Friday, November 17, 2006

Understanding SANE, V

To the extent that the run-up and aftermath of the election distracted attention from the details of the case, we’ve all missed out on a series of first-rate posts by Kathleen Eckelt at Forensic Talk.

Eckelt, it’s worth remembering, was way ahead of the curve in using her professional experience to cast doubt upon the medical evidence in this case. At a time when Duff Wilson of the New York Times was suggesting that the medical evidence was quite strong, Eckelt was maintaining the opposite.

The recent revelations—the accuser pole dancing in a limber fashion, the former security manager saying she was boasting about getting money from “white boys,” the former manager saying that she frequently passed out in the strip club—suggest that, on the medical front at least, the blogs’ coverage was far superior to that of the Times.

Several recent posts continue Eckelt’s impressive work on this case. Her major conclusions:

1.) The accuser’s behavior is far more typical of someone “hospital shopping” for drugs than of someone who was sexually assaulted.

Those who engage in drug seeking behavior,” Eckelt noted, “or 'doctor shopping', often hit the various emergency rooms, complaining of extreme pain, hoping to get a physician to prescribe the drug.” Specifically, why, the day after the alleged attack, did the accuser go all the way to Chapel Hill and UNC Hospital to complain of pain and request drugs?

According to Eckelt, “part of the standard discharge instructions given to our patients is to instruct them to call or return to the ER or SANE unit if they have any further problems or bruising showing up . . . The accuser showing up at UNC the next day indicates to me that she did not receive a prescription at Duke, even though she supposedly was in ‘extreme pain.’”

Indeed, Eckelt wonders how the accuser could have received Percocet and Flexeril from UNC even though the doctors knew “that she had mixed alcohol with Flexeril.”

2.) The only item listed on the SANE nurse-in-training’s report—diffuse edema of the vaginal walls—is not characteristic of sexual assault; and, in fact, several behaviors with which we know the accuser was associated would account for this condition.

Eckelt wrote that she recently asked a colleague with almost 15 years experience, who hasn’t been following the Duke case, how she could recognize diffuse vaginal wall edema in a sexual assault case. According to Eckelt, “she gave me this kind of dumb founded look, then asked the same question I’ve been asking myself all along: ‘How could you even see it?’”

Eckelt has “never” seen diffuse vaginal wall edema “by itself, without any redness or other signs.” Yet, according to SANE nurse-in-training Tara Levicy’s report, this is exactly what Levicy saw with the accuser. But, notes Eckelt, “edema, diffuse or otherwise, is not an injury. It is the body’s response to an injury, an infection, or a disease or inflammatory process of some sort.” According to Eckelt, what could cause diffuse vaginal wall edema?

  • Smoking
  • Sex within 24 hours of the vaginal exam
  • Frequent sex
  • Tricyclic anti-depressants, or other medications with properties similar to them—such as Flexeril.

It’s unclear if the accuser smokes. But she certainly seems to exhibit the other characteristics.

Eckelt concluded that neither she nor her colleague “felt that diffuse vaginal edema, alone, without any other symptoms or injuries, would be indicative of sexual assault,” and that certainly “neither one of us would be willing to walk into court and state that it is.”

3.) The Inside Edition “pole-dancing” video is extraordinarily damaging to the prosecution’s case.

“Patients who engage in fraudulent behavior or doctor shopping,” Eckelt recently wrote, “are often videotaped by investigators displaying behavior not consistent with their claims.”

According to Sgt. Mark Gottlieb’s infamous “straight-from-memory” report, on March 16 the accuser was, as Eckelt notes, “limping, grimacing, crying, and couldn’t sit down—shifting from one side to the other—not able to sit on her buttocks.” These symptoms would be associated with a herniated disc, yet those with herniated discs could not be captured on the Pole Dancing Video.

Moreover, Eckelt writes that studies have shown those with lower back pain—as the accuser claimed in her multiple trips to UNC Hospital—”have a significant problem with flexion and movement of the hips and lower back.” Again, based on the pole dancing video, it seemed as if the accuser had little difficulty with these matters.

