Thursday, April 12, 2007

Taylor's Analysis

My colleague, Stuart Taylor, saw through the hoax earlier than almost anyone else--in an early May column in National Journal, he not only identified Nifong's misconduct, but he challenged the unfair character assault under which Reade Seligmann, Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty, and their 44 teammates endured from the media and from their own professors.

Stuart was present at yesterday's event--what he terms, correctly, "an extraordinary event in American legal history"--and has just posted a web commentary for Newsweek.
Six paragraphs into his statement, Cooper ended [the players'] agony: “We believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges.” Innocent. Watching on TV, the defendants and their parents, teammates, and friends burst into cheers.

Cooper did not stop there. “We have no credible evidence that an attack occurred in that house that night,” he said. “The eyewitness identification procedures were faulty and unreliable. No DNA confirms the accuser’s story. No other witness confirms her story. Other evidence contradicts her story. She contradicts herself. ”

The attorney general had done what prosecutors almost never do, and what many of the falsely accused students’ supporters had feared could never be done: He gave them their reputations back . . .

With Nifong leading the assault, the three young scholar-athletes had been smeared from coast to coast as thugs, racists, and probable rapists-by dozens of their own professors, by black and feminist leaders, and by many in the news media, for the better part of a year.

Nobody but cranks and haters will ever be able to hurl those lies at them again.At a defense press conference later in the day, the three defendants and their lawyers mixed eloquent testimonials to one another with expressions of anger-forcefully articulated by defense lawyer Joseph B. Cheshire V-at the Duke professors, journalists, and others who had so eagerly joined Nifong’s mob. But they also spoke thoughtfully of a broader lesson: If affluent young men able to afford the best legal talent in the business could be victimized in this way, imagine what must happen every day to countless poor defendants who lack the means to fight back against bad prosecutors and cops.

“This has opened my eyes up to a tragic world of injustice that I had never imagined,” Reade Seligman told a ballroom full of reporters, teammates, and others. “We all need to take a step back from this case and learn from it.”

To prevent similar persecution of others, Roy Cooper called for a new law giving the state Supreme Court the authority to remove a case from a prosecutor who has shown himself unfit to continue handling it. Dave Evans and Collin Finnerty called for reforming the grand jury system to make it a real check on prosecutorial abuses; under current law, grand juries are rubber stamps, because prosecutors control what evidence they can hear and allow no transcript that would help keep them honest.

“Sweet are the uses of adversity,” added defense lawyer Wade Smith, quoting Shakespeare. “They have been tested in great fires,” he said of the three defendants, “and something great will come of this.”
There are few people who can speak with greater credibility on this case than Stuart.


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Anonymous said...

KC: While Taylor was indeed proven right... and while Nifong was violating ethical legal norms and the school was horribly unfair...

Is it really a badge of honor to have "seen through" the allegations before any of the evidence was in? I mean, just because someone was proven correct in the end, doesn't mean that at the beginning (before all of the truly exculpatory evidence came to light), that he was going on much more than the people involved (i.e., the status of the accuser and the accused).

You can be right about something, for the wrong reasons!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of the grace and eloquence of Cooper , Evans , Finnerty and Seligmann in the statements made yesterday . Taylor's observations capture the signifigance of this historical moment . I believe we all witnessed a glimpse of the greatness of human character which we all aspire to but seldom fulfill....I am sure this awful event will result in many positive changes for future justice in our society .

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and glorious turn of events.

I must have missed a lot of commentary at KC's place--so many posts since yesterday!--however, I watched multiple news outlets' coverage of it all.....way into the evening.

It isn't often that we are able to witness such unadulterated "correctness" from politicians or from the justice system.

Reade, Collin, and David were poised and carried themselves as few people could after what they have endured.

A testament not only to their character, but their upbringing.


The parents were measured in every way, publicly, although it was refreshing to hear the Seligmann's voice some much-needed negativity when talking with Katie Couric in response to a question about the troubled hoax producer--Crystal Gail Mangum.

Yesterday and last evening, I channel-surfed both cable and the regular three--ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Interestingly enough, a few of the reports from them were more scathing and rightly negative about Nifong and Mangum than the cable news shows.

Attorneys Cheshire, Smith, and Cooney did a segment on Larry King. They were great.

I simply love Joe Cheshire.

He said what needed to be said about Mangum which no one else was willing to say. He opined that she was "a pathetic person with a meanness about her".

This statement, IMO, explains more realistically the reasons for what has been allowed to occur for over a year. Not "mental illness" of any serious nature.

No one spoke to reason and to the truth of this woman.

Until yesterday.

Thank you Attorney General Roy Cooper.


Anonymous said...

KC: Agreed. Taylor did a great job. He could see Nifong's misdeeds as they were happening. His is a badge of honor and you're lucky to call him a colleague. He saw through all the BS when, sadly, others didn't. His knowledge base may have been broader, but he also followed the most basic of American principles: one is innocent until proven otherwise.

He was right, and for the right reasons!

Anonymous said...

“Sweet are the uses of adversity” indeed.

The saying "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" doesn't always apply, but I had figured it would apply to the Duke 3.

After seeing and hearing them at yesterday's press conference, I don't think there's any doubt that it applies to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:33 reminds me of some of the pseudo-intellectuals I've encountered over the years. I've been in investigative work for the better part of my life (68 next Sept) and I could see from the get-go that Nifong had no case, no evidence, and no crime. You're trying to tell me that Taylor and others jumped the gun? Get a life and stop tryiong to prove to yourself that you have a brain. You just proved it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

To the first poster:
Yes, it is a badge of honor. It is wrong to suggest his intuition and wisdom alone couldn't have caused him to see the situation correctly... it was not "bad thoughts" that caused him to be right.
He was right, don't smear him and stop being the thought police.

Anonymous said...

I agree that KC should have been on the platform yesterday; however, he was featured on an ABC late news segment. Don't know what it is called now, but it's the one which replaced "Nightline".

KC was filmed typing away at his computer. Then he answered some questions and made a few comments.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:53 says...
***I could see from the get-go that Nifong had no case, no evidence, and no crime. You're trying to tell me that Taylor and others jumped the gun? Get a life and stop tryiong to prove to yourself that you have a brain. You just proved it doesn't work.***

I myself could see he was seriosly violating ethical legal norms. We learned about that in our ethics and criminal procedure classes in law school (public condmenation of the accused, exculpatory evidence, etc.).

While I'm thrilled -- THRILLED -- that Collin is finally exonerated (and the other guys as well of course, but I see him from time to time), I was still troubled at the very beginning of the case that there were people who were willing to jump on the bandwagon on EITHER side.

There was just no real way of telling at first. We did know for sure that Nifong was violating his duties. We did know that everyone in the media and the school itself had abandoned these kids. We did know it was unfair to make judgments at that point.

Regardless, its not like at the beginning we had any frame of reference as to what actually happened, other than her saying it did, and the accused denying it. Yes, Nifong was abusing their rights... but we can catch Osama bin Laden and abuse any purtported rights that he may have, and he should still get the chair.

You cannot deny that a large percentage of the supporters here said "no way" before they knew a thing about it. Try and crucify me for waiting for more facts before I made judgment (which I did, in the boys' favor), but if the school and Nifong acted that way, they wouldn't still have been in this position as of yesterday.

Chicago said...

I can not say for sure, but I can only hope the Shakespeare quote was also a hidden jab at Brodhead.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Anonymous at 12:33:

"Is it really a badge of honor to have 'seen through' the allegations..?"

Yes. And for reasons you clearly refuse to understand - as proven by your last sentence trying to imply 'right' in this case is 'wrong'.

Honey, troll the Gang of 88's web site instead. The little dears are so lonely right now. (Of course, you must understand that when you get there you will have to 'listen' to them - not the other way around.)

Anonymous said...

who cares about stuart taylor?

has he ever had an original thought on this case?

sorry, kc, but your book won't be the benchmark

i'm waiting for charles murray to chime in


Anonymous said...

Its "trolling" to suggest that maybe, just maybe -- regardless of who was vindicated in the end -- that racism (black vs. white, and white vs. black) was the genesis of many opinions (for and against the boys) at the beginning of the case?

Anonymous said...

Hey Polanski, invite me to your next party where you read Obama's book. You sure sound like a party animal you tool!

Anonymous said...

Stuart Taylor is a very sharp attorney/writer.

He has a seasoned past of analyzing such high profile cases......and he is professional enough to seek justice first.....instead of seeking popularity.

That's why he could smell the stench of Nifong and Mangum right out of the gate.


Anonymous said...


I knew Nifong was violating their rights from the begining. Until the real facts came in, there was "her word against theirs". "Theirs" was right, as it was eventually proven that "hers" was worthless.

I did not know this at first, and neither did anyone else. I waited until I had reasons (other than who the people invoved were) to make my decision.

The G88 didn't wait. Nifong didn't wait. I'll bet that many of you didn't wait, regardless of whether time has proven you right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us started getting a clue that absolutely no rape/sexual assault occurred when, after several days, the word "consensual" had not been uttered by anyone associated with lacrosse team. Those guys didn't lay a hand on Crystal Gail Mangum, and thus didn't have to rely upon the same explanation that Kobe Bryant used in his defense several years ago in Colorado. This led to Nifong's most brazen, evil act...keeping it a secret that not a single damn cell of any lacrosse player was found on or in Mangum. She was found to be in possession of a rather generous helping of Semen Stew, but it all was attributable to earlier encounters unrelated to her lacrosse party performance.

