Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kudos to Blythe

For the last few days, the Chronicle and N&O have had coverage of a Duke student who alleged that she was raped by an African-American man, at an off-campus party.

An informative story in today's N&O from Anne Blythe explores the question of whether the current allegation, which offers no political benefit to Mike Nifong, will be handled the same way as the lacrosse case. The answer? No.

"We haven't made any arrests or anything yet," said Maj. L.A. Russ of the Durham Police Department. "He would not get involved this early."

"But in the lacrosse case," Blythe correctly notes, "Nifong assumed control of the investigation, according to police reports, before any charges were filed."

Russ described how the procedure is supposed to work. So why did the Durham Police yield control to Nifong in the lacrosse case?


Anonymous said...

Off topic Thank you LaShawn Barber for the obit on Anna Nicole and remembering her life - may she rest in peace and be with her son. Anna Nicole like Princess Diane always brought a little humor into our lives. She took what she had and made a living. She never hurt anyone and was not mean spirited. The loss of her son killed her - it is the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

JKW said...

Off topic as well, but I encourage everyone to go to this link and sign this petition supporting the falsely-accused:



- John (Duke '04)

Anonymous said...

To John @4:25
Email or internet petitions aren't worth your efforts. Even if they make it to the intended recipient, nobody in government, academia, or business pays any attention because the potential for fraud is patently obvious. I could fill up any of these internet petitions with names out of the telephone book, which is what has occured frequently. Take my advice, don't waste your time. A personal letter to the person you are trying to influence is much more effective.
Outerbanx Phantom

Gary Packwood said...

Yes, Kudos to Blyth.

And Kudos to KC also who, on December 05, 2006...wrote ...

Durham’s “separate-but-equal” legal system remains in full force.

What we have learned is that KC's observations were right on target of course, however we were not sure that the G88 also supported Separate-but-Equal...until now or at least, last night.

What is the connection between the G88, The Office of Student Affairs at Duke and Nifong?

Anonymous said...

K.C.'s post is a reminder to me that the Duke "rape" investigation really was not an investigation at all, at least in the conventional sense. There is a real story, I believe, in how the Durham police and the DA handled those first two weeks, compared with how normal rape cases are handled.

I believe -- and I admit that it is a personal hunch and nothing that comes from sources -- that the principals of this story knew from the beginning that this was a hoax, but they decided to promote it for different reasons.

1. Michael Nifong saw it as a vehicle to win the election;
2. Mark Gottlieb loathed Duke students and figured this was a way to screw some of them;
3. Kammie Michael saw this as an opportunity to push her own "rape crisis" views;
4. David Addison saw it as a way to push his own personal racial agendas;
5. Himan and Wilson saw this as a career builder and a chance to screw over some Duke students, whom they loathed.

Their plan was to indict whomever they could, and then use rape shield laws to keep obvious exculpatory evidence out of court. To them, it was a big game; see if is is possible to win a conviction against people who obviously are innocent.

Prosecutors have a saying: "Any prosecutor can convict a guilty man; it takes a great prosecutor to convict an innocent man." They mean it. Prosecutors literally see their greatness in being able to fabricate evidence and railroad innocent people into prison, and don't think for a minute that Michael B. Nifong is an outlier. Nifong's mistake was that he was caught, and his obvious lies and lawbreaking were making other prosecutors look bad.

But don't conclude that other prosecutors turned against Nifong because he was being dishonest; they turned against him because he was exposing his profession, which I take to be somewhat less honorable than the one that employes Crystal Mangum.

Years ago, I was a newspaper reporter who covered the courts and the police. It was understood that cops lied in court; in fact, we considered it to be a most amazing thing when a cop actually told the truth. Thus, we see what happens when dishonesty rules the "law enforcement" professions: the Duke Non-Rape, Non-Kidnapping, and Non-Sexual Assault Case.

We have not witnessed overzealousness here; we have witnessed crimes that were committed in broad daylight by people who believe that even if they are caught, nothing will happen to them.

Anonymous said...

ridiculous, just ridiculous

I am so sick of people whining that bias and prejudice is a one way street when it comes to coverage of race issues

where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

not that I am saying the accused is innocent...but why will only a fraction of the people who heard about the lacrosse case hear about this?

Anonymous said...

Because in this case the alleged rapist is an African-American.

Anonymous said...

