Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summarizing the Report

As TalkLeft’s Jeralyn Merritt observed, the attorney general’s report made clear that the lacrosse case was a “hoax” —perpetrated by a mentally unstable accusing witness, an unscrupulous district attorney, and a few other key figures willing to compromise their professional ethics to keep the fraud alive.

A summary of the conclusions:

1.) Crystal Mangum has no credibility now, and she never had any credibility.

The two key passages:

In meetings with the special prosecutors, the accusing witness, when recounting the events of that night, changed her story on so many important issues as to give the impression she was improvising as the interviews progressed, even when she was faced with irrefutable evidence that what she was saying was not credible . . .

The accusing witness attempted to avoid the contradictions by changing her story, contradicting previous stories or alleging the evidence was fabricated.

Mangum’s final story contradicted each and every other story she had told to law enforcement officials over the previous 13 months. Now, she claimed that the rape occurred while she was suspended in mid-air(!), a scenario that AG Cooper already had dismissed as wholly non-credible.

In her conversations with special prosecutors, Mangum also claimed acts of public “violence”—the perpetrators, she claimed, kicked her in the neck and tossed her onto the porch, followed by 10 other lacrosse players assaulting her in the backyard. Yet not only did all of this public “violence” leave no bruises—a medical miracle—but also neither of the two neutral witnesses (next-door neighbor Jason Bissey or dancer Kim Roberts) saw any of it.

In addition to her sealed medical records explaining these bizarre allegations, the AG’s report made it clear that Mangum seemed dependent on prescription drugs—confirming the suspicion voiced many months ago by Kathleen Eckelt that Mangum was using the claim of rape to obtain prescription drugs.

2.) No innocent explanation exists for Nifong not knowing of Mangum’s lack of credibility.

The attorney general’s report makes clear the special prosecutors’ contempt for Nifong’s investigating style. The document notes, “The special prosecutors met with the accusing witness a number of times and questioned her about inconsistencies that existed at the time the Attorney General’s office accepted the case, as well as other inconsistencies that had arisen since then. This was apparently the first time these questions of inconsistencies had been asked formally.” [emphasis added]

Nifong, it’s worth remembering, had previously informed the court that he had determined Mangum to be credible by chatting with her about her children.

If Nifong hadn’t wanted to interview Mangum, he could have interviewed other lacrosse players—which he refused to do, despite offers from defense attorneys as early as March 27 and March 29. The attorney general’s report makes clear that the special prosecutors found credible the 17 lacrosse players who voluntarily submitted to questioning from the AG’s office.

3.) Without naming names, the report takes to task several of Nifong’s key facilitators.

The passages on Linwood Wilson were devastating:

Significantly, the chief investigator also showed her the photographs of lacrosse team members she had previously viewed on April 4, 2006 in the PowerPoint presentation. The chief investigator’s interview of the accusing witness was not recorded and neither the chief investigator’s notes nor his subsequent report revealed that the accusing witness was shown the photographs again, although he acknowledged to the special prosecutors in an interview that he had done so.

No explanation for this was contained in the chief investigator’s report or notes. His report does reflect, without explanation, that the accusing witness, for the first time, began referring to the three individuals as David Evans, Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty, rather than “Adam,” “Brett” and “Matt.” The chief investigator’s report also does not indicate whether the accusing witness was still able to identify the three individuals previously identified on April 4, 2006. [emphases added]

The special prosecutors then explained why Wilson’s actions were so wrong:

Showing the accusing witness these photographs which were the subject of a pending motion to suppress, along with her use of the proper names of those charged, provided the defense additional grounds to argue that the out of court and in court identification should be suppressed which would have effectively ended the case.

The special prosecutors determined that Tara Levicy had little credibility:

No medical evidence confirmed [Mangum’s] stories. The SANE based her opinion that the exam was consistent with what the accusing witness was reporting largely on the accusing witness’s demeanor and complaints of pain rather than on objective evidence. [emphasis added]

Ironically, despite Levicy’s full-out attempt to prop up Mangum, the accuser actually denied telling Levicy the items in Levicy’s March 14, 2006 report.

