Monday, February 19, 2007

Arrest in Rape Case

WRAL and the N&O are reporting that an arrest has been made in the recent rape allegations by a white Duke undergraduate. It appears the suspect is not a Duke student, though the N&O reports that the party occurred at a house rented by Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

Given the investigative techniques we have seen from the Durham Police in the past, the presumption of innocence should hold unusually strongly in this case. That said, the silence of the Group of 88, the potbangers, and the clarifying faculty to this event is remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They are only silent since it isn't a Duke student that stands accused. I am sure they are waiting hungrily for the next Duke student (who happens to be White and male- and a jock) to make a mistake or commit a crime.

-J. Kaiser

Anonymous said...

In Durham this is a dog bites man story - black man rapes a white woman - happens all the time - it truly isn't unusual nor newsworthy.

I shall wait to hear what the brilliant minds at Duke have to say about this - clearly Brodhead does not care about white women students nor is he strong enough to stand up to the black frats. He is a, dare I say it - weak individual with a limp ... wait for it... spine.

There - I said it - I am a limp-spine-a-phobe - have at me you left wing haters!

Waitin' for my jury summons - oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Any real reporter would ask a comment or statement from Pres. Bordhead, Gang88, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Mike Nifong, Black Panthers, ACLU, NAACP and various other hate groups.

Of course, MSM does not have real reporters.

Nancy Grace goes ballistic tonight in her show and labels this as a hate crime (set up by the lacrosse team or their defense team). Conspiracy stories will emerge in the next 45 minutes in blogosphere.

any bets who is the first to raise the white conspiracy charge?
I vote for Marcotte or NAACP.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that only one member of the black fraternity lived at the house. I also have heard that the other members in the house were white. Is this what others have heard?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it standard practise to suspend the involved organisations right away or was lacrosse special case?
Similarly, teachers should give F for everyone who has even a remote connection to the case or persons involved. Isn't this in the faculty handbook (at least in AA)?

Waiting for the clarification from Duke President..

Anonymous said...

JLS says....

re: Jamil Hussein, al-AP

You are so right, no real reporters in the MSM. Just a bunch of pretty boy and girl readers of usually leftist organization press releases.

Anonymous said...

In Durham this is a dog bites man story - black man rapes a white woman - happens all the time - it truly isn't unusual nor newsworthy.

That is true, but it also serves to illustrate that no matter how much a particular case might conform to our prejudices, we all should reserve judgement and avoid a rush to judgement until more details are available.

If there is no evidence that a rape occured, that poor dude should not have to face trial, it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

Ted Vaden is the Public Editor of the N&O. He wrote a column for the Sunday N&O about his paper's reasoning for handling the Hoax Rape and this alleged rape differently.

His excuses for the N&O decision to not add race/ethnicity to the description struck me as disingenuous. If the man in the photo proves to be the rapist, this will underscore the stupidity of providing a suspect description but dancing around race for the reasons that Vaden supplies.

Aside from that, I hope this fellow is treated appropriately by the system. Justice takes time and I am in no big hurry. No need to thank me for "not waiting."

Chicago said...


Likewise, if this man is innocent, I certainly hope the DA's office and the judge actually give him his right to a speedy trial. The Duke 3 have obviously not had that with the constant delays.

Anonymous said...

has any "castrate him" or "kill him" signs been spotted already ?
I recall Gang88 has plenty of them in reserve and they are willing to use them with our dear friends from NAACP, NCCU and Black Panthers.

Waiting for the "thanks KKK for not waiting" letter from Gang88.

Anonymous said...


I read and re-read Vaden's Sunday article...only makes sense to him and his N&O colleagues; Orage Quarles, Melanie Sill, et al.

We bumpkins need better rationale.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: Chicago

If this guy is innocent, I hope that the DA's office does not charge him. Just becomes someone alledges a crime was committed, does not require charges be filed. There is suppose to be an investigation first to see if there is evidence of a crime and whether that evidence is enough to prove a crime AND WHO DID IT beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

Race is an essential element in these rape allegations.
Here is a good Esquire article showing that not all hope is lost on black america. Not all AA activist are pathetic low-IQ racists:

Oprah Winfrey recently told Newsweek magazine that she built a $40 million new school in South Africa instead of in a poor American neighborhood because "kids in inner city schools" are unmotivated -- the "need to learn just isn't there."