Now Sam Hummel and Selena Sebring of Ubuntu can prove, as they claim, that their protests over the Duke case were just one piece of their overall activism against rape. Will we see them protest over this one?

Anonymous said...

At this point, prosecutors and police have lost alot of credibility with me. The misconduct in this case has been so obvious - the pin the tail on the lacrosse player line-up, Gottlieb's "notes", hiding exculpatory evidence, lying in court and on and on. They didn't even make an attempt to be subtle. The fact that they are so "in your face" about it tells me that they've probably done it before and are used to getting away with it. This time, too many people were watching.

I'm not in favor of the death penalty anymore either. The facts of the Gell case and others KC has written about are enough to make anyone's hair stand on end.

Anonymous said...

I am 5:35

I meant "not to say the accused is guilty" - MINOR ERROR (Yeah right!)

Anonymous said...

why can't this blog come up in a Google news search when you type in NIFONG?

Anonymous said...

As we see now how sloppy and incompetant Nifong really is, it is no surprise that there was no decent investigation. I would bet the farm that, Meeham told NIfong there was Y DNA in the rape kit before he checked it against the team. Nifong must have thought he hit the lottery. The cause for all the DNA statements. Obviously, Nifong was trying to "shotgun" his way through discovery and court. This approach actually worked for a time. Only Judge Smith's ruling brought it to an end. Thanks Oz.WHERE ARE THE POTBANGERS SAM?

Anonymous said...

because its a blog, not news. have to use google's blog search.


Anonymous said...

I finally understand all the "must go to trial" and "see the process through." They are looking for an OJ miracle. Having had one predominantly black jury find an obviously quilty guy Not guilty. They are hoping and expecting a predominantely black jury to find obviously innocent guys Guilty.

Anonymous said...

So, what are the Durham police and the campus authorities doing about this new case? Is the young woman all right? Do they have a suspect?

And what is this, raping women in bathrooms at wildly over-crowded parties? Is anyone else baffled?

Anonymous said...

No wonder they are urination in the bushes, to dangerous in the bathrooms. Underage drinking - where are the 88 and Alex Rosenberg? Is this another drunk female yelling "rape?" Not much good happens after midnight, particularly if drinking and on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Anne Blythe was one of the two reporters who wrote that obviously false and dishonest "interview" with Crystal last year, the "Dancer Realls Ordeal" story that got the whole thing going. Even in this story, Blythe did not go out of her way to deal with some of the real issues.

But, then, Blythe was part of the lynch mob that was the N&O until the adult (Joe Neff) was able to take command of the coverage. Until then, the N&O basically was as bad as the NY Times.

Anonymous said...

Liestoppers write that the other foul mouther blogger Michelle Mcewan also resigned. Without the article done by Amanda on the Lax team, almost noone outside of the left left wing knew who they were. I believe it was that article that brought them down. They, of course, want to lay it off on the right wing(who me?), Catholics and anti feminist. Not so!

Anonymous said...

As usual, Professor Anderson is right. The News & Observer still has many apologies and explanations to make about its over-the-top late March coverage, which helped create the inflammatory atmosphere Nifong operated in.

Anonymous said...

In the case of the lacrosse players, when did Nifong first become involved? That is, how long after the original events?

Anonymous said...

This again shows the enormity of the guilt that is Nifong's alone.

The Group of 88 may be impresionable simpletons akin to a Alabama lynch mob, but they weren't the DA.

Same for the parade of gutless deans and reporters. The seemingly vindictive police seargent? His phenomenal memory would probably have him in Danbury with Martha or on trial with Scooter Libby if he weren't a cop. But he wasn't the DA either, slimy though he appears to have been.

The DA was Nifong. He brought the charges. castigated the players for hiring lawyers. Pandered to the mob. "Bonfire of the Vanities" in Durham He breached his trust, his duties and has disgraced his profession. Not since the Dredd Scott opinion has there been a lawyer so roundly unsuited for the profession.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Bill Anderson, the motives you list for attacking the Duke players ring utterly true.

May I add another factor? It may sound silly - but I think it has had an effect. Namely, the Duke players are drop dead gorgeous! (Good lord, Evans' picture is enough to make my knees go weak!)