Finally, the attorney general’s office rebuked the Durham Police Department: “The special prosecutors concluded that the process by which the accusing witness ultimately identified David Evans, Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty as her attackers was of questionable validity . . . The photographic arrays shown to the accusing witness on four different occasions were limited to members of the lacrosse team. ‘Fillers,’ or individuals not regarded as potential suspects, as recommended by Durham Police Department policy for identifying suspects, were never included.”

All told, a devastating report for Nifong and his law enforcement enablers—and yet a document that in no way prejudices his right to a fair hearing before the state bar, since it skirted the two primary issues for which he faces ethics charges.

[Update, 10.11am: Patrick Baker has responded to the report, essentially dismissing the criticism of the state's top law enforcement official by claiming that the lineups were not lineups, and therefore did not require due process protections. This is, of course, the same Patrick Baker who said that every story Mangum told was consistent.]


Anonymous said...

Fong, fong, fong. What were you smokin' boy?

Anonymous said...

2.) No innocent explanation exists for Nifong not knowing of Mangum’s lack of credibility.

It is abundantly clear that at whatever time Nofing became involved, any review of the "case" would show that there was no basis for making public accusations of a crime, let alone everything else that was said and done.

I've said it before: this was a fabrication from the outset.

Anonymous said...

KC, Nifong knew CGM was lying and that he had no case. So what was he thinking? Did he expect to get away with this? Did he think these savvy parents would say, yes, ok, throw our sons in jail for 30 years? With all your work on this case, what conclusions have you come to about Nifong's mental health. Seriously, is the man all there - or is he just the embodiment of blind evil?

Anonymous said...

That bizarre theme throughout the case of Nifong never getting around to interviewing Crystal - what we long suspected here was true: Nifong well knew he'd hear inconsistent nonsense that not even he could pretend was the basis for a valid prosecution. He had to stay away from Crystal lest his house of cards collapse. And he needed (and found) plenty of helpers and enablers.

Anonymous said...


Your last point is most important. The AG was not going to put out a report that would be seen as prejudicing the Bar, as much as some people are disappointed that it did not call to have the Fong hanged, drawn, and quartered. It is enough to know that the AG considered this to be a Hoax, and that is sufficient for now.

More important is that it lays out the groundwork for charges not only against Fong, but against Wilson and others, and it lays out the groundwork for future lawsuits. Contrary to what some have said, this is a devastating document, and it accomplishes exactly what needs to be done.

A hearty "Well Done" to Roy Cooper and company.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oops--make that unstable

Anonymous said...

CGM was doing some serious drugs before her pregnancy and after, at taxpayer expense. It seems likely that this would have held during as well.

Her offspring have bad genetics and a very bad environment going against them. Society is going to continue to pay.

CGM is the exemplar who was held up as an exceptional person who was overcoming unfortunate circumstances. The sad reality is that her kids are incredibly disadvantaged -- by their parents. Society will pay for most of the costs of raising these kids and the odds are that they are going to be net consumers, rather than producers.

If they manage to overcome the odds, they will have to deal with the fact that people generalize their experiences, noticing correlations that tend to predict what can be expected from individuals. In this case, they again have their mother to thank, since she has done more to harm the image of every group that identified themselves with her than almost anyone else in recent memory.

Anonymous said...

This is a criminal case, pure and simple. When will Nifong be prosecuted — beyond his impending disbarment — and who will prosecute?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A few general observations :

First, the report apparently accepts Kim's stated rationale for ending the dance (her anger at a broomstick comment); this might be true; or it might be she only feigned indignation with the aim of ending the dance so the two could go on to a more profitable gig.

This is important, since it is one of the main linchpins of the 'they're no angels' campaign.

It also says the dancers expected a small bachelor party, not 40 guests; and that the guys were disappointed to get black dancers but decided to accept them anyway.
Again, who is the source for this, and what credibility do we ascribe to them? (Kim? Crytsal?)

The delay in the endless court proceedings was not due to hearing motions, but to not hearing them, and to attempting to get Nifong to deliver discovery.

A few cautious adjectives here and there might have been used to good effect.

Finally, waiting 16 extra days for a 21-page report, is a bit of a letdown. Where are the depositions, the photographs, the witness statements? Why did it take more than one day to write this report? And why wasn't it available when the AG gave his original press conference?