The article isn't about Oprah but interesting anyway.

As long as people like Gang88, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton are the leaders of Black America they will be doomed. Maybe one day african americans use Condi Rice, Bill Cosby, Oprah, Colin Powell, Micheal Steele as the role models.

In short, with democratic party and its (anti-marriage, anti-individual, race privilege) values they will be doomed.

Chicago said...

JLS-Yeah I know what you mean, and I hope you know what I meant also. The Duke 3 were railroaded into the indictments and now that the obvious evidence is out that they are innocent it has been delay, delay, delay. I was just eluding to that. I hope, if this individual is innocent it never goes to trial and I hope if he is innocent and railroaded intoa trial he gets to present himself quickly.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...

re: Chicago

I guessed that you would agree. I do think it needs to be said. Afterall we don't want to be fodder for the their must be a trial chorus.

Anonymous said...

Oprah said when she goes to ANY schools in America, the kids want IPOds. In Africia, the kids asked for uniforms and thats why she built a school there. Building a school for future female leaders can only help Africia.

Anonymous said...

They want a trial for the OJ miracle, which was partially race based. The was no way that Maric and Dariden was going to beat Johnny, F Lee, Shapiro and Scheck. The prosocutation in the case was appaling/

Anonymous said...

Looks as though the Durham public school students are here. Africia? Maric? Subject and verb mismatch?

Anyway, getting back to the point, is it logical to expect any response from the Duke administration regarding this rape?

Can someone with a background in the law define, for the rest of us, the difference between first and second degree rape?

Anonymous said...

I am not a lawyer but NC law per a web search reveals:

§ 14‑27.2. First‑degree rape.

(a) A person is guilty of rape in the first degree if the person engages in vaginal intercourse:

(1) With a victim who is a child under the age of 13 years and the defendant is at least 12 years old and is at least four years older than the victim; or

(2) With another person by force and against the will of the other person, and:

a. Employs or displays a dangerous or deadly weapon or an article which the other person reasonably believes to be a dangerous or deadly weapon; or

b. Inflicts serious personal injury upon the victim or another person; or

c. The person commits the offense aided and abetted by one or more other persons.

§ 14‑27.3. Second‑degree rape.

(a) A person is guilty of rape in the second degree if the person engages in vaginal intercourse with another person:

(1) By force and against the will of the other person; or

(2) Who is mentally disabled, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless, and the person performing the act knows or should reasonably know the other person is mentally disabled, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless.

Anonymous said...

Has Nifong given any TV interviews yet?

Conserve Liberty said...

Why do you call it remarkable?

I bet the alleged victim is white, privileged and part of a rambunctious organization.

I bet the alleged rapist is part of a cultural-victim identity group, underemployed but trying to enter the economy, a (part-time or former) student at a local community college, was reacting to some hate speech and has a substance abuse issue.

Then again, why isn't the Group of 88 jumping all over this?

Anonymous said...

Wow only a $50,000.00 bail amount. What a difference, between 50,000 and 400,000. Add to that the fact that this suspect will probably be in jail until his trial. If we go by the Lacrosse Case, he will be in jail for well over a year and if found not guilty, who can he sue. This is just another injustice for the residents of Durham, NC.

Greg Toombs said...

Assuming the arrested man remains the accused perpetrator, what do you suppose the chances are his trial and judgement will be finished before the ordeal of Colin, Dan and Reade is over?

Anonymous said...

About this latest alleged rape: But can't Clown Proffitt make just ONE little statement?

Anonymous said...

The response in the case that happened at Phi Beta Sigma fraternity is not so remarkable when you consider it from the perspective that the Nifong / G88 / Durham PD / NAACP / potbangers / media / left wing blogosphere rush to judgment in the Nifong Scandal case had much to do with RACE of the accuser and little to with RAPE of the accuser.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the crisis meetings going on right now at Campus Culture Initiative/Gang88/Brodhead/NAACP HQs.

Maybe they have their act together and they come up with a battle plan by tomorrow morning. Creation of citizen committee, support march for the alleged underprivileged gentleman, and witch hunt for the conspirators (surely this must be a conspiracy..probably arranged by those evil republicans)

Anonymous said...

People, only $50K for bail???
WTF??? And the Dookies only had to deal with $300K???

Whatta Worrrrlddd!!!