Anonymous said...

"Its "trolling" to suggest that maybe, just maybe -- regardless of who was vindicated in the end -- that racism (black vs. white, and white vs. black) was the genesis of many opinions (for and against the boys) at the beginning of the case?"

I don't think brain scans are able to identify racist thoughts, yet.
One day, whenever we have developed the technology, those who have been proven the wisest among us should be subjected to tests to make sure that all thoughts were pure that led to their correct analysis. Racism, sexism, belief in inequality, and Methodism, among others, will cause one to be disqualified.

Anonymous said...

***I don't think brain scans are able to identify racist thoughts, yet.
One day, whenever we have developed the technology, those who have been proven the wisest among us should be subjected to tests to make sure that all thoughts were pure that led to their correct analysis. Racism, sexism, belief in inequality, and Methodism, among others, will cause one to be disqualified.***

You're right. That technology doesn't exist. We can only use common sense to make observations.

My observations is that regardless of who was right and who was wrong, the "semen stew" evidence didn't come to light -- and the accuser's ridiculous inconsistencies didn't either -- until well after the G88 and most of the posters here had made their respective decisions about the case.

In both situations, I consider "jumping the gun" to be wrong.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

I still maintain that NC wil not have reformed its criminal justice system until the scheduling power is removed from the DA. As long as the DA determines what kind of cases a judge hears, the Judge can never be the neutral arbitrator on the bench that both sides are supposed to have.

Anonymous said...

I figured - stupidly - that
CGM had actually been raped -
not at the party, but by someone
else, at another time and another
place. In other words, a
dissociative event.

I guess I was trying to give
everybody the benefit of the
doubt. I would have preferred
to have been as astute as Taylor,
rather than squishing about with
bizarre psychoanalytical theories.

Kudos to Taylor. There was
enough information early on
for someone like him to see
through the charade.

Maybe some people are jealous,
but won't admit it?


Anonymous said...


It wouldn't be a brilliant idea for a guilty party to start throwing out the words "consensual" before their attorneys had formulated a theory of the case that would best serve their clients.

This is irrelevant as they are completely innocent... but a defendant guilty of rape shouldn't just start spewing out things about it having been consensual, unless it was Chrystal Gail Magnum clear that some form of sex (consensual or otherwise) had occurred.

Anonymous said...

Who are the 7 proud owners of the semen found inside Magnum?

If the samples are run through DNA database, I'm sure some identities can be found.

[Note to prostitutes: Take a shower between clients.]

Anonymous said...

I'm not "jealous" that I withheld judgment about this case until I felt I had a very strong basis on which to render same.

I'm kind of proud about it actually. To have jumped the gun either way isn't a badge of honor in my opinion. There was nothing to base it on... except, you know what.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Taylor "lucked into" the right analysis. He seems to be a clear thinker to me.

I am wary of anybody who suggests that it could ever be bad to have been right. My intuition says that such a person had, or often has, reality surprise him. I also detect moral preening: "Yeah, I may have been wrong, but you probably had racist thoughts!"

The person who is right most often has the clearest world view and/or clearest reasoning ability. It's that simple.

Learn from people wiser than you and stop slandering them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, even though I'm thrilled these guys are innocent, I remain satisfied that I didn't make a decision until I had better reasons to do so.

I wasn't "wrong" in any sense of the word. I simply hadn't made a decision based on only: (1) allegations; (2) denials; and (3) the "kind" of people involved.

If that makes me "wrong" (to wait until there are more reasons to think it happened or not), then I don't want to be seen as "right" by you.

But I can't be defined normatively as "wrong", as I didn't go around saying they were guilty, I said "I have no clue".

Anonymous said...

I'm not "jealous" that I withheld judgment about this case u

Violent racist mob advocated castration, hate groups marched in Durham, threatened to burn down their house, harassaed them, and every far-left media outlet in this country declared them guilty. It is great that many people did not act like you. In that case, Durham jury would have convicted them already.

It was common sense (especially based on early reports) to follow "innocent until proven guilty" line. Even the early reports (within a few days) were quite revealing and at least exposed the racist double-standards (from jesse jackson to al sharpton).

[Al Sharpton is speaking on TV right now..Wants tougher FCC line and everybody fired who is involved with Imus..Clearly, there is no justice in this world and no consequenses for racists like Al Sharpton]

Anonymous said...

It is not "common sense" to follow the "innocent until proven guilty" theme... it is the "Consitutional" thing to do, but not necessarily common sense.

Regardless, of course I agree with you that the pot bangers and the G88 can go to hell for all I care. F--- those reactionary dirtbags.

I hope you understand I'm not on board with them just because I have some issues with either side having rushed to judgment in this case.

Anonymous said...

People who have gifts of
perception sometimes also have
keen logic and seem to be
one step ahead of everybody
else. Sometimes they get
a lot of crap for it; sometimes,
they get congratulated.

In this case, I think
congratulations are in order.
(BTW, Taylor is probably an


Anonymous said...

Fine... then you have to admit that if the pot bangers ended up being right (as they marched and protested before knowing anything at all), you'd have to sing their praises as well.

I don't think so. I find both problematic. Severely.

AMac said...

anonymous 1:00pm/1:09pm/1:23pm/1:27pm wrote --

> You cannot deny that a large percentage of the supporters here said "no way" before they knew a thing about it.

Prove your contention. In the meantime, I deny it. "That was easy!"

> Try and crucify me


> I'll bet that many of you didn't wait

Anon, I'll bet you have brown hair and drink decaf lattes. What do I base my claim on, you might well ask...

Contrary to your claim, Stuart Taylor grounded his initial essay on the facts as he interpreted them. Your unsupported pooh-poohing has as little to recommend it as...

... as my fanciful notions about your coffee-drinking habits.

But preen away, contrarian Anon.

Anonymous said...

Of course you are right. I am not referring specifically to the Duke Three, but more generally to the entire team, friends of players, etc. You know, The Blue Wall. Maybe fifty guys were at the party, and then, upon being cleared by Mangum (after she thumbed through the team's press guide!), not one person ever offered the possibility of consensuality. Do you know how remarkable that would be if their had actually been any consensual sex between Mangum and anyone at the lacrosse party? Even friends and teammates will editorialize, and I also feel that had any lacrosse player raped Mangum, the great cumulative character of these young men would have revealed the bad apple.

Unknown said...

"Nobody but cranks and haters will ever be able to hurl those lies at
them again."

As we have already seen these types of people do exist and have already begun hurling their venow. Over the years I have seen that far too many people, mostly women, feel the only man not guilty of rape is the one that hasn't been accused of rape. Once that accusation has been made the "cranks and haters" will always argue, even in situations like the Duke hoax or with Kobe Bryant or even after a jury finds the man "Not Guilty", that we don't know all the evidence or we don't know what really happened. Their's is a pthetic existence and I hope the "cranks and haters" are swallowing a bitter pill today.

Anonymous said...

Well the "facts" at the time really only consisted of the allegation, and neighbors saying that there were racist remarks, and the team having used fake names to hire the strippers... and of course the status of the accuser and accused.

I don't think there really was enough to make a rational decision based upon purported "facts". If anything, at the very beginning, rational people could have "guessed" either way.

Anonymous said...

What will happen next

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will apologize to the three former Duke University lacrosse players and pay reparations to all who have suffered unfairly at the hands of race-baiters for the last decade or two.

Duke President Richard Brodhead’s statement that, “From the outset, I have been careful to note that these students were entitled to the presumption of innocence…” will be unsuccessfully used by his defense attorney in the defamation of character and libel suit brought by the lacrosse players.

Even after apologizing, the gang of 88 will be individually sued by Reade Seligmann, Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty, and their 44 teammates. Plaintiff’s attorneys, using well-established timelines and the professors’ full-page statement in the Chronicle that stated something “happened to this young woman” and that the lacrosse players had contributed to a “social disaster” will win multi-million dollar awards for their clients. In a really interesting twist, Duke University will successfully argue that their liability insurance coverage should not extend to the 88 in this case, making the professors solely responsible for paying damages to the plaintiffs. Oh yeah, and the gang will lose their jobs.

Hey, a guy can dream…

Anonymous said...

Imus is fighting back:

Barack Omaba wanted Imus to be fired but apparently, Al Sharpton should not face any consequenses for his racist rants. In 1990's Al Sharpton's racist (anti-semitic) sermons against the jews helped the black mob to kill a jew. Al Sharpton has never apologized for that either. As long as Barack is fine with Al Sharpton, he is a racist as well. We need to get rid of double-standards and racists leaders of "black america" like Al Sharpton.

Meanwhile, Ruthergs basketball team gets multi-million dollaw settlement, and full support from the University. Compare this to Duke.

Anonymous said...

1:04--you need a comma after animal

I think I understand why Polanski is waiting for a Charles Murray to chime in. Contrary to what MSM says about this case being about race, I see it as a cautionary tale about any race having to coexist with blacks, and especially the black underclass. Therefore, the case is about the failure of integration.

So many aspects of the case point to this interpretation:

--majority-black Durham willing to convict, regardless of facts

--majority-black G88 praying that the boys' railroading would advance their careers. in fact, their listening statement contributed to the railroading

--the failure of integration at Duke--see the pathetic writing of academic morons like Karla Holloway

--the boys were fingered by a black sociopath--want to bet Precious liked fingering whitey?

--white MSM whitewash the above

--Cooper's FEAR of prosecuting Precious reflects the "special" status blacks have in our society

Bottom line, this was a case that unearthed most of the unsavoriness that is, and will continue to be, blacks unique "contribution" to society.