Was it necessary to call back lacrosse players a week or so before this was released, for more testimony?

What was the point of the tape-measuring session at the Buchanan house? Can we know the results?

Overall, I like the result. The main goal was reached; the truth--the players were not guilty, and the evidence of that was abundant and overwhelming--was finally permitted to be spoken aloud.

But it has been obvious for a year. Why did it take so long?

Anonymous said...

Nifong kept charging along, which was obvious to anyone following the case - no judge, AG,Govenor, Federal agency or NCbar were willing to step in and stop him until the 12/15 hearing. At that time, the bar could no longer ignore him but the potted plant does. Without Meeham's testimony, he might still be strutting and laughing. None of these higher authorities would even criticized him until forced to by Nifong's action. It was a lie from the get go and took nine months for anyone his superior to act.

Anonymous said...

"Finally, waiting 16 extra days for a 21-page report, is a bit of a letdown. Where are the depositions, the photographs, the witness statements?"

Cooper never said his office would release a comprehensive report. He said summary at the press conference on the 11th. And, as some in the Liestoppers forum have hypothesized, he may not be releasing everything because of possible future civil or criminal proceedings.

Anonymous said...

2 Definitions--Which more accurately describes the debacle?

1. "hoax": an act intended to deceive or trick

2. "persecution": the act or practice of persecuting on the basis of race, religion, gender, ... or beliefs that differ from those of the persecutor(s)

Source: Am Her Col Dict


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is off topic but it's relevant (or at least amusing). The Washington Post announced that Andrew L. Tobias, the deputy secretary of state, just resigned because he was using an upscale escort service:

Well, according to Wikipedia, he served 13 years on the Duke Board of Trustees, including three as chair:

Although he is no longer a member, for old times sake I certainly hope that the Board of Trustees will stop criticizing the lacrosse team. At the same time, I want to congratulate Tobias for at least using an upscale service, which suggests that he never had to deal with the likes of Mangum.

Anonymous said...

Where is Duff and Fienstein's "body of evidence"? Time to forget the bit players and take on the big boys and girls

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The good news is the guys are freed of all charges forever. A Judge friend of my said he never heard a Prosecutor use the word inncoent before. He said what he was saying is something all Judges and DAs understood immediately. Nifong was a complete idoit.

Anonymous said...

Wilson was never identified as a non policeman by the AG, but the Chief Investigator. Is this even legal to enpower him in this role? I know Chalmers has been MIA for over a year. Was there an assistant Chief in command?

Anonymous said...

Is it finally time for the NAACP to take down their commentary about the case?

Can they print corrections?

"78. The three defendants they have two mountains to climb. First, they must deflect public attention from their boorish, racist, and illegal behavior by mounting outlandish attacks on the survivor and the D.A.
Second, they must deal with a mountain of physical evidence, that is corroborated by, we have reason to believe, accounts of some of the men who were at the party who have cooperated with the police and the D.A. from early on."

Chicago said...

What more does AG Gonzales need to get involved in this case? I only hope they are just waiting for Nifong to be disbarred before they charge ahead with civil suits and federal criminal charges. It could be no more obvious that many people involved in this have been extremely unethical and criminal.

The very scary thing about this situation is that Levicy is stil employed at Duke as a SANE and that Linwood, Nifong and Gotlieb are still working for Durham County.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the NAACP realize the damage to its credibility?

Anonymous said...

Sweetmick says after what Cooper has done, Nifong, the NC NAACP, Cash, Sheehan, Brodhead,the 88 et al, are all hating Bob Seger's words from "Against the Wind",..."Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then".

Anonymous said...

Colin Finnerty's picture and name were on the front page of NYT April 5,06 hours after Mangum identified him. Did the DA's office(a crime as charges had not been filed yet) or Mangum release his identity? Why would she only tell the NYT? Did they compensate her?

Chicago said...

This has to be my favorite comment from the NC NACCP website that amazingly is still up on their site.

"particularly if she was drugged when she first came to the party."