--Lumpy Gravy

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as when the Lax story broke - I hope it isn't true and that no crime occurred - but the facts will be the facts and lets get to the truth

Anonymous said...

I can't see why the Duke Admin should comment at all.

No Duke student is accused of a crime, and let the young woman be.

Anonymous said...

do you anything about the alleged gentleman?

Is he a NCCU student?

Anonymous said...

I can't see why the Duke Admin should comment at all.

As concerned citizens, members of Duke should speak out about the social disaster that happened on that recent night. Women have to put up with an enormous culture of sexual violence. Have you no concern for that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the gentleman is a rapist.
Whether or not he is a student at NCCU? Don't know that answer

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Why would the Group of 88, the pot bangers or any of the other of Duke hate hustlers comment on this alleged rape.

Given what I have seen about their thinking on race and class, to them that white girl deserved what she got, since all white Duke females are part of the privileged "hook up" culture.

In fact, how dare her let a poor underprivileged black man stand accused of rape.

Anonymous said...

still waiting for the Gang88/Brodhead statement..

Will African American Studies department be suspended and department head fired?

Anonymous said...

To 7:37
I support the notion that the alleged victim of the alleged crime and the alleged perp deserve to be left to cope as best they can with their personal tragedies. However, it will be interesting to compare and contrast behavior of the Nifong, Durham police, NAACP, HS, N&O, g88, and Pot Bangers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This could be a problem for the Duke 3. If this alleged rapist is actually guilty, MANY Durham citizens are going to want "an eye for an eye."

If the alleged rapist is guilty, the Duke Three must be found guilty.

Tit for Tat

I'm thinkin that would the NCCU student body might feel.

M. Simon said...
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M. Simon said...


If you were eluding to that it escaped you.

If you were alluding to that I'd say that one got away too.

I flunked High School English once. It is nothing to be ashamed of, unlike SDS.

Anonymous said...
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M. Simon said...


Actually LAPD incompetence lost the case blood spots suddenly appearing on the gate after OJ's blood is collected. Terrible DNA collection proceedure. Sloppy lab practices. What looked like efforts to "enhance" the evidence - the socks.

The LAPD gave the OJ lawyers a hell of a case to work with.

Anonymous said...

OK, without invading the young woman's privacy or jeapordizing the investigation, is there physical evidence of a rape?

I would very much like to know how big this residence was that 50 people could attend the party; and what the host or hosts were thinking - you have no control over that many people unless you deputize five or so of your largest friends as monitors.


M. Simon said...

The Duke 3 were from out of town.

M. Simon said...

rotund posterior,


Does that mean the members of Durham Responds are not responding? Wouldn't that make them irresponsible? I believe a response is required.

Anonymous said...

The gorup of 88 are only silent because the alleged rapist is black and the student is white, not because they know it's wrong to prejudge innocence or guilt.

Anonymous said...

so when is Nifong's press conference?

He is still the DA after all.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the Group of 88 to come out and say, this white female should not have been at that party. That is the mindset of the group of 88, black female strippers can perform at these events, but white female of privlege should not be there. She should have known better

Anonymous said...

KC, the 8:15 post could use some scrubbing.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we should let the girl alone.
LS board says accused worked at Roses, it's a Southern 5-10 store, and is already out on bond.

Having said we should let the girl alone, why is Duke not suspending the Sigma's for having under aged drinkers at a party they sponsored?

And the question is: Why is an 18 white freshman from Duke in the hood at 3AM? Clearly someone hasn't got a clue, and it's not the Sigma's. Girls gone wild, gone wrong is what this looks like to me. Which makes the prosecution come down to he said she said. Durham jury pool, not good for her. I bet she drops case.

Anonymous said...


You might be wrong - I am in the Durham jury pool and I would convict that scumbag.

Was she a girl gone wild? Perhaps, but unlike Crysal Gail Mangum, I think she was naive.

As for whether or not Sigmas have a clue - do you think another rape in Durham is going to go unnoticed? Oh, right, it is - maybe the rapist and his enablers are smarter than others on this board would give them credit for. They can rape white women with impunity. Maybe I will move away from this urine soaked hellhole before that case comes to trial...

Anonymous said...

Kemp says:

Girls gone wild, gone wrong is what this looks like to me. Which makes the prosecution come down to he said she said. Durham jury pool, not good for her. I bet she drops case.