I can't help but think that the stunning good looks of those poor young men has triggered the worst in their accusers. A dumpy hooker who knew instantly none of them would show up on her doorstep with a dozen roses to take her out on a date, an obese cop who knew that no matter how hard he sucked in his gut, he would never come close to looking like Evans, Seligmann or Finnerty, etc. That hooker, that cop and all the other ratty, slump shouldered, hair thinning, Gang of 88 mediocres in this sorry mess had to have had their worst instincts triggered by the physical sight of those gorgeous young men, in perfect physical condition, laughing in the sun as they walked across Duke campus.

Well, that's just my take.

Anonymous said...

For two cases that have much in common (late night party in off-campus housing at Duke, underage drinking, alleged rape in the bathroom), the responses of the DAs office, the DPD, the local media, some Durham citizens, the Durham chapter of the NAACP, and the Duke administration and some faculty in this latest case are a 180 from the LAX case.


It's simple. Because the race of the accused is a 180 as well. No PC points to score in this latest case. This is a dog bites man situation.

Bill Anderson's post is right on point. Every group that rushed to judgment was trying to game the system in the LAX case to achieve the desired outcome with respect to their personal agenda. The dishonesty of all of these groups is so revolting. More to the point it is so obvious.

Anonymous said...

7:45 PM

I hear tell there is a bridge in the same city KC teaches in that is for sale.


Anonymous said...

JLS says....

Bill Anderson you might be jumping to conclusions a bit when it comes to the DPD officers:

1. I certainly agree with Nifong and that is the story.

2. I certainly agree about the people who saw opportunities to push political agendas.

3. But DPD officer need not loathe Duke students to focus on them. The Public Choice people might ask given the choice between focusing on arresting armed gang bangers and drug dealers and arresting likely to be unarmed Duke students, what is the incentive of DPD officers.

As for Professor Johnson's question about why the DPD allowed Nifong to take over their investigations, what could they do? Their so called chief was awol. Any cop need to be on good terms with the DA and they have new DA asking them to violate policy, what are they to do?

Anonymous said...

7:39 : I'm 100 percent in defense of the 3 lax players' innocence, but......good looking? Dave Evans looks like John Belushi, and Finerty looks like one of the monchichi dolls. Seligman would be the best-looking, if he lost some weight. But....all that is beside the point. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....

One additional point, Nifong may have never intended to prosecute this case. He may well have intended to use it to win reelecton and then drop the charges after as Thomas Sowell said the marks, ie the Durham public, were cooled.

Of course Nifong was too stupid to understand he had picked people who would not accept having their reputations ruined but charges eventually dropped. These people are of course the type of people who when innocent will demand to be exonerated and had the means to follow it through. So again as Sowell has said the case became a tiger that Nifong was riding. It was too dangerous to get off the tiger, but eventually staying on the tiger made things worse.

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that I feel totally confirmed in everything I've written about this case. The second rape allegation proves it.

From the beginning, I've said this case is not about gender, class or even crooked prosecutors. The lax case was about race plain and simple. I do hope that all of you who still believe in Dr. King's "dream" will now stop dreaming and realize that civil rights has just been a trojan horse to acquire power and then use it against whites.

You know, I heard the historian Niall Ferguson say the other day on C-Span that he's a Marxist, but he's on the side of the bourgoise. I feel like a Stalinist just like Lubiano/Holloway et al; I'm just on the side of white people.


Anonymous said...

When police and other law enforcement perjure themselves in court is is known as "Testilying". It happens all the time and because they are police/law enforcement it is automatically assumed, without the burden of proof or impeachment, that they are telling the truth. When caught you will never see a prosecution for perjury of them.

Please see the following sources:







The bottom line is that police, law enforcement, DA's, Lab Technicians on DA/LE payroll lie all the time. It is SOP. Don't think that it is not. Nifong and his cadre were caught. Had these young men had no resources they would already be in prison for a crime they did not commit.

Anonymous said...

WINDBAG at 8:23 -

You rock. I'm also on the side of the beourgoise (bushwah) - regardless of color.

--Lumpy Gravy

Gary Packwood said...

bill anderson 5:33 PM

Right on Bill Anderson. You got almost all of the characters.

Just include the fact that 'Anger Studies' and speciality programs in the Office of Student Affair are under the gun to product bad guys so that they can justify their existence...and keep their job and get new executive positions.

And Presto...Lacrosse Team members with the high dollar Zip Codes...are taken out.

