Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Malaklou

Duke Basketball Report has a must-read column appropriately comparing Shadee Malaklou's recent Herald-Sun op-ed to McCarthyism. (The links between McCarthyism and the case also were examined in a fascinating TalkLeft thread.) As DBR notes, quite beyond her other incredible statements, Malaklou twice suggests, without supplying any evidence, "that the lacrosse team has some history of rape." DBR summarizes the column as follows:

So there are three basic points here to consider:

  1. Malaklou admits Nifong is abusing the system
  2. Malaklou doesn't care that he is abusing the system because the lacrosse players need to be punished regardless of guilt in this particular case.
  3. Malaklou infers that the alleged rape is not the first rape by a lacrosse player.
  4. Malaklou also maintains that one of the strippers is not willing to put up with their allegedly criminal behavior.

So unless we misunderstand, regardless of whether or not they have committed the crimes for which they are charged, Malaklou thinks this is perfectly acceptable behavior by a prosecutor.

This is madness. Once we abandon the rule of law, the mob is never far away.

DBR concludes, "Shame on Malaklou for such a McCarthyistic attack, and shame on the Herald-Sun for allowing it in print. The paper has become a laughingstock in recent years, but this is a new low."

The Herald-Sun has, it seems, been willing to print any item, no matter how defamatory, against lacrosse players. Without providing any evidence (because none exists), Duke professor Thomas Crowley penned an op-ed claiming that team members “had a previously established history of rowdiness tarnished with racial comments.” Also without providing any evidence (because none exist), Malaklou contended that “very rarely are the Duke lacrosse players not partying or drinking.”

“Very rarely” is a somewhat vague term, but at the very least, it would imply that less than half the time “are the Duke lacrosse players not partying or drinking”—an astonishing claim, given that the players are varsity athletes who, as the Coleman Committee report revealed, are also very good students. I asked Malaklou what evidence she had for her assertion, and she replied,I am talking about the whole lot of them. Duke Lacrosse players live in a culture of excessive alcohol and partying, and they are reputed to be the most ridiculous and outrageous drunks on campus.” [emphasis added]

Malaklou conceded, in the end, that “the only evidence I have of their ‘partying’ and ‘drinking,’ therefore, are my own experiences with them”—which would imply that, to have knowledge of the lacrosse players’ habits, she, too, “very rarely” would have to be “not partying or drinking.” Malaklou might have provided this fact to Herald-Sun readers, so they could judge her claims accordingly.

Malaklou added that she knew many lacrosse players, and produced her op-ed “as a friend and as a woman.” If only all Duke students could be so fortunate as to have such a “friend.”


Anonymous said...

This moron, Malaklou is obviously looking for attention and the only way to get it is to right ridiculous things about this case that make no sense. Someone with a 10 IQ can look at the evidence, and see that these young men are innocent. They can look at the consistent procedural flaws and massive prosecutorial misconduct and see that Nifong did this to save his job. It is really very clear cut. This idiot will do and say anything to get her moronic point of view across. She doesn't make the slightest bit of sense, and is spewing garbage. She isn't worth your time trying to pick apart her thought process.

Anonymous said...

Malaklou is what every male needs to fear. She is way to proud that is as she says a lib. and a feminist. This girls is teaching a class that is nothing less than Whoring 101 to the females of duke U.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Having gone to school with this woman, I can tell you that Shadee is only looking for attention. Check her past columns in the Duke Chronicle. Ever since she was a freshman she has written controversial columns condemning the Greek system (because she wasn't accepted), criticizing those who criticize her lifestyle choices (being a drunken slut), and other feminist agenda items. Have we forgot that this is college? Drinking, partying and hooking up is NORMAL. This is much different than rape.

There are always one or two of these people at Duke at any given time that protests anything just to be heard and get attention. Looks like Shadee is this year’s representative.

(KC, a few years ago she wrote an editorial in the Chronicle saying how it should be ok for a girl to go out, party, and hookup without being judged. Her point was that guys can do it, so why can’t she. Clearly she is judging the lacrosse team for partying and hooking up. Might be an interesting piece to compare to her recent editorial)

tlxcross said...

