Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Liestoppers Regan Post

Liestoppers has a moving post on Jimmy Regan, an Army Ranger killed last week in Iraq, a former member of the Duke lacrosse team who graduated in 2002.


Gary Packwood said...

Great headline from Mike Lopresti of the Indianapolis Star.

Here's a Duke lacrosse player you need to know about.

Thank You Mike Lopresti
and, of course
Thank You US Army Ranger Jimmy Regan.
We know about you and won't forget

Anonymous said...

"Newsweek" should put James Regan's picture on it cover.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could direct every self serving flame thrower who continues to assert that America's military is made up of mercenaries (William Arkin) or losers who had no job prospects to the link to Regan.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lopresti writes for USA Today. Both USA Today and the Indianapolis Star are owned by Gannett Newspapers.