Anonymous said...

TO 1:09PM--

Listen, I'm busy today and on my way consequently, won't have the needed time to help you scratch your own posterior with that map and mirror you usually use.

Not anyone.....not one soul whom I know rushed to judgment in this case at the beginning.

That was done by Duke's Gang of 88 and by race-hustlers in Durham's black community whom we have all witnessed numerous times while living here in the Triangle.

They mill about in the streets....hoping for an incendiary event such as this one.

We all saw them on national TV right after this hoax had been announced to the media.

Rushed adrenalin collided with glee.

Nifong excitedly jumped out in front of the cameras, and as a result, most of us thought a rape had taken place.

However, when evidence started coming in---lack of DNA from the players---and in-stone proof that Reade wasn't even there, we began to smell a big rat.

The thing that most concerned me was the contrived photo ID line-up.

No intelligent person would have continued to believe that a GANG RAPE could ever have occurred with no evidence at all.

(Although, I don't know how you are accustomed to having sex. Perhaps just looking at someone constitutes the act for some people.) Ha!

Note to all two-digit IQ's: The lacrosse players do not possess the fantastic ability to be in several different locations at once....and they didn't arrive at the party wearing rubber suits.


Anonymous said...


Good one ...and they didn't arrive at the party wearing rubber suits... but that's not a bad idea if Crystal is in the house!

Anonymous said...

Jamil, re Imus

You're making my point: integration is useless. I'd love to compute the true cost of integration--black crime, political correctness, dumbed-down standards, diversity pimp as king

Makes me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

Well Debrah:

We clearly disagree that some of the posts here are blatantly racist.

Further, you seem to remember the whole "rock-solid alibi" thing (which it clearly was, with photographic evidence that he was no longer at the house, the cab driver, etc.), being public information well before I do. Especially the DNA evidence, which came out WAY after the allegations were made. The alibi came out much sooner, but the defense attorney took his time putting it together, given the gravity of the situation.

Revisionist history is no history at all. So many minds were against the accuser way before any of this came out. Again, once that information came out, it was a slam dunk against the accuser. Before that, you didn't have much to base it on (except the obvious).

Anyway, Deb, did you pass the bar the same year I did? The test was rather difficult. No low IQ here sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Reasonable people could have guessed either way, true. But some people guessed better than others.
Me? I blew it. My mistakes were:
*Giving the media too much benefit
*Bias against the guys because they had hired strippers.
*Bias against jocks; jocks are jerks, etc.

I should have seen:
*Media is more liberally biased than I had presumed.
*White on black rape is extremely rare statistically.

There are others and I don't have all the answers, but it's another life lesson to learn from.

This is about gut, knee jerk reactions, not considered, prudent weighing and judging of evidence.

Anonymous said...

Any video links to the LArry King segment, I could not find one ?

Thanks, I'd love to see it...


Anonymous said...

***This is about gut, knee jerk reactions, not considered, prudent weighing and judging of evidence.***

Yes, KC's post was about such a reaction which was vindicated by subsequent events and revelations which did not exist at the time of said reaction by Mr. Taylor.

You hit it right on the head. And let us agree on one thing: the way you treat the post-opinion vindication, you are basically saying you'd be praising the "MSM", Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Wahneema Lubiano if, by chance, they were right when they jumped to their conclusions.

I disagree.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if all lawyers are all that smart.
I have a cousin who is a lawyer. Only went to Appalachian, an ordinary school in nc. Then he went to Regent University law school.
I had never heard of it. Has anyone else?
Anyway, he passed the bar and I don't think he's all that sharp.

Anonymous said...

I just asked the 800-pund gorilla standing here in the living room what he thought.

He said he knew from the first report this was a hoax because almost all rape involves an erect penis.

Best explanation I've heard.

Anonymous said...

But what if it's true that there are differences in propensity for crime and I.Q.?

Then the finish to the Duke Lacrosse case shows there is nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

But Taylor's reaction wasn't knee jerk. Mine was.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm just offering my 2 cents. You may think I'm crazy. I have my opinions, you all have yours. Mine is that there wasn't enough information to make a rational decision at the very beginning, regardless of which group of "guessers" were right in the end.

I also do not believe my stance is reflective of a lower IQ. But regardless, I don't think this "Debrah" woman has represented herself in a way that allows her to attack the IQ of others. She doesn't seem to be a real brainiac from what I've read.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for more enlightened reactions from the NCCU students, but also expecting exactly what we're seeing and hearing.

Those kids don't see this as an isolated miscarriage of justice. In their eyes, Dave, Collin and Reade were guilty of crimes well before the LAX party ever happened, and I'm not talking about "public urination". Even those who realize the Duke 3 are innocent of CGM's charges (and the majority do), they, like their contemporary Chan Hall, still see them as the beneficiaries of historical transgressions and therefore in possession of "stolen goods". And they are using that ill-gotten capital to do things like go to an expensive school, retain expensive attorneys and hire naked black women to amuse them.

Born in the 80s, those kids at NCCU never experienced the pervasive Jim Crow-era racism that legitimizes black anger. But that han't stopped them from adopting the mantle of victimhood and pursuing an agenda of entitlement, to the justice, to the money, to the respect they feel they've been denied by history.

The Sharptons and the Jacksons of the world are encouraging them at every opportunity. Instead of inspiring them to independent greatness, black leaders are focusing them on pursuing claims.

What we'll be left with, at best, is a cannibalization of wealth. At worst, an increasingly bitter community led to and left in the cold.

Anonymous said...

KC, I think you'll enjoy this column at ESPN.

Anonymous said...

You only need to listen to Irving Joyner of NCCU law school to know that not all lawyers are smart. He was still on tv yesterday talking about Cooper's statements of innocence.
Joyner said this would not mean total exoneration. I'm beginning to think that most black people aren't capable of thinking rationally about much.

Anonymous said...

2:55 poster is the troll POLANSKI who should be banned for his behavior on this blog. He attacks even KC Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Once again, even if there are attorneys out there who lack intelligence... I only ask that you compare Debrah's posts to mine, and then ask whether it was justified for her to attack my IQ.

She was, I note, the one who laughed at her own joke. Her joke I believe was meant to convey the message that I am a virgin or some such thing.

It wasn't funny. It certainly wasn't witty. I'm not offended, it was just idiotic. And she is the one ranting and raving about IQs, merely because I disagree with her on a sub-issue in this case?

Anonymous said...

Well the "facts" at the time really only consisted of the allegation, and neighbors saying ...

By early May (Taylor's article) the facts included the DNA results, photos at the party, photos at an ATM machine, a cab driver's affadavit, the 911 call exposed as a fraud, and numerous players speaking out that nothing happened. There were also facts revealed about the accuser that cast shame on the N&O for its puff piece.

It is hard now to remember the timing of events from a year ago, or just how quickly the hoax unraveled (for those then paying close attention).

For me, in that context, April 10 (the DNA) meant no conviction, and April 20 (Seligmann's alibi) meant actual innocence.

The first post on Durham-in-Wonderland seems to have been April 23, so I disagree with claims that bloggers here "rushed to judgement" on the allegations.

Anonymous said...

Then you are new to this blog. She's pretty good. (In more ways than one).

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic to you all making "racialist" posts here that the boys yesterday eloquently spoke of how if they -- with all their resources -- can be put through this, imagine what would happen to those without their resources?

Those boys are quite amazing. They certainly have more dignity than many of the posters here!

Anonymous said...

If Debrah didn't rip you a new one why are you still going on about her?
(Grin) ;))

Anonymous said...

If Debrah didn't rip you a new one why are you still going on about her?
(Grin) ;))

Anonymous said...

Yep, she really got me with the IQ thing. And I was just devastated by the sex joke.

Anonymous said...

Mac's Analysis:

Initial presumption of innocence
always trumps presumtion
of guilt. That's what
was lacking.

By the way, what's Nancy Grace
saying these days? (Not that
anyone really cares...)

Big question: why does she still
have a job, and Imus doesn't?


Anonymous said...


God works in funny ways. The boys will be stronger for this, and I am praying you will be a lot richer!

Number one best seller.

I am publisher too, let's "do" lunch, in NYC 23 and 24!!


Anonymous said...


There were red flags from the get go(March'06) on DPD telling DUPD it will blow over soon because false accuser telling wildly inconsistent stories, Kim Roberts first statement it's a "crook," the neighbors time line and the 911 call with no mention of a rape for starters.

You could form an opinion and reserve judgment until more evidence came forward; for example, Reade's alibi, party photos etc.etc.... which came out in April.

Frankly, it was very easy to form an opinion of innocence with just some of the known facts at the time with race being irrelevant.

By May '06 it was a joke...some pathetic individuals are just blinded by hate...and are afraid to admit they were wrong and rushed to convict.

He was right for the right reasons...the facts.

Gary Packwood said...

Chicago 1:01 said...
...I can not say for sure, but I can only hope the Shakespeare quote was also a hidden jab at Brodhead.
See! That is what happends when you forget to wear your Broadhead decoder ring :-)

Anonymous said...

A good number of black Americans know the truth about black racism in this country, but the media doesn't give a damn what Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Charles Payne and many others think, so they repeatedly go to the old black guard for quotes and commentary. Until African Americans figure out that white America is not out to get them, they will never assimilate. I hate to say it, but blacks, as a whole, have done nothing to honor the hard fought advances that both blacks and whites achieved together in the 1960's Civil Rights Movement. MLK died in vain because of men like Jackson and Sharpton. And if you think that America's universities are over-run with ultra pinko professors, you should check out what the students are being taught at black schools like NCCU. It's communism with a heavy flavoring of black racism and victimology.