That is the most neanderthal attitude I have ever heard. Women should be able to do whatever they want without fear of sexual assault, and this world would be a better place without attitudes like yours.

Anonymous said...

Alright you kids, knock it off with re-raping the alleged victim.

If you want to pick on a lying whore you know where to go - hint - CGM. If you want to pick on the professional sob sisters you know who they are. If you want to pick on a real rapee come to me. I have a great sense of humor, I will laugh with you. I am OLD. I always liked good sarcasm, and some of you are great. I don't like the tone of picking on this woman. You can make up anything you like about my rapist, my politics, my school, and my race. You know nothing about this alleged victim. Please let her cope with her personal tragedy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

reticent porcupine said...

That is the most neanderthal attitude I have ever heard. Women should be able to do whatever they want without fear of sexual assault, and this world would be a better place without attitudes like yours.

This is more than a bit naive. We live in the REAL world, porcupine. In the real world, there are things that one should avoid. While I do not think any woman deserves to be raped for being stupid, however being stupid can get you raped.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mercy, too many people jumping in with dogma before we know what happened.

It will be all to easy to compare to the Duke hoax as we learn more, but I don't know too terribly much about it right now.

What I do know, is that based on all the crazy she-i-t coming out of Durham, the Gang of 88, the pot bangers, etc., that I'm wide open.

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine was walking from her car to a door in Durham. A black man came up behind her and started beating her in the head with a sledgehammer. He kidnapped her, robbed her and raped her. That is the reality of Durham - white women get raped by black men, and the law does nothing. Was she naive? No. Far from it.

But the legal system here is set up so that black men continue to rape with out any negative consequences. It is just another rite of passage here.

kcjohnson9 said...

Please try to keep comments on point.

Anonymous said...

9:41, Downs children/adults are as pure as it gets.

Those that are dependent upon race/gender/class warfare pap chose to waste an education learning to hate, most it appears, embrace it, and some, spew it around on our children.

Please don't compare the two.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:35

Right, you never did anything stupid during your freshman year? By your tone, you seem to imply that 18 year old girls need to have the situational awareness of a 40 year old woman, and that just doesn't happen.

I did any number of remarkably stupid things my freshman year, including attending parties in doubtful neighborhoods; that I didn't get raped says more about chance than anything else.

Anonymous said...


I'm on deadline, but I'd just like to say that I'm a big supporter of the G88. Therefore I'm forming an ad hoc committee to support these academic giants:


Please email me lots of cash.

I just love these people.

Women's and black studies profs commenting on the rape?


Anonymous said...

Thanks to 5;51 with the typo mistakes and english lesson. I did not realize we were in class.

Anonymous said...

That great journalist, Cash Michaels speaks to this sad event:



The victim of this latest attack is a perfect example of how GOD uses hurting people to help and encourage others who may find themselves in similar situations. I am convinced that because of the courage of our former sister survivor to come forward about her sexual assault this has helped our latest sister survivor to come forward as well. I hope this will be a catalyst for women everywhere to report crimes of sexual assaults .

Anonymous said...


You still don't. Your writing will improve if you learn to punctuate and spell correctly.

Anonymous said...

Ignore Cash's bleatings - he just ate half a hog and his acid reflux has backed up into his brain. Sister(s)? Are you kidding me? Are the rapists, alleged and real, his brothers?

There you go - Crystal Gail Mangum has nade it easier for real rape victims to come forward and tell their brave stories of survival at the hands of black rapists. Well done, Cash. Now get back to eatin' - the bacon is calling your name!

Anonymous said...

RP @ 10:23

Actually, I suspect that CGM's example worked in precisely the opposite direction. After this dreadful hoax, would any woman feel comfortable (particularly in Durham!) about coming forward with a rape accusation?

No, it's working to her disadvantage. And damn Nifong, the lying woman and the media for creating this dreadful situation.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:05 PM

My comment and yours are not mutually exclusive. What is your point? That we should be allowed to do utterly stupid things and cross our fingers that nothing bad happens? Many times we escape unscathed even after doing our foolishness. However, some do not escape, like this girl. No, she should not have been out at 3 AM in a bad area. Did that really need to be said?

She was naive and believed that nothing bad would happen to her. Now she knows differently. I am not castigating her, just showing that the point that Ms/Mr "RP" was a bit ridiculous. And yours too for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Dianna says ...