Lets do a movie after the young men have their records scrubbed clean.

Who coached the victim and when?

How would a reporter find that information?

Anonymous said...

In the topsy-turvy world of the 21st century, Nifong and Crystal create a crime where none existed and the rapists in the Central Park Jogger case go free despite "...10 videotaped confessions and five guilty verdicts rendered by two duly constituted juries."

According to Ann Coulter, the evidence used to implicate one of the rapists, Kevin Richardson, included that:

"He led prosecutors to the scene of the crime.

There were dirt and grass stains in the crotch of his undershorts.

He confessed on videotape to being at the scene of the attack.

He gave a detailed description of the attack.

He admitted that the deep scratch wound on his cheek was inflicted by the jogger."

Richardson has been exonerated while the Duke Lacrosse players still face sexual assault and kidnapping charges.

It's not just Durham-in-Wonderland, it's the whole Justice System-in-Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Nifong's hat trick
Esquire, Maryland
bill anderson

I am just a little old olive skinned lady, and I have never read a blog before KC Johnson's DIW. The writing and ideas, and feelings expressed are so encouraging - the good the bad and the ugly.

Carolyn, I agree with you, "the Duke players are drop dead gorgeous."


Anonymous said...

Excuse me for posting this under two threads, but I think it important and on point to the presses dishonesty.

It has come to my attention that the murderer in the Salt Lake City mall shootings today is Muslim. I'm curious how the MSM presents this fact. You won't find much description in this AP wire story, but his name gives it away.

Sulejem and the Religion of Peace

I suspect it will be presented much like the recent Duke rape which didn't mention the suspect's race.

PC professors, leadership marching in lock step, and those that embrace them will kill us. We need to eliminate the PC race/gender/class warfare studies now!

By the way, my teenage daughter works in a mall. I think it may be time to get her a right to carry permit.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading this blog. Lots of well-argued, insightful comments. However ...

The point commonly missed is simple. People like Nifong, the 88, etc., do not start with a set of principles, and a set of facts, and see where that would lead them. What they do is they start
with the conclusions they want, and then reverse-engineer the principles. If necessary, they also massage the facts.
This game is played for people who are in their camp, and who give them their political power. They expect people who are not in their camp (e.g., participants in this blog) to criticize, point obvious stupidities, get their blood pressure up, etc., but so what. Dialogue is not on the agenda.

This is very very common in the academia, and I appreciate many
entertaining examples pointed out here. It is also very common in political and religious circles --- I'm sure all of you can think of a dozen currently relevant examples in a second. What is interesting to me is that people who can't stand each other ideologically use exactly the same methods.

(By the way, among the 88 are two members of the Duke Math Dept., both decent mathematicians. More proof that logic is not the operational principle in this matter.)

Therefore, the most likely outcome in the LAX case is not as good as many people here hope. The legal system will find a way to make the accused plead to something (whether they are guilty or
not is irrelevant, the laws are broad and nobody's a saint). Nifong will reach some sort of a deal that will allow him to fade to obscurity with no real punishment. The 88 and their kind will continue unabated.

This is not what I hope will happen, or predict with certainty, but this scenario will be expedient for many influential players.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are low-iQ creatures.

Why should we care about their opinions--on anything?

Anonymous said...

Pig Boy

"A day after the shooting, investigators struggled to figure out why a trench-coated Sulejmen Talovic opened fire on shoppers with a supremely calm look on his face"

Anonymous said...

KC -

Cleanup on Aisle 9:51

Anonymous said...

Can anyone name me 1 bona fide black genius?

Anonymous said...

Liefong probably waiting to take it to a Grand Jury. Then present all his exculpatory evidence that a rape did not occur

Gary Packwood said...

Anonymous 9:49 PM

Thoughtful post. Welcome aboard and thanks.

I'll bet we can make a change by reverse engineering their reverse engineering.

Perhaps what you suggest is not so dire.

We will cause attention to be focused on the students in a measurable way...over the long haul.

And then...move the attention of the students to service learning objectives that are measurable over the long haul.

That should cause a stir.

Imagine. Students and helping others.

CASE: Care About Someone Else

Anonymous said...

I do hope that all of you who still believe in Dr. King's "dream" will now stop dreaming and realize that civil rights has just been a trojan horse to acquire power and then use it against whites.

