You must be commended for the hard work and time you put into delivering the truth and the facts. A job very well done! Good luck with your book. It is because of people like you that Nifong's actions did not go unchecked!
LAX players are made of much better stuff than the picture that has been painted of them by Nifong and Crystal M. Over the last 15 years I have been blessed with being part of my local "LAX community" and know that the sport requires intelligence, good character, devotion and cooperation, it is not a sport that attracts rapists and hooligans!

Anonymous said...

Wow, check this Fox bio of Crystal:,2933,265374,00.html

It makes clear what was going on here- she is mentally unstable and didnt want to get arrest again.

Anonymous said...

I am sending you a victory bow tie, BUT I am looking for an autographed copy of your book.

Love ya mean it.

God Bless you!!


Anonymous said...

INNOCENT!! What a wonderful word o hear! I'm ashamed to say I had lost faith in the ability of any one in North Carolina to do the right thing. My best wishes to the boys and their families. God Bless You.


don t. said...



From another Duke alum.


Anonymous said...

laughably, Nancy Grace isn't hosting Nancy Grace today on CourtTV.

Anonymous said...

A serious question.

Can a blogger win a Pulitzer?

If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Fox already has a portrait of CGM with her name and picture front and center.,2933,265374,00.html

Anonymous said...

3 PM--if they encourage her to go into treatment, great--but if they have to bring charges to get her to go into treatment, I don't think they should. Nothing that could be accomplished by prosecuting her would outweigh the damage done to the community and everyone involved by keeping any part of this case alive.

And, really--given the fact that she has been officially outed as a false accuser and probably mentally ill, as well as publicly vilified all over the internet, I can't imagine how her experience could possibly tempt anyone else to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

This is so fantastic!!!! I was so exited when he declared them innocent and totally trashed Nifong!! What a great day!! Thank you, thank you to KC, Liestoppers, John in Carolina, Bill Anderson, and all the other bloggers who kept this in front of the world and made sure that no stone was left unturned.

Hooray for David, Collin and Reade and their families. This is truly a day of celebration!!

For shame on Georgia Goslee!! She is as mentally ill as CGM!! How dare she say that something happened. When she see all the information that the AG's office is handing out next week she better apologize!! She and many others still owe these families an apology. It is people like her, Nancy Grace and Wendy Murphy who will keep people questioning what the AG has already declared--they are innocent--no crime occured that night except (as Dan Abrams said: a terrible accusation!)

Shepard was pretty crazy--but I loved hearing him go off on Nifong and the people who have ruined these players lives--good for him!!

Let the celebrations begin!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

KC -- Just another reader thanking you for all of your effort.

Good luck. Looking forward to the read.


Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson and his outfit should now offer to pay the young men's legal bills. Don't hold your breath, though.

Anonymous said...

Reade, Dave & Collin .... I hope today is the beginning of your regaining your just reputations.

Nifong, Brodhead, Gang of 88, Wendy, Georgia, Waheema, et al. How the more foolish you now look!

Proverbs 22:1-3
A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, Favor is better than silver and gold.

The rich and the poor have a common bond, The LORD is the maker of them all.

The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, But the naive go on, and are punished for it.

another.anon said...

"And in the rush to condemn, a community and a state lost the ability to see clearly."

Does this sound like compensation is in the works, or at least not out of the question??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks you to JnC and KC for keeping the pressure on these clowns ....I noticed hte AG was tip toeing around the "conspiracy" issue being careful to point the finger primarily at Nifong - but also NOT pointing it at his co-conspirators.... all of them need to do Jail time.

Anonymous said...

Proffesor Johnson,

I merely want to Thank You for your tireless work concerning this incident.

You da man!


No justice, no peace said...

Wow! One can hear the champagne corks popping 1,500 miles away.

Expect the reconciliation statement/committee/report from Duke to be forthcoming. They'll neither apologize, nor change and instead will imply they are/were judicious. They will frame the conversation in a way that suggests any who don't want to "come together" are somehow damaged and unreasonable.

Political correctness is evil, plain and simple. It's time to enforce accountability and transparency Duke and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

From Roger Kimball today:
"Of course, even if the Attorney General's office offers that full accounting, that does nothing to compensate the three lacrosse players for the humiliation and obloquy they have unfairly suffered at the hands of a media, and an academy, too full of the sour milk of self-righteousness to practice anything so antique as the presumption of innocence. As the French poet and polemicist Charles PĆ©guy once observed, "It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of not looking sufficiently progressive." "

Anonymous said...

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to KC for the profound influence his blog has had in bringing about this just conclusion.

...Or maybe I should not say conclusion. My priorities in this case have always been about discovering the truth. The truth as it has been revealed to me is that there are problems at my alma mater, serious academic problems, notwithstanding the high Newsweek rankings that have placated me for years.

My love for Duke is undiminished, but my pride is tempered by the discovery that the faculty now includes agenda driven bigots. While I am thrilled for Reade, Colin, and David, I won't be satisfied until the G88 are purged.

Duke Alum 80

Anonymous said...

Did the Rev Jackson have trouble finding out what strip joint she was dancing at or was trying to pay for her college with a bunch of dollar bills taking too long?

Anonymous said...

Want to join in the Thanks for a great job - Will we ever know what Durham and North Carolina paid for Nifongs folly? Hope they have him on suicide watch.

Anonymous said...

Professor Johnson has run circles around Duff and the clowns at the New York Times. A once-excellent newspaper humiliated by a Brooklyn College professor.

Anonymous said...

No taking money from Jesse or Al and no kissing their b^^^ either, For Imus to ask for forgiveness from these two is very sad. Imus was wrong but needs to take his medicine like a big boy. Where are all of his million plus supporters in all this???????