No, it's working to her disadvantage. And damn Nifong, the lying woman and the media for creating this dreadful situation.

You are absolutely correct ... all actions have consequences and some people would have all the rest of us pay for their right to do whatever they want with no consequences to themselves.

Anonymous said...

How about this idea?

A bunch of people don’t start posting pictures of this accused guy with the term “rapist” under his face…

A bunch of people don’t go to his house banging pots and pans and carrying signs that say castrate…

The KKK doesn’t come to town and threaten to kill him while he walks in and out of his court hearings…

He’s allowed due process of law and his rights as an American are respected before, and if, he’s punished through the legal system as well as the court of public opinion…

Sounds like a common sense idea, doesn’t it? It’s just too damn bad that a bunch of professors, media members, and officers of the court can’t seem to grasp it. After all, he might just be innocent.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again ...

I think I'm in love with MTU (hope the hubby understands).

A voice of reason in this sea of words.

Anonymous said...

Polanski writes

9:51 it's Down syndrome

Simon, does SDS mean what I think it does?--LOL


Writing fat checks to the embedded man-haters and racists

Anonymous said...

Man charged with rape at duke party. DPD and DA does it by the book this time.

By the way, Polanski, oh great namesake of mine, it's actually Trisomy 21.

Anonymous said...

Found on

Gentlemen; we've been diagnosed by the sisters.

"We hope that the authorities are working carefully and meticulously in putting their case together and capturing the person they believe to be responsible. And, as in the lacrosse case, we expect the criminal justice system - NOT the media, NOT greedy defense attorneys, and certainly NOT evil racist acid-tongued--sewer-dwellers-with-snakecrap-for-brains Duke Three bloggers who wouldn't know justice if it came out of their faucets everyday - to sort this all out, and make a fair and evidence-based decision."

Whew! I think we've been called out.

Anonymous said...

M. Simon; can you make this work?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

".....certainly NOT evil racist acid-tongued--sewer-dwellers-with-snakecrap-for-brains Duke Three bloggers who wouldn't know justice if it came out of their faucets everyday - to sort this all out, and make a fair and evidence-based decision."

I'm pretty sure they must be talking about Polanski! grin

Gary Packwood said...

11:00 PM

Whew! I think we've been called out.

That is just astonishing.

You telling me these 'sisters' don't know and talk to each other at least weekly?


Anonymous said...

"And, as in the lacrosse case, we expect the criminal justice system - NOT the media, NOT greedy defense attorneys, and certainly NOT evil racist acid-tongued--sewer-dwellers-with-snakecrap-for-brains Duke Three bloggers who wouldn't know justice if it came out of their faucets everyday - to sort this all out, and make a fair and evidence-based decision."

Good lord, what a spew!

Um, would they know justice if it came out of their faucets? Just wondering what their take has been.


Anonymous said...

Even if DNA links the accused to the rape in this new case, how long will it take for his defense attorney to say, "The Duke case and Nifong has shown us we can't trust DNA labs in Durham.."?

Anonymous said...

I will be shocked if this is a real rape case. This lools like another female out after midnight, drinking and set this up.Did they get a rape kit on her>

Anonymous said...

Where are the potbangers now?
The world awaits...

M. Simon said...

triad blogs.

Here is how you make permalinks:

<a href="url">text to display</a>

replace url with:
leave the quote marks

replace text to display
Duke Fever

Duke Fever

M. Simon said...

reticent porcupine 9:20 PM,

Women should be able to do whatever they want without fear of sexual assault, and this world would be a better place without attitudes like yours.

And I should be able to walk into a powder magazine with a lighted candle without coming to harm.

What are the odds?

BTW RP, you left off the sarcasm tag. LOL

M. Simon said...

C4 says:

4. All aspects of Christianity and Western Civ may be freely bashed. However, Jews and Muslims wear magic amulets immunizing them from criticism even as they smear wicked stupid Christians from the Jewish-controlled ACLU or the Muslim-run CAIR.

You are 1/2 right about Jews. However, Jews that object to Muslims who call for their destruction recieve no protection.

Muslims have a higher level of victimhood.

M. Simon said...


Jews are a bit techy because of recent historical experience.

I'd imagine blacks in America have similar problems.

Genocide always begins with the denigration of the prospective victims.