-all i can say is wow. you guys act like these lacrosse players are angels. SOMETHING went down that night. maybe not rape, but something ugly and disgusting and something that represents that racism is NOT dead in this country like most whites would like to believe. just like michael richards' and mel gibson's respective reputations have taken hits for racist remarks, so will these boys who were overheard calling the strippers "niggers" by neighbors. the fact that white people still use that word to put down blacks is disgusting and those pompous boys knew it and so they paid for it. is it fair? sorry loves, but nothing in life is. like a famous saying goes, even the wicked get worse than they deserve.

oh and those comments about people being jealous about their looks? please please, reevaluate yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a snake. They hibernate and survive the bitter cold winter months.10:04 reply

Gary Packwood said...


Lysol needed on aisle 10:19 also, please.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone name me 1 bona fide black genius?

10:19 PM

Yes I can, in fact I can name several because you my ignorant darling, probably do not know the many different definitions of the word "genius." So I, being the kind person that I am, decided to post it here for you. let's go over it one by one, why don't we:

1. an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music, etc.: the genius of Mozart.

spike lee, langston hughes, ella fitzgerald, lena horne, martin luther king, jr., frederick douglass, malcolm x, thurgood marshall, etc.

2. a person having such capacity.

see above.

3. natural ability or capacity; strong inclination: a special genius for leadership.

again see above. perhaps you may want to google martin luther king jr. i hear he's a good leader.

in other words, step away from your computer and go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

10:23: SOMETHING went down that night ? Please. This is not a point, not a thought... it's just the stringing together of five empty words. The case as charged is utter BS, not because the LAX players are white, or rich, or angels, or because CGM is a stripper, or anything else -- it's BS because her (latest) story is simply physically impossible. SOMETHING (in fact, almost EVERYTHING) is very wrong about her story. If nevertheless you buy it, isn't it possible that there is something about you that needs to?

Anonymous said...

In grad school my professor explained what 1st principles were in relation to research. Each domain of study has what are considered 1st principles on which that domain is based. In doing research you want to get to the new discoveries and ways of thinking. But, you typically build on the 1st principles. Although, occasionally someone discovers something so transformational in that domain that supersedes some of the principles.

In thinking about all that has transpired concerning the G88 and the Lacrosse case I can't think about what the G88 teach and write about without looking for their 1st principles. Even when I disagree with someone I find it helpful to understand the foundation for their belief system. I think KC has done a pretty good job at sifting through all of the postmodernist language and highlighting some of those 1st principles that led to the actions of the G88 and much of the far left.


Anonymous said...

10:32 -- I would take exception to some of your proposed "geniuses." For what it's worth, I'd put forth Thomas Sowell as a legitimate candidate.

Anonymous said...

Former NC Speaker Jim Black to plead guilty in Federal Court
Charlotte Observer ^

Black to plead guilty
The Charlotte Observer

Former House Speaker Jim Black is expected to plead guilty to a public corruption charge in federal court in Raleigh Thursday, ending the career of North Carolina's most powerful speaker of the modern political era.


I'm SHOCKED, SHOCKED. Corruption in NC??

Naturally, his party (starts with D) is not mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Where Nifong got caught was in thinking that this might be a "he said, she said" case, given the presence of DNA on CGM. Until the DNA came back excluding every one of the Lax players Nifong was banking on the idea that he could squeeze a plea deal out of whomever he charged--he'd be the hero of the black voters, wouldn't have to mess with a trial, no one would have questioned his "investigation" and there would not have been many months of this Hoax.

I am so glad he got caught!! Let's hope all the other characters in the Hoax are also held accountable!


Anonymous said...

10:23 something went down that night in that house. Something ugly - Well tell us what it was. The open discovery law has told us what happened - no rape - no violance - no assualt. Yes, someone said "Thank your...". No one said the N word. Tell us what you know happened and show us the evidence.

Anonymous said...

James Coleman is an outstanding person who recognized early this horrible travesty of justice. Prof Coleman's every action has shown he is deeply rooted in his ethics and integrity. He also happens to be black. He embodies Dr. King's dream for us all.

If Brodhead and gang of idiot administrators had acted like Prof Coleman, the lax players would not be where they are today.

Seems that Burness is trolling again with the "something bad happened that night". John, we recognize you and know your post are filled with fantastic lies. Nothing you post can recreate the clearly documented rush to judgment the Duke admin made.