Anonymous said...


very well said.

Anonymous said...

All you morons who talk about your high IQ's -- why don't you drill a hole in your head and let the sap run out???

E-mail: said...

Debrah tends to become confrontational if anyone disagrees with her opinions, but that's okay because it takes all kinds of people to generate a successful blog --- morons like me included too :)

I haven't heard anyone mention yet that these kids could have EASILY have gone to prison for 30 years without the good fortune of financial resources. My God, it is truly frightening that such a thing could go on (Nifong) without checks and balances.

Anonymous said...

MLK died in vain because of men like Jackson and Sharpton.

Exactly. See Imus epidose and compare it to Duke hoax (or the Duke related rape accusation, in which white girl was allegedly raped by blacks).

Sharpton and Jackson are racists, yet they are always called to give comments on behalf of black america. (yes, some black and la raza/hispanic schools teach that racist crap that goes beyond KKK).

Conservative blacks (condi rice, micheal steele etc) do well, but it is because they rejected the racist "blame whites" syndrome and welfare mentality and they actually wanted to do something positive with their lives, rather than just to wait for weekly welfare checks and teenage pregnancies.

Anonymous said...

Are you jealous of KC?
Would you like to be one of those attorneys in the limelight, but isn't?
Debrah got you, but good.

E-mail: said...

3:03, you done stole my post :)

Anonymous said...

***Debrah got you, but good.***

Yep, with her combination of well-written paragraphs and her impressive sense of humor, she surely "got me, but good".

Once again, not only was she eloquent in her writings, she just buried me with the sex joke.

Quite lady-like. Quite elegant. Class all the way.

E-mail: said...

oops, there's more than one 3:03. I meant the 3:03 who mentioned "resources"

Anonymous said...

I think many of you are missing the point. While you are ranting and raving about minorities and "blaming the white man", these boys (amazingly) seem to feel compassion for their accuser (or at least the understanding that she may be very mentally ill), and have expressed their concern about those who don't have their rather substantial resources.

But hey, we know this whole case is about you guys, and not them.

Anonymous said...

Then you are new to this blog. She's pretty good. (In more ways than one)."

Wellll, not everyone has been in unity with Debrah on this board. She and I crossed swords pretty severely on racial views.

But her substantive (vs. snarky) points are correct. The fishiness about the ID's was out before the end of April, as I recall. The first round of DNA tests by SBI came out in April, too, I believe, and the report from Meehan's lab, as limited as it was, was also negative for DNA of the players and that was in May, as I recall. (The letter report was dated May 12).

Let me hasten to add that it seems petty to debate when it was objectively clear that the boys were innocent. Everyone has their own threshold. Those who knew the character and personality of the defendants knew for certain they were innocent. They weren't just guessing.

I know one of the woman students, class of 06, who vouched for Reade very early on, based on her knowledge of him. She has a lot of credibility in my judgment, because of my knowledge of her. I was therefore pretty certain he was innocent very early on.

Anonymous said...

To 12:33: The point is exactly that things did not pass the smell test from the outset and that the more one found out, the worse things looked. Even hypothetically supposing that the allegations had proven true, the actions of many were indefensible, hypocritical, ugly, and based not on the allegations themselves, but on the fabricated racial and class overtones. If you doubt this, consider the actions of so many to this very day, when it is absolutely clear that nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

off the subject, but MSNBC just stated that Nifong has apologzed to the three LAX players.

Anonymous said...

too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

Nifong's apology..."to the extent that I did anything, etc....." This bozo is a piece of work. After the ass-whupping Cooper gave him he should just crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after himself. Nifong gives lawyers a bad name....

Anonymous said...

Jemele Hill's article on is indeed an excellent one. She offers a true apology and refuses to qualify it with any conditions or excuses about witholding sympathy to the lacrosse players. I wish that this response would be more typical from A LOT of people who spoke out publicly about the case. This article should be the blueprint for following the attorney general's advice on apologizing.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the same vibe you do about the boys feeling a lot of compassion for Crystal Gail Mangum. If they hated her guts, it wouldn't be racism. She's the PERSON who falsely accused them of rape. Convictions for rape carry thirty years in the big house, not to mention being placed on a sex offender registry upon release from prison. They may very well feel compassion for her, but probably only Jesus Christ himself could truly forgive her.

Regarding Mr. Seligmann's statement that he could see how devastating something like this could be to people without big resources, that is very insightful and generous of him to say. Angry Blacks hearing that should be somewhat de-fused. If they still continue to hate and deny the truth, that is their problem.

E-mail: said...

3:51, did Nifong state clearly why he apologized? Seems he's admitting to guilt, thus making him liable to the families, should they decide to sue.

Anonymous said...

The battle may have been won, but the was is lost:

New congress is pushing this law..So if you critisize Gang88 you are guilty of hate crimes.

Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1592) - which would include "sexual orientation" and "gender identity in current "hate crimes" legislation

Scrutinising and ridiculing their syllabus would certainly be a hate-crime. Welcome to Amerika.

Anonymous said...

2:55 was not Polanski

Polanski signs all his posts


Anonymous said...

I know KC does not care - but I do. Went to tenured radical just now - Potter's new musing includes a link to KCs tenure battle in 02. She suggest this is why he is the way he is. I put a new comment on the old 02 comment section - I do not think this woman has any idea where KC is today.

Anonymous said...

ABC News:

outpouring of sympathy for Reade Seligman, Collin Finnerty and David Evans is just a bit misplaced..
They were part of a team that collected $800 to purchase the time of two strippers.
Their team specifically requested at least one white stripper.
During the incident, racial epithets were hurled at the strippers.
Colin Finnerty was charged with assault in Washington, DC, in 2005.
these young men will get on with their privileged lives. There is a very large cushion under them

I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Kim Roberts pronounced that these allegations were a "Crock" and that she had seen the accuser for all but 5 min., it was only possible to not have grave doubts by being biased. This happened very early on and was widely reported -- at least until she was pressured to change her story.

Anyone who tries to justify their actions in this instance when they do not act the same way in other similar situations is being dishonest.


Steven Horwitz said...

To 4:14.

The worst part about that Terry Moran piece is this:

As students of Duke University or other elite institutions, these young men will get on with their privileged lives. There is a very large cushion under them--the one that softens the blows of life for most of those who go to Duke or similar places, and have connections through family, friends and school to all kinds of prospects for success. They are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

So let me get this straight: being called admittedly vile names by a washed-up radio host is more likely to ruin a life than being charged with several felonies you didn't commit and facing 30 years jail time and having your name forever more associated with gang rape on Google?

Stunning. Totally stunning. Talk about loss of perspective.

Steven Horwitz said...

and the Hill piece at is excellent indeed.

Anonymous said...

Stunning. Totally stunning. Talk about loss of perspective

Steven: Be careful. You may have hurted Terry's gender identity feelings (H.R. 1592) and by definiton, you are guilty of a hate crime.

ps typo earlier: The battle may have been won, but the war is lost.

Anonymous said...

DURHAM, North Carolina (AP) -- The local prosecutor who charged three Duke lacrosse players with raping a stripper apologized to the athletes Thursday, acknowledging that the North Carolina attorney general's decision to drop the case was correct.

"To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused," Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong said in a statement.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Roy Cooper not only dropped all remaining charges against the players Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans, but also pronounced the men innocent and said they were the victims of Nifong's "tragic rush to accuse." Cooper branded Nifong a "rogue" prosecutor who was guilty of "overreaching."

"I also understand that whenever someone has been wrongly accused, the harm caused by the accusations might not be immediately undone merely by dismissing them," Nifong said.

"It is my sincere desire that the actions of Attorney General Cooper will serve to remedy any remaining injury that has resulted from these cases."

Nifong refused to answer any questions after handing the statement to an Associated Press reporter outside his office in Durham.

Seligmann's attorney, Jim Cooney, responded bitterly to the apology.

"You can accept an apology from someone who knows all the facts and simply makes an error," Cooney said. "If a person refuses to know all the facts and then makes a judgment, that's far worse -- particularly when that judgment destroys lives."

Nifong faces ethics charges with the North Carolina state bar and could be disbarred if found guilty.

Anonymous said...

I get the distinct feeling that many are angry that they are innocent and no crime occurred, but that's hardly surprising in that it mirrors the hopes (oh the dream! So close, but just a whisper) of finding proof of white-rich-guy caused inequality.

I admitted it earlier, I thought she was telling the truth (but, kept my reactions to myself). I've examined my biases, however, when shown to be wrong.

Why can't others examine their own instead of slinging mud?

Anonymous said...

Ol Cooper played his cards right. Say the words that show the kids are innocent yet use the accusers mental status as an excuse not to prosecute thereby preserving his democratic constituency.

Its amazing the mental history of CGM wasnt an issue when she was making false accusations.

Just another poor black person getting away with crimes that ruin others live under the premise of being poor and black.

I hope the boys sue her and make her poor life even worse.

Anonymous said...

Moran said WHAT?
I went to the link...
and saw what I expected to
see - (except Terry wasn't hiding
under the skirt of Helen Thomas
this time.)
He's precisely the reason I
never watch ABC News these

Advertisers? Savvy?


Anonymous said...