While the person captured on the Inside Edition video thus had few, if any, signs of legitimate pain, she did demonstrate behavior consistent with someone faking an injury for ulterior purposes: “exaggerated symptoms and continued complaints of extreme pain (8 - 10/10) with no obvious physical basis for the pain.”

In Eckelt’s words,

Nurses spend a lot of time dealing with patients’ pain. We’ve seen many different types of people, different types of pain, and different responses. After awhile, we get a sense of what appears to be true pain and what appears to be exaggerated. We know how long it should take for medicine to kick in and how that medicine works on the body to relieve the pain. As I said before, when a patient’s behavior is inconsistent with their claims, red flags go up. In my opinion, with this particular case, red flags are popping up all over the place.
4.) The accuser’s claimed conditions are inconsistent with that of a full-time college student.

Eckelt recently noted that the case reminded her of a previous fraudulent-pain claim, when a patient, a full-time college student, was actually obtaining drugs to sell on the open market. Though he complained to his doctor of extreme back pain, the doctor could find no other symptoms, but initially prescribed the drugs anyway.

When the case was reviewed for insurance fraud, the investigator wondered, “Just how did he manage to sit all that time in those hard chairs, and for studying, when he had such extreme back pain?”

In this case, it would be interesting to ask the accuser’s professors how she behaved in class—did she, for instance, constantly fidget in her seat, indicating the kind of extreme back pain that Sgt. Gottlieb claimed to notice in his “straight-from-memory” report?

In general, the revelations over the last couple of months raise some doubts to me. The accuser hasbeen described as an “honors” student at North Carolina Central. To my knowledge, the only source for that claim is the March 25 article in the N&O—an article that, essentially, is no longer credible.

I teach at a school (Brooklyn College) where a majority of students have jobs; a good chunk work full-time. Yet in my seven-plus years at Brooklyn, I can never recall a student who had anything resembling the schedule described of the accuser in the Jarriel Johnson statement, the recent Joseph Neff article, or a similar piece in the Herald-Sun. These items reveal a person who spent long periods of time—frequently extending into the wee hours of the early morning—in a strip club, where she sometimes, according to the Herald-Sun article, ended the evening passed out.

The Jarriel Johnson statement goes into considerable detail about the accuser’s activities in the days before the lacrosse party. Driving around to “appointments” or strip clubs forms a prominent role in the Johnson narrative; driving the accuser to class (the accuser, of course, had her license revoked) is never mentioned.

How, exactly, did the accuser get to class? Based on the schedule we now know she kept, how did she maintain a regular courseload? Her written statement to police suggests someone operating at a 9th or 10th grade reading level. In light of that, and based on the kind of behavior seen in the Johnson statement and recent articles, how did she maintain an honors GPA—at the same time that she was, allegedly, experiencing such extreme back pain that she couldn’t sit properly?

I have no answers to these questions. But—coming at the matter from the standpoint of an academic rather than a SANE nurse—I agree with Eckelt that the accuser’s behavior seems rather atypical of a full-time honors student.

[Update, 5.28: A correspondent and one of the commenters correctly points out that beyond the N&O, the first Newsweek story on the case listed the accuser as a member of the "Golden Key" honour society. I checked the web but couldn't find a link for the NCCU branch of the society; it's unclear, therefore, what membership in the society entails.

I doubt we'll ever resolve the issue of the accuser's academic credentials: this material is protected by FERPA, and my sense is that the defense would obtain access to it only if Nifong claimed in court that the accuser was an honors student.]


Anonymous said...

KC should be on the Duke faculty. Or perhaps Wake Forest should offer him a position. See for an interesting interview with Dr. Johnson.

Anonymous said...