I outline the steps in this one How To Put an End to Drug Users a book review of a book by a guy who did extensive research on the Nazis. His book prior to the one I reviewed was "Nazi Justiz".

Despite their historical experience Jews do not ask for different standards of justice vs other Americans. Equal justice for all is the standard.

Note that the ACLU in the Guilford case backed down after it looked like the Palestinians may have initiated the attack.

Maybe it is past time for Christians to develop their own version of the ACLU.

Anonymous said...


re trisomy 21--My memory might be wrong, but isnt trisomy 21 the principal cause of Down syndrome?

I didnt know they were synonyms.

Can you verify this for me?



I like hanging out with these people; they are pure delights.

Anonymous said...


What is your problem with Jews? Im not criticizing, just curious.

Jews are subject to a lot of criticism, by all sorts of groups:

1. Even though Jews were in the vanguard in the Civil Rights movement, they are now, in the main, intensely disliked by American blacks. Disputes over affirmative action and the major Jewish contribution to neoconservatism (that of Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Bell, et al) have alienated blacks and Jews. A lot of the intellectual ammunition against affirmative action was authored by the writers of "Commentary," a basically Jewish publication.

2. We all know that Arabs are not big Jew lovers.

3. Many non-Jewish whites envy and revile Jews.

4. How many times have you heard about "the Jewish-controlled media"?

5. Hasidim are especially ridiculed, and often harassed.

6. Many Jews hide their ethnicity for fear of discrimination.

On the other hand, Jews are bigots too. They know they are, on average, the cognitive superstars on the planet, and--at least among themselves--they brag about their superiority.

I know this because my last name can be misconstrued as Jewish, so I ve been privy to uncensored conversations among Jews about the goyim.

On another note, I dont think it appropriate to comment on this alleged black rapist. It has nothing to do with the lacrosse case. Discussions of double standards, etc, cloud the real issues.


Anonymous said...

This is a black Durham resident who raped a white out of town Duke student. Wake up. To the AA community, to Duke, to the Duke 88 that is acceptable. That is why there are no pot bangers, posters to castrate and Listening Statements. A Duke student was involved and the school should be there to support her. She is a freshman, a young girl. But the wrong color of the skin for anyone in Durham to get upset about. Racists and bigots don't know right from wrong only black from white.

Anonymous said...

Wow, KC -- I'd hate to see the posts you removed, given some of the racist drivel that's still in here. Unfortunate that some of your more reasonable regulars have opted out of this one.

In any case, the "silence" argument is rather spurious. Did anyone ask the Group of 88 or some random potbangers what they thought about this? Or are we expecting another ad, which would seem hypocritical?

You're better than this, KC. The "silence" argument is pretty silly, and as you can see, it's riled up the less savory of your disciples here.

Just offering constructive criticism. I think you're doing good work in general, but take care in choosing which choir you're planning to preach to.

Anonymous said...

Lets not get off topic with this other rape case. Yes, it will be interesting to see how it is handled by all but each case is different. When is the next hearing and why has the AG office taken so long to go over the evidence. Have they interviewed the Crystal? Who has been supporting Crystal and her baby these past 11 months? Have the DPD been interviewed? I know they want to do a complete job but they also know these charges are false and these boys have been victimized for 11 months. The longer this goes on the larger the civil suit. KC what is your take on this?

Anonymous said...

KC's original post recites the reported facts: arrest of a suspect. The Duke Chronicle says the accused is black; the accuser, a Duke student is white, and the alleged rape occurred at a house rented by a black fraternity. We have all seen how people can be accused and convicted on no more facts than these by the gang of 88, the NAACP and its NC Chapter, the local DA, and, of course, the local and some of the national media. We should show the same restraint as KC and accord to the accused the presumption of innocence (ofwhich the lacrosse players were so despicably deprived)until the facts show otherwise. This leaves us free at all times to note any differences in approach to this case from the Lacrosse case by the Administration, Gang of 88, DA, police department, NC NAACP, Durham community, designated media, etc. without lowering ourselves to their level of implication, fabrication, defamation, and sentence first, trial later approach.

Anonymous said...