Look, all you have to do is Google Shadee Malaklou and you find that her entire agenda is to take a contentious position on any issue. If you were to say that the sun is due to rise in the east, she would state that this is discriminatory and should be required to rise in the west as well.
This is the easiest way to gain attention. A writer who simply takes an opposing view is guaranteed a reading, with the attentive reader hoping to gleen an opposing view. Unfortunately, when reading Shadee's writings, there is no logic. There is no substance at all in her opposing views. It is so much like the leftists who shout out "It's George Bush's fault", and end their argument right there.
Unfortunately for Shadee, it appears that she wasted her time at Duke taking easy no-brainer courses that did nothing to develop her cognitive skills, or to help her mature.
What a pathetic child.

tlxcross said...
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kcjohnson9 said...

[The above was a double-posted comment, so I deleted it.]

Anonymous said...

An earlier post stated, "a few years ago she wrote an editorial in the Chronicle saying how it should be ok for a girl to go out, party, and hookup without being judged." It's disturbing that Duke supports this by including it in the course offerings as a seminar (house) course. If some young woman should end up pregnant or with and STD, Duke should look out. This young woman needs to be removed from positions of leadership and provided with appropriate information about women's sexual lives. It isn't normal for men or women to participate in a series of hook ups; it's dangerous and demoralizing and dehumanizing. Very sad.

E-mail: said...

Somebody said:
"Drinking, partying and hooking up is NORMAL. This is much different than rape".

Oh puhleeeeze, how naive can one be?! Are you saying that after frat guys get ripped, all they wanna do is dance, chat, and make nice nice?

Anonymous, there ya go again talking about the "cognitive challenged". Tsh Tsh

To KC and Almac (i think): When I posted my own story of rape on this blog, I was out of line ... like compariing apples and oranges. For that I apologize.

But since then, I've thoroughly enjoyed this blog, and finally figured out how to do one of my own. Anyhow thanks again for helping me get started!

Anonymous said...

In this day and age of a 100% fatal disease (AIDS) an STD is the least of their worries.

Anonymous said...

6:48 PM-

Obviously I don't support a guy taking advantage of a girl if she is blacked out, says no, or anything similar to that.

I'm saying that part of the college (not just Duke) party atmosphere is hooking up. Not everybody has to have a 3 year serious relationship. There are booty calls, one night stands and flings. That is what I was referring to. I apologize if it was taken the wrong way.

I just think its a stupid argument to single out the Duke Lacrosse team because they like to party. Like I said. It's College. Take Stanford where they have the Moon party and the entire school goes into a field and drinks and the tradition is to makeout with somebody. And yes, there are underage students there too.

Anonymous said...

None of this surprises me. Is it possible that Malaklou's "friends" in the Women's Studies program put her up to this? It's plausible. Does Malaklou have an allegiance to the Women's Studies agenda? Probably. Are the group of 88 still licking their wounds? Yes, and I'm sure the 88 (academic) Gangsters are still colluding and conspiring to continue to besmear and besmirch the Duke lacrosse players.


Anonymous said...

The truely sad part of all of this are the following facts:

1. Despite the overwhelming evidence that no rape occurred, the rape charge has not been dismissed.

2. Despite this the overwhelming evidence that no rape occurred, the gang of 88 and Broadhead continue to hold their positions at one of the nation's most prestigious universities.

3. Despite the overwhelming evidence that no rape occurred, no on at the N&O has resigned even though the paper pushed this story - yes Ms. Sheehan, that means you. Do the honorable thing and quit. Your column about the sickening silence still sickens me. You should leave in shame. You are a disgrace. I hope you know that a couple of columns about Nifong doesn't redeem you. You too jumped the gun on these boys. You owe them and the public.

4. Despite the overwhelming evidence that no crime occurred, no news organization is covering this story any longer. 60 minutes was it.

5. Despite the overwhelming evidence that no crime occurred, the Feds are still not involved (yet, I think they've found time to resurrect the Emmitt Till investigation after about 50 years).

So, those are a few of the truely disturbing facts to me. Never mind Shadee. She's a clown. But people should take a careful look at who really has the power in this country. This is amazing.


Anonymous said...

A Paradox???

