Monday, April 09, 2007

The Man with No Name

Over the past 12 months, the Herald-Sun has functioned as a virtual propaganda organ for Mike Nifong. Take a look at the language, then, from today's H-S:
Two judges, a magistrate, the district attorney, a bail bondsman and others will field questions from the public in an attempt to prove they have community safety at heart and are not in the business of coddling robbers, rapists and murderers.
The judges are identified later in the article. The "district attorney" is not. Has even the H-S abandoned Nifong?

hat tip: D.D.


Anonymous said...

If anyone visits the H-S website and reads the columns written by Bob Ashley, that will tell you everything you need to know.
This poor fellow is about as dense as they come. With all that is happening and has happened in Durham this past year, Ashley is still either writing booster columns or small-town coverage that amounts to garden parties.
He had to tell everybody about his vacation in the most recent one.
I read them when I need a good laugh. It's pitiful that this is all Durham has.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are not sure who the D.A. will be on the 24th of April?

MTU'76 said...

The headline I want to see in the Herald-Sun

Duke Three Out of Court Settlement: Durham Paper Now Hurled Scum

Anonymous said...

I thought this was interesting. Puts the $400,000 bond for the boys in a different light. One in which they got screwed, as we knew.

"At the top of the felony scale, Durham guidelines provide no bond for those facing possible death penalties for first-degree murder.

The highest dollar figure on the chart is $200,000, suggested for first-degree rape and first-degree murder cases not involving potential capital punishment.

Second-degree homicide cases carry a recommended bond of $100,000 and a maximum penalty of roughly 40 years in prison. "

Gary Packwood said...

I suspect that the community meeting is very much apart of the re-accreditation process for the Durham Police Department.

We should expect the results to be summarized in a Listening Statement.

Sound familiar?

I wonder how they are going to 'tap-dance' around the issue of all of these men in Durham being arrested in for rape...yet few of those cases go to trial.

Their rape arrest record is significantly above the national average.

Can't help but wonder who is teaching all those women in Durham to scream rape?


Anonymous said...

12:07 might be on to something.

That said ... Ashley and the rest of the Paxton Hillbilly Hit Squad managed to lop approximately 37 points off the newsroom's collective IQ during their first week of ownership. It's been alternately hilarious and infuriating watching those clowns abandon any sense of skepticism in the way they've approached this case, either in reporting it or (especially) editorializing on it.

12:05 also scores points in reference to the silly-@ss "Thing Are Looking Up In Durham!"-type columns penned by Ashley. That pap might have constituted "opinion" in Owensboro, Ky., Ashley's previous paper. Here, it's mush.

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly? A nappy headed hillbilly? Do you want two weeks off? That kind of slur has no place here.

Anonymous said...

Bail bondsmen are in the business of providing bail money - They don't care about guilt or innocence - See - Dog the bounty hunter.