The accuser's consumption of alcohol and drugs shows a disturbing pattern of abuse. I noted in statements provided by her driver on the night of the alleged rape that they stopped by a park for awhile. I wondered if they were drinking and possibly consuming other drugs at the park.
Her substance abuse impacted every part of her life. I suspect, like you, that honor student may not completely and accurately describe her scholastic pursuits.
However, it is the fact that she is a mother to young children that is most troubling. I've heard that she worked in the sex industry because she had to feed her kids. Even if she has no other possible work opportunities, the substance abuse does not contribute monetarily. It probably diverts resources from her children. It jeapordizes her employment as well.
I've written before that if Nifong (a former social worker) really cared about this woman, he would get her cleaned up. She will never recover anything close to a soul until she no longer abuses drugs and/or alcohol.
Many wonder how someone could go forward with false charges. Involvement with the sex industry strips away the human spirit and turns participants into hallow bodies sold to whoever will pay. The image of the club employees leaving her in the parking lot for retrieval by her boyfriend is a glimpse of her stark reality.
I hold her accountable. Her substance abuse is not a good reason for the pain she has caused. However, the irresponsible behavior of Nifong using her for his political gain is the real travesty and the act of a man who does not care about her at all.

Anonymous said...

How, exactly, did the accuser get to class? Based on the schedule we now know she kept, how did she maintain a regular courseload? Her written statement to police suggests someone operating at a 9th or 10th grade reading level. In light of that, and based on the kind of behavior seen in the Johnson statement and recent articles, how did she maintain an honors GPA—at the same time that she was, allegedly, experiencing such extreme back pain that she couldn’t sit properly?

KC Johnson, how dare you suggest that that brave, hard-working, single mother of two and honors-GPA achieving student who had to endure the wicked racist comments backed at her by those depraved, back-porch-pissing, rich and privileged white boys was somehow gaming the system.

Surely she was too busy working to support her children and doing her homework and too proud to even think of having someone else do the work for her!

Anonymous said...

Nurse-in-Training Tara Levicy has some explaining to do. It will be interesting to see if she actually get on the stand & says injuries consistent with a sexual assault. I suspect she was a little too inexperienced to actually perform a SANE exam by herself and an little too excited about nailing those "guys."

My guess she says she didn't say that and Gottlieb will say she did. It will be a 'She said, He said" case after all!

Anonymous said...

I'm not that sceptical about her grades. By at least some accounts she wasn't taking a full course load the entire time she was a student. On top of that, the median SAT score at NCCU is well south of 1000 (according to yahoo, only 20 percent score above 500 on the math and only 20 percent score above 500 on the verbal) and the average high shool GPA is 2.75. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to stand out, you just have to go to class somewhat regularly and do your homework. I'm not convinced the AV couldn't pull that off on her own.

Anonymous said...

It's been reported elsewhere that the Accuser was taking her NCCU classes online. I've never seen any report stating what those classes were, or how many classes she was taking. That will be interesting information to learn, if it ever comes out.

Anonymous said...

I too have a hard time believing that Precious was a student, let alone an honors student.

For one thing, it appears that despite all the support she has received at NCCU, not a single classmate of hers has come forward to speak about her. You'd think that if she really was an honors student at NCCU, somebody would have come forward to say "she helped me with my math homework" or even "I sat next to her in Lit."

For another, somebody who has children, a full time job, and a possible substance abuse problem is just not that likely to go to class.

On the CTV board, somebody speculated that Precious had a Pell Grant scam going.

Anonymous said...

If Kathleen is SANE, then we can be sure that the Durham police and Nifong are INSANE. This is a prosecution that proceeds because of the brute force of government.

Bill Anderson

Anonymous said...

Early reports about the Accuser indicated that she was studying criminal justice at NCCU. How is that for a laugh? Perhaps, this Hoax is really just her Practicum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KC

Kathleen is a great source for those interested in this case and any questions they may have on what a SANE Nurses involvement in the process is.

Her posts at Foresnic Talk are very helpful to those wanting to understand the SANE process better.

Thanks Kathleen!

Anonymous said...