I wonder if these "minority rights" activists have ever given thought to the logical consequence of their views ever prevailing. That is, if you take their wierd spin on Marxism, which appears to substitute racial minorities for the proletariat, and posit that society is really about the distribution and use of "power". Then what ever happens if the white majority begins to subscribe to this theory like the minority activists do? In other words, the white majority begins to see its interest at odds with minority interests, and discards and sense of justice or fairness in the name of preservation of "power".

Wouldn't that be something like a return to Jim Crow or worse yet slavery or mass deportation of minority populations? So, I guess the question I'm asking is, if these minority rights activists win the argument, don't they lose the war? Seems like a paradox to me.


Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving KC!

I saw that Malaklou post at DBR and wondered if the 4 points listed as "three basic points" was done that way purposefully to confuse her if she stumbled across it.(just kiddin')

I feel it would be safe to guess she's a bit envious of the lacrosse team members, and possibly upset none looked at her for a "hook up".

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving KC

Gandalin said...

Nifong's professional behavior certainly warrants his removal from his office, and the attacks on the lacrosse team certainly seem like a vicious witch hunt.

That being said, I wish we could stop using the tired name "McCarthyism."

Senator McCarthy was attempting to determine who in the State Department and in the War Department had been allowing communists and Soviet agents to advance into higher and higher levels of the US government. I don't think it is possible any longer to deny that the State Department at least sheltered plenty of sympathizers with the Soviet Union and the communist revolution.

Far from being an all-powerful inquisitor, Senator McCarthy was himself hounded to death by a vicious leftwing press, and his efforts to protect America from the very real menace of communist agents like Alger Hiss deserve respect rather than opprobrium.

Anonymous said...

Is Malaklou the head of the Duke Humanities Department? Surely with the reasoning skills and moral clarity she has displayed she will soon be elevated to a high level social science position at some elite college. Perhaps a new dissertation will help. Something along the lines of "The netted stick as metaphor: toward a social construction of non-physical rape" or perhaps "An epistimology of evidence: the racist use of 'facts' in the American 'legal' system" - something like that. Then she can get interviewed on MSNBC.

Bigger careers were built on less.

Cosmo said...

Madame DeFarge lives. No wonder there's such admiration for the French revolution (and the show trial, and the struggle session) in the academy. All that pent up resentment let loose, all that delicious revenge upon class enemies . . .

Anonymous said...

Obviously I don't support a guy taking advantage of a girl if she is blacked out, says no, or anything similar to that.

That's a relief. (And please note that doing what you have described is a Class B felony in New York).

I'm saying that part of the college (not just Duke) party atmosphere is hooking up. Not everybody has to have a 3 year serious relationship. There are booty calls, one night stands and flings.

Sounds like spot-on preparation for domestic life.

I just think its a stupid argument to single out the Duke Lacrosse team because they like to party. Like I said. It's College. Take Stanford where they have the Moon party and the entire school goes into a field and drinks and the tradition is to makeout with somebody.

Your tuition dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

In respnse to ganlin who said:

That being said, I wish we could stop using the tired name "McCarthyism."

Senator McCarthy was attempting to determine who in the State Department and in the War Department had been allowing communists and Soviet agents to advance into higher and higher levels of the US government. I don't think it is possible any longer to deny that the State Department at least sheltered plenty of sympathizers with the Soviet Union and the communist revolution.

You're correct that the McCarthyism tag doesn't fit so neatly when considered in the light of what you stated above. I think that only strengthens the argument. Why? Most Americans aren't aware of that fact whih has been public knowledge since 1995. Who should make them aware of the fact? Academics working in the field of history and the MSM. Both of these groups are restrained by PC group think and either avoid the topic or misstate it.
The Gang of 88 would rather be branded Stalinist than McCarthyite.
What a world view when you would rather be compared to someone who murdered 10-20 million of his own people.

Another similarity is how the lax players are being smeared for hiring strippers. McCarthy had people blacklisted or fired for being communists. To be a communist has never been illegal if you aren't working for the us government. Hiring strippers is legal. The only penalties for hiring strippers is people thinking less of you and having to explain to your buddies why you couldn't have done better than the AV for $400.

Anonymous said...

Georgia Tech Rape Victim,

I am very sorry for what happened to you, but this case should make you mad at the accuser, not the lacrosse team. It is incidents like what this stripper is doing that makes the more brutal and real rapes subject to more skepticism. Unfortunate, but reality.