On the poor little Miss
Glade - (you know, a plug-in?) -
it might be a good idea to
pursue some kind of action,
if only because she has
innocent children. Who knows
what'll happen to them if
she has another episode?



Anonymous said...

4:19 re loss of perspective

The "loss of perspective" to which you refer is a kind way of saying that a lot of blacks are parasites. The parasitical nature of diversity programs, crime, and affirmative action is very much part and parcel of this case. If Crystal Magnum were white, would you guess that she would have been charged with filing a false police report?

Blacks want to maintain this "loss of perspective." They don't want society telling the truth about the huge cost of black crime, affirmative action, etc. They are invested in the "loss of perspective."

Can you imagine Wahneema Lubiano trying to obtain a legitimate teaching job at Duke? That's a premise for a sit-com. This case is about black bad behavior, and whitey's fear to sanction it (hat tip tp AG). Even Nifong's malfeasance can be tied to whitey placating blacks.


Black "elites" as well as the black underclass have to be sent a simple message: No more special treatment.

Anonymous said...

The Hurled Scum has an article speculating on who might be sued by the boys. Somehow they have omitted the H-S itself, Nifong's ally in the hoax.

Anonymous said...

And to think that some on this board didn't see the connection between the Imus situation and the Duke case.
The story is vast double standards. And the stereotypes of the lacrosse players are just so racist.
If the black community is given an inch, they will always try to take a whole acre and then proceed to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

"It is my sincere desire that the actions of Attorney General Cooper will serve to remedy any remaining injury that has resulted from these cases."

This is true -- Nofing would rather this remedy than civil damages!

Nofing knew there was no crime. This one was in the rubbish bin and he went off, fished it out, and breathed life into it, fully aware that it was nothing but a lie. There was no mistake, it was deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Re: Nifong's "apology"

WTF?! Sue that small little person, just sue his ass completely off. Take his pension; put him and his entire family in the poorhouse for life. After all, that's precisely what he set out to do to 3 innocents. Nifong didn't as much as *flinch* at trying to railroad those 3 lax players. Bankrupting Nifong should be the least of his worries. That pig should rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

The Terry Moran blog is a real mind blower. Terry MORON was at Court TV during the O.J. trial, and along with fellow reporter Dan Abramson he got famous and earned a lot better job. Dan Abrams is a Duke Alum, and has eschewed his true liberalism while denouncing Nifong et. al. over at MSNBC where he is the GM. Dan found himself in a sticky predicament over the last week since the channel he runs has had a little Imus problem. Don't think Dan didn't cringe when Imus started talking about nappy headed hos, because he is keenly aware that all the problems in Durham started with a real life n.h.h. Then, when Dan would not buckle under pressure to fire Imus, the MSNBC President swoops in and does it for him. My hunch is that Terry Moron is taking an idiotic swipe at his old colleague, Abrams. Moron must see himself as perfect, and he better hope that old college acquaintances don't go public with tales of debauchery that the John Edwards look-alike participated in back in the day. If I could stomach watching MSNBC I would be interested in Dan Abrams' reaction to the case dismissal, and especially to Moron's insane ramblings.

Anonymous said...

Nifong has apologized to Colin, Reade & Dave
"To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused,"

"I also understand that whenever someone has been wrongly accused, the harm caused by the accusations might not be immediately undone merely by dismissing them," Nifong said. "It is my sincere desire that the actions of Attorney General Cooper will serve to remedy any remaining injury that has resulted from these cases."

Jim Cooney's reply: "You can accept an apology from someone who knows all the facts and simply makes an error," Cooney said. "If a person refuses to know all the facts and then makes a judgment, that's far worse — particularly when that judgment destroys lives."

Anonymous said...

Like Stalin apologising to the Kulaks. Probably not heartfelt.

Anonymous said...

Joe Cheshire told someone that if Mangum's sealed records are ever made public you will clearly see a lot that many have tried to hide about her.
He gave the impression that she is kind of deliberately vile and nasty, not a mental case. I suspect that Cooper and all know this very well. They just washed their hands of it knowing that the race issues would be blown out of proportion.
Once again, a black criminal is set loose. So much of that goes on in Durham everyday.

ruination said...

i'm waiting for charles murray to chime in

...and I'm sure the Klan has something to say about this case as well.Prof.Johnson has done,not only remarkable scholarly work but an honest to god public service which the MSM has failed to do miserably.He has informed the public and spoke in defense of the innocent.Charles Murray is just a racist that other racists quote when they need back-up.

Anonymous said...

Moran suffers from NPD?
Wonder how many mirrors he's
got lined up in his dressing
room...and his car, and his

Can't believe the way he hacked
at the INNOCENT Duke LAX
players. Whatta putz!


Anonymous said...

Now that you have once again laid your stinking turd of racial diatribe, would you please leave. This is the stuff that got you banned on other boards and caused KC to put posting on moderation.

Anonymous said...

What Nifong could have said:
I'm sorry that I tried to put three white Duke guys in jail for the rest of their lives so that I could gain more favor with the black citizens of Durham and they would re-elect me so that I could get my pension. I guess I went a little cuckoo. Anyway, sorry.

Anonymous said...

4:43 Cobraxus

Charles Murray is a distinguished scholar. I would speculate that the poster who cited Murray wanted some honest discussion of the race norming and vile black criminality at the heart of this case.

Anonymous said...

How are the Angry Studies people going to spin Nifong's apology? Some kind of Meta-narrative?

Anonymous said...


"stinking racial diatribe"

Please be specific, or do you care more about being PC?


Anonymous said...

"dukeparent": I really can't see any racism here from polanski. Do you even know what racism mean? Sometimes truth hurts, but we should not avoid the truth (and opinions in general, for that matter), at least until Nancy Pelosi has pushed H.R 1592 bill through and we have "thought crimes" laws in place.

Orwellian PC double-speak makes no sense (outside gang88 classes).

I hate when people use race card unnecessarily.

Anonymous said...

This case is largely about a homegrown variety of Stalinism as will become apparent over time.

Anonymous said...

You are clearly not aware of Polanski's long history of running down black people on this forum and elsewhere. He was banned on Liestoppers of all places (not exactly a bastion of PC thought) because he wouldn't stop with this stuff.

Perhaps I overreact because of his history but here the passage from his post I find racist: "The "loss of perspective" to which you refer is a kind way of saying that a lot of blacks are parasites. The parasitical nature of diversity programs, crime, and affirmative action is very much part and parcel of this case."

Anonymous said...

This whole situation is so sad. I believe this entire thing happened for 1 reason: No one wanted to be perceived as a racist. And that was more important to them than facts, evidence, or anything else. They were so worried the media would crucify them as racist if they even appeared to give these upper class, white boys a chance. I'm sure this girl had no idea of the impact, the media storm, and everything would happen. I personally believe this girl should be prosecuted herself. We cannot allow people to make baseless accusations, ruin people's lives, cost governments millions of dollars....for nothing. It's absolutely rediculous what this girl put these boys through. What's so disgusting is that the DA refused to drop the charges even after DNA evidence showed they were innocent. In fact, he HID the evidence. I think the state of NC should THROW THE BOOK at DA Nifong and the accuser for dragging the university, the people of NC and everyone else through all of this. When the "runaway bride" was caught and it was shown she LIED,she was made to do restitution. She had to payback all the costs the police went through in finding her and she had to do community service. They could do that because she's WHITE. But if N.C. tried to do that to the black girl, everyone would be up in arms even though it's EXACTLY the same thing. She went about this whole thing LYING, deceiving, and costing the government countless hours and money. SHE SHOULD BE SUED AND HAVE TO PAYBACK EVERY CENT SHE COST NORTH CAROLINA. And yes, I'd be saying this if it was a white girl who had falsely accused a black man. I'd say this every time under any circumstance. The only thing this young woman did was make it more difficult for other TRUE rape victims to report the crime. Because she lied, other police may be more likely to question other rape victims and whether or not they're lying. Nifong should be disbarred immediately.

Anonymous said...

duke parent
Clearly, if you do not see that the behavior of black people (in general) must change, then you are naive.
No one can say with a straight face that most blacks aren't viciously racist and seek to do harm to other races when they don't get their way.
As a group, they are very destructive.

Anonymous said...

Polanski has no credibility. He said (I shi'ite you not) that he reads Barak Obama's "The Audacity of Hope" out loud at parties!

I cannot fathom what kind of parties this geek attends. I can tell you, however, that if I ever were to see him at a party reading passages of Barak Obama's book (I guess trying to show how incredibly humorous his take on the issues are), I'd give that nerd a wedgie.

Why do you still post here, Poindexter, I mean Polanski? Go on now, you are late for your computer club!

Anonymous said...

Here's some interesting analysis.

Rocky Mountain News, Denver:

"The most remarkable fact about the Duke lacrosse fiasco is not that it took nearly a year for obviously flimsy charges to be dropped against the players. ...

The most remarkable feature of this legal debacle isn't even the cheerleading for the prosecution that could be found in such major media as The New York Times. ...

No, the most astonishing fact, hands down, was and remains the squalid behavior of the community of scholars at Duke itself. For months nearly the entire faculty fell into one of two camps: those who demanded the verdict first and the trial later, and those whose silence enabled their vigilante colleagues to set the tone. ...

A few Duke professors did acquit themselves well or eventually locate some semblance of a spine. Law professor James Coleman denounced Nifong's handling of police lineups. Seventeen members of the Duke economics department signed a letter in January criticizing Nifong and assuring student athletes they were welcome in their classrooms.