Based on the report, indeed she was drugged all right, she had her own stash of paxil, methadone, ambien and
amitriptyline. All of which she mixed with alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Colin Finnerty's picture and name were on the front page of NYT April 5,06 hours after Mangum identified him. Did the DA's office(a crime as charges had not been filed yet) or Mangum release his identity? Why would she only tell the NYT? Did they compensate her?

Something for which I think the NYT reporters might be asked to give testimony.

Anonymous said...

note that the NAACP points are couched in several places with the language "on information and belief..." They better have their attorneys revisit this language given the AG's report.

Anonymous said...

The NAACP damaged its credibility long before Durham, Duke, Nifong, and Mangum converged in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Nifong is going down because he exposed the corrupt justice system in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in Durham still be buying the "those boys are no angels" / "I still think 'something' happened" line? When are Chan Hall and Victoria Peterson going to give interviews to actual investigative reporters?

How can so many people be so complicit in such a horrible fraud and be able to slink back under their bigot-shield rocks when their done? Honestly, I'd give Nifong immunity in exchange for every other commentator on the case being forced to answer for all their actions in the last year. Honestly, think about the list of human frauds that have paraded around over the last year but are now nowhere to be found. It's completely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the NYT the ONLY media Nifong talked to (for hours) before dropping the rape charges? Seems a bit fishy that it was this paper who had the photo of Finnerty within hours of Mangum's i.d. Despite the fact that the NYT turned on Nifong after Dec. 15th, someone there was trusted by the Fong to spread HIS message.

Two things:

1. I fail to see any basis for labeling Mangum as "mentally ill." The drugs she had RX's for are for mild depression, heroin addiction, and/or pain. NONE of these are for any serious mental condition (and none would treat a serious mental or behavioral condition).

Mangum is a junkie. Pure and simple. Would that affect her mental capability and behavior? Why yes, but probably no longer than it took to for the drugs to wear off.

Mangum said too many things that indicate she was coached and indoctrinated. Duke lied. Duke altered. Duke fabricated. Duke this and Duke that. This is the NCCU mantra, and Crystal knows it well. But, in her hazy, drugged state, she is merely repeating what she has learned is the Durham excuse for all bad things involving blacks. No one has ever questioned it before.

Cooper wants to give Mangum a pass to placate a meaningful segment of his constituency, one that he must have to win the governership.

But never forget that Mangum was tenacious and conscious enough to want to CONTINUE the case. She has been fed the line that there is "more money to be made." But, it was coming from DUKE. MONEY is something Mangum clearly understands.

2. Jason Bissey's time was off all along. He did NOT see Kim and Crystal entering the house at midnight. Much has been said at LS about the SP's not interviewing Bissey. While I could not see any reason to do so, it's obvious that the party attendees, Kim's statement, and electronic evidence gave a timeline that demonstrated that the strippers were in the house before midnight and started dancing AT midnight.

Bissey was worthless as a witness for either side of this case.


Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

This may be off topic - but I believe the first 911 call of Kim Roberts was a phony 'alibi' to cover up her theft of Crystal's money. When Crystal passed out on the back porch of 610 Buchanan and was carried like a log to Kim's car, Kim returned to the back of the house to pick up Crystal's purse. Kim already knew by then that Crystal had nearly $2000 in cash in her purse and so Kim stole the purse - after first making sure to remove from the purse anything that would identify it as Crystal's - i.e., the cell phone and ID. At that moment, at the back of the house holding Crystal's purse, Kim knew she herself, as a convicted embezzler, would be the prime suspect for stealing Crystal's money. Therefore, Kim staged an incident to draw attention away from herself and towards the lacrosse players. Returning back to her car, she deliberately hurled a racist taunt at the players - and, to her delight, they responded. This gave Kim the excuse to call 911 to report a 'racist' incident at the house. The whole point of the 911 call was to frame the players as racist thugs - which would then be a short step to framing them as thieving thugs.

And yammering on in my usual fashion - my first thought upon hearing that Crystal stole Dave's shaving kit was that she probably took it hoping the kit had drugs in it. After all, since athletes have injuries, those injuries require pain medication. And where would that medication be kept but in a bathroom - in a shaving kit?

Sorry. That's just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

It's time to sue.

Nifong and his office (ada's and co- consule at Nifong'd table) avoided asking to fa questions until January the next year.