KC you are amazing. Once again you have help us through a complex subject, with the help of Kathleen's excellent comments and made it simple to follow. You did this for us on the legal side and now you 've done it on the medical side.

One thing, I would add is that ifsomeone is having pain sitting,there could be other reasons for the pain. You can really hurt your coccyn (tail bone) if you land as it as has happened to me. Also the sciatic nerve can cause a lot of pain. That said, no one with a heriatic disc, injured coccyn or sciatic nerve pain could be pole dancing.

Anonymous said...

KC-Going way off the subject here, but sometimes we need to be lightened up, so here is my question. Are you an everyday bow-tie guy or is that just in the picture? Just curious. Paul Simon would be proud! :)

Thanks for your outstanding work on this site!

Anonymous said...

"How, exactly, did the accuser get to class? Based on the schedule we now know she kept, how did she maintain a regular courseload? Her written statement to police suggests someone operating at a 9th or 10th grade reading level. In light of that, and based on the kind of behavior seen in the Johnson statement and recent articles, how did she maintain an honors GPA—at the same time that she was, allegedly, experiencing such extreme back pain that she couldn’t sit properly?"

My guess is that she is taking her classes online to satisfy a welfare requirement (i.e., "student" or job.)

Anonymous said...

KC Johnson wrote:
In general, the revelations over the last couple of months raise some doubts to me. The accuser hasbeen described as an “honors” student at North Carolina Central. To my knowledge, the only source for that claim is the March 25 article in the N&O—an article that, essentially, is no longer credible.

From NEWSWEEK - What Happened at Duke? 5/1/2006:
On a bulletin board in the student lounge was a long list of students with grades high enough to qualify for the Golden Key International Honour Society. On the list was the name of the alleged rape victim.

Anonymous said...

RE: 10:48 comment: Newsweek seems to be engaged in typical media laziness-- even the most cursory glance into this alleged Honour Society at Wikipedia leads one to section 5 entitled "Controversies" wherein the Golden Key International Honour Society is reported to be no marker of academic excellence, but rather an elaborate scam. I'd be surprised if IMHO, in her customary thoroughness, would not know that as well, yet made no mention when posting the citation. sic semper tyrannis

Anonymous said...

I openly admit that I thoroughly enjoy the comments of "sic semper tyrannis" as I find them quite astute, poignant, and always going to the heart of the matter. I have to also admit that he(?) is being too gentle in his assessment of IMHO as she has been known to be a Nifong sympathizing shill and obfuscator.

Thankfully we do not have to worry about mass comment deletions here as opposed to IMHO "safe area".

Anonymous said...

11:08 - your post is disingenuous. The very source (Wikipedia) that you cited indicates nothing about this society being an academic scam...the negatives that are mentioned in the Controversies section deal only with financial and adminstrative oversight issues. I don't know if the Newsweek article is correct or not, but there is nothing to indicate that there is anything shady about the honour society organization as it pertains to academic accomplishment.

This false prosecution has enough holes in it and the false accuser has so many credibility issues on her own that there is no need to be disingenuous about anything in order to call into question the validity of this case.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, the people of Durham will claim Kathleen is in on the Grand Conspiracy led by the "guy with the beard." The thing that is most distressing about this case to me has been the insistence of people that no lie should be too big to swallow, and not item of truth should be believed.

Anonymous said...

To bad the twisters didn't hit Durham instead. I am waiting for God to come down on them hard for their vicious lies and racism. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

The honor student stuff sounded bogus to me to begin with. Let's see, she has kids. She stays out to 4am in the morning doing whatever it is she does. She mixes Flexeril with alcohol. With the crowd she hangs around with I would say she smokes weed and does other street drugs too. It takes extremely smart person to get through school on drugs, let alone all the other stuff she has to deal with.

Anonymous said...

to 12:44:
Highly uncalled for. Don't forget more Durhamites voted against Nifong than for him.

Anonymous said...

If she took courses on line, then it will be on her computer. Didn't the keystone cops confiscate them.

