Saturday, November 04, 2006

Best of the Case, III

The case continues to generate a good deal of media attention. Coverage divides into three camps: (1) the articles and postings below, many of which are of very high quality; (2) the majority of the press, which has decided to ignore the case; and (3) the Herald-Sun and the New York Times, the last bastions of Nifong enablers among the media.

As a follow-up on two earlier posts, below are links to the best material to appear on the case since early October. I have divided the post into three sections to incorporate two critical television broadcasts.

Television Broadcasts:




The Dude said...

The information was , again, very valuable. I read the posts that i had not seen before. My questions for you and your readers:

1. Wehn did the DNA tests occurr. Did Nifong have a warrant issued or any other court papers filed? Did any of the LAX players have "lawyers" at that time. What was his probable cause for a general group(40 plus) of people.

2. If the accuser was not interviewed until april, where was a basis for the DNA tests. Something had to be ALLEGED and in some type of report form.

3. Are there reports from every person spoken to during the late night raid of the Duke dorm? Besides the lawyer issue, Nifong violated all the rules of conduct when he refused to make reports and/or provide the defense with any and all EXCULPABLE EVIDENCE. He does not have the option of "not making reports because the evidence doesn't fit his theory.

4. Does the defense have a list of every person spoken to regardless if there are notes or the reports were reduced to writting?

5. What has Duke U. done to prevent the defense from contacting anyone involved in this investigation? Does the defense has access to all players present at the party. it should be a nice parade of witnesses at trial.

6. Does the evidence exist of all the phone photos and their corresponding documentation. This will screw up any timeline allowing that none of the suspects were in any of the photos. Defense has to lay these items out.

Anonymous said...

The N&O puts this on page B6? Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Great work, as always. Minor quibbles, but Thomas Sowell's "A Lynching in Durham" and Stewart Taylor's pieces were among the earliest efforts out of the main-stream media to put this in perpsective.
"Inside Edition" ran an interview and the video last night. How is it that Inside Edition is scooping networks and print on this story?

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that tabloid shows like "Inside Edition" do not have the ideological baggage that is carried at the major networks. The typical mainstream newsroom is very much like an arts and sciences faculty, minus the doctorates. Thus, they really want the stories to fit within a certain set of ideological guidelines.

Thus, when the Duke story broke, they were so hopeful it was true that they spun everything to fit their ideology. However, "Inside Edition" is not an ideological show; rather, it is a news show about celebrities. Furthermore, the investigative techniques that have been developed by people who work for this show are perfect for the Durham-Duke kind of story.

For example, the latest bombshells in the case have come from people who operate in the seamier areas of our society -- strip club personnel. They are not "respectable" and, thus, the mainstream reporters stay away from them.

If the National Enquirer and Star ever jump into this story, I can assure you they will dig up stuff that the mainstream journalists have missed.

William L. Anderson