When do we hold the ada's and Nifong's co-consul responsible.

Nifong and staff with the DPD went out of their way to frame the3 3 players.

GaryB said...

Well, this caps off K.C.'s book on the case -- he can use the website for a 1, 5 and 10 year "where are they now" retrospective.

Scary that the police department is still up and running -- they need a scrub/purge if not a lawsuit and criminal investigation.

Nothing stops Mangum from filing a civil suit. She hasn't been charged, she has no money so no one is going to sue her and you just never know what a jury down there could do.

I wonder what the players' should do. Duke invited them back ... would that be with or without tuition payments? If I were Duke, I'd just ask them to send the legal fees care of the President's office -- maybe hold off a civil lawsuit. Perhaps demand Duke fund some endowed chairs in the *.studies departments reserved for rational thinkers. The student's would be nuts to return when you have whacked radical activists with criminal history suggesting race war in their NC college paper.

Finally, like I said before: When will they shut down the *.studies department, fire their department heads, have a committee examine them and then re-open the departments subject to closely monitored behavioral standards? Perhaps throw in some enforced sensitivity training for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Before nifong got envolvreed.

They were getting Players DNA.

Nifong and his offiv=ce did not question the fa until dec.

wghat about Nifong co-chair?

She knew that Nifong had no evidence and let the case continue.

Anonymous said...

Before Nifong got involved.

They were getting Players DNA.

Nifong and his office did not question the fa until dec.

What about Nifong co-chair?

She knew that Nifong had no evidence and let the case continue.

Anonymous said...

Don't miss this article from the N&O. Steve Baker, the Durham city manager, says that the police didn't violate procedures with the bogus lineups because "I didn't believe and still don't believe we were conducting a lineup at the time."

The article also says that Baker believes that "the attorney general's special prosecutors, Jim Coman and Mary Winstead, had more information than Durham investigators." (Of course, the reason the state DAs had more information is because they asked Mangum the tough questions, not to mention that they looked at all the inconsistencies in the case, created a credible timeline, and actually considered all the available evidence. Plus they didn't suppress DNA results.)

Conclusion? The three players (or should I say four?) players were identified with a non-lineup lineup, which makes things OK. And since the police really didn't do their job properly, you can't fault them for reaching faulty decisions.

Got that? The DPD promises a complete report next week, but I don't think it's necessary, I'm convinced already...

Anonymous said...

The line up comment was bizarre when first raised and bizarre now as the "line-up" was the only reason they were arrested. So, everybody agrees that there was NO evidence to arres the three victims? Arresting someone without probable cause is a constitutional violation and this is an admission that it was done.

good luck with the civil suits

Anonymous said...

Why is Nifong STILL practicing law today ??????????

Anonymous said...

At this point, the NAACP website is clearly libelous. Hope they have insurance.

Anonymous said...

NAACP thinks its bullet proof, cos only white folk is racist !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The report didnt mention drinks being given to the dancers. Does that mean it never happened?

Anonymous said...

Here's another definition of Nifong: to jeopardize one's career or reputation by throwing full support on an alleged victim based on blind faith and/or other motives/agenda but without prior knowledge of the victim's character or mental state.

heartmind said...

I suspect the broomstick comment happened. 17 lacrosse players were interviewed and they also speak of several attempts by the athletes at the party to apologize. They even know which athlete made the comment (none of the indicted). Just being balanced here, the hoax should have never happened, but as Reade told the students at Delbarten the other day, "It was a poor decision to be there. Learn from my mistake."

james conrad said...

i read an article ( i forgot where ) that claimed that nifong had a prior history with the mangum family. it involved a criminal investigation when nifong was an assist. DA. i wonder if anyone has looked into this?

Anonymous said...

Duke university should put up posters of the two dancers.Caption should read, "If you see these two ..RUN".

Anonymous said...

"Showing the accusing witness these photographs which were the subject of a pending motion to suppress, along with her use of the proper names of those charged, provided the defense additional grounds to argue that the out of court and in court identification should be suppressed which would have effectively ended the case."