People without medical insurance often are forced to go to hosptials for treatment. She may have gone to a particular hospital because they may have had a history of being lax in distributing drugs to her in the past.

Not sure about NC, but in a lot of states if you don't work, go to school or take training courses you don't get welfare. If she is not reporting her income (most likely the case) she's probably getting welfare and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

I have doubted the "honors student" claims from the beginning. There was no evidence of her listed on any honor roll available from NCCU and all honor rolls listed on their website have been removed since the so called rape occurred.

It was suggested early on that this might be a way of accessing money via grants. I think it may have also been a way to access drugs.

I noted when the students at NCCU were interviewed by the press that none of them indicated that they knew the accuser or even had a class with her.

It appears this another one of the lies involving the accuser. It appears that no one in the media has ever done any investigation to confirm her status as a student. If they have, the truth has not been reported.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a rumor early on that the defense sought her academic records and that the accuser moved to have them (NCCU)put under seal.

Ammons didn't even confirm that she is a student, citing privacy concerns.

Anonymous said...

11:34 can't seem to understand the point: there is an industry, preying largely upon parents and students who are, shall we say, lacking in sophistication who thrive by soliciting enrollment in fake "honors" societies and programs. There is little or no overlap with the real national honor society. An offshoot of that scam is to invite "selected" students to "leadership" seminars at a high tuition rate, and unsuspecting parents think that is a special honor bestowed upon their son or daughter, as they are unable to discern the fancy c'mon on creamy stationery, from real programs such as those sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. These operations fly largely under the radar, as they prey upon the beliefs and hopes of naive families who themselves are not educated; and middle class parents just toss the stuff in the trash. Go look around Duke or UNC for evidence of participation in the Golden Key International Honour Society. Sheesh, if you can't tell just by the sound of it that it's bogus, you might even think Mike Nifong is an idealistic advocate for the common man. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...


I'm inclined to give the AV benefit of the doubt, if only because "work hard, play hard" is gospel at a lot of elite universities and professional schools (and has a substantial number of adherants in law and finance). Partying hard and playing a varsity sport (which is an insane time commitment) hasn't kept the members of the LAX team off of the honor roll. Maybe it's because I had more than my own share of 4:00 a.m. nights in college and law school, but I never feel comfortable assuming that someone isn't a good student just because they go out a lot or have a lot of commitments. If a college student manages to study for 20 hours a week outside of class they'll do well in school. Some people spend four hours a day on homework monday through Friday. But not everyone studies that way. When I was in school I'd study 16 hours studying every Sunday. I missed a lot of football, but I also freed up most of my week. Maybe the AV does the same thing?

kcjohnson9 said...

To the 1.10:

Yes, its possible--but as more items have come out about the accuser's life, one thing noticeably absent is any mention of academic work. No one who knew her at North Carolina Central has spoken out about her.

It's a rather odd item.

Anonymous said...

I know! Maybe she was using all that being driven around time hitting the books. Yeah, that's it-- Having a pimp, er, driver can help you carve out lots of study time, even if you are a hard working prostitute, stripper, and dedicated alcoholic with a serious drug problem. Must be how she got into the elite Golden Key society!

Anonymous said...

KC-No love for my bow tie question? It was a no brainer. ;)Give us the scoop. Everyday?

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock K.C.'s bow ties. I wear them myself. And so does the "bearded guy." Notice that Michael Nifong DOES NOT wear bow ties.

Anonymous said...

Bill and KC-I was in no way shape or form knocking KC's bow tie. I was merely asking if he wore them on a regular basis. I am a "tie buff" I have way more of them than I need, that is why I was asking.

Anonymous said...

my little precious, the "honor student"

remember, she attends a black institution with some of the lowest SAT averages in the US--si it's not difficult for me to believe she's an honors student despite having a 9th or 10th grade reading level: that's good for a black--i believe whites and asians are racist when thay don't give the preciouses of the world their due--remember, too, the average sub-saharan black IQ is 70, which makes precious a genius

i'm sure precious will get a university professorship at harvard or princeton--look at cornel west!