But for the most part the faculty either supported the branding of three athletes as racists and rapists, didn't care enough about their plight to speak out, or were cowed into suppressing any call of conscience.

Would those athletes, facing a similarly dubious claim of rape, have fared any better at America's other elite universities? The idealist yearns to answer yes. The realist, sad to say, knows better."

This should give our elite institutions something to talk about, especially at Duke.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nothing says "character" like handing a piece of paper to an AP reporter before slinking back into your office. Yeah, that's how my dad taught me to own up to my mistakes, SUUUURREEE. Nothing says "stand-up person" like a typed piece of paper that amounts to something like "sure, I'm sorry and I hope this will be the end of it ... please don't sue me".

I hope Mikey has fun signing over all his pension checks directly to Reade, Colin and Dan!

Anonymous said...

Dukeparent, liar

I was banned on Liestoppers, because I line edited 1 of KC's posts.

DP, it's time to start telling the real story, NOW THAT THE BOYS HAVE BEEN VINDICATED


Chicago said...

Okay, now I am REALLY pissed about the Nifong so called apology. It has CYA written all over it. Nifong would have been better served to just shut his mouth. Amazingly enough, he is so arrogant that parts of the apology reads as if he wants some credit for the declaration of innocence because he handed over all the material. This ridiculous so called apology is more like one last slap in the face from him.

Anonymous said...


2 questions:

Is the employment of Lubiano and Holloway by Duke a maifestation of black parasitism?

Is the fact that the vicious, lying whore won't be prosecuted another example of black parasitism?


Anonymous said...


Any awesome parties this weekend? I'll be sure to bring a copy of Tolstoy's "War and Peace" for you to get the crowd going!

Anonymous said...

5:13 said:
"No one can say with a straight face that most blacks aren't viciously racist and seek to do harm to other races when they don't get their way."

I'll say that with a straight face every day of the week. Change "most" to "many" and I would go along with you. Reverse racism is a problem. The "victim" culture in large parts of black communities is a problem. I was depressed by the near unanimity of black vote in Durham for Nifong in November, but there were legitimate as well as illegitmate reasons to vote for Nifong instead of "anybody but".

But to go from an observed problem with a too large part of a given population to "all (or even most) blacks are parasitic and violently racist" is itself racist. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

O, re Mangum delusional

Scroll down the posts. Someone referred to Joe Cheshire opining that Precious is a vile sociopath, not a bona fide nutcase. Blacks want to sidetrack society's norms because they're black.

Fuck that.


Anonymous said...

The media and the Left are now on the clock to disprove that they hold blacks to a lower standard: what are you going to do to Crystal Mangum (and how will it compare to what you did to Don Imus)?

The discrepancy is appauling and worse, telling.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of this stuff and these posters is/are objectively racist.

Just because there are despicable race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson (and many others), and just because you hate liberals on college campuses (as do I), and just because you think the "MSM" is so unfair... doesn't mean your posts aren't transparently racist to objective observers.

Not talking about whacky liberals, but neutral observers. Many of your statements are racist, period.

Anonymous said...

Polanski, come one man, when is your next "Audacity of Hope" party?

You're so witty, I'm sure you read the passages just perfectly, and were laugh-out-loud funny.

What kind of a tool reads passages from books at parties?

This liberal requests to meet you at a neutral location, beat your ass and give you a wedgie. You may have a book to read passages from as you hang by your undies.

Anonymous said...

Polanski, what a tool!

Anonymous said...


Love your insults, but Obama bashing will get me banned. You wouldn't want that to happen?


Anonymous said...

There were many early clues that were there from the beginning.

Nifong was making inflammatory comments to the press that was the first tip off. The lacrosse players claimed no sex as opposed to consensual sex. If a rape had occurred and DNA left behind then you can say consensual sex and explain away the DNA. Reade’s alibi posted on his lawyer’s website should have made people go what the…

From there the evidence came in dribbles and drabbles each making CGM and Nifong look worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you don't have to bash Obama... I just want a description of the parties you went to where you read his book out loud.

Polanski, what the hell kind of people do you hang out with? Sounds like New York Times intellectuals sipping martinis or something... except, you know, racist.

Either way, you sound like a complete tool with friends who enjoy your reading them passages of Obama's book on weekend nights. Party on Wayne!

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed in what I see on this board. I thought that KC Johnson now moderated these posts, but I am somewhat doubtful of this now. I think that many of these posts are outright racist against Blacks. Others simply try to fit the case into their own political agenda. All the wrong done in this case was done by being racist in generalizing another group or by fitting events in to fit with a prior agenda. I do not believe that you can truly back the Duke lacrosse players and support posts by Polanski and others. I cannot speak for them, but I sincerely believe that the lacrosse players themselves would not support these statements. Its unfortunate because this website is a very public forum and leader on the side of the lacrosse team. It seems to have been corrupted by the symmetrical equivalent of the "cowards" in the lacrosse case. I continue to find little pleasure in reading commentary on this case from many different sides.

Now that he has been specifically named by the victims in this case as a key figure deserving of thanks, I hope that KC Johnson will make clear his personal stance on these issues and the kind of commentary that routinely takes place on his own blog comment board.

Anonymous said...

Well, Polanski, you've drawn me in again. After this, can you go back to putting your label at the top of your posts so I can skip over them and not be provoked?

Answer to both your questions is no.

#1. Those undequalified people being at Duke is a manisfestation of the nationwide mistake of creating entire departments of AA Studies rather than keeping it a sub-specialty of the History Dept. (hat tip to you by the way for "Angry Studies") The topic is worthy of study and there are some scholars doing good work in it, but not enough to populate departments all over with high-quality scholars. So the publication standards for that area are apparently significantly below the usual History Dept. standards.

#2. The fact she's not being prosecuted is probably a manifestation of a belief in Cooper's office that CGM is bats**t nuts and might well have a decent insanity defense. Justice might well not be served to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to put her away.

Anonymous said...


So what?
Go over to the website that FODU has. There you will see the statement of newspaper editorial editor saying that (so what if the lacrosse players were falsely accused?)
He is a black man working at the Herald Sun. Those are the kinds of people who covered this case.
Who gives a hoot if you or any observer thinks anything about the truth that is written by people here? We have witnessed what many of these destructive people are all about.

Anonymous said...

I sent this e-mail to the Mayor and the City Manager of Durham, NC.

I was not happy to see you not calling for Mike Nifongs' resignation, but this is a case where you should, because he usurped your authority. I am a retired police officer from New Jersey, our police chain of command, had the mayor on the top, because like you he was the "chief executive" of the city. The police are part of the Executive Branch of the government, there to enforce the laws that are signed into law, by you or the governor. Nifong as DA is a member of the Judicial Branch of the government, there to prosecute the crimes that police investigate, the police that work directly for you. Therefore when Mike Nifong took over the investigation that was being conducted by the police, he usurped your authority, he has no statutory or lawful right to take over the police department. Even the United States Constitution has a "separation of power" clause, so what Mike Nifong did was illegal. I just feel sorry for the Durham residents that have to put up with an elected prosecutor that according to State AG Cooper is "a rogue prosecutor". What will happen to some poor Durham resident, who happens to get stuck with a defense attorney that is not of the same caliper as the one's that represented the Duke students. That same poor Durham resident could be easily "railroaded" by DA Nifong. Durham now needs leadership and confidence in their government and you as head of that government, must make the residents of Durham have confidence in their "justice system". I would assume that most of the people prosecuted in Durham are Durham residents, do you think they want to be prosecuted, by a prosecutor, labeled by the State of NC Attorney General as a "rogue prosecutor"?

Anonymous said...

You're the typical dirty player who shows up here a lot. If you don't like posters reviewing the facts that surround us and by which we are victimized everyday of our lives, then don't show up.
And you're right, you don't know how the lacrosse players feel because they and their families will never say publicly how they feel about the woman who has kept this travesty alive.
Please stop trying to inhibit free speech. You will not fare well in America.

Anonymous said...


Take me to the hoop, little bitch

Does my analysis frighten you?


Anonymous said...

The (5:55 post) is someone coming here trying to underplay what has happened and who caused and enabled it.
And just look how Imus has been demolished by these selfish people who harm others for what they do themselves.
We will not stop telling the truth about people who seek to do harm to others.
You are probably a Duke faculty member.

Anonymous said...

The most compelling reason that nothing will be done to CGM is that it risks exposing things that are even worse than what has come out so far.

If you go through all of the material (transcripts/videos) on the identification, two things are clear:

1) CGM did not want to name any individuals; she was coerced into doing so in a third line-up, having avoided doing so twice before; this line-up was deliberately stacked so that she could not mess it up (and yet, she did -- she ID'ed a player who was not there and, because this was known to DPD/Nofing, they skipped this particular ID and led her on to make three others)

2) The DPD/Nofing knew there was no crime and that they were framing innocent citizens for a crime that didn't happen

How do you suppose it would look if CGM were to testify that she was coached and coerced into making an ID, that she was threatened with prosecution if she refused to go along, and that the ID was like the DNA and the attempts to coerce both the cab driver and Kim Roberts?

E-mail: said...

Wow, all that anger must take an enormous amount of energy! Just think how happy you'd be if you were always in the dark like me.

Betcha KC will pop in the room any second now clad in his bow tie and boxer shorts .... just to ease all this tension!

E-mail: said...

(of course, KC knows that's a weak attempt at humor on my part)

Lighten up, ya'll

Anonymous said...