Does anyone also remember that the President of NCCU kept very tight lips and refused to rush to judgment. Smart man.


Anonymous said...

I can not remember the black doctor's name but he discoved Plasma - thats a genius. George Washington Carver was a genius. Now not respecting black peoples accomplishments is racist.

Anonymous said...


According to all of the witnesses, none of the three accused said any racial slur or participated in the behavior you condemn. So, you are saying that it is OK to indict three young men and try to send them to prison for 60 years because someone else used the "N"-word?

You are one sick person. What is worse, calling for other people to be imprisoned for most of their lives because you don't like what someone else said, or to actually say something that is offensive? I think you are a much worse person than the people you condemn, for you are calling for the worst kind of injustice. So, quit lecturing other people and crawl back into your PC hole.

Anonymous said...

7:39 I am laughing - Evans does look like John Belushi.

Anonymous said...

But DPD officer need not loathe Duke students to focus on them. The Public Choice people might ask given the choice between focusing on arresting armed gang bangers and drug dealers and arresting likely to be unarmed Duke students, what is the incentive of DPD officers.

OK, JLS. You have been talking to Barry again, haven't you? Actually, I think you have a good argument. In this one, they could go after people they figured would roll over and look like heroes. Instead, they found that Rae Evans is tougher than any lying Durham cop, tougher than Kammie Michaels, and certain tougher than Michael B. Nifong.

Bad choice. Real bad choice. Better go back to busting street dealers again, fellows.

Anonymous said...

and another message from bill anderson, idiot right wing nut job--nobody has said the things that you accuse them of saying--nobody has said that these men should spend time in jail because somebody else used a particular word--and of course bill anderson doesn't care about people using a word that he in no way condemns.

Anonymous said...

First 10:23 --

What, these 3 are supposed to face the possibility of spending 30 years in prison because someone at the party called Nikki the n-word after she made a comment about the size of someone's anatomy? If you had been following the details of this case you'd know that none of these 3 were responsible for using racially insensitive language so you're completely off the mark. In fact, the person who yelled the n-word and the other one who made the comment about thanking grandpa for his cotton shirt did not pay any price because, to date, they have never been identified.

As for Dr. King's dream, I still see a lot of people of all colors that are more concerned about the color of someone's skin than the content of their character, so my take is that all the races have got a ways to go before that dream ever becomes a reality.

Anonymous said...

The n-word comment has never been corroborated. Never. That is probably a figment of Kim's vivid and evil imagination.

Anonymous said...

So I guess we shouldn't expect any potbangers this time around. Apparently it's not a "social disaster" if a black man allegedly rapes a white woman. If anything, it's whitey's fault for pushing the black man into it, right? Maybe we should ask the G 88. Come on, all I ask is for a little fairness. Surely alleged rape, underage drinking, marijuana, cocaine, oxicodone, and a gun trumps underage drinking and alleged rape on the bad enough-ometer. So I should expect Brodhead to dismiss the entire fraternity on the basis that "whatever they did was bad enough" and a headline lambasting the frat for standing behind a wall of silent blackness?

All I ask for is that this case receive the circumspection, and attention (this time, untainted by political aspirations) that the lacrosse case should have received. I've never been more ashamed of Duke.

T '03

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, that first paragraph in the above post was penned with tongue firmly in cheek.

T '03

Anonymous said...

KC - as someone pointed out earlier, a mop is needed on aisle 9:51 and 10:19....

Now to the point of my post to
to 10:23

"SOMETHING went down that night. maybe not rape, but something ugly and disgusting and something that represents that racism is NOT dead in this country like most whites would like to believe. just like michael richards' and mel gibson's respective reputations have taken hits for racist remarks, so will these boys who were overheard calling the strippers "niggers" by neighbors. the fact that white people still use that word to put down blacks is disgusting and those pompous boys knew it and so they paid for it. is it fair?"

There is absolutely no evidence that the 3 young men who have been charged in this case uttered a single racist word. None. I abhor the n-word and racism that flies either way. I don't doubt that an n-word or two was uttered that night -- Kim Roberts said one was (and she's believable sometimes) -- but she also said she instigated the exchange. One neighbor overheard the "thank your daddy..." comment -- but show me the evidence that someone other than Roberts claims they used the n-word. Or, more importantly, that any of the accused did anything racial.