When people like the stripper at the lacrosse party are given no credence, after the evidence makes it clear that no such rape occured, then we can actually focus on the more terrible crimes, like what happened to you.

Until then, all she does is a disservice to real rape victims.


Brian said...

Whitey raped black girl. It's a great story for the race-baiters who have a strong interest in making sure that they get every last mile out of the story, whether it is true or not. The reason this stuff gets played to no end is that white people are too afraid to tell the race-mongers to go pound sand.

Anonymous said...

malaklou is stating something that you guys do not know. the duke lacrosse house and the players have a reputation for date rape. this is not the first time that something like this has happened. the last police call to 610 buchanon before this case was of a young naked white female escaping from a window and running to campus. ask the people in trinity park, they saw her running and called the cops. white coeds have been raped there and the house has been toilet papered in revenge more than once. there was a reason the women's lacrosse team (who were on campus that night) were not over there partying with them as those girls knew better than to be there drinking with them. the only difference was that the white girls raped did not come forward as they did not want to go through a second rape for a trial. nifong has said he has recieved letters from girls raped at duke and that is wht he is referring to and that is what is driving him on. he wants to bring some of the players to justice. Malaklou is just saying what a lot of people at duke know but are afraid to say. that is why the duke students did not really vote well in the election as they know these guys and what they have done in the past as a group.

Anonymous said...

the womens lacrosse eam came out in support of the mens team, and said they thought the charges were baseless. or somesuch.
apparently they ran out of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

I hate to go here, but I feel I must. As a former college student, even I feel as if MY behavior of 20+ years ago is now in question. After all, I partied.

First, I can even comprehend where "Art Deco" is coming from - this gasbag apparently can't even understand one of the purposes of college.

But I took a Yahoo (Google is communist) at this Malaklou asshat. Then I took a look for some images.

I must ask myself: as this "creature" dolls herself up in the morning standing in front of the mirror with her sassy hair style, makeup, lipshit, earings, etc... When she stands in front of that mirror - does she say "Wow I'm doing all these things to myself and damn I'm now beautiful!"?????

Or does she stand there and truly understand how she's "MADE HERSELF UP" in some sort of image that she believes makes her soul beautiful? By doing some sort of chimpanzee with paint smearing of her facial features?

Ok, here it is in a nutshell. Anyone who would stand in front of a mirror with those makeup weapons of mass destruction - How am I supposed to believe that you are not completely insane?

Chimpanzees with paint.

And THIS is to whom we grant ultimate moral authority to accuse and persecute without proper procedure and evidence?

Anonymous said...


That may or may not be true. What we KNOW is not true is this current rape hoax. And as a matter of fact, if it is true, it makes it LESS believable thanks to Nifong's current butchering of the legal and criminal system.

Anonymous said...

Those are some serious allegations. How about you back them up with something more than repetition of unsubstantiated rumors?

Anonymous said...

None, my prior post was directed at 6:29 AM

Jim O said...

Uh, that would be 4 points. Anyway, the whole world knows that Nifong brought the case only to win the black vote after he was mau-maued. A year from now,this case will be more vaguely remembered than the runaway bride is now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hello, honi sez JOB, not bob

dumb crakah!

Anonymous said...

To 6:29
You claim that there are those at Duke with prior bad experiences (date rape, etc.) in connection with the LAX guys but are afraid to speak about it. I find this to be ridiculous. How could anyone say that the current of "fear" and intimidation has been running in favor of the LAX guys? It seemed positively dangerous for a long time to even suggest "innocent until proven guilty" in public. Many voices at Duke have flailed away at the team as if fear of them was light-years away from their thoughts.
You mentioned a well known and recent date-rape scenarios. If true, that would be evidence with a capital E. Has Nifong collected these stories? No. Why not, if he is trying to redeem a bad situation for women in the Duke community? And what does his non-posession of such accounts say about their actual truthfulness?
Beyond that, if Nifong were interested the least bit in looking after the real interests of women in regard to rape the LAST THING he would do is push forward in a high profile way the case of an obviously false acccusation. As if doing that helps women to be taken seriously with their real stories.

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem with the 6:29 AM post: she is saying that people who did not commit the crime with which they were charged still should be charged with the crime they did not commit because she says other date rapes occurred at the lacrosse house.