Anonymous said...

3:46, we can do without malicious and irrelevant rubbish like this.

Anonymous said...

I know. I just could not help defending the Wearer of Bow Ties! (Actually, I am such a cheapskate that I have not bought a new one in years, except one from the Mises Institute. They are getting frayed, and my wife is getting on my case. K.C.'s ties are much more respectable than mine, believe me.)

As for the comment about Precious, while I think that we can criticize the black community in Durham for the position being taken on this case, I am not exactly comfortable with race-based intelligence statements. I have a number of black students who do well enough, and are good kids to boot.

And one of my adopted black sons is an honor student at a competitive school, and I suspect his IQ is well above mine. (Of course, I only went to Auburn for graduate work, and I don't teach at Duke....)

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the latent racism that this topic is generates. Thanks to those folks for showing their true attitudes towards black folks. Interesting how anyone who even gestures toward something neutral must less positive about the accuser is immediately pounced upon. In contrast, racist comments or insinuations go unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

To 4:36,

I trust you're referring to 3:46's idiotic comment. It was challenged immediately. It doesn't dignify a lengthy refutation from anyone or a dismissal from the masses: it's just too stupid.

Anonymous said...

is it "racist" to talk about the huge preferences blacks enjoy in this society?

methinks not

what's fun is telling the truth about the preciouses of the world

here's a question: what would duke's rank be if all its faculty were as talented as houston baker?

that's a fair question, and relevent on this site because the same ridiculous prefeences that launches a numbskull like cornel west into princeton are the same preferences that allow an immoral thug like precious to be taken seriously by a prosecutor

so, what's duke's rank--now?

Anonymous said...

the most recent poster is not a "racist"

what he's doing is letting out unpleasant facts (the african IQ he/she refers to is well documented)

why is it that what we say privatelt cannot be uttered publicly?

oh yeah political correctness

and what pray tell is political correctness?


AMac said...

anonymous 3:46pm wrote a trollish jape against the alleged victim. Anonymous 4:36pm retorted, "Thanks to those folks for showing their true attitudes towards black folks."

Michael Filteau's response at 4:56pm is apropos.

I have no idea who anonymous 3:46pm is; I doubt anon has contributed meaningfully to the comments at this blog.

Protesting each dopey anonymous comment would have the effect of driving every thread off the topic of Prof. Johnson's post--thus granting trolls the power that they seek.

anonymous 4:36pm, you can safely suppose that many read anonymous 3:46pm with disapproval. As Michael Filteau explained, there's little point in adding comments to that effect. It just brings people (a person?) like those immediately prior out of the wooodwork.

Signing off (not engaging in further discussion on this point).

Anonymous said...

let me answer my own question:

a faculty composed of "superstars" like houston baker would yield a 3d-tier institution--in a word, faculty of this caliber have a parasitic relationship with their host institution--you can't out-argue me--i'm just smarter than u

why do u refer to precious as the AV? she's a perp, baby

Anonymous said...

7:33 and other hard bitten types have got it going on with the Charles Bukowski in your face thang but I would ask that you consider the issue of the illegal and immoral indictment of the three lacrosse players from Duke who are real people. Pray, let us address the issues pertinent to the case, thereby not exposing anyone to the unfair charge of reverse-reverse discrimination. Can you get with the direct issue at stake, please? sic semper tyrannis

Anonymous said...

so...what's the issue? how about making some suggestions so this does not happen to anyone else?

my recommendations:

1.make filing false police reports a felony with prison sentences similar to rapists'

2. change the law so that prosecutors would be subject to sanction for misconduct

3. eliminate affirmative action at law schools so that stupid people have no important legal jobs

4. develop more reliable truth-detection devices so that their findings can be introduced as evidence

5. create an appropriate word to describe liars like precious:

I prefer predator

6. tell the truth about interracial crime

that's a good start--so can we have a discussion?