It's not clear who might
be involved in her attempts
to cooperate with the prosecution:

1) People who hoped to ride a
gravy-train of lawsuits
against "rich whiteboys?"
That could include family
members, such as her father,
etc. Extortion should be
looked into as a possible
motive, even discounting her
failure to recognize reality.

2) People whose DNA she "possessed,"
people whose identity NoFang
wanted to safeguard for some
unknown reason. Who might
that person or those persons be?
People of importance - judges,
educators, others?

We already have heard reams of
opinions about NoFang's sincere
desire to be re-elected, but it
does seem strange that the DNA
should be preserved-but-not-
Perhaps the discovery process
will be used by the attorneys
for the plaintiffs? (that is,
the attorneys for the falsely-


Anonymous said...

I think that many of these posts are outright racist against Blacks.

I'm bit skeptical about that. Current PC (and forthcoming thought crime legislation) are just insane double-standards but I haven't seen a single racist post in this thread.

It is a fact that vast majority of Durham african-americans supported Mike Nifong in recent elections when the facts were known. Majority of NCCU student comments (even after yesterday's decision) were outright racist. So called leaders of Black America (Jesse, Al) have made frequent racist comments, in this case and in general (in fact, Al Sharpton's anti-semitic rants got one jewish student killed in NY). Duke AA faculty turned out to be hard-core racists from day 1.

Yes, we have seen few african-american writers and professors who did not participate in the hoax and were not racists. Some AA journalists (e.g. at ESPN) actually apologised today.

In anycase, it is fair to say that about 90% of african-americans are hard-core racists, at least in Durham. No amount of orwellian double-speak will change that.

It is only when the black community stops blaming whites, stops listening Jesse/Al/NAACP, rejects teenage pregrancies, appreciate education (now good black student is typically accused of being whitey by other black students), and work instead of demanding welfare checks and free housing.
Listen to Bill Cosby, Colin Powell or Condi Rice, instead of racist hate-mongerers.

Everytime somebody raises this issue, he/she is accused of racism. Frankly, this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the outstanding coverage of the Duke "rape" case.

Just a note about sitemeter's new javascript. It puts the HTML in an IFRAME to facilitate site traffic demo collection, which can be useful, but the consequence is a lot of traffic to their site which redirects and slows down back clicking making it somewhat annoying to taverse your excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, KC from the South Island of New Zealand!
I have been following your blog and most news related to this case. My heart goes to the families involved and of course, to the three students.
Let the hate mongers continue to moan about how they "got away" because they are white, privileged, etc.
You must feel a lot of personal satisfaction at this outcome and are totally entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to say that like Taylor, I also had this figured from the get go. For a number of reasons but also bc. Mangum said she was raped orally. Raped orally???? Who would choose to ever rape someone orally. That's preposterous. Dan R

Anonymous said...

It will be a fitting irony if the forged line-up identifications are used as evidence against Nifong.

If you have not followed things closely, you really should read the transcripts and watch the video -- they are linked from the front page of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Does it seem fair that Crystal Mangum's "fantastic lies" go unpunished, while Nifong is left defending himself for going to bat for her? Nifong faces being disbarred and possible prison time, but Crystal walks? If Nifong is accused of knowing that Crystal was lying and pushed forward with the case anyway, then Crystal has to be punished for her "fantastic lies."

Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

re: nifong's hat trick

All over the country every day hookers lie to cops and prosecutors. It just is the nature of what hookers do for a living and what prosecutors do for a living. What is different in this case is a DA chose to "believe" this hooker because it would benefit him politically.

Thus yes it is completely fair that Nifong be held to a higher standard than Mangum. He should be.

Anonymous said...


Just caught a segment of "The O'Reilly Factor" and Michelle Malkin is substituting for Bill tonight.

She was interviewing Malik Shabazz who is head of the New Black Panthers. He was the loud mouthpiece who came down to Duke last May.

Anyone who is on the East Coast simply must watch the repeat of this show at 11:00PM.

You will not believe his behavior and what he has to say about the lacrosse case.

Very sick, but not shocking.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson...we're suffering from another outbreak of "Polanski": it is, sadly, time to moderate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he basically called her a "Ho" -- the term he used was prostitute and he didn't mention her ethnically straight hair!

Anonymous said...

I suspect KC has been pretty busy the past couple of days...

I would not be completely suprised if someone else wasn't using his persona in an effort to discredit this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry -- I was unclear, "his" should read Polanski's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he basically called her a "Ho" -- the term he

Who? Can you give any details. This was pretty useless information as such.

Anonymous said...

I like this take:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will watch at 11:00.

Anonymous said...


That guy is brutal.


Anonymous said...

I posted at 5:55 - I am not a Duke faculty member, and I am not trying to undervalue what has happened in this case. I do believe that a large segment of the African-American community ran badly off the moral high ground in this case and am disturbed by reactions of leaders in that community and poll numbers regarding Black views of the case.

I will repeat that I think there are a lot of posts on this blog that are blatantly racist against Blacks. People don't seem to have a problem with posting "Blacks do this..." or "Blacks do that..." This is exactly the same as saying "rich white kids do this...", "privledged white Duke students do that..."

And don't hit me with all that you're trying to inhibit my free speech you hate America crap. I'm calling on people who post about this case to take responsibility in their speech. Responsibility means not filtering the events of this case through the prism of your own racist ideas. Otherwise you might as well go hang out with Malik Shabazz.

People who care about this case can easily give up the moral high ground to. Remember that the main message of this case is that prejudging groups of people violates the principles of our judicial system and our country. The main criticism of reactions in this case has been a call to restrain from turning "that facts that surround us" into a personal or political agenda.

If you don't look in the mirror and remember that, then you too are embracing the same kind of double standard that plagued many in the African-American community and elsewhere in responding to this case. Notice how you, too use the language of "victimization" (6:22)by various groups rather than trying to judge people as individuals and not members of groups.

Anonymous said...

Re: 1:24's

"I still maintain that NC wil not have reformed its criminal justice system until the scheduling power is removed from the DA. As long as the DA determines what kind of cases a judge hears, the Judge can never be the neutral arbitrator on the bench that both sides are supposed to have."

I agree.

Durham Lawyer

Michael said...

re: 8:31

I saw it at the gym. You're right; it was unbelievable. It appears that he didn't watch Cooper's exoneration. Michelle should have badgered him with the word INNOCENT. She did a pretty good job dishing it out though.

I think that one of the problems is that we know the case inside out and that the newsfolks don't.

This guy Malik Shabazz makes the NBPs look awful.

I'm glad Cooper will be releasing a report of their findings next week. It can't come soon enough.

I'm amazed at some of the so-called lawyers that we have in this country. One would think that they would investigate the facts before commenting. Instead, they just seem to throw out garbage.

Anonymous said...

To 8:43PM--

As I skim some posts, it appears that one or two people have come here to "warn" KC that he should make his views known about others' comments.

I agree with another poster that this same kind of troublemaker shows up here periodically to try to get posters to stop posting the truth.

Some want to now sanitize everything.

Too late. The ultimate truth has arrived.


(Post Script)--All those who are trying to impede free speech and alter how other posters express themselves with the facts should know--as do normal people--that KC does not subscribe to every idea expressed on his blog.

It's the life of free expression.

Have some!


Anonymous said...

Mac, Nifong was appointed, then elected. Heaven help us if he is ever re-elected.

Anonymous said...


"Nifong gives lawyers a bad name...".

That's funny. Lawyers give lawyers a bad name. Nifong just gives them an even worse name.

Reminds me of the old joke: the problem with 99% or lawyers is that they give the rest a bad name.

E-mail: said...

lordy me, Debrah is SOOO smart! She says:

"... KC does not subscribe to every idea expressed on his blog".

god, debrah, even "I" know that. I'm just waiting for you to slam dunk somebody for expressing an opinion that differs from your own.

Anonymous said...

Debrah, with free speech and free expression comes responsibility. I believe there is a responsibility to keep the moral high ground by avoiding racist speech on the main blog supporting the lacrosse players. The legal case is over but the moral battle remains.

There is still an appalling amount of "they deserved it anyway," "they are privledged and it doesn't matter" talk out there. It is important to represent the case of the lacrosse players in a just way that avoids treating people as a group, otherwise the aftermath of this case will be about people opportunisticly riding a backlash and not equality and fair in our society.

You are free to say whatever you want, and I completely support fair criticism of those who acted cowardly in this case, but there is a very high responsibility to avoid using the same kind of race dialogue used by the critics of the lacrosse team. Sorry to "show up" periodically and ruin the group backlash parade party some of you have going here. As KC has done many times in his post, I would suggest making the races you talk about in your comments neutral. You may notice you sound exactly like the side you (and I) dislike so much.

E-mail: said...

I am thankful for the handful plus people on KC's blog who speak plain English ... "for ordinary people like me".

Anonymous said...

YAY - yet another Georgia Girl and Debrah chick fight! YES!

Anonymous said...


I can't believe that Shabazz is an attorney.



E-mail: said...

nah, no chick fight here, but I guess I asked for that one. It's just that she just frustrates the heck out of me.

Anonymous said...


Oops. Right.
Nifong was appointed, then
elected by a non-majority.
He could probably get re-elected,
if the NCCU students are any

On race and "parasites:"

I know a fellow who lives in
a nearby county. He is a
person who chooses to
He isn't a "racist," but he is discriminatory.
There is a difference.
In any case, he told me about
some parasites that used to
come through town, telling
folk what they were going
to do for them - (much like
Shabazz) - and the local folk
would give them money so that
they could go and do something.
Nothing happened, except that the
people gave money to parasites.