If you follow her logic, then no longer do we charge individuals with crimes that actually have been committed. Instead, we say that a group is "guilty" of a crime, and then single people out and charge them with it.

I have no idea of what she says is true, given I don't spend time with partying college students. However, she needs to address the issue at hand. Nifong never has stated publicly that he has received these letters, and that is what drives him on. I think we know what drove him on: electoral politics, and this "win, win, win" mentality that prosecutors have these days.

No, what we have is someone else trying to justify that which cannot be justified. Look, if the naked coed wants to press charges, let her do it. But what this poster has done is an act of cowardice and outright dishonesty. She is saying that the naked coed thus justifies false charges against Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans.

I am sorry, but this is the kind of nonsense that I have come to expect from Duke these days.

kcjohnson9 said...

I agree completely with Bill. The 6.29 post represents a new low, even for Nifong enablers.

Given that the comments about the attitude of the women's lacrosse team are demonstrably false, I see no reason to give credence to any other section of the post.

Anonymous said...

From what I have seen of the lacrosse players at Duke, many of them are fine people. I have no idea of the alleged sexual prowess of the group, and the like, but I am not much into that stuff, given my wife takes up my time and attention.

Now, I was a member of a collegiate track team at Tennessee in the early 1970s (and we won the NCAA outdoor championships in 1974, but my oldest daughter now has my ring), and I can tell the readers some stories -- about my teammates. (Yes, yes, yes, I behaved myself and was rather boring. I just went to class and ran. Sorry.)

But I don't think athletes are any more sexually active than the rest of the student body, if I have a sense of the modern college campus. The hookup culture transcends athletics, and while I do not like it, nonetheless it is irrelevant in this discussion.

We are dealing with very specific charges against individuals, period. Either they are true, or they are not true, period. This business that the Duke faculty is giving us that even though the charges are demonstrably false, the Duke 3 still should go to trial simply is dangerous nonsense.

Trials are not public spectacles. If you want show trials, then read about what happened in Moscow in the 1930s. Our constitution does not permit show trials, and anyone who thinks show trials are justified simply does not know the law, or does not care.

Anonymous said...

That rumor sounds like one of those urban legends type of thing.

Anonymous said...

athletes, on average, have more testesterone than nons, and black male athletes have more testesterone than white and asian athletes

of course, T levels r also correlate with crime levels

Anonymous said...

I read a post that the women's LAX team did NOT support the men's team. This is absolutely not true. The fired men's coach gave a pregame speech to them during their playoffs, well after he was fired. The women also wanted to play with the word "INNOCENT" on their wristbands. The coach Kristen Kimel announced this several days before the game and was criticized because the women couldn't be sure of that (contrast this with the 88 -who had no qualms in proclaiming their guilt). A compromise was reached in that the women wore the accused men's numbers- not "INNOCENT". They were still criticized for this mild show of support. I feared for Coach Kimel's position, since coaches have no tenure- but luckily she just had her contract extended.

Anonymous said...

are you guys stupid? they supported them after the fact and after the defense and pr team rehabilitated the players. The women's lacrosse team did not say anything publiclly until well into the case and the resulting publicity. They were on campus that night and the lacrosse women WERE NOT AT THE PARTY! that is a damn fact and you need to ask them why they were not there with their "innocent" male conterparts at their spring break party and i bet you will get a lot of blank stares from the lacrosse women. i laughed out loud when those hypocritical bitches lost their title game--it serves them right for supoorting a bunch of misogynists like the Lax men's team.

and as to saying Nifong never recieved letters from girls at duke and other places, you all are lying as he said this in interviews in the local news and also when he gave those interviews to the media.

Anonymous said...

Malaklou is obviously deluded. As a heterosexual male I have nothing to fear from her as her tastes are the same as mine, she prefers women. She will likely work in the capacity of DHS or CPS in some non-descript county office being paid very little money to shoot her mouth off and interfere in people lives. She is less than nothing and ofers nothing.

Anonymous said...

The last post is completely assinine as the posting assclown gives credence to Nifong's honesty and credibility (which are non-existent based upon actual substantiated statemens and the actions of Nifong) merely because he said it. You are completely out of touch with reality. Grow up.