Just because sometimes life is not fair means that we should let a total injustice happen right before our eyes and stand silent?? Not me.

"Something went down" -- the team captains apologized for the party, admitted to drinking and some other pretty minor offenses -- is that the 'something' to which you refe? If not, show me the evidence.

Actually something very ugly did go down that night.... a drugged/drunk young lady, to keep herself from being involuntarily committed to a drug/rehap center, (that she had likely been to before) falsely claimed rape. That's what went down.

"oh and those comments about people being jealous about their looks? please please, reevaluate yourselves. "

I don't have to reevaluate myself to believe the Reade Seligmann is well, too young for me.... In the eye of the beholder....

Gary Packwood said...

T '03 11:39 PM

No need to be ashamed of Duke.

Just be committed to helping Duke and all those students and graduates be the winners they want to be.

This is just a brief blip in the history of a great institution.

Anonymous said...

I would respectfully submit that Professor Walter E. Williams, General Colin Powell, Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas could be added to the list of geniuses (and these are just the first few names that popped into my head).

Anonymous said...

Gary Packwood: I don't know. It really seems as though Duke has fallen, and it can't get up. I believe the following are desperately needed:

1) A change of leadership

2) A reassessment of values

3) A reassessment of curriculum

4) A reassessment of faculty

It could take decades to repair the damage wrought by a generation of insideous, leftist decay. At least the problem is now manifestly obvious, thus demanding remediation. Imagine the sad state of affairs if it were allowed to fester, unacknowledged, for another ten years.

Anonymous said...

Dr Charles Drew is the blood bank plasma guy. Don't forget Booker T Washington.

Anonymous said...

Polanski said

re bona fide geniuses

I don't know what the original writer was referring to, but I suspect he i a lot like me: a tough grader.

I know of no blacks that I would place in the first rank in either the arts or sciences.

A black's chance of ever receiving the Gauss prize: zero

Anonymous said...

There have been black geniuses, of that I have no doubt. But anyone who thinks that Clarence Thomas is a genius is obviously unfamiliar with his work. There are many black legal scholars in this country who would be an asset on the Supreme Court -- but Thomas is not now, and never has been, one of them.


Anonymous said...

I admire Booker T. Washington, and George Washington Carver, and Frederick Douglas, but was Charles Drew black? If you see a photo he looks so white.

Anonymous said...

Does it really surprise anyone that the recent alleged rape of a white woman by a black man isn't getting any press coverage, or that the Angry Studies loons aren't showing much concern? Race relations have been in reverse gear for decades, and the fault lies with the touchy-feely politically-correct moonbats who refuse to admit their affirmative action programs haven't helped their black friends; in fact, the blacks have been victimized by the left-wing fascists who have simply used them for political leverage. I'm fed up with their crap! I still consider everyone as an individual; grouping people by race, religion, or any other category is, by definition BIGOTRY!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Charles Drew was black. He resigned the Blood bank he started, the first, because of a War Department Directive requiring the segregation of Black and White Plasma. Probably thought a White might turn into a 'Darky' if he got the wrong blood. In the car accident in which he died, he had to be taken to a 'Mixed Race' hospital.
I submit Vivien Thomas. Although his contribution has been relegated to obscurity, by all personal accounts he developed the techniques for the first safe successful open heart surgery. Techniques that are used to this day. He should have received the Albert Lasker Medical Research Award with Alfred Blalock

Anonymous said...

7:13 said: "There have been black geniuses, of that I have no doubt. But anyone who thinks that Clarence Thomas is a genius is obviously unfamiliar with his work. There are many black legal scholars in this country who would be an asset on the Supreme Court -- but Thomas is not now, and never has been, one of them."

I'm a tough grader, too, and probably wouldn't rate Justice Thomas a genius. Rather, I would call him "accomplished." Moreover, I consider him to be an asset on the court insofar as he respects the LAW, rather than fabricating opinions out of whole cloth to usurp powers rightfully wielded by elected officials.

M. Simon said...

The Salt Lake Shooting looks like a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

I link to a guy who suggests concealed carry is the answer.

M. Simon said...


Re: Clarence Thomas

Read his simple pithy decisions re: Kelo and Raich cases.

The man is a genius.

He makes the complicated simple.