Ah, but the information about how Linwood conducted the interview with Crystal would have provided the defense additional grounds to have the ID's tossed ONLY if the defense knew what Linwood had done -- which, of course, was exactly the reason that Linwood did not tape record the interview, conducted it with just Crystal and himself present, and omitted any mention of showing Crystal the photographs from his "report" of the interview.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the SP's report carefully avoids mentioning the name of the "accusing witness" Crystal Mangum, and identifies the second dancer Kim Roberts by her stage name of "Nikki."

The AG told us he declined to prosecute Crystal for filing a false police report because she's mentally ill and may believe her own stories. However, from the report's description of how Crystal tried to change her stories to fit new evidence, and/or explain away inconsistencies and contradictions, it appears that she is far more calculating than the AG would have us believe.

Kim Roberts, on the other hand, told numerous lies from the very start (including making the false claims to police in the 911 call, and lying to the cops at the Krogers about how Crystal came to be in her car), and no one has ever suggested that she is mentally ill. Yet she was not prosecuted, nor even identified by her real name, in the SP's report.

Why are both of these women STILL being protected by law enforcement in NC?

Anonymous said...

To James 8:49AM

Apparently Nifong successfully prosecuted the murder of Mangum's uncle, who had a small convenience store in Durham. The case took three years, if I remember correctly, but ended some ten years before the rape case. It seems that when she made the allegations he took her at her word since he knew the family, but he did not consider that in the intervening ten years she had gone through some major psychological problems, not to mention her alcohol and dependency issues. Nevertheless, even if his next door neighbor had made the allegations, he had the responsibility to analyze them carefully rather than jump to conclusions.

Yet your point is well taken in the sense that there are a series of coincidences as well as enablers in all this: Nifong knew the family, the police chief was never there, the local newspaper was fully supportive, Meehan went along, the SANE was complicit, the investigators were too, the city manager is still going along, etc. If any one of them had stood up--whether the police, the Herald Sun, Meehan, the city manager--this case would have been over a long time ago. I think that's what DA Cooper meant when he said that a lot of people had to apologize to a lof of others, but it hasn't happened yet and it won't either. For example, the H-S is saying that everything they did was above board, and it seems that city manager Patrick Baker is still claiming that even the lineups were legit. He reminds me of Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi information minister who was on TV talking about how U.S. troops were being wiped out, even though you could see American tanks in the background. Maybe we should start calling him Durham Dave.

Anonymous said...

"..a mentally unstable accusing witness.."

Uh huh. Which pretty much means people are willing to feel sorry for her and guarantee that this diseased bitch doesn't spend the 50 years she deserves in jail.

This poxy witch ruined many lives already. What does she have to do before she is locked up in the insane asylum, shoot 30 kids in Virginia Tech? That's about the only thing she could do to get a long trip to jail, although even then 'it wouldn't be her fault', it would be the 'evil gun's' fault.

If I had it to do over again, I'd be born Black. All the bennies with none of the responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the NAACP realize the damage to its credibility?

NAACP is just like New York al-Times. It does not care what non-far-left-liberals (ie normal people) think of it. They have their 10% of the population who believes whatever crap they tell.

NAACP is certainly a (tax-payer funded) racist hate group. It should have same status as Klu Klux Klan.

Anonymous said...

"KC, Nifong knew CGM was lying and that he had no case. So what was he thinking? Did he expect to get away with this?"

Is there any doubt that these kids would have been found guilty if they had been tried with an 'urban' jury? I'd say 50/50 odds, or worse.

With one particular race in America, color trumps all.

Anonymous said...


Anyone know if the discovery rules differ for civil cases?


Anonymous said...


re "why is Mangum being protected by Cooper"

That question cuts to the heart of the case. You could easily have asked these questions:

1. Why are stupid people like Wahneema Lubiano and Karla Holloway teaching at Duke?

2. Why is Duke spending millions of dollars on AAAS?

3. Why couldn't the accused get a fait trial in Durham?

4. Why did Brodhead side early on with Panties' enablers?

The answer to your question is a) black privilege, b) whites' fear of blacks' violent retaliation. The euphemism for this behavior is "rebellion."


Anonymous said...