The parasites?
Ku Klux Klan.

I agree with 8:53.

I'm conservative and I'm a
Christian - (please forgive the
ocassional slant toward implied
vulgarity in previous posts!)
- and I believe that racism is
a sin, and it's a sickness.
You are free to believe what you
want, but that's what I have to
say on the subject.

Parasites often inhabit bowels,
so their color is not usually
a matter of importance.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Cedarford


Anonymous said...

I'm not gibing up the moral high ground - No Way - Thats my story and I am sticking to you. Got everybody going on this one KC - You are the best. BTW, Joe's bow tie was just beautiful. Was he sharp or what!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks New Zealand - a lot of class can't hurt this thread.

Anonymous said...

To Cedarford

You're a god damn liar re Liestoppers and its PC nature.

I suggest everyone on this board Google "Cedarford." This loser posts all over the 'Net bashing Jews. He's 1 bust anti-Semite.

Cedarford has no overall theory of the case. I do: Black bad behavior, and whitey's tolerance of it.

Come out come out wherever you are, I'm gonna make you my special girlfriend--Cedarford in the morning


PS yeah, I'm trolling all over this board--as if I had the time

Anonymous said...

Cedarford shoots - he scores!

Anonymous said...

Malik Shabazz called Michelle Malkin a "political prostitute".

She shot back that that term pretty much defined his career -- I almost fell out of my chair!
You have to have something going for you to be able to make this connection on the fly while on national TV.

Anonymous said...


Don't let a self described moron and racist hook you. You are better than that.



Anonymous said...

Thought Polanski was still in France after fleeing U.S. for molesting a 13 year old child in 1978.

Anonymous said...

To 9:18PM--

If you read carefully, I was commenting on the exchanges that several posters had earlier today.

If you wish to make this about me, I understand and will enjoy the attention; however, I also recognize your little "agenda" that is not so hidden which you bring along like a clove of garlic.

Listen, I suggest that you direct your posts to the earlier commenters if you want to dictate your bullsh!t to someone.

I have gone overboard and out of my way for "minorities" all my life. Right now, I feel that many need to step up to the plate for right and wrong in situations like the lacrosse case.

If for no other reason than just to give the impression that they are not one-sided, railroading apologists for a criminal prostitute.

Lastly, not even my own father could tell me what to say or do. Nor did he try.

Don't come on some internet blog with your "lectures" thinking that you will be able to surpass my late, and very handsome and dapper, father.


Anonymous said...

TO 9:41PM--

Notice that I ignored her post. :>)


Anonymous said...

I will repeat that I think there are a lot of posts on this blog that are blatantly racist against Blacks. People don't seem to have a problem with posting "Blacks do this..." or "Blacks do that..." This is exactly the same as saying "rich white kids do this...", "privledged white Duke students do that..."

No it is not.

In general, rich white kids (or even white kids) do not rape black women. It is extremely rare. (On the other hand, black kids rape white women quite often according to FBI statistics).
Most blacks did vote for Nifong in Durham so I feel it is fair to say "blacks do this or that" if there is clear evidence supporting the claim. We have plenty of evidence supporting the claim that majority of blacks in Durham support racists or make racists statements to the press (see NCCU student statements, or NAACP website).

Steven Horwitz said...

Debrah wrote:

All those who are trying to impede free speech and alter how other posters express themselves with the facts should know--as do normal people--that KC does not subscribe to every idea expressed on his blog.

It's the life of free expression.

I can't help but notice the irony of people like Debrah complaining about how others are trying to tell them how to express themselves, when they/she spend most of their words on this blog trying to tell the black community how to behave/express themselves.

You can dish it out but you can't take it. You don't like being criticized for your racist crap, but you're fine criticizing blacks for their, in your view, failures. Get some thicker skin. It's the life of free expression you know.

And I wish to distance myself from anyone who tries to make racist hay out of my 4:19 post.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentleman, please meet Mr. Sharpton

'Hate-crime perpetrator'

At a rally in Harlem, Sharpton denounced a Jewish small business owner as a "white interloper," and then stood by approvingly while one his associates incited the crowd to violence. Later, a listener killed seven people in the store. Sharpton then lied and claimed he had never been at the rally.
Sharpton helped incite a murderous anti-Jewish pogrom in Brooklyn when he gave a speech at a funeral of a black child who had been accidentally killed by a Jewish driver. Sharpton announced, "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house." He also organized a boycott of small grocery stores owned by Korean immigrants. He called New York City's first black mayor, David Dinkins, "that n----- whore turning tricks in City Hall."

In 1994, Sharpton explained black cultural superiority: "White folks were in caves while we were building empires. . . . We taught philosophy, astrology, and mathematics before Socrates and those Greek homos."

E-mail: said...

my god, debrah, listen to yourself!

You are unyielding and non negotiable.

Some of your posts have substance, but you are tactless in trying to convey your points. Why? Because you are so damn angry!

Stifle yourself for one moment, and take a look at what you've previously blogged.

And then, ponder this, if you will:

How many people would pay attention to KC if he spewed such hate and anger?

Anonymous said...

To Stephen Horowitz--

You see, dear sir. Your fundamental problem and error is that I do not want to impede anyone else's expression.

What you are really upset about is that people like you can no longer lecture others with much authority and it's killing you.

You are irritated by people like me because I know every move that you are even thinking about making. I know the delicate Liberal mentality like the back of my hand.

This mentality is what helped cultivate and prolong the hell that Reade, Collin, and David have endured.

Personally, I get off on argument.

People of your ilk do not......unless a deaf mute is sitting on the other side of the table.

I wish to dictate to no one. I express my views which are facts.

Face it, what you are experiencing is a bit of life the real world.

By the way,'s always good to see you, man.



Debrah Correll

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice Nifong and Debrah display the same personality traits?

E-mail: said...

She just confirmed my earlier post.

STEVEN, a NON-ANON (so RARE to meet a legitimate blogger, very nice to MEET you!!!

Steven Horwitz said...

Debrah wrote:

I know the delicate Liberal mentality like the back of my hand.

You know, you're so full of yourself that you can't even see how stupid that comment is. I think most of my friends would find it immensely amusing to know you think I'm a liberal. I'll be happy to send you some of my professional work in economics and then we'll see just how liberal you think I am. Your inability to think beyond simple dichotomies is showing badly.

And no one is "impeding" your right to self-expression because you have no such right on this blog. This is KC's "property". If you walked into my house and spewed your racist crap, I'd rightly throw you out and I would violate no right of yours. People like you really can't take the heat of an argument because your only response to people who criticize your racism is to shout, wrongly, that we are trying to shut you up. Neither yours nor Don Imus's rights are violated when people say you're being racist and ask you to cease and desist. There's no doubt you haven't been "impeded" in your "contributions," and I use that word advisedly, to this blog.

So you just go right ahead with your victim mentality. You're behaving exactly the way you criticize blacks for behaving, but you're too blind to see it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Horowitz....regale us with your analysis on someone like Al Sharpton and his posse getting Don Imus fired.

If you do not see the comedy in all this, then you are an idiot.

A hypocritical, yet a blooming idiot.


Anonymous said...


Let me suggest very strongly that you cease directing your bile toward me.

You are now exhibiting locked-up frustration. You're directing your bile toward me for every post on this blog that does not fit into your tightly wired one bedroom walk-up.

Understand this: I don't give a flying fleeb what your politics are. Do not care whatsoever.

You are a perfect fool who is using me as a way to vent your embarrassment at having been unable to twist KC toward the way YOU wanted this blog to go.

Sorry, Horwitz.

And just so you know, the word racist has lost its meaning...and its effect. You are a lazy spewer.

What in heaven's name would clowns like you do if you couldn't use that word like a cross being wielded at Dracula?

Go take a run. Work out in the gym tonight. You obviously need a "win" somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Me thinks Debrah has had a major rejection at some point of her life.

Anonymous said...

"As soon as Kim Roberts pronounced that these allegations were a "Crock" and that she had seen the accuser for all but 5 min., it was only possible to not have grave doubts by being biased. This happened very early on and was widely reported -- at least until she was pressured to change her story".

A good point. Surprisingly little has been said about Kim Roberts. She told the truth and held to it. That's a lot more than most did. She has more integrity than Nifong, most journalists/editors who covered this case, scores of academics (although not scholars), many lawyers, "commentators", political activists. Her claims did a very great deal to vindicate the stand of the accused. Some may say that she only told the truth. But if this case has proven anything, it is that she is in a small minority for doing that. I admire and respect her for it, and I expect that the three accused lacrosse players think the same.

Anonymous said...

Georgia Girl,

I know you think you are a moron, and the more you comment here the greater the number of people who agree with you, but please try to get this through your racist Georgia clay mind - Steven is not a blogger - he is a commenter on a blog. Got that? Good. Now do tell us again about riding in the wagon...

Anonymous said...

And metinks if you haven't had one you've probably barely gotten out of sixth grade.
Is that really supposed to serve as debate?

E-mail: said...

debrah, get with reality. It's as if your existence is contigent upon this blog. What do you do in "real" life. Is all this venom necessary? Does it really validate you as a person? ... does if make you feel "valued"?

E-mail: said...

uh oh a typo ... they're gonna hang me

Anonymous said...

Georgia Girl,

Hangin' is what your people do. Now get back to makin' your sheets into your uniforms...

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