Anonymous said...

I don't need an IQ score to figure out if someone has a reasonable level of intelligence. Based on the AV's behavior, employment status, and the relationships she maintains, she is very stupid. Allowing Nifong to use her puts her in the extremely stupid range.
To introduce race makes her an extremely stupid black woman. Before anyone gets defensive, I know extremely stupid white women as well. Stupidity crosses racial barriers, classes, and religious affiliations. Also, intelligence does not require formal education and a degree cannot ensure lack of stupidity. For examples of the latter, refer to KC's previous post regarding a faculty member of Duke.

Anonymous said...

her stupidity should not be used as an affirmative defense--that's why we need more punitive sentences for people like her

Anonymous said...

11:34 AM
If you google "Golden Key International Honour Society" +scam you will find plenty of evidence that this is a "matchbook" type of honor society where for $70 you get - that's right - nothing.

Intriguingly I could not find any listing of those actually running this organization. The Board of Directors while diverse is hardly filled with luminaries and others listed as being local officers are equally unimpressive.

Anonymous said...

I think I recall reading in March or April that the accuser was a petite, soft-spoken, hard-working,
A-Student, and a well-liked Mother putting herself through college that had never previously stripped.

Personally, I think she's far too pure to Smoke.


Anonymous said...

This is getting out of hand the feds should jump in and get to the truth, before the situation gets any worse than it already is.

2 posters said

"DNA--the tests only showed that Evans' DNA couldn't be ruled out. And equating a finding of Murchison's semen DNA with a possible finding of Evans' DNA on a fake fingernail in a trashcan"

"the motion reveals that on March 28, the police knew that at least two non-lacrosse players attended the party."

What's the truth whats the lies.

As far as black IQ levels this is uncalled for and the most racist bull some kkk assjack came up with.

As far as comments on the nurses paperwork. That's confidential and would not be seen by us unless we're part of the trial. The medical records of multiple hospitals. Yah, a blogger from each and every surrounding hospital put their job at risk to call her a drug abuser, PLEASE. Thats obvious made up bull as well.

I see some innocence people on trial here...mabey

I also see a lot of hiding of evidence, the defence isn't bluffing that. The problem here is these dna tests results are compromised by the fly by night company chosen to look at it. I hope we get this evidence sent out of state for real testing.

I'm not sure whats lies and whats real on this blog but I'll tell you one thing most of it sounds made up by pre-concieved notions based disinformation.

The sad part is justice will probably not be ever evenly handed in this case.

Also one more thing when I ran multiple stores with a very diverse work staff, not hard to find in a city with an Army Base close by. Most of the black kids working for me had more appreciation for the education they were getting than the white kids working at my store, and yes I'm white. Not that it should matter but in case some assjack wants to run it. Heres your answer to the kkk minded idiots.

I'm not saying all the black kids were honor roll but many were. They were proudly posted, which the school provided for us when asked, certificates.

Now also lets keep in mind that we don't have a huge black database even close to the numbers tested of whites when it comes to IQ. Also I can find no legit study that leads me to believe otherwise. On a goverment website I did find this...

"Problems with IQ Unitary Status
Many psychologists have argued against using thestatistically derived g or general score as a unitarymeasure of intelligence– There is lay awareness of differences in verbal andquantitative ability, emphasized by different scores onthese sections of SAT, GRE– There is also a body of psychometric data, championed by researchers like Howard Gardner, that supports the notion of multiple intelligences. People can have great ability in one or a few areas without being able to produce math and verbal scores that would rank them as highly intelligent."

"The Fallacy of Heritability
Heritabilityis a measure of the degree ofgenetic determination of a characteristic within a given population– Heritability gives NO indication of the genetic basis of differences between populations– E.g., Black versus White differences on IQ scores could be due entirely to environment."

SO HMMMM...get real, get a clue, stop telling people what you think rather than know and mabey people like me wont pick it a part.