K C , please address Mangum's willing role,as some are excusing her conduct by saying she was impaired and simply being used by Nifong. Actually, she had a good reason to make up the hoax, as she would have been incarcerated for being publicly intoxicated at the store parking lot as that violated her probation! Also, she was sufficiently smart and lucid for 360 days plus to change her story as new facts arose.Are we going to start blaming Levicy's politically-driven negligence, the potbangers' vile acts, and the betrayal by Duke admin. and faculty(group of 88) on Nifong?What about the media---are they excused because Nifong was a rogue? It appears as if Nifong pressured Mangum not at all!They all played their roles in this farce of tragic proportions and were aware of their actions. Please K C , J in C, or Bill A., expose Mangum's motive(probation ,money,etc.) for her willful acts of accusation and perpetuation of the hoax.

Anonymous said...

well said, 10:47

Panties is a sociopath, and she couldn't have cared less putting the boys away for 30 years. Her crime is vile, extraordinary, and typical underclass behavior.

Has anyone ever seen Charles Manson interviewed? Manson is truly a nut. Panties? She be waitin on hers walfair ckek and breedin somes moh


Anonymous said...

Jeralyn Merritt demonstrates that she is an intellectually honest person. For her to write as she did for that particular webzine makes it clear that Nifong is dead meat and the memo has been sent out to all of liberalkind.. Maybe even the ACLU will help bring him down. Preposterous?

Anonymous said...

They all played their roles in this farce of tragic proportions and were aware of their actions. Please K C , J in C, or Bill A., expose Mangum's motive(probation ,money,etc.) for her willful acts of accusation and perpetuation of the hoax.

Apr 28, 2007 10:47:00 AM

I have no doubt that this was done solely for money -- after the initial claim. Crystal lied about the rape on prodding from the nurse at Durham Access. (This nurse also needs to be put in the Tara Levicy category of villainery.)

The tipoff, from what I understand, is that Crystal did some Googling of the players and just happened to choose players from very high income zip codes. Furthermore, her family had gone through a number of bankruptcies, and I am sure that they believed that their ship had come it.

It was not just Crystal who lied. Her mother and father lied, as did their friends. We are dealing with pathelogical liars, and when these liars joined with Nifong and Gottlieb, who also know the art of the lie, then it was off to the races.

Also remember that Crystal's mother flew to Florida to meet with the black tort attorney Willie Gary, who specializes in winning big settlements from whites for "civil rights" cases. She figured that they could hit up the players and Duke University, and that the "deep pockets" would pay up big time.

Crystal and her family recognized that Nifong was hellbent on taking this to trial, and that this case was enormously popular with blacks and leftist whites in Durham. Thus, they did not count on any roadblocks to riches. Guess they figured wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Cooper's report failed to use one word that would have proven to be very provocative. That word "CORRUPT".

Had the word corrupt, or corruptly, been inserted with regards to the actions of the D.A., his A.D.A.s, various members of the DPD, etc.... his statements would have indicated misbehavior in office. Cooper leaves it for someone else to show corruption.
See below

§ 14 230. Willfully failing to discharge duties.
If any clerk of any court of record, sheriff, magistrate, county commissioner, county surveyor, coroner, treasurer, or official of any of the State institutions, or of any county, city or town, shall willfully omit, neglect or refuse to discharge any of the duties of his office, for default whereof it is not elsewhere provided that he shall be indicted, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. If it shall be proved that such officer, after his qualification, willfully and corruptly omitted, neglected or refused to discharge any of the duties of his office, or willfully and corruptly violated his oath of office according to the true intent and meaning thereof, such officer shall be guilty of misbehavior in office, and shall be punished by removal therefrom under the sentence of the court as a part of the punishment for the offense. (1901, c. 270, s. 2; Rev., s. 3592; C.S., s. 4384; 1943, c. 347; 1973, c. 108, s. 5; 1993, c. 539, s. 142; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c).)

Anonymous said...

One thing that has come into view is how the Great Society system of taxpayer-funded handouts has created a situation where people view their means of gaining income as playing the system, in an "all's fair", whatever works, way.

Most of the local political activism in Durham is aimed at extorting money from Duke. An example of how this has been applied elsewhere in Durham is to be found in the neighborhood around the NC School of Science and Math, not far from Duke's East Campus.