Note that KC, in his "Arrest in Rape Case" original post, as usual recites only the reported and known facts. This enables him to draw reasoned conclusions from those facts (which he does) and maintains his credibility. Some of the additional posts tend to lose sight of this principle. By maintaining the presumption of innocence until the facts show otherwise, we retain the credibility ourselves to draw reasoned conclusions from differences in treatment and statements which occur in this case by the police, Gang of 88, administration, DA, and various members of the media as compared to the lacrosse case, while maintaining the pressure on all concerned for dismissal of ALL of the Lacrosse case charges.

M. Simon said...


Evidently the Jews did not let you in on all their secrets.

Being a MOT myself I always heard it as "stupid goyim".

Oh, yeah, schvartzes was always a big one. I heard that one a lot as a kid. Yet my parents taught me that practicing racism was wrong. Individuals should be treated as such even if the groups they came from were considered deficient. BTW I think Cris Rock (a black commedian) is down on schvartes too. Only he uses the n... word.

Despite all that, Jews have always stood for equal rights and helping the less fortunate - it is one of the reasons they are in love with socialism. It is a cultural norm for Jews that the best and brightest owed the community.

The black-Jewish alliance ended when blacks called for quotas - affirmative action. Jews had been held down by quotas (like Asians these days) and wanted no part of it.

Individual prejudice is hard. However, keeping it out of our justice system should be much easier than it appears to be these days. Politicians like Jailfong make it hard by appealing to prejudice to get elected. The stupid electorate falls for it. Anger clouds reason.

Which is why Angry Studies are a threat to our liberties.

Really it is important to get over our prejudices in order to talk openly. Some things do not do well in the light of day.

So the above is my contribution to openness.

M. Simon said...

it is important to get over our prejudices in order to talk openly. Some things do not do well in the light of day.

What did I mean by that?

It is important to get over our prejudice against hearing about prejudice.

Thus I applaud C4 for speaking his mind. Polanski too!

I'm remined of the Nebraska Rabbi who got into a years long conversation with an American Nazi. The Nazi became a Jew before he died.

Prejudice is cured by dialog with the prejudiced. Other wise it festers in darkness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for sticking up for my original point, the girl should not have been out at 3AM. She sure has the right to be anywhere. I never implied she didn't, but life is a matter of choices. If you make bad ones, in our society, you have to suffer the consequences.

Here's a question. Why doesn't Duke have a "welcome to Durham class" for all freshman to point out some of the dangers of Durham?
Because, an honest class would be labeled racist. So, no class. PC is more important that the safety of the students, Period.

How sad.


Anonymous said...

M. Simon -

On your 4:01

"And I should be able to walk into a powder magazine with a lighted candle without coming to harm."

Your offered analogy troubles me. Explosives are not sentient beings possessing free will who are required to obey the law.

Your analogy seems to stray near the "uncovered meat" defense.

Anonymous said...

It is unclear, but there might have been another "notable" attendee at the luncheon. John Stevenson, in his article today describes the party, quoting some of the attendees.

It would be appropriate for him to be present, as he has been Nifong's faithful supporter (Durham Press Corps Division). If he was there, he might have desired to share in the joy of the successes of the subject of many of his articles (and also to perhaps get a free lunch).

M. Simon said...


Whether you like it or not it is dangerous for women to do what that woman did.

I do not excuse rape.

Nor do I condone stupidity.

One ought to be able to walk in a bad neighborhood unarmed with $20 dollar bills hanging out of your pockets.

Would you reccommend that course of action?

Camille Paglia nails that one. If women want their freedom (from chaperones etc) they must recognize that there are dangers in the world and act accordinly.

The rapist is despicable.

The woman is stupid.

Not every place is as protective as the one this woman came from.

Anonymous said...

TO 9:33AM---

You're such a prim little moron.

Sleazy, but enough of an obfuscator to keep a cleaner's press in those baggy pants.

Disingenuous to the core.


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder about the climate at that party seeing as how the Phi Beta Sigma chapter’s advisor, and Sigma national legal team member Courtney Fauntleroy, is all too willing to spread the following to his brothers and his sister sorority.
Not exactly a gentleman.
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Unknown Title
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We don’t run, we fight!
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More Untitled
The smoke the bomb, the drink the wine
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The were the first, they drop the bricks
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Anonymous said...

So, a nigger rapes a white woman--it isn't all that unusual. But, can we at least expect some white guys to beat the shit out of a nigger(s) in revenge? Come on, guys, this sort of thing can't be tolerated.