M. Simon said...

10:23 PM,

As opposed to black people (hello Cris Rock) who use "nigger" to put down some black people?

Don't you just LOVE rap music with its message of uplift for blacks and women? Another stunning accomplishment of black culture. Something all blacks can take pride in.

Anonymous said...

As for Dr. King's dream, I still see a lot of people of all colors that are more concerned about the color of someone's skin than the content of their character, so my take is that all the races have got a ways to go before that dream ever becomes a reality.

People on the top of the pile don't tend to worry too much about the infantile dreams of those under them.

Anonymous said...

Well now we know the answer when the potbangers repeat their constant question, "what would happen if the accuser were white and the accused were black!?" The answer is playing itself out at this very moment.

This new charge is disturbing on several counts:

1) Will Duke respond in a similar manner to the lacrosse case and conduct a thorough investigation of the fraternity in question to determine whether this behavior is the norm? Will anyone be fired over these students' wild parties? Will Brodhead say "maybe this fraternity isn't responsible for a rape, but what they did is bad enough"? Will this fraternity's charter be revoked for the remainder of the year? Will the faculty look on this as a social disaster, underscoring deeper issues of racial and sexual violence in the community? Will the faculty refer to "what happened to this young woman"? Will they put out public statements quoting anonymous white students who feel endangered by this crime?

2) Assuming this charge has merit, has anyone considered whether this rape is a form of retaliation? "You rape one of ours, we rape one of yours" kind of mentality? The fact that it happened at an off-campus Duke party in the bathroom sounds like it was modeled on the lacrosse case.

Anonymous said...

Rape by a black man is just another day at the beach here in Durham. There is no way that Brodhead will bring any pressure against the black frat - they are just living up to their "cultural norms". Rape normative in Duke commie speak.

Brodhead is a weak man ruled by tyrants posing as victims.

Anonymous said...

Anonyous 10:23
"these boys who were overheard calling the strippers "niggers" by neighbors. the fact that white people still use that word to put down blacks is disgusting and those pompous boys knew it and so they paid for it. is it fair? sorry loves, but nothing in life is."

So for one's use of the word "nigger" a charge of rape is just? Perhaps under Sadam's regime!

ACLU:"The First Amendment exists precisely to protect the most offensive and controversial speech from government suppression. The best way to counter obnoxious speech is with more speech. Persuasion, not coercion, is the solution."

That's what the Duke Lax players did, they were called names (and Kim the stripper admits this)(is it ok to call her a stripper or is that offensive?) and so the lax players called names back...simple as that...Blacks are not offended by the use of the word "nigger", this is evident in their use of it to each other as well as in all of their rap songs

Anonymous said...

This new case in Durham is another blatant example of leftist HipHopcracy "Gone Wild!"

The silence of this case in one way brings back tearful memories of the old protest song from the 60's, something like:

"Where have all the Potbangers gone, long time passing...."

Can I puke now?

Anonymous said...

To 10:32:

None of those people you named are geniuses. A few are very talented, but geniuses? No way, lol!

Further, when you are listing people to whom you are attaching a specific label, "etc." really doesn't work at all, especially when the names listed don't cut the mustard in the first place. ;) There's no commonality on which to base, "etc.".

By the way, Thurgoof Marshall is widely known in legal circles as being one of the most intellectually lazy justices ever appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and was further notable for his general lack of productivity. In other words, he didn't carry his considerable weight and what he did produce was not remarkable.

One other thing - of those names on your list, the one who comes closest to being a genius is Frederick Douglass, and he publicly admitted he is not a genius in a speech given in or near Raleigh in 1880, "The subject of agriculture is the main and most important which can claim our thoughtful attention. It is one of the oldest upon which men have thought, spoken and written, and it must therefore readily occur to you that there is little of originality to be expected in what I may have to say concerning it. Genius itself, and I am no genius, would find it hard to say anything new, edifying or striking in its praise or in its explanation."

The speech was transcribed by The Journal of Industry, a black American newspaper popular in the area at the time.

The surviving copy of the newspaper's transcript is housed in the Rare Book and Manuscripts Collection at DUKE UNIVERSITY, Durham, NC.

I read the entire speech long ago. Have you? No, of course you haven't, or you would know that Douglass himself clearly stated he was not a genius. You should read the speech. It is a joy to read.


Anonymous said...

The above is to 10:23 anon, not 10:32 anon.