This is a state-supported residential High School for Juniors and Seniors.

The school wanted to build a soccer stadium with lighting for night games. This was turned into a many-year battle, with the objective of wringing some sort of payment out of the school. This was only settled when the school was about to become part of the UNC system, in the process gaining an exemption from local zoning.

A similar thing can be seen in the zoning for Duke's Central Campus. It took the Nifong affair and large payoffs to bring about the re-zoning Duke wanted.

Another way this is manifest is in the large numbers of children born to unmarried mothers. This is a source of income, so the natural population dynamics are altered by the government payments. The result of years of this policy is a disaster, but one that is perpetuated.

Far from raising people up, these payments have created large numbers of cynical, manipulative, dependent people who blame others for every ill and look to extort money from others at every opportunity. In turn, the leadership that most of these individuals follow exploits them for their own ends and reinforces the beliefs and behaviors that help to keep them down.

Anonymous said...

It has been repeatedly shown in International Development that cash payments do not work.

Invariably, they lead to dependence and corruption, on many levels. What does work is finding ways to show people how to raise themselves up by the fruits of their own labors, supplying knowledge and guidance and only the external resources needed to start things up.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most programs that help people "raise themselves up" are only a prerequisite for hand-out programs, e.g. Work-First. I can't tell you how many people I have hired in The Durham community over the past year, that accept a job, get my company to fill out wage and statement reports, and once receiving it, quit the job.

Not only does this create a situation for the employer where it is always improperly staffed, it also ties up a companies administrative staff, verifying wages of people who no longer are employed there. Many times the state agencies make multiple requests for the same employee.

How did these hand out programs become the responsibility become the burden of the employer?

Anonymous said...


You give Panties too much credit: I doubt the drunk/drugged Panties was thinkin bouts dah moolah when she dons tol dah lies--she be trys to averts dah man

Anonymous said...


Matching low-IQ populations with high-IQ jobs is impossible. You think Microsoft would hire Karla Holloway?

Murray had it right in "The Bell Curve."


Anonymous said...

I think the Bell Curve was correct also - with the number of interracial babies being born, would like to see if the IQs are being changed and how.

Anonymous said...

Who took the 2 videos?
Where have they been all this time?

james conrad said...

RE: 9.35 AM.....interesting. considering that prior history, it's logical to me that nifong would initially take CM's word that a crime had occured but to never really interview his only witness to determine her credibility is truely weird. thanks for the info., BTW, excellent post

Anonymous said...

most interracial births are asian/white

black/white births don't raise black IQ much because stupid white women birth black babies

Anonymous said...

I always knew Heidi Klum was stupid.

Anonymous said...

For all the comments about CGM, Cooper needs to be criticized for facilitating such behavior by not prosecuting her.

His message to blacks: As long as there is a Democrat in a position of power, blacks will not be held accountable for their actions and if there is any doubt as to who is responsible for a bad act, the white person will be blamed as long as you vote for us.

CGM is a product of her environment. That environment wont change without punishment. People who are smart from good environments need to make sure people like CGM are punished for what they do. Only then, over time, will such behavior by minorities change.

Cooper is just another enabler who needs to be spoken out against.

Anonymous said...

Despite the SP's report that the accuser was never ask the tough questions, the AG is basically agreeing that Nifong never spoke with the lying accuser until month's later. Do you actually believe that? Hell Nifong even said earlier on he had spoken with her inquiring about her family and children's welfare. What BS!

Anonymous said...

Cooper's report is a big disappointment. It is full of lies and omissions and does not have details or include photos or video stills, etc. All we have is a write up from him and the sp. For example:

Cooper states that the dancers expected a small party. Why? who said this

Bissey was not re-interviewed and his statement, which stated that CGM arrived ok is directly contradicted by the lacrosse witnesses. Why was he not re-questioned.

What about other things that were taken in the search warrants like a pill bottle that was analysed by the SBI and more fingernails taken off of a PC?

Why no video and photo stills?

Why was there no info from the Sane exam and no indication that the nurse and doctor were interviewed by the sp?

What kind of investigation was this? The whole case file needs to be unsealed and open to the public.

Anonymous said...

Can we open an investigation at Dealy